Kidnapped For Fun

Amy and Jared worked together for a long time and considered each other their "work spouse." One night, they went out for drinks after work and were talking about a kidnapping for hire story that had just been discussed on the news. "That sounds like it would be fun, but I wouldn't want a random stranger doing it." Amy said. Jared just laughed and jokingly said, "I'll do it!" They both laughed and after a couple minutes Amy asked seriously "Will you really?" Jared had always dreamed of an opportunity like this with Amy, as they had both flirted with each other constantly at work. "When?" Jared asked. Amy said, "I don't about tomorrow?" "Sounds good to me. Jared said, "How long do you want me to keep you?" "Well, we do have a 3 day weekend." Amy replied. "Okay, I'll call you later when I think of the specifics." Jared said.

On the way home, Jared passed a hospital parking garage and had and searched for his phone and called Amy. "Hello?" Amy answered. "Hey, I've got a plan and we can both start it early tomorrow." Jared replied . "What is it?" Amy asked anxiously. "Well, since you have your doctor's appointment tomorrow, park in the lower level of the hospital garage in the corner and call me when you're heading in. I'll use a personal day so I can buy everything." Jared explained. "Okay, what should I wear?" she asked. "Whatever you want." Jared said "Have a couple of sexy outfits in the front seat of your car since I'll be keeping you for a couple days." He continued. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow."Amy said. "That's what you think." Jared replied

Jared was pulling out of rental car place in the utility van he rented when Amy called to tell him that her appointment was in 2 hours. "Okay, I just have a couple more things to do then I'll be ready. His next stop was a local adult novelty shop to buy handcuffs and a ball-gag. He then went home to get ready. After his shower, he got into his kidnapper costume of black hoodie, black track pants, dark sunglasses and a dark bandanna to cover the lower part of his face. After getting dressed, he took inventory of everything he would need for the next couple days: zipties, a copule rolls of duct tape, rope, bandannas, hand cuffs, ball-gag, medical wrap, saran wrap, and the homemade chloroform that he got the recipe for the night before. He loaded up his gym bag into the van leaving out the chloroform, zip ties for her ankles and wrists, bandannas, and a roll of duct tape.

Jared pulled into the parking garage and went to the lower level and searched until he saw Amy's brand new Mustang. He pulled around until he saw a parking spot within viewing distance but not noticable to anyone else. After a few minutes, he saw Amy walking towards her car. Sweating with anticipation, Jared pulls the bandanna over the lower part of his face, puts the sunglasses on, starts the van and makes his move. Fortunately as he was starting the van, the car next to Amy's pulled out so he was able to back the van into the empty spot. He was just able to turn the van off and get by the back door of the van as Amy reached her car. As Amy unlocked her car Jared reached for the chloroform soaked rag, jumped out the door and clamped the soaked rag over Amy's mouth and nose. Amy started to panic unitl Jared whispered "Relax sweetheart. Just breathe." into Amy's ear. Amy's muffled "Okay" sounded like a whimper as she went unconscious. Jared loaded Amy into the back of the van and hurriedly grabbed the gym bag in the front of Amy's car, got in the van and pulled away. At a gas station a couple blocks away, Jared got in the back of the van and zip-tied Amy's wrists and ankles as she was unconscious. Jared had just gotten the blindfold put on as Amy was coming to. Jared waited a second before stuffing a bandanna into her mouth and packing it in with 3 strips of duct tape. "Having fun?" Jared whispered into ear. "Mmmphh." was all Amy could muster as she nodded her head slowly. "We're just getting started." Jared said as seductively as possible as he kissed her gagged lips. Jared then got into the front seat of the van and starts to drive toward the hideout he's chosen.

After pulling out of the parking garage, Jared then went back to his house to pick up a couple of things he forgot. He raced into his house and grabbed his dvd player since the cabin he was going to didn't have cable, a couple dvd's (including the first season of his and Amy's favorite crime show), his camcorder, digital camera, and his copy of that day's newspaper. He raced back to the van and started driving away. After driving for about 20 minutes, Jared saw an electronics store and got an idea. He pulled into the parking lot, leaned into the back and told his captured coworker, "Don't make any noise, I need to run into the store and get something. Okay?" Amy just mmphed and nodded her head in agreement. Jared went inside and bought a pair of headphones that cancel outside noise. Jared rushed back to the van and put the headphones over Amy's ears, eliminating any chance of guessing where they were heading.

