3 Days And 3 Nights

Elizabeth 1:35 AM

As Michelle sat alone in the isolated mountain cabin, she was climbing the walls! She had been abducted by a collector in early June. It was now mid November. She was taken wearing a skimpy red string bikini and nothing else. She was freezing in that now. The main problem was the drug withdrawal though. He had constantly put her under with chloroform, and every now and then he injected her with something that knocked her out for hours. Sometimes he would drug her water or soda with rohypnol as well. She was used to the drugs and was now a week without any.

Michelle was 24 years old. She had brown eyes and shiny brown hair. She was very petite, about 5 foot one and by now she weighed only about 95 pounds. Her legs were slim and shapely, and her feet were attractive as well. Her breasts were well rounded and firm with tiny nipples.

After she first woke up in this place, he came there to be with her constantly. The first time she got a little too unruly, he left her alone for a week. When she was alone, her hands were handcuffed in front of her. Her ankles were bound with a locked titanium bar that had no give. She could not walk at all. She either had to hop or be carried. Her feet were bare. The cabin was locked with a key that he took with him. The windows were grated from the outside. Escape was out of the question.

He left her water, cereal, protein bars, candy, snack food, and milk. There was no electricity or telephone. There wasn’t even a radio. There were a few books around. A copy of The Collector was there. There were other books about abducted and drugged women as well. She didn’t need to see his books to know what he was about though. She did read them all, just to gain an insight and pass the hours.

When the sun went down, there was no light in the cabin. The days were short now, and that added to the torture. She left the right string on her bikini bottom untied. It made going to the toilet easier. With her hands cuffed, it was difficult to tie the bow. The frustrating thing was that Michelle knew where the drugs were and could not get to them. They were padlocked in a closet that was high up near the ceiling. She could not get to it with her cuffs and ankle bar and it was locked anyway.

Even though he was a disgusting creep, by the time he came back she was glad to see him. She could not wait to have that sweet chloroform soaked cloth placed over her face and be put under and out of her misery. He would also remove her bonds if she behaved, and usually take her bikini off and wash it. She had not been bad the last time he was here though. She didn’t know why he was gone for so long. She feared that he had been arrested, and that she would be left here to die. Michelle was certain all of her friends thought she was dead by now.

Pete stood on top of the mountain and inhaled the crisp fall air. He had been up there for 3 days now. It was still a 3 day walk back to the park entrance where his SUV was parked. He was on his way back. His back pack contained all the necessities for the journey. He carried food, water, sleeping bag, blanket, saws, tools, rope, a gun, and a small tent. He was ready for anything, just like when he was in The Marines.

Pete was 27 and was about 6 feet tall. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. His body was like a rock. He still worked out, and spent a lot of time hiking, biking, and doing physical activity. The women all craved him and thought he was a hunk, but he didn’t spend much time with them He liked the outdoors.

Pete did not like the look of the clouds. He turned on his pocket radio and listened to the weather report. The news was grim. A front was moving in fast and there would be heavy rain and 50-60 MPH winds. His tent shelter would not do. He had remembered seeing what appeared to be an abandoned cabin on the way. If he pushed he could get there before sundown.

Within 2 hours the cabin was in sight. It was none too soon. The winds were already howling and picking up speed. The windows were grated. The door lock wasn’t very fancy though. He took out some tools and quickly got it open and stepped inside. He was taken aback and thought he was intruding when he saw Michelle though. Then he saw her handcuffs.

Pete closed the door to shut out the storm. Then he removed his back pack and went to Michelle. She was crying now. He sat beside her and placed his strong arm around her. He told her that she would be alright now, and that he would take her home with him as soon as the storm passed.

Michelle explained some of her ordeal to him. He was sympathetic and promised to shoot him if he came back while he was still there. Pete took some tools out of his pack and went to work on her handcuffs. Within an hour he had them off. No such luck with the ankle bar though. His tools would not even scratch that. She would still have to be carried. He explained that it would take 3 days to reach the car.

As he started to put his tools away, Michelle grabbed his hand. She pointed to the locked cabinet and asked him to break it open. He easily snapped the lock off and opened the door. She asked him to bring everything in there down and put it on the table. There were about a dozen needles, 2 bottles of chloroform. A bottle of rohypnol capsules and some cotton pads.

