The Missing Link

The time had come. Alex was a successful Lawyer, his wife of 20 years Jane an award winning TV journalist. He was tall and handsome, with green eyes, slightly greying black hair, and a prominent but mischievous moustache. He was reasonably broad coming in at a height of around 5ft10". She was slightly taller, around 6ft, with a fantastic figure for her age (46), 4 years her husband’s junior. She had terrific mid length blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and wore glasses regularly which added to her intellectual and opinionated, career woman appearance.

Their busy schedules had resulted in them making the decision not to have children, and at times they had both questioned if this was correct. Now however they were about to get the ultimate reward for their sacrifice.

What was about to go down was not something that warranted young children or anybody else for that matter to be present in their spectacular suburban mansion at the same time.

Although their regular love making was very enjoyable, they both felt there was something missing. Alex had no doubts he knew what it was, and he had made the decision to come clean about it. He didn't want to be having regrets lying on his death bed. He had no idea how his vibrant wife would react, but there was only one way to find out.

So late one evening, after a nourishing meal, and a couple of glasses of vintage white wine, Alex asked Jane to convene to their spacious and decorated living room, he wanted to have a chat with her about something, “and don’t worry love” he joked” I’m not leaving you!”

“No problem darling, I’m all ears” she affectionately responded as they convened on the leather sofa and faced each other attentively.

He was still wearing his expensive, grey pin striped work suit. She had changed from her professional TV attire into a sexy tight pair of denim jeans which displayed her prominant curves, and a nice bright yellow loose blouse, which allowed her her substantial cleavage to flourish.

“This concerns our adult activities if you like”. “Go on” retorted Jane, getting a little exited at this stage.

“Well the thing is” continued Alex, “Although or love making is great, if I am to get complete satisfaction from our physical relationship, there is something else that I feel we are going to have to introduce into it.” “Like some sort of a fetish activity?” Jane queried. “Exactly” replied Alex, getting encouraged by his wife’s so far not too dismissive demeanour.

“So what is it?” Asked Jane.

Initially Alex had planned to give Jane a background to his chloro fetish, explaining that it had started as a child after seeing a famous scene in a well-known superherione TV show, but he had done enough tip toeing around the issue and it was time to just come out with it.

“I want to chloroform you” he blurted out, looking straight into her blue eyes and with a voice as serious in tone as it had ever been in his life.
“Chloroform? That’s the drug in the cloth used to knock people out, isn’t it?” replied Jane (she knew exactly what it was,but there was a serious game of cat and mouse going on here now!).

“Indeed it is”, said Alex. “Seeing women getting chloroformed is the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life, but just watching is not enough, my interest in this is an obsessive one, therefore I am going to have to actually do it to a woman to completely fulfil my desires, and my first ever victim can only be the woman I am closest to.”

“You say you like watching women get chloroformed, so when and where do you watch?” queried Jane.

“Online, there are many fantasy sites. I have also recorded many scenes from mainstream TV shows over the years, and I have purchased a few chloro fantasy DVD’s. I have them stashed in a locked cash safe at the very back of the upper shelf of the wardrobe in the spare room. Obviously I have picked and chosen times when you are out(excuse the pun!) to view them on my office laptop, but these are very important occasions in my life” answered Alex.

“Ok the million dollar question” said a by now slightly aroused Jane, “Do you have some of it in the house?”

“Yes” responded a now extremely excited Alex, “I got a bottle off my friend Jeff who is a night nurse at the hospital. I told him I wanted it as a safety precaution in case a burglar ever breaks into our beautiful home so I could sedate them. A competely bullshit excuse, but I was hardly going to tell him the real reason was I?

It’s in the aforementioned cash box, along with a packet of J-cloths and all the other stuff. I also got some smelling salts off him to induce a wake up if necessary.”

It was time for Alex to hear his loving wife’s response to the biggest question he had ever asked her. Let’s face it, this was an even bigger request than a marriage proposal!”

Alex: “So what do you say?”

Jane: “I say yes, yes, yes!” I have actually always fantasised about being chloroformed myself! My God why did you wait so long to tell me! I love the idea of being rendered helpless, I’m always jealous of those actresses who get to play the drugged chloro victim in those shows! The mmpphing, the struggling to pull the cloth away, the eye rolling, the eventual limp slump I love it! It turns me on big time!

Alex: “Oh my God!!!”