It was sunset when they pulled into the secluded cabin on the outskirts of a small country town where Jared and his family stayed when they went on float trips or went hunting. He got the cabin from his parents that weekend since they were visiting friends out of town. The cabin was about a quarter mile off the road, so no one could see what was going on. Jared started unloading the van, and unloaded everything, with the exception of Amy's gym bag before retrieving her. Jared pulled Amy to the back of the van where he carried her inside. Jared then sat her down in a chair, tied her torso to the chair, then tied her ankles to the chair. Jared then set the camcorder up on a tripod and got Amy into focus and then grabbed his digital camera.He put his bandanna over the bottom of his face then took the blindfold off, and set the newspaper on her lap. "We're going to 'document' this weekend." Jared said smiling. "Now look sad and like you want to be rescued and make some whimpering noises." Amy's gag hid it, but her eyes told Jared that she was smiling and enjoying herself. After snapping a few pictures Jared removed the newspaper and replaced it with a handmade ransom note. Jared snapped a few more pictures, then put the blindfold back on her and told her to move her head like she was scared. Amy obliged for a couple minutes, then the filming was over.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" Jared asked. Amy nodded her head frantically. Jared then untied her and removed the blindfold. Amy went to remove the gag, before Jared stopped her. "You don't need that taken off to go to the bathroom!" Jared snapped in character. Amy simply bowed her head in mock defeat before allowing Jared to handcuff her hands in front of her. After finishing, Jared started to lead Amy into one of the bedrooms. Amy got a bit of a surprised look on her face before Jared put her at ease. "I'm going to tie you to the bed while I go into town to get us something to eat." he explained. Jared then uncuffed her hands then left the room. When he returned he had another pair of handcuffs, some rope, a bandanna, and a ball-gag. He then blindfolded Amy, and let her take the hours old gag off. She winced as she peeled the tape off her face, then fished the saliva soaked bandanna out. Jared let her rest her sore jaw muscles as he handcuffed her to each bedposts, then tied her ankles spreadeagled to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. "Open wide." Jared said in a mockingly sweet voice before putting the ball-gag in her mouth and fastening the straps behind her head.

Jared returned a few minutes later with dinner from a local burger joint in town. He went to Amy and ungagged her. "Do you want to take a break or do you want to keep going and have me feed you?" he asked. "Let's take a break." She answered. After eating, Jared put in a dvd and they watched a couple episodes of their favorite show. As they sat close together on the love seat, Jared asked, "Having fun?" "Oh yeah." Amy replied then surprised Jared with a kiss on the cheek. Caught off guard, Jared took a minute to regain his composure and not act on the feelings he'd been harboring for months, then asked if Amy was ready to start again. "Yeah, how about I get my gym bag and we'll go from there." Amy suggested. Amy started to unload her bag and its contents caught Jared by surprise. He expected her to bring clothes that she would go the bars in, but these were a lot better. Amy pulled out a black long sleeved Under-Armour type shirt, tight black exercise pants, a black ski mask, black gloves, a schoolgirl outfit, a black sleeper blindfold, and a couple rolls of bondage tape. "Wow you really prepared didn't you?" Jared asked. "Oh yeah, I've been wanting someone to do this to me for a long time, but I didn't know anyone well enough to. I didn't want to meet anyone online because a lot of those guys are so creepy." Amy explained. "Wow! Which one do you want to wear?" Jared asked. "Well since it's late, how about I get into my prowler get up and you capture me." Amy suggested. "Okay. Flash the lights in the bathroom when you're ready." he said. As Amy was going into the bathroom, she grabbed the flashlight that was on the counter and took it with her. Just as Amy was finishing putting her ski mask on, she heard a knock. "Hey before we start, I need to go to the bathroom." Jared said. "No, you'll see me before we're ready to start!" Amy argued. "It's not like we're getting married and I'm seeing you in your wedding dress before the wedding." Jared explained. Amy reluctantly agreed and as she was walking into the hallway she asked, "What do you think?" Jared didn't say anything, but the bulging in his track pants was all the answer that Amy needed as her shirt was easily a size too small showing off her perfect breasts making Jared love his decision to turn down the heat and her tight black pants showed off her curvy butt.

