Chloroform My Wife

One day I told my wife I had to leave for a couple of days, for work (nothing strange, it happens often), but this time I did not.
I knew she had to work till late, that day, so I waited in the house preparing myself to receive her.
I wore leather pants, black t-shirt, leather jacket, no shoes to avoid any noise, black balaclava and a pair of skin tight unlined leather gloves.
I piled, close to the bed, many silk scarves, and went in the kitchen, in the dark, to wait for her with a white cloth in my gloved hand and a bottle of chloroform.
I know chloroform is dangerous, but I wanted her to experience the closest kidnapping scenario possible, so I poured few drops of sweet smelling liquid onto the cloth, instead of soaking it completely, and folded it into my leathered palm.
When she arrived, I could hear her steps out of the door in advance, and my heart start racing, and prepared myself for the scene.
She entered, closed the door behind her back, locked it (thinking to be safe after that ...) tossed her purse on the couch and headed to the bedroom while starting to remove her leather jacket. I silently (no shoes) followed her, with the white cloth in my black leather hand, and saw her stopping at the bedroom door, after she turned on the light and noticed the scarves on the bed.
It was only a moment, because before she started to move or do anything, I grabbed her from behind and clamped the cloth over her mouth and nose.
I did not expect all that strength in her, she started to struggle and kicking a lot, trying to remove the cloth from her mouth and nose.
I was holding her arms still with my left arm, and the right gloved hand was doing a perfect job to silent her shouting attempts with the cloth. I tried to drag her towards the bed, and with my excitement, I saw her desperate looking face in the mirror of the bedroom when we stopped in front of it: her eyes wide open, looking my masked face and my shiny leathered hand muffling her cries.
But unfortunately she started to fight with a new strength,after she got a whiff through the cloth, surely scared by the sweet light smell and I was unbalanced by this new attempt to get free of my hold.
We both collapsed onto the carpet, but I managed to not remove my gloved hand from her mouth.Her right arm got free, and she brought her hand to her face, trying to remove the cloth with muffling.
I had to pin her legs with mines, to avoid to hurt ourselves with her crazy kicking.
At this point I had to tell her something: I started with a "ssshhhhhhhhh"
Not working, told her: ''s me...sssshhhhhhhh..relax and breath...I won't hurt you.....sssshhhhhhhhhh!!!"
I could see the look of her eyes changing from FEAR to AMAZEMENT, then to RELIEF and last closing them. She also decreased her body rigidity, and the hold on my gloved hand....after few seconds she started to breath deeply and relaxing.....
I knew the chloroform on the cloth was not enough to put her to sleep, if not completely evaporated, so I was even more excited by her acting as a chloroformed woman now.
I hold the cloth for a while onto her mouth and nose,loosening the pressure and staring at the contrast of the white cloth and the shiny black leather of my hand, while caressing her lovely face with my other leathered hand and whispering full of love: "sleep baby, are mine now....good girl...need you to sleep for a while....ssshhhhhhhh!!"
After a minute or so, I removed the cloth,approached it to my nose and smelled it: As I thought, only a light trace of chloroform scent was present.....
I lift her limp body (she did really a good job not moving or helping me),lied her on the bed and got her undressed. Then tied her hands and legs to the bed structure, blindfolded her heavily, and scarf gagged her mouth as well.
I pressed my leather gloved hand onto her gagged mouth, knowing how much the leather scent of my palm could excite her and asked her to wake up: she started to moan,first softly then higher and higher like if she was in a nightmare.
I started to caress her naked body with my cold leather hand, always pressing the other one onto her gagged mouth and happy to find her pussy completely wet.
We made love and was very intense.
Later on she told me she was scared to death, thinking she was going to die or even worse...she did not realized about the cloth at the beginning, she thought she was being handgegged, maybe by a leather gloved hand pressed onto her mouth and nose (even if it is one of our passion it was completely out of her mind I could be the aggressor...), but when she saw her face in the mirror with the white cloth pressed onto the mouth by the black gloved hand, the sweat smell in her breathing and the masked face.....she hearth start racing like hell and her mind went black out.....GREAT TRUE EXPERIENCE without being true...
She told me not to do it anymore.....but I know she really enjoyed it.

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