The Boss Want You

It was Lena's first day at work and she looked fabulous! dressed in a charcoal grey skirt suit with a skirt length well above the knee  - well, mid thigh actually, wearing killer heals to show off her beautiful, toned, tanned, smooth, sexy bare legs. She also wore a smart shirt that was fitted to her athletic, toned but curvy body, blue in color with a white collar and short sleeves, the top also highlighted her pert, small but perfect full breasts. Lena was 21 years old, a Sports Major from University where she had also been captain of the volleyball team. Lena is 5ft 6inches, very statuesque with an Italian mother who was a catwalk model and a Greek father who was a playboy in the shipping business. This meant that she had smooth silky olive tan skin, big brown eyes that could melt your heart and a wonderful smile but given her fitness, the perfect toned figure - think Raquel Welch in her prime from 1 million BC but with olive skin and aged 21 and you can now see what I mean. Her job was to be the office junior/graduate scheme new starter at the local Health Spa. Her aim was to run the spa within 5 years! Lena was very ambitious, always charming but with a cheeky glint in her big brown eyes! When she had met her boss, Louise, she had made a connection with her and Louise liked Lena. In fact, she really took a shine to Lena.

Louise, the current MD of the Spa was 33 years old, just about 5ft 1 and very petite with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She may have looked petite, but Louise had made a name for herself in female cage fighting! she looked like Michelle Pfeiffer all be it a pocket rocket version! great shapely legs with strong but not overly muscled thighs, a six pack but still lovely tummy, small but perfectly pert breasts and toned arms and given her skills, not a mark on her! she had quite a severe manner about her and she was stern with her staff but she really was striking! she had a fearsome reputation in the ring having never been knocked out or lost and in fact winning 12 of her 15 fights by way of complete knockout! she had a very hard punch! the other 3 wins came by way of sleeperhold knock out! She had even fought a fly weight man only a month before and knocked him out cold barely 30 seconds into the fight! she was sexy! but she was very tough!

Louise was bi sexual and openly so and single and she had hired Lena not just because she could obviously do the job but also because she thought that Lena had killer legs and a killer body and, well....she really fancied Lena! It had helped that Lena had been single for 6 months - her last boyfriend cheated on her - why, no one knows - he wasn't going to get anyone better looking that's for sure but she was off men for the moment. Lena had dabbled with kissing other girls at college as you do but she wouldn't have called herself a lesbian although she did love a great pair of legs and could see real beauty in other women. She thought Louise was very sexy and liked her assertiveness and for some reason also liked the idea that Louise could and had rendered people unconscious! this was a new feeling for her but one she liked although she had no plans to knock anyone out or be knocked out, she just liked the idea of standing over someone you have complete control over!  Lena knew that Louise was flirting with her at the interview and she could see that her legs were the trick. She didn't care, she got the job!

The day passed quickly and it was obvious that Lena had got on well with Louise and that Louise was happy with the pace that Lena was learning the ropes. Lena also knew that Louise liked the outfit she was wearing which had been her plan anyway.

Louise knew that she must have Lena, those legs, that body, that face! she wanted her today! this afternoon, now in fact. It was 5.30pm and the evening shift were coming in to work and the day shift, excluding Lena had left. Louise asked to see Lena at the end of the day in Louise's private office to discuss her first day. The office had a lock in it and a double bed behind the desk. No one would disturb the boss at all as the evening shift manager had her own office and it wasn't uncommon for Louise to stay the night and work late. Louise's office was the far office in the facility well away from everyone else!

Lena sat down, her short skirt riding up her thigh giving Louise a great view especially as she crossed her legs to talk to Louise. Louise had placed a bottle of chloroform and a cloth on the far side of the bed, away from Lena's line of sight. Her plan wasn't to chloroform her straight away, it may take a little too long and the struggle may attract attention. What Louise planned was to wait for Lena to get up to leave the room whereby Louise had learnt that there was a pressure point on the back of the head just to the left of the right ear and if you hit that area of the head with a fist, the blow would knock the person out cold instantly for a couple of minutes and best yet, not concussed the opponent. The perfect technique to subdue Lena without a struggle and then administer the chloroform to keep her out for as long as she wanted too.

Louise congratulated Lena on her first day and thanked her for her help, she did so by gently placing her hand on Lena's thigh, her leg felt so good, Lena knew what was going on and appeared to quite enjoy it, she didn't flinch and in fact, she found Louise's company and flirtations enjoyable and flattering. Maybe there was something here but it was her first day and so there was plenty of time. Louise asked her what her plans were that evening as she would happily buy dinner for Lena if she wanted as a thank you. Lena had no plans and was going to go home, order pizza and watch TV before another long day at work but made an excuse that she was going to her old college gym for a workout and to meet some friends. Louise said no problem and see you tomorrow.