After Jared finished in the bathroom, he came out to find the house completely dark except for a glimmer of light coming from one of the bedrooms. He fumbled through his bag and found the chloroform and a rag. He quietly crept into the room, clamped the rag over her mouth and nose, and used his other arm to pin her arms down and his forearm grazed her breasts as she fought to stay conscious. After a little struggling, Amy went unconscious. Jared then flung her over his shoulder, using his free hand to hold her butt in order to "keep his balance." He then carried her into the other bedroom and sat her in a chair. He took a pair of handcuffs off the bedpost and cuffed her hands to the chair running the chain through 2 of the slots behind the chair. He tied her torso to the chair, then tied her ankles to each post of the chair. He then rolled up the ski mask to cover Amy's eyes. As she was coming to, Jared started the "interrogation." "What are you looking for?" Jared asked. "Please, I'm just trying to find some stuff to pawn so I can make rent!" Amy replied. Jared was shocked that she was able to play along so quickly. "What's to stop me from calling the cops and sending you to jail?!" Jared demanded. "Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't call the cops?!" Amy said really getting into it. "I'll think about it." Jared said as he walked out of the room and slammed the door. Jared returned a couple minutes later with the ball-gag, a roll of bondage tape and the sleeper mask. "Well, I'm going to keep you for a while. If you try to escape I will call the cops. Understand?" Jared said. Amy bowed her head and before she coud say anything, Jared was behind her putting the ball-gag in her mouth. After he fastened it into place, he then took the bondage tape and wrapped it around her mouth several times to where she couldn't make any noise besides a barely audible 'mmmpphh.' He then pulled the ski mask back down and put the sleep mask over the eye slots. After turning the light back on, Jared retrieved the digital camera and camcorder and ordered her to stuggle. After he got the shots he wanted, he then untied her ankles from the legs of the chair before tying them back together. After untying her torso from the chair, he then released Amy from the handcuffs and laid her onto her stomach on the bed. He grabbed Amy's arms as she mmmpphhhed and struggled, and tied them behind her back. He proceeded to film her squirming for a little while before turning off the camera. He then took her shoes and socks off and started tickling her feet. After watching her squirm and mmpphh for mercy for a couple minutes, he turned off the light and then he crawled into bed and removed the sleep and ski masks from Amy's face. Jared looked into Amy's eyes and said something that he never would have had the courage to do under normal circumstances. "Being with you tonight made me realize that you are so beautiful and sexy and I want you so bad. I've been wanting to tell you for a long time, but never had the chance." Amy waited a second before mmmmpphhing and gesturing for Jared to remove the gag. Jared unwrapped the tape, and as he was pulling away from removing the ball-gag, Amy lurched up and passionately kissed Jared. "Take me!" Amy said between kisses. Jared untied Amy and.....

Jared untied Amy and took her into his arms. Jared started kissing her neck before suddenly stopping. "Wait. he said, We never talked about doing this, let's wait." Amy sat there for a minute before agreeing. "Yeah you're right. It's late anyway. Can I take a shower then call it a night?" "That's fine." Jared said. After her shower, Amy came into the bedroom and asked about the sleeping arrangements. "Well, I'm going to tie you to the bed, blindfold and gag you." Jared replied. "Do you want your own bed or do you want to share one?" he asked. Amy thought about it then replied, "I'd rather be in the same bed so you can untie me in case I panic." "Fair enough. Lie down." Jared ordered. Amy obliged then Jared proceeded to tie her wrists together with rope before tying them to the headboard. He did the same to her ankles. He was getting ready to blindfold her before Amy interrupted him. "Can you get into my purse and get me a Benadryl so I can fall asleep easier?" Jared went and got the Benadryl and a small glass of water and gave them to Amy. After she took the pill, Jared then blindfolded her, and as he was leaning over to tie cleave gag her with another bandanna Amy leaned up and kissed Jared's chin. "What was that for?" Jared asked. "That was for not taking advantage of the situation earlier and not letting us get ahead of ourselves." Amy explained. "No problem. Jared replied, Now open wide." Jared then gagged Amy and went to take his shower. When he came back, Amy was asleep and after watching her breasts rise and fall as she slept, Jared then turned off the light and went to sleep.

