Chloroformed by My own Uncle

Adriano isn’t my real uncle, more a friend of the family, although I’ve always called him uncle Adriano. He’s a bit younger than my daddy, probably late thirties, a handsome man, he always used to make a fuss of me when I was younger, giving me sweets and things like that. He and his wife Monica used to live just down the road from us and I got to know him when Mum started to work for them. They owned a chemist shop on the high street and Mum worked on the cosmetics counter, which was until 7 years ago when they won some money on the lottery and they sold their business and moved to Rome.
It was about two months ago that Mum told me Adriano and Monica had separated. Apparently it was quite amicable, although unexpected. They split the money they’d won and Monica had moved away to somewhere in Milan. Uncle Adriano had been a bit upset and daddy had gone to stay with him for a few days after it’d happened.
At the beginning of April my company book me on a week’s training course in Rome and I realize that the hotel I’m in is just around the corner from Adriano’s. Daddy suggests I should go and see him one evening when I’m there.
I ring him on the Tuesday from my hotel, he’s so happy to hear from me and pleased that things are going well. Since I last saw him I’ve left home and moved into a new flat. I tell him that I’m in Rome and we agree that I should go over and stay with him on Friday night, although I think he would like me to stay for the whole weekend.
It’s Adriano’s birthday on Sunday, I know that because mine’s next week - I’ll be 27. On Thursday the training course finishes early and I go into town to buy Adriano a birthday card. I think I should really buy a present but have no idea what to get. Then as I’m looking in shop windows for inspiration I notice a dress shop selling brightly colored leather gloves. I remember Adriano always wore driving leather gloves and I decide to go in and buy a pair. The assistant asks if it a present and when I say yes she wraps it in a box with a bow ribbon.
I arrive at Adriano’s just before 6:00 on Friday evening, he lets me in and we go into the lounge. I give him the card and present, he asks if he can open them now and I say that’s fine. He unwraps the box and takes out the shiny soft leather gloves. He’s delighted with the present and puts it on and goes to the mirror to look at himself, he can’t thank me enough and comes over and hugs and kisses me.
He takes off the gloves and puts them back in the box with a smiling face.
We sit and chat for a few minutes and then so goes to make some tea; when he comes back he suggests I sit next to him on the sofa. He comments that it’ll be my birthday soon and he’ll have to think what he can give me.
I ask how he’s getting on and he says he’s well, a bit lonely, coming to terms with what’s happened. I tell him about my new flat and the job. He asks if I have a boyfriend yet and I say no. Strangely he comments on the fact that he can’t remember me ever having a boyfriend and I say I’m just shy and maybe one day when the right person comes along.
He stares at me for a few moments and then asks - ‘Do you think I’m attractive?’
I’m surprised by the question, unsure of what to say - ‘Yes.’
He moves closer to me on the sofa and puts his hand on my knee. I’m suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable. ‘That’s good; I know I’m not as young as I used to be, but some girls like mature man - what about you?’
He takes hold of my hand, I start to pull away, ‘Come here I’m not going to bite you,’ - he starts to unbutton his shirt. ‘Do you like my body?’ - with that he takes my hand and puts it inside his shirt.
This is suddenly getting very weird. I pull my hand away and quickly get off the sofa.
‘Look, I’ve changed my mind, I think I’d better be going now.’
‘You don’t need to be shy with me, Dawn, I’ll show you what to do.’
‘No, really, I must be going,’ I move towards the door.
‘Okay, but before you go, I need you to help me with something, come along.’ With that, he picks up the gloves and walks upstairs. I’m trying to call after him, to say goodbye. I stand at the bottom of the stairs.
‘Uncle Adriano.’ No response. I walk up a few steps and call again. ‘Uncle Adriano?’
‘In here,’ the answer comes from the bedroom.
As I enter, Adriano’s taking something off a drawer.
He comes towards me. ‘Turn around.’
‘Turn around.’ He takes hold of my shoulder and gently pushes me around.
‘Now, put your hands behind your back.’ Without waiting for me to comply, Adriano takes hold of my arms and pulls them behind my back.
I don’t know why, maybe it‘s the tone of his voice, or maybe I’m just used to doing what I’m told, but before I realize what’s happening I feel something cold against my wrists and as I try to pull my hands apart I hear a metallic click. I look over my shoulder and realize that he’s handcuffed me.
‘What are you doing!’ Adriano ignores me and walks over and closes the bedroom door.
I try to pull my hands apart, but the handcuffs scrape down the side of my wrists.
‘I wouldn’t waste your time, they’re solid steel and the only way out is if I decide to unlock them. Now why don’t you come and sit down here on the bed and I’ll give you your birthday present?’ Adriano moves past me and motions to the bed.
Frantically I look around the room - has he gone completely mad? I back away from him and move into a corner of the bedroom.
He moves towards me, holding out his hand. ‘Come on.’
I kick out with my right leg, a wide sweeping arc well in front of him, just as a warning, and he stops.
‘Now come on, there’s nothing you can do and I promise I’ll be gentle, you’ll enjoy it.’
‘I’ll scream, I mean it, release me now, I’ll go and we’ll forget all about this.’
‘Don’t be silly, Dawn.’
‘I’ll count to ten, if you haven’t released me by then I’ll start screaming, one - two - three -’
‘All right, all right, if you’re sure that’s what you want, come and sit over here while I get the key.’
Adriano guides me to a chair by the dressing table, as I sit he positions my arms over the back of the chair.
