Keely was a college student. Her parents didn't have a lot of money, and the usual jobs didn't pay much, so she was always broke. Her friend Pam worked as an escort, and suggested Keely give it a try.

"I don't think so. I heard "escorts" are really prostitutes in disguise. I think that what guys expect." Keely was 5' 2" tall, with shoulder length reddish blonde hair, and hazel eyes. She was thin with small breasts.

"Look," said Pam. She didn't seem offended. "You set the ground rules ahead of time. If you don't want sex, just put that in your profile. Some guys just want a pretty girl so they don't look like a loser going out alone. Arm candy. If the guy gives you trouble, the company will go after him. These guys are mostly rich, and they definately don't want trouble." Pam was 5' 8" tall, short blonde hair, busty and always had nice things to wear. Keely didn't ask if she went all the way with her clients. She decided to give it a try.

Keely got ready for her outing. The escort firm always had the clients pay them directly in advance. They then gave Keely some money so she would look presentable. She wore a sexy black dress. It had straps, and was very short. It perfectly displayed her shapely legs. She had her hair done up in the back. She had let it be known she didn't want sex.

Her first client was a doctor. He was in town for a convention. Keely hoped she would make a good impression. She really needed the money. Right at 7, the doorbell rang.

Keely was surprised. He was only about thirty, 6' 3" tall, muscular, tanned, with short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He wore a blue suit jacket and pants, white shirt, and a blue and gray patterned tie. Right then and there, Keely decided that depending on how the night went, she might change her mind about the sex part.

He looked deep into her eyes. "Hello, call me Rick. May I call you Keely? You look absolutely beautiful."

Melting under his gaze, she whispered, "Yes." She didn't object when he put an arm around her as the left.

They went to an expensive Chinese restaurant. Keely had never eaten at such a high class place. She did surprise Rick by knowing how to eat with chopsticks. "My family always took us to this Chinese place. I guess it was cheap enough. I loved using these things." They engaged in a lot of small talk. Keely found out Rick was a surgeon. She thought it was very interesting, he told her it was really kind of boring.

After dinner, they went to a movie. It was a nice, romantic film. Keely was beginning to get into the mood. Rick seemed such a gentleman. He held her hand during the movie.

Afterword, they went out for a couple of drinks, listened to some Jazz. Keely was definately having a good time. Rick seemed to be enjoying her company. He had his arm around her as they left the tavern. Keely was melting into him.

They talked a while. Keely felt really warm and relaxed. "Man, that stuff I drank went right to my head." She stared into his eyes. He had such nice eyes.

She was having a hard time keeping them in focus. Rick began to stroke her cheek. He said something, but Keely couldn't make it out. "Gesh I had uh liddle too mush ta jrink. Shorry" She said. She was feeling a really dizzy, and couldn't concentrate. She tried to sit up, but found it made her even dizzier. She lay back, and a feeling of pleasant sleepiness overtook her.

"Just lay back, and let the stuff work," she heard Rick say. Then He kissed her. "Mmmmmm you taste so good." he softly whispered in her ear. Keely felt no desire to resist. It felt good, and she was so sleepy. In fact, she snuggled back against the seat, and closed her eyes.

Keely was in a twilight sleep. Rick looked down at her. He kissed her again, as he ran his hand over her body. Keely let out a pleasant sigh. He then fastened her seat belt, and they drove off. Keely didn't move.

Rick drove her to a motel. He parked next to his room, opened the door, and pulled down the covers on one of the beds. He went back and cradle carried the young woman inside. Keely felt so warm and relaxed, and had no desire to move. A faint sigh was the only indication she was still conscious, although barely.

Rick lay her on the bed, and closed the door. He took off his clothes and placed them over a chair. He went to the closet and opened his suitcase. He pulled out a dark bottle and a package of 4"X4' dressings. He opened the package and poured some of the liquid from the bottle onto the pads.

"Keely." He spoke softly into her ear.

"Hmmmmmm?" Was her reply.

"I'm going to put something over your face. I want you to breathe normally. In a minute, you will be fast asleep. Do you understand?" He was stroking her cheek.

"Mmmm, hmm." was her reply.

"Good girl. Now here it comes." He gently placed the pads over her mouth and nose. Keely began to stir. Her head moved weakly from side to side. She seemed to be trying to open her eyes, without success.

Rick spoke softly. "I know it smells bad, but it won't hurt you. Just relax. You'll be asleep before you know it." His hand began gliding down to her neck. He caressed that, then moved to the breasts. He could feel her beginning to relax.

Keely stopped struggling. She gave out a faint "Mmmmmmmm" and lay still. Her breathing became slow, and regular. After a few more breaths, he removed the pads.

Rick stared down at the sleeping beauty. "Absolutely gorgeous." he said. He hiked up her dress. His fingers then hooked her panties, and he pulled them down..........

Keely awoke pleasantly in the motel room bed. She felt really, really good. She was completely naked. Rick lay sleeping next to her, an arm draped over her.

She vaguely remembered most of the events last night. She thought she should be angry. But she had been hoping to end up here anyway. She looked at Rick. They had had a really good time together. "Damn, he's hot." she said. She reached over, and began kissing him.......

Written by: Nobody

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