Into The Woods


            Jeff pulled his small SUV into the parking area of the beautiful park and wildlife refuge. He picked a shady parking spot at the edge of the woods. As Jeff got out of the car, he could feel a cool breeze in the late spring air. He took a deep breath and sighed in delight as he opened the rear hatch and removed his camping equipment and provisions. Once everything was together, he locked his car and headed for the trail into the woods.

            It was early in the season for camping and he was the only one there so far. That was a good thing, given his plans! He was about to abduct the so called “Woman of his Dreams” and carry her off to his tent hidden deep in the woods.

            Jeff had recently turned 40 and was in kind of a mid life crisis. He had long, thick, blond hair, and was an ex Army Ranger. He stood 6 feet 2 and was in great shape. He loved the outdoors and camped out often.

            His relationships with women had been another matter though. Picking up women had been no problem. In fact single women all flocked to him and stared lovingly into his deep blue eyes. After a few dates it always went awry though. They wanted him to clean up his rough and tumble image and give up most of his outdoor activities. He wasn’t about to do that.

            A website, which he had found by accident, offered an interesting, although expensive, solution. He filled out a form with his type preferences. After a long wait he was given instructions, a date and time, and a small package to be opened on the actual day. That day had finally arrived.

            Lisa was excited for the first time in several years! She was riding off on the bridle path, on her horse, and was also enjoying the crisp, cool outside air. The “Man of her Dreams” was going to capture her and carry her off into the sunset. That was what she paid for and was promised anyway. She was slightly dubious, but was still willing to give it a go.

            Lisa was about 5 feet 5 and slender. Her hair was long and shiny brown and her eyes were also blue. Lisa was 37. She was a strong outdoor type and was also in good shape. She wore a red blouse and tight fitting jeans. Under her brown leather boots and jeans were sheer pantyhose. She always wore them when she rode, since they prevented chaffing on her hips and inner thighs. It was an old trick her mother had taught her.

            Lisa was very lonely. All the men she knew were already married of were creeps. Her last boyfriend had dumped her 5 years ago, claiming she loved her horse more than him. He was correct in that regard anyway. She just wasn’t that into him. Too much of a wimp and “Mama’s Boy” she thought. She hadn’t been on a date since. She had been holding out for a real man. No such man had ever approached her though, and time was marching on.

            Lisa was in the place she was told and the designated hour was almost at hand. She rode along, not knowing what to expect next. She wasn’t worried. After all, she could certainly take care of herself.

            Jeff crossed over the bridle path and continued on into the woods for over a mile. He finally found the perfect spot. It was a small clearing at the top of a hill overlooking a stream. The sound of the water running below gave a very soothing and romantic quality to the site. He put down his heavy load and starting making camp.

            He pitched the tent with the opening facing the water below and stowed his provisions inside. The inside of the tent had a canvas floor which he lined with 2 blankets. He also had 2 small pillows.

            He gathered rocks and made a makeshift fireplace in front of the tent. Then he collected some fallen limbs and cut them up for firewood. The fire was soon ready. All he had to do was light it with a match. He also had a fluorescent lantern for inside the tent. It would soon be dark, and he wanted to be able to admire his new captive!

            Jeff looked at his watch. It was time now. He opened the package he had been given and pulled out the contents. There was a dart gun, a brown bottle, another small bottle with an attached eye dropper, and a white cloth. He unfolded the paper that was inside and read the typed instructions.

            She was to be shot in the hip or thigh with a dart. The dose in the dart would not knock her out completely. There was too much risk of her falling off the horse if she passed out. It would make it impossible for her to keep riding though. That was the main idea.

 Then he was to approach her from behind with the cloth soaked in chloroform and put her under the rest of the way by holding it gently over her nose and mouth. He was to hold the cloth on her for several minutes after she went limp. That was to ensure that she would still be deeply under when he got her back to his campsite. The small brown bottle contained fast acting knock out drops. 1 or 2 drops in a drink would knock her out for an hour or so.

            “Easy stuff so far,” he thought to himself. His Army training had well prepared him for this very task. He got some ropes, and a ball gag that he had brought with him, ready and placed them on the blanket inside the tent. Then he headed for the bridle path to prepare for the ambush. As he walked briskly along the trail, his heart was pounding with excitement!

            He wondered why he was given the drugs though. He was certainly strong enough to take any woman by force. Then he thought it over carefully. Maybe she was stronger than he thought and they were to prevent him from hurting her. Or maybe the drugs were part of her fantasy! He had heard of women wanting to be knocked out and carried off. Oh well, he had his instructions and would not disappoint her. Jeff was used to following orders in the army, and this was a mission clear and simple.

            The bridle path was in sight now. He would lurk behind the trees and wait. The dart gun was ready. As he positioned himself behind the tree, his heart was pounding again.