Jared woke up a few hours later to an elbow to the shoulder from Amy. "I haff to pfee!" she explained. So Jared untied her and let her go to the bathroom and freshen up. After eating breakfast, Jared started to move the love seat to where to foot of it was facing the tv. "What are you doing?" Amy asked. "Well, I need to return the van by noon." Jared started. "So we're leaving already?" Amy said disappointed. "No, no, no!." Jared explained. "I'm going to leave you here and then bring back one of our cars." "Okay." Amy said with a smile. "Just don't take too long." "Okay. I'm going to wrap you like a mummy and gag you. I'm not going to blindfold you so you can watch tv. Pick your gag." Jared said. "Why don't you pick it while I go to the bathroom?" Amy suggested. While she was in the bathroom, Jared stumbled across Amy's panties from yesterday. "She'd kill me if she knew I gagged her with those." he thought. So he picked them up and hid them in the bandanna used to stuff her mouth from the first gag. "You'll want to strip down to your bra and panties because you'll get pretty hot in the saran wrap." Jared suggested. "Okay." Amy agreed stripping down to her pale blue bra and matching thong. Jared then handed Amy a roll of duct tape and let her tape her ankles together.When he was done, he took the roll and tied her wrists and completely covered her hands. "What are you doing?" Amy asked. "That way you're not tempted to pick at the saran wrap." Jared said with a sly smile on his face. After wrapping her up to her shoulders in saran wrap, he then taped around her shins, thighs, stomach and shoulders. When he was done, he gently laid her on the love seat. He then grabbed a roll of bondage tape as well as the bandanna hiding the panties. "Open wide." Jared said pushing the bandanna hidden panties into her mouth. He then put a couple strips of duct tape over her lips before wrapping the bondage tape around enuring Amy's silence. "Comfy?" Jared asked as he set chose the play all feature on the DVD he chose. Amy replied with a barely audible mmphh. Jared then kissed Amy's forehead and grabbed her car keys out of her purse.