Michelle didn’t know what she was addicted to, but she guessed it was the chloroform. He had given her mostly that. She begged Pete to put her to sleep for a while before they left, and to bring the drugs with them. Pete wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. Michelle started to go to pieces though, so he opened one of the chloroform bottles, and poured some on a cotton pad. Then he sat beside her and held her in his arms.

As he held it over her nose and mouth, Michelle inhaled deeply like she was in ecstasy. Soon her eyes were glazed. Then her eyes began a rapid flutter. Suddenly her eyes rolled up and closed as her body went limp in his arms. He pulled the cloth away and held her beautiful limp body. She was so helpless and vulnerable! Being a Marine, he loved being in total control of her like that. He stroked her hair. It was smooth and shiny even though it needed washing. He stood up and held her. Her head hung totally limp and her hair streamed down. She was like a living doll!

About 15 minutes later Michelle began to wake up. She smiled as her eyes came into focus, and kissed him gently on the mouth. He returned the kiss and asked her how she felt. The truth was that she felt wonderful. She was safe in his arms, and was out of danger. Suddenly he had the pad on her again. Again she inhaled deeply. Once she was out, he held it there much longer this time. The 15 minutes had only whetted Pete’s appetite! He played with her for over an hour this time.

When Michelle woke up it was nearly morning. She watched him pack and get ready. She used the bathroom, and retied her bikini string. Her withdrawal had eased greatly. The thought of this hunk carrying her away with him made her quiver all over.

Pete put all the drugs and some extra food and water into his pack and prepared to move out just before dawn. He threw Michelle over his shoulder and started the journey. After about 2 hours he stopped to rest. He placed her down on the ground in a standing position and spread out the blanket. Then he picked her up in a cradle carry position and lowered her to the blanket and got down beside her. They both had water and protein bars.

They continued on after about 15 minutes and Michelle began talking to him as they went. She told him that he would have to chloroform her several times a day until they got back and she could get medical help. He understood. In fact he was thinking about removing her top the next time he put her under!

On the next rest stop he decided it was time. After they were on the blanket, he pulled the bottle and the gauze pad out of the pack and began soaking the pad. Michelle didn’t say a word. She just inhaled willingly as he held it on her. This time he watched her eyes more closely. He loved the fluttering effect just before she slipped under. Once she was limp, he held the pad there for nearly a minute.

He lifted her beautiful limp body off the ground into a sitting position and untied the tiny bow behind her neck. As the strings fell down, her boobs popped out over the top of the tiny suit. Next he untied the bow behind her back. Instantly the top fell onto the blanket and her breasts flew out. They took his breath away! He laid her back down and fondled them. The he sucked on her nipples.

He played as long as he dared and then put her top back on. He then re-soaked the pad and held it on her again for about a minute. Then he put his pack back on and cradle carried her limp for a while. They were nearly an hour away when Michelle woke up.

Michelle opened her eyes and felt dizzy. She was moving! He was carrying her. She smiled at him and asked how long she was asleep. He told her it had been about an hour and a half. Her top felt tighter. She had a pretty good idea why! She would later play that card if she had to.

By 4 PM it was already getting dark. Pete picked a spot and set up the tent. He lined it with leaves and then put the blanket down. Michelle was cold. He put her inside the sleeping bag. She was till shaking since the sun had gone down and the temperature had dropped sharply. He climbed into the bag with her to keep her warm with his body heat. Within a minute she stopped shaking and thanked him.

After they ate, Pete brought everything inside the tent and they crawled back into the sleeping bag. Pete tied the tent shut to keep out the now howling winds. Pete left the chloroform and the pad within reach. He started to ask her how she was taken. She said that she wasn’t comfortable talking about it. Pete understood. Then he said “Why don’t we make you more comfortable then?”

Pete soaked the pad with chloroform and held it under Michelle’s nose. As her eyes started to flutter, he pulled it further away. Then he asked her to describe her abduction. Her voice was incredibly sexy as it wavered from the chloroform. As soon as the wavering abated, he held the pad closer. She told him everything.