Lena uncrossed her legs, got up, thanked Louise for the day, smiled and walked to the door. When she was only a foot and a half away, Louise had silently and quickly snuck up behind her and swiftly and firmly punched Lena in the back of the head, behind the ear. It was a very hard blow and Lena didn't feel anything but she felt her eyes rolling up to her head, a white flash and that she was falling backwards, she let out a soft "Unnhhh" and it went black. Louise caught Lena as she fell, scooped her up in a cradle carry and gently placed the unconscious new girl flat out on her back on the bed. Lena was knocked senseless but Louise could see her eyes rolling about the top of her head and although clearly unconscious, she wasn't completely out cold. Lena moaned softly every other time she breathed out and her muscles in her arms and legs would jerk as she tried to unscramble those senses. Louise loved the look of Lena and loved the look of girls who had been knocked out this way, she found it erotic! Louise took off Lena's shoes, sat Lena up and took off her suit jacket, she then unbuttoned her shirt and unzipped her skirt. Lena was starting to come round but was too dazed and confused to know what was going on but Louise decided that it was time for the chloroform! she took the cloth, poured a sizable amount of chloroform on it, replaced the lid and gently placed the cloth over Lena's mouth and nose. Lena bucked from the first intake but it was a reflex as the young woman didn't know what was going on. Her brain was still too foggy from being knocked silly to understand that she was being knocked deeper into unconsciousness! she sighed a few times but within 20 seconds, Lena went completely limp and breathed out a sigh signalling oblivion! 

Louise took away the cloth after a few more seconds and breaths that made sure the tanned beauty was completely out cold but she didn't want her completely unconscious for too long. Louise loved the idea of Lena being semi conscious, slightly coming too then going out again and she knew that this bout of chloro and the blow to her head would keep her out for about 15 minutes. Louise took the shirt off Lena and removed her skirt to reveal, the curvy, tight, toned, smooth, olive skinned body and killer legs that Louise knew was always there and she marveled at the younger girls rocking figure! she took her time taking off Lena's bra and matching panties, frilly, skimpy and white and then slowly started to kiss and caress every square inch of Lena's fantastic body. Louise knew that even though a person was unconscious, they could still be aroused. Lena's nipples hardened when her breasts were touched, kissed, stroked or caressed and Lena's pussy was very wet indeed even before Louise started to pay attention in the area with her tongue! Louise also had her vibrator to hand to help arousal and climax. Louise started up the vibrator and placed it against Lena's lips on her pussy, Louise then kissed Lena's tummy and breasts and started to kiss Lena's mouth, placing her tongue inside. 15 minutes goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself and Lena started to stir. Not only stir but it was quite clear from the moans that Lena was very aroused and close to orgasm. Louise left the vibrator where it was and gently kissed Lena's neck and ear lobe whispering "Wake up sleepy head, I've got something for you. I know you like this Lena you horny girl"

Lena did like it! she was so groggy and woozy from the drugging and knockout blow but her body was full of pleasure! her pussy, her body, tummy, breasts, legs, arms, mouth, everything. She didn't have a clue how she got in the position she was in, she last remembered walking to the door, then there was a sweet smelling pungent something and now, she was naked on a bed in her bosses office with a vibrator making her feel great and Louise kissing, licking and caressing all the places that drive her to great passion! she was so dazed and confused and was struggling to put it together but her idea of enjoying knocking someone else out also extended to enjoying being knocked out and being submissive. Just as her senses were coming too, there was a wet cloth placed over her nose and mouth and that very noxious sweet smell that was addictive fogging up her brain again and all the while that vibrator was driving her wild! Lena was getting dizzy but breathed in the fumes and the room span out into blackness, she sighed "" she passed out from the fumes! Louise continued with the vibrator, her tongue and the kissing and caressing and after another 15 minutes, Lena started coming round again but this time, Louise allowed Lena to fully wake up and as her senses returned and the fog cleared, Lena had the greatest orgasm of her life! in fact her first ever multiple orgasm! Louise's hands and body were everywhere and Lena just cried with complete pleasure!

Louise allowed a few minutes for them both to recover and told Lena that she knew that from the first interview, here was a girl that Louise just fell in love with! she lusted after her and always wanted to do this to her. Lena blushed and replied, I thought you were so sexy and strong, I never imagined sex like this! Can we do this again sometime soon. Louise smiled and knew that Lena was a great hire! of course we can, as often as you like darling.

Lena asked if she could take a shower, there was a private shower in the room and Louise said of course, I'll join you! Lena had 3 older brothers and could scrap with the best of them but she had learnt the sleeperhold perfectly and had used it on her brothers regularly! she wanted to return the favour to Louise and render her unconscious just to fulfill her desires and would knock the fighter out, drag her wet and gleaming to the bed and knock her out deeply with chloroform and have her way with Louise! she hoped her boss wouldn't mind but she wasn't going to ask! Louise had her back to Lena and Lena placed her arms around Louise's neck and jumped on her back to make sure she wouldn't lose her grip! Lena was much taller than Louise and as long as Louise didn't get free and punch her out, this would work! Lena squeezed but Louise didn't fight back in fact Louise was happy for this to happen, she knew what Lena had planned and besides, she had never been knocked out before! the thoughts really aroused her already! Within 10 seconds, Louise was out cold on the tiles, flat on her back with the warm water gently pouring over her tummy which looked so sexy to Lena glinting wet in the light just rising and falling as Louise lay passed out on the floor.

Lena stopped the shower and dragged Louise back to bed still dripping wet, as was Lena but she didn't care, she felt so aroused from knocking her boss out! she got the cloth and the chloroform and waited for Louise to start to come too then she applied the cloth to her face, covering her nose and mouth, she could feel Louise struggle but not too much, Louise was moaning pleasurably the fumes making her more out of breath, forcing her to suck more of the knockout drug into her bloodstream sending her into a pleasurable oblivion. Lena spoke softly as Louise was blacking out "Your all mine now boss, I'm knocking you out cold for the night!" Louise let out a contented final sigh as her aroused body lost its fight with consciousness and she was rollercoasted into a black hole...."Uuunnnhhhh!"...
Written by: Steve

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