            Lisa was getting bored from riding so slow, so she jerked the reins and made the horse pick up speed. As the new faster motion stimulated her physically, her imagination was running faster too. What would he look like? I hope he has blue eyes! How will he take me away? How can he even get to me when I’m up on the horse?

            One of Lisa’s random questions was about to be answered. She suddenly felt a sting in her upper left thigh. When she turned to look at the spot, she saw a small feathered dart. Due to her faster riding speed and her excitement, the powerful tranquilizer swiftly circulated through her system. “Oh my God!” she thought out loud! This must be a tranquilizer dart. I’m already as good as captured.” Pulling it out would be pointless now. She could clearly feel that the damage was already done.

            Jeff slowly followed the horse and rider that were already slowing down. He knew that he’d hit her. He was an expert marksman. He took the white folded cloth and soaked it with the chloroform as he was told. Then he began his approach.

 Lisa slowed down and stopped. By the time she had looked down and saw the dart, she could already tell that the tranquilizer was working. She suddenly felt giddy and ceased to care about anything. By the time the horse came to a stop, her muscles had mostly relaxed and she could barely raise her arms. Her head was spinning now, and she quickly tried to climb off the horse, thinking she might pass out any second now. When her legs finally hit the ground, they collapsed under her like limp noodles.

Lisa was on the path now, lying helpless on her side. She suddenly saw him approach.   Her vision was blurring badly now, and she could not make out his features, Lisa could tell he was tall though. That part was important to her.

Jeff circled around and approached her from behind as he was trained. He had no way of knowing that it wasn’t necessary. Her eyes had almost no focus and she was totally sedated now and unable to move at all.

Lisa could detect him approaching. Suddenly he was kneeling over her. As she desperately tried to focus and see his face, he suddenly placed a cloth over her nose and mouth. The cloth was soaked in a liquid that smelled strong and sweet. As Lisa inhaled she heard a dull ringing in her ears. “This must be chloroform!” she thought. Why does he need that? He could easily carry me off the way I am. Oh well, I guess he wants me completely under first. Maybe that’s part of his fantasy.

Jeff knelt in delight as he watched Lisa’s baby blue eyes start to flutter. Suddenly her eyes rolled up and closed. Her head went totally limp in his arms after that. Jeff looked at his watch. He held the cloth fast for 2 minutes as he was told. Then he picked up her totally limp body and threw it over his strong shoulder. The horse followed him at a distance as he made his long journey back to the campsite.

Jeff was feeling weary by the time he had carried her limp form for over a mile. He could have used the horse, but it just wouldn’t have been the same. Finally he placed his new companion on the floor inside the tent. Jeff crawled inside and slowly unzipped and removed Lisa’s leather boots. He was elated when he saw her feet and found that she had nylons on. Jeff loved those and the women his age almost never wore them anymore.

Jeff held Lisa’s limp head in his arms and sniffed her hair. Her essence was sweet and unique! Then he ran his fingers through that long brown hair. Baby soft! She was just his type! “Enough playing for now,” he thought to himself. He took the ropes he had brought and tied her ankles and wrists together with her hands behind her back. As a final touch he placed a shiny red ball gag in her mouth and adjusted the strap around her head.

As Lisa slept in the tent Jeff wandered outside. The horse had found the stream and was drinking out of it. The sun was going down and it was getting cooler. Jeff lit the fire with a match. Then he opened a small cooler and grabbed a beer. As he sipped his beer, the sunset over the stream and the woods around provided a scene that took his breath away. Even better was the scene on the other side of the now glowing and crackling fire. Lisa’s sleeping form resting bound and helpless in the tent! Ah life was sweet.

Lisa woke up slowly and her eyes took a few minutes to focus. Then she tried to move and realized that she was bound hand and foot. Her boots were also off, and when she tried to cry out, the ball gag muffled her words. She was totally helpless, just as they promised! Then he was there standing over her.

Lisa was in awe when she saw him. His eyes, his hair, and his ripped chiseled body took her breath away. She wasn’t worried about the bondage now. She knew it was all a game.

Besides, this hunk could knock her out and tie her up any time he wanted as far as she was concerned!  

Finally he spoke. “You must be Lisa,” he said. As he spoke, he removed her ball gag so she could answer.

“And you would be Jeff,” she replied. I must say, I certainly admire your ingenuity in my capture. Where’s my horse?”

“He’s down by the stream enjoying the cool water” Jeff replied. As he spoke he lifted Lisa up and turned her so she could see outside the tent.

Lisa was in awe at the twilight scene, the cool night air, the sound of running water, and the cozy fire burning.

“I must say this is the most romantic encounter I’ve ever had so far!” Lisa remarked. “Are you going to untie me now?”