The gloves I bought him are on the dresser and he picks them up. ‘You know, this is a lovely present... and so useful.’ He takes one soft glove and start to slip into it.
‘Uncle Adriano, unlock the handcuffs, please.’
Ignoring my pleas he ties a large knot in the middle of a silk scarf once he is gloved, and raises it above my head, holding it either side of the knot. Then in one sudden movement he pushes his knees into my arms, pinning them to the chair, and brings the scarf down. Forcing the knot into my mouth he ties it behind my head, then once he’s tied a second knot he moves his knees away from the chair.
I stand up, half stumbling; I push past his back to my corner. I try to push the gag out of my mouth with my tongue but it’s tied far too tight. I call out through the scarf gag but can only manage an incoherent mumble.
‘Now then, where were we? Oh yes, I was going to give you your birthday present.’ He again moves towards me and again I kick out, trying to shout through the gag.
‘I’m going to have you one way or another. Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way: it’s up to you.’ He moves towards me and again I kick out.
‘Okay, the hard way. Wait there.’ With that, he leaves the room.
Wait there, what the hell is he going to do now? I look around the room, the bedroom door slightly open and I think about following him. Maybe I can get downstairs, but I don’t know where he’s gone and anyhow what could I do once I’m out of the bedroom. I couldn’t open the front door with my hands handcuffed behind my back, the phone’s downstairs in the lounge, but gagged, what use is that? I look at the window; maybe in the movies people jump through bedroom windows, but it doesn’t seem a good idea in real life.
He’s coming back.
‘I knew this would come in useful one day,’ he says, putting a bottle down on the dresser.
He walks across to the bedside table and picks up a handful of tissues which he folds into a pad. Taking the bottle he unscrews the top and holding the tissues over the mouth of the bottle he turns it upside down for a few seconds, letting the liquid soak into the pad.
‘Don’t worry; this isn’t going to hurt you. I’m just going to chloroform you, put you to sleep for a few minutes, and when you wake up I’ll have you nice and tightly tied up and then we can have some fun. I’m afraid this doesn’t smell very nice, Monica and I used it on each other a couple of times and it always made me feel sick. But you gave me no choice.’
He moves towards me, the chloroform pad in his right gloved hand. I’m shaking my head, screaming through the gag at him to stop, but he’s ignoring me. I back away from him into the corner of the room; as he moves closer, I kick out and he backs away a little.
He moves in again, I kick out, but his movement was a feint and suddenly he’s behind me. He grabs me around the waist with his left arm and brings the chloroform pad up to my face, but I manage to twist away from him. With my hands cuffed behind my back I’m off balance and I stumble and fall onto the bed. I roll over, try to get off the other side but he’s suddenly on top of me. His left leathered hand grips my cheeks, his right pushes the chloroform-soaked pad to my nose.
I’m winded as he falls on me, the scarf gag forcing me to breathe through my nose, and suddenly I’m hit by a rich overpowering sickly sweet smell.
He’s now sitting astride me. I’m on my back, my arms pinned beneath me, the steel handcuff biting into my wrists. My legs are free and I try to kick out and twist my body but Adriano’s full weight is on my chest and I can’t move.
I’m struggling to catch my breath, turning my head violently from side to side, trying to break Adriano’s grip.
‘Please don’t struggle, Dawn, just take a few deep breaths and it’ll be over very quickly.’
I can’t hold out any longer. I take a breath, twisting and turning my head as I do, but Adriano keeps the chloroform pad to my face and I suck in a lung full of the powerful anesthetic.
‘That’s a good girl.’
My head’s starting to pound. I’m screaming into the gag but Adriano’s just smiling, making shushing noises.
I’m breathing again, trying to take short breaths, not to breathe in too much chloroform. As I’m laying there trying to fight him the pounding in my head is getting worse.
‘You should be feeling a little woozy by now, another couple of breaths and it’ll be all over, then the fun will start. By the way, I do love these leather gloves you gave me’
I need to breathe again but I know the anesthetic is taking effect, if I don’t break free soon it’ll be too late. With all my remaining strength I try to buck Adriano off my chest and roll over, but it’s useless.
I lay there exhausted, my head pounding. I can resist no longer. As I take another breath the last thing I remember is looking up into Adriano’s face.
My head’s throbbing and my mouth feels strange. I try to roll over to get more comfortable but nothing happens. As I lay with my eyes closed, I’m aware that my arms seem to be above my head. Trying to focus my thoughts, I suddenly remember what happened. I try to sit up, but I can’t move. I turn my head and see my hands have been tied to the bed head and in the same moment I realize I’m totally naked. I look around the room and I see Adriano standing at the end of the bed, I try to call out but there’s some sort of ball in my mouth. He is wearing a pair of black leather pants now, heavy boots, the one special forces use, a pair of skin tight unlined leather gloves (not the one I just bought him for his birthday) and a mask revealing only his cold sharp eyes and lips.
‘Sleeping Beauty awakes. How are you feeling, oh I forgot you can’t answer, never mind. You may have noticed I’ve changed your gag, I’ve thought of another use for the scarf.’
He moves to the side of the bed, I try to move away but I’m tied spread-eagled.
‘Now now, is that any way to treat me, don’t you want your birthday present?’
With that he takes a huge black knife from his belt, and come on the bed. He clamps his leathered hand firmly over my gagged mouth. A strong leather scent fulfills my nostrils now, and the cold blade of his knife is slid gently on my shivering skin…..
‘I promise you’ll love this.’

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