Jared returned a couple hours later in Amy's car. He hid the car in order to make her wonder about her ride home. After setting the pizza he picked up on the counter, he grabbed a pair of scissors and started to free his captive friend. "Enjoy yourself while I was gone?" Jared asked. "Mmmphhh! Mmmppphhhh!!!" Amy tried to respond. "Oh, I almost forgot." Jared said sheepishly and ungagged her. Amy took a few deep breaths and said, "Oh my God! I loved it! It was so relaxing, except for the past hour or so that I've had to pee." After finishing in the bathroom, she and Jared sat down to eat. "So I'm going to change into my schoolgirl outfit." Amy said. "Wait until we go home tomorrow." Jared said. "You're going to take me home tied up?" Amy asked. "Yeah, we have to finish the game don't we?" Jared asked. "Yeah you're right, well what am I going to wear in the mean time?" Amy asked. Jared went to his gym bag and pulled out his favorite t-shirt. After putting it on, Amy took off her bra and put it in her gym bag. "So how am I going to be tie up tonight?" Amy asked. Without saying a word, he went into the kitchen and returned with a plastic bag from the local thrift shop. He then pulled out a couple of ties and tied Amy's hands in front of her. After tying her ankles, he put in the chick flick that Amy wanted to see. Jared moved the love seat into its original position and laid down and pulled Amy down into the spooning position.
It was about 8:00 when the movie ended, when Jared decided it was time to leave. "Go get into your schoolgirl outfit it's time to leave." Jared ordered as he untied her. Amy went into the bedroom and started to get changed when she asked, "How should I wear my hair? Should I do a ponytail or pig tails?" After thinking about it for about a nanosecond Jared chimed in, "Pigtails!" When Amy came out of the bedroom when Jared started tying her hands behind her back. After tying her ankles, Jared decided to load up the car. "I'll be back in in a minute, I have to load up the car." Jared said. After loading the backseat of Amy's car with their bags, Jared opened the trunk and started loading a couple of pillows and blankets to pad the trunk for Amy's ride home. As Jared walked inside, Amy saw her car parked out front and her trunk open. "You mean I'm riding home in the trunk?" Amy asked a little surprised. "Yeah. Jared replied, Do you want me to chloroform you?" "No, I'm sure I'll be fine." she said. "If you get too nervous, kick the side of the trunk and I'll pull over and chloroform you. Hell I might just do it anyway." Jared said with a smirk. Jared then searched for the bandanna/panty gag he used earlier and stuffed it in Amy's mouth. He then tied a bandana around for a cleave gag to hold it in. To top off the gag, he then put 3 pieces of duct tape over the cleave gag. Jared then blindfolded her, then as he was putting the headphones on her head, he got an idea. He saw a pillow case out of the corner of his eye, and decided to hood Amy with it. After doing that, he loosened the necktie from Amy's schoolgirl out fit and slid it up to hold the pillowcase in place. "Breathing ok?" Jared asked. Amy just mmphed and nodded her head. Jared then bent down and picked Amy up and put her over his shoulder again placing his hand on her exposed butt for "balance". Jared noticed that Amy had changed from her blue thong to a pair of black lacy panties. He gently placed her in the trunk and reminded her that if she got nervous to kick the side of the car. He felt for Amy's ears and slid the headphones over them, then slammed the trunk shut.
After driving for about an hour, Jared heard a thumping noise coming from the trunk. He drove for a few minutes before pulling behind an abandoned restaurant. He opened the trunk, and undid the headphones, hood, and gag. "What's wrong?" Jared asked. "I'm getting really hot." Amy said sweating profusely. "Okay, hang on." Jared said. He went to the front of the car and grabbed the chloroform, rag, and duct tape. After using the pillowcase to wipe the sweat from Amy's head, he started to pour the chloroform on the rag. "What are you doing?" Amy asked smelling the chloroform. "I don't want to pull over again, so I'm going to put you to sleep." Jared replied. "No, I'm fffmmmpphhh." Amy said to no avail as Jared clamped the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose. After Amy stopped struggling, Jared then tore off 2 strips of the duct tape and gagged her.
Jared pulled into his garage and as he was finishing unloading the car, Amy started to become conscious again. He opened the trunk as Amy was starting to stir. "Let's get you somewhere more comfortable." Jared said as he lifted Amy up. "Mmmphh! Mmmpphhh!!" was all Amy could muster. He sat her on his bed and removed the gag. "I didn't want you to chloroform me you asshole!" Amy yelled. "I'm sorry, I just didn't want you to start panicking and making noise as we got back into town." Jared explained as he hand gagged her. Amy struggled for a few seconds before calming down. "I have to go to the bathroom." she said. Jared untied her ankles and wrists before handcuffing her wrists in front of her. He then led her to the bathroom. When she came out, he led her back to his bed, took her blindfold off, and sat her down. "Look I'm sorry. The last thing I ever wanted to do was scare you." Jared said. As Amy sat there taking it in, Jared looked into her beautiful hazel eyes then passionately kissed her. As Amy reached up for Jared's face, Jared uncuffed her wrists and they made love.
The next morning, Jared woke up to a nudge from a naked Amy and noticed his right arm was sore and his hand was asleep. He then realized that he was handcuffed to one of Amy's wrists and they were handcuffed to the headboard. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and asked, "Did you have fun this weekend?" "The best I ever had." she replied as she leaned in and kissed him and the started making love all over again.
"You know we're off tomorrow right?" Jared asked afterward. "Yeah, what did you have in mind?" Amy asked. "Well this weekend made me realize that I have a lot of feelings for you." Jared said. "Uh huh." Amy said nodding along. "Doing what we did took a lot of trust and commitment, so I was thinking maybe we should go from being work spouses to actual spouses." Jared said. "What?" Amy asked. Jared then grabbed his class ring from the night stand and said, "Amy I love you, will you marry me?" "Yes!" Amy said. "I'm sorry I don't have an actual engagement ring. Let's fly to Vegas right now and elope." Jared said. "Let's do it!" Amy said

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