Without answering, Jeff quickly untied her hands. Then Lisa bent over and untied her ankles. When she was free, Lisa put her boots on, said that she had to pee, and ran into the bushes.

“Don’t go too far, or I’ll have to capture you again!” Jeff remarked. 

“Don’t worry” she said. “Besides, I may want you to capture me all over again later on anyway.”

Lisa soon returned smiling. Jeff was fixing dinner over the fire. He stopped what he was doing long enough to hand her a cold beer. She thanked him and started to drink it. Then they made small talk as they had dinner together sitting on a large rock near the fire. They both remarked that they were not interested in the normal dating scene.

“No club or restaurant could ever deliver this kind of experience.” Jeff said.

Lisa agreed. “We can get to know each other better by spending the night in this beautiful secluded spot than by any “so called” date!” Lisa replied

Then Jeff asked why she wanted to be captured, and above all, how she liked it. Lisa admitted that she had fantasized about being taken off by a handsome man ever since she was a teen. She had been raised to be strong and independent, but at times she longed to be rendered helpless. Every time she watched a woman being abducted in the movies or on TV, she was envious.

“How about the dart, the chloroform, and being tied up part?” Jeff asked coyly. “That’s certainly not the way I would have normally gone about this!”

“I loved the cloth over my face and slipping away into that euphoric void!” Lisa said. “I could have done without the dart, but I realize now that it was the only way for you to get me off the horse. I tingled all over when I woke up bound and gagged though.”

Jeff cleaned up after the dinner and put the provisions away. Then he and Lisa went for a walk along the stream. Lisa did most of the talking as they walked. She confessed to him that her arousal from watching abducted women had lately been more intense. It had become more like a fetish or an obsession now. She also commented that she got especially excited when the woman victim was rendered unconscious somehow.  

“I hate violence and I don’t like to see women hit over the head, punched out, or choked out.” Lisa exclaimed. “But I find a chloroform cloth over her face or a drugged drink gently knocking her out highly erotic.”

Jeff was beginning to understand. He admitted that he was no stranger to sleepy role play himself. When roofies were the date abduction rage, he was staying at a hotel with a girl he had been seeing. The bar in the place had a “Pirate Ship” theme that gave off a very romantic aura. Their room was just down the hall from the bar.

Michelle, his girlfriend, had obtained some roofies and wanted him to put one in her drink at the bar. Then as it took effect and she became helpless, she wanted him to carry her off to the room as kind of a kinky sexual fantasy. Jeff went along, and although the plan worked and the sex was great, she couldn’t remember any of it afterwards. That was the one down side of using a roofie for consensual sleepy sex.  

They were back at the tent now and Lisa was trembling. Jeff asked her if she was cold.

“No! I’m steaming hot from what you told me about you and Michelle!” she said. “You’ve got to tell me all about that night right now!” Lisa begged.

“Ok, but let’s get settled first.” Jeff said. They crawled inside the tent and Jeff zipped the door shut. The fire was out now, so Jeff turned on the fluorescent lantern. Then he removed his shoes and slowly unzipped and removed Lisa’s boots for her.

“Gee, nobody ever did that for me before!” Lisa admitted, as Jeff tossed her boots aside.

“All part of the service.” Jeff remarked. He put the 2 pillows side by side and pulled the upper blanket over both of them. Now their heads were each on a pillow facing each other.

“Well, go on with the story! I’m still tingling all over.” Lisa said with wide eyes.

“We were on side by side stools near the end of the bar by a door that led to the hallway where our room was.” Jeff said. “The bartenders were all in pirate costumes and the bar looked like a pirate ship. Couples were in romantic embraces all around us. We were both horny. She gave me the capsule before we ordered our drinks. Then the drinks came. Both were Pina Coladas. When nobody was watching but her, I split open the capsule and poured the powder into her drink. Then I stirred it with the swizzle stick. It blended perfectly.” He said.

Jeff paused as he looked into Lisa’s now mesmerized eyes and noticed her slightly open mouth. He gently took one of her tiny hands into his and noticed it as trembling. Jeff loved that feeling! He had never had a woman’s attention on this level before!

“Go on, I can’t wait! Did she drink it fast or slow? I’ve got to know more!” Lisa gasped.

Jeff told her that she sipped it slowly at first and picked up pace as they were talking. When the drink was nearly all gone, he noticed that the look in her eyes had changed. They looked slightly glassy, but in particular more affectionate. He put his arm around her.  

“She moved closer and dropped her head on my shoulder. I could smell her hair in my face. Then we kissed. It was like never before. Her mouth was more open and inviting. She was oblivious to all around and acted like we were all alone, even though we were in a crowded bar.”