She was at a pool party. She had just lost her boyfriend and was withdrawn. A guy singled her out and came and sat by her. He gently put his arm around her and asked her if she was alright. He was a good listener and made her fell better. Then he left to get her a drink. While he was gone, Michelle went to the ladies room. She left her sandals and pool robe behind since it was such a hot day.

When Michelle was ready to leave the ladies room, her abductor jumped out of the shadows. He grabbed her roughly from behind and held a soaking wet cloth over her face. She choked on the fumes and fought to shake it off. He was strong, and with no shoes and just the bikini on, she was very vulnerable. She was a tiny girl without much strength in the first place. Still she fought all she could.

After a few minutes of wrestling, Michelle’s head began to spin around. She was dizzy and her vision was blurred. Her struggles eventually subsided, as her arms went limp and hung useless at her sides. Her eyes then began an uncontrolled rapid flutter. That’s the last thing she remembered.

When she woke up she was in the cabin with her hands handcuffed behind her back. He was there. He was creepy, shabbily dressed and frightening. He let her go to the bathroom. She didn’t want to come out, but he threatened her. He was holding a needle when she came out. He stuck her in her right arm and injected its contents. Then to her surprise he removed her handcuffs.

Michelle felt lightheaded in a few seconds. Suddenly he was untying the bow behind her neck. She knew she should resist, but her arms felt heavy and didn’t want to move. Now he was untying the bow behind her back. Michelle’s bikini top fell to the floor. She stood there helpless as her vision blurred once more. He suddenly picked her up. As he held her in cradle position, her eyes closed and she went limp in his arms. When she woke up, it was the next day and she was naked and tied up on the bed.

Pete decided that he had heard enough for now and held the pad tightly against Michelle’s nose and mouth. She went under in about 10 seconds. Then he held it there for a minute or so, and pulled it away.

When Michelle woke up, she was wrapped around him and they were zipped inside the sleeping bag. She didn’t remember much after he told her he would make her more comfortable. Anyway she felt safe and warm in his arms and wanted to stay there. Several hours later, she woke up again and Pete was gone.

Before Michelle could get up, he was back and handing her a drink. When he stepped out again, Michelle went into the bag, and took one of the rohypnol capsules. She seemed to remember that it made her very dreamy and romantic when he had made her take one. She was almost ready to jump that creep! She wanted to feel dreamy and romantic with someone she was attracted to now!

When Pete came to get Michelle up, she was in a relaxed and dreamy state. He asked her to get up, but she needed help. As he lifted her up she kept kissing him. She was too sleepy to stand. He placed her in a sitting position on a stone and packed everything up. Then he threw her over his shoulder and moved on. Within 5 minutes Michelle passed out and slept nearly all day. When she woke up, he was setting up camp again.

He fed her dinner, and they prepared for bed once more. This time she asked him to give her a shot with one of the needles. Afterwards, she decided to remove her bikini. She untied both of the top strings and got the top off without a problem. When she reached to pull the right string on her bottom she suddenly passed out though. Pete finished the job for her, and enjoyed her limp and naked body all night.

When Michelle woke up, it was daylight. She felt wonderful. He told her that they would be back at his car that afternoon. Then he gave her a bottle of juice to drink. Michelle used the juice to take a pill again. What she didn’t know, is that he had already opened a capsule and put it in the juice! She had now taken a full knock out dose. Within 15 minutes she passed out completely and woke up in his car that afternoon.

Michelle was still lightheaded and dreamy when they reached Pete’s house. Pete helped her out of the car and inside. Once inside, he sat her on the sofa. Then he put his camping things away, and came back and told her it was time for her to take a bath. She could hear the water running. Michelle sat excited as he soaked the pad with chloroform. He seemed to use more than normal. Within a minute her eyes were in rapid flutter. Then they closed tightly once more.

Pete held the cloth on her long after she was out. Then he slowly untied all 4 strings and tossed her 2 bikini parts aside. Next he cradle carried her to the hot tub. As he bathed her, he admired his new prize. After she was thoroughly bathed, he dried her limp body off and carried her to his bed. Then he took one of the needles and injected her in the butt. Pete crawled into bed with his new doll. He would wait a few days before unshackling her ankles. There sleepy games together had only just begun…

Credits to: C.Biscuit

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