Alex was close to tears he was so happy and excited. It was like all his Christmas’s had come at once. Initially he had planned to wait a few days to actually perform the deed, but his wife’s unexpected positive response had encouraged him to fast track the process.

Alex: “Well what about now, no time like the present as they say!”

Jane: “Absolutely, why wait, we’ve already waited over 20 years!” Go get the cloth and drug!

Alex didn’t need to be asked twice. He quicly locked all the doors, pulled all the curtains, and was back down on the sofa with the cloth and the bottle of chloroform in no time. While facing his equally excited wife he applied a substantial, but not over-elaborate amount of the sweet smelling liquid onto the blue J-cloth.

Jane: “Not too much now, just enough to put me under for a while, we don’t want you bloody killing me!”

Alex: “Of course not love, I have researched the quantities required. You have to absolutely drown the cloth in it to risk a fatality. The amount I have applied will only put you out for a maximum of one hour. Ok ready?”

Jane: “As I’ll ever be. A frontal chloro?

Alex: “That’s the easiest option for a first time”.

Jane: “Ok, go easy on me when I’m out now alright? Keep any carrying, dragging and manipulation gentle.”
Alex: “Of course I will, I love you, this is an extension of my physical expression of my love for you.”

They had a quick peck on the lips, told each other how much they loved each other, and action commenced!

With both of them sitting sideways on the sofa, Alex slowly and calmly applied the wet cloth to Jane’s luscious mouth and nostrils with his big but soft and moderately hairy right hand. He put his left hand gently and supportingly on the back of her head, playing with her fulsome and healthy blonde hair. She immediately began to mmph, partly because she felt she was supposed to, but also because it was an instinctive reaction.

She then put both her ring fingered long elegant, veiny hands on the back of his hand, in a half-hearted attempt to pull the cloth away from her face, knowing well that neither of them actually wanted that to happen at this stage.

Alex kept the pressure firm, as Jane’s mmpphs became louder and more desperate. They were both more turned on than they had ever been in their lives.

By now Jane was starting to get weaker and Alex sensed this. Her hand grips were getting lamer and on a couple of occasions her hands had fallen off his cloth bearing hand as the drug started to overcome her. “Mmmph, mmpph, mmph, mmph she wailed, as Alex felt himself getting more and more aroused.

Eye fluttering was starting to become a factor now too. Jane was desperately trying to keep them open, because she was so turned on too she wanted to stretch out her awareness of what was going on for as long as possible.

That, however, was not going to be for much longer.
By now both Jane’s hands had completely slipped off Alex’s, she had no more strength in this department. They both hung out limply over the edge of the seat cushions, just above the carpet. Alex had turned Jane so that she was situated in a standard seating position, with her head and back comfortably resting parallel with the back of the sofa and its headrest. She was very nearly done for.

But wait. Alex remembered the famous scene, the one that had brought him to this momentous day in his life. He had to both pay tribute to it, and emulate it.

So rather than immediately applying the final pressure to send her off to dreamland he decided to try to instigate one last piece of conversation between himself and his just about conscious wife.

He slowly pulled the cloth a few inches back from her mouth.
“How does it feel love?”
Jane could just about eke out a few slurred words. “I like the smell” she whispered. “I’m nearly there, I haven’t got much left in me.”
“Do you want me to apply to final touch?” he asked, his voice quivering with a combination of emotion and excitement.
“Yes” she whispered.

Alex slowly, but again firmly re-applied the drugged cloth to her mouth and nostrils. Jane let out one final, mmph, closely followed by a barely audible gentle groan type sound, her beautiful eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped back helplessly into the sofa. Her head tilted slightly to her left hand side and her eyes firmly shut closed. Her entire body had lost all its voluntary functions. She had succumbed. She was out.

Alex dragged his limp and helpless wife onto the floor and turned her on her back. He spread out her limp arms and legs a little, and removed her glasses. He shook both her hands a bit to check for any signs of conscious life, but there was no response. He checked for a pulse just to be safe and it was steady, just like her gentle breathing. The chloroform had done its job.

To be absolutely certain he quickly re-applied the cloth to her face one last time, but this was only precautionary, and done because it was a personally exciting part of the chloroform process for him. He knew he had achieved one of the biggest goals of his life, and he was brimming with pride and erotic energy as he stared down at his wife's stationary body sprawled out on the living room carpet. He had never felt as much love for Jane as he did in this moment, and he probably never would again.

Writers: Wetcloth

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