“What color was her hair?  What color were her eyes? How far open was her mouth? What about her tongue? Lisa asked, demanding to know everything!

“She had blue eyes and silky blond hair.” Jeff replied. “Her mouth was about half way open. It was mostly my tongue doing the work. Hers was relaxed.”

Lisa shuddered at his description. Then she said, “I wish you had just given me a drink with a roofie in it! Then I could feel the way she did as you tell me this. That would really be awesome!”

“I don’t have a roofie, but they did give me this bottle of knock out drops for a drink though.” Jeff remarked. Then he pulled out the small bottle with the eyedropper attached. “They told me that 1 or 2 of these drops would knock you out for an hour or so.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lisa nearly screamed. “Give me some of those!”

Jeff offered to get her a beer to put them in. She told him not to bother and to just put a couple of drops on her tongue. Jeff complied. He carefully measured out 3 drops and put them on her tongue as she held it out. Working on her open mouth and willing tongue was getting Jeff aroused.

Lisa ran her tongue around and swallowed the drops. Then she said,

“I wonder how long they take to work.”

“I was told they were fast acting, but I don’t know how fast.” Jeff answered.” I gave you 3 instead of 1 or 2, so that might speed it up.”

“Oh my God, you gave me three!” Lisa gasped. “You better hurry up and finish the story now.”  

“I had my arm around her and I was kissing her open mouth. I was probing and sending her messages with my tongue. Her eyes were looking into mine with great affection and love. Then her body started to relax. It wasn’t just my arm around her anymore. My arm was actually holding her from falling off the bar stool.”

“You mean she was melting in your arms.” Lisa said almost panting.

“Yes, totally melting.” Jeff replied. “I knew we were running out of time. I was afraid that she would pass out any second.”

Even in the dimly lit tent, Jeff could see Lisa’s eyes getting the same way Michelle’s did from the roofie. He warned Lisa that the drops were working.

“I know!” she said in a sultry voice. “It feels really cool like I’m floating.”

Jeff put his arm around his sleepy companion. Lisa cuddled up to him and began to melt in his strong arms just as Michelle had. Then he continued the story.

“I walked her out of the bar with my arm around her holding her up.” Jeff said. “Then after we were on the other side of the door and nobody was around, I picked her up and carried her. As I was walking towards our room, she suddenly went completely limp, like a rag doll.”

“I think I’m going to be that way pretty soon too.” Lisa said with her voice starting to slur. “Everything is getting fuzzy.”

Jeff told her how he carried Michelle over the threshold and carefully placed her on the king sized bed. Then he removed her shoes and made her comfortable.

“When I pass out, will you please take these tight jeans off and make me comfortable?”  Lisa asked yawning.

“Yes, among other things.”  Jeff told her smiling.

“That’s nice.” Lisa just barely managed to say as she suddenly passed out and went limp in his arms.

Jeff held her in his arms and let the drops take a firmer hold. After about 10 minutes, when she was deeply under, he pulled off her tight jeans as he was told. Then he slowly unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Next he placed her in a sitting position, unsnapped her bra, and tossed it with the rest of her clothes. Then he stripped to just his underwear. 

Jeff wanted Lisa’s wake up to be all that she lusted for. He bound her ankles first. This time he bound her wrists with her hands in front of her though. Then he pulled open Lisa’s sweet mouth and kissed and probed it the way he had to Michelle’s. Afterwards, he installed his shiny red ball gag in her now very wet mouth.

Jeff turned off the lantern and took Lisa’s limp body in his arms and all but had sex with her as she peacefully slept. He loved the feel of the nylons on her legs and feet under the covers. Finally he lay there in the dark, still holding her close to him, and thought about later on when she woke up.

He would leave her bound and gagged as he told more about his sleepy sex with Michelle. She would be thirsty from the ball gag. He would fix that by placing knock out drops on and around it. Most of the drops would find their way into her helpless mouth. She would love that part. After she passed out again, he would strip her completely. She would still be bound and gagged when she woke up though. Then perhaps they would have actual sex and maybe he would give her a bit of the chloroform cloth during and after that.

After all they had to get around to acting out his fantasies too. He had sure loved watching Lisa go under while holding the chloroform soaked cloth over her face! It may not have been his idea to begin with, but it was sure worked for him when he actually did it.

Michelle and Lisa had asked for the roofie and the knock out drops. The cloth was different. Jeff could apply that on his terms whether Lisa wanted it or not. It was about control. Jeff did love to be in control! As far as Lisa was concerned, “Be careful what you wish for.” came to mind. Oh yes, the ball was clearly in Jeff’s court now! He couldn’t help but think that Lisa would probably like the forced chloroforming even more than he would though. Life was sweet indeed!
Credits to:  CBiscuit 

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