Strange Dreams On A Train

Lucy felt the train begin to move as she sat alone in her compartment. It was just after sunrise. The trip would take 30 hours, and for the night the seats would be folded down to make a bed. It was day now, and most people in the sleeper car had their doors and curtains open and were sitting in their seats looking out the window. There was something very romantic about riding a train, but not for Lucy yet. Lucy was 24 and very attractive with long brown hair and firm well rounded breasts. Her legs were long and slender, and turned heads wherever she went. She didn’t have a boyfriend though, and hadn’t had sex in a long time. “Way too long!” She thought to herself as the train picked up speed and she could feel bumps. The motion of the train and the bumps were already arousing her. Lucy had seen several good looking guys her age, or slightly older, board the train. At least two had even made eye contact with her and smiled. Perhaps later on she would get lucky and meet someone. It was way too early for that now though. Right now she needed to take a nap. She wasn’t used to getting up this early and was still very sleepy. Lucy slid the glass door on her compartment closed and drew the curtain across it. She had total privacy now, except for the window to the outside. The train was moving fast and there was no way anyone could see inside now. She began to get comfortable. As she slowly unbuckled the tiny straps on her high heeled shoes, her fantasies began. She imagined a guy was doing it for her. She loved to be undressed by someone else! Her shoes were off now, and she turned sideways and placed her bare legs and feet across the seat and sat sideways with her back to the window. “Just how comfortable shall I get now?” she thought to herself. She unbuttoned the top button of her dress. In a few seconds she decided to be more daring. She unbuttoned five more buttons and exposed her bra. It was frilly and white and felt tight on her. She reached behind her and unhooked it. Then she worked the straps off her shoulders and arms through her dress and took it off. Next she re-buttoned all but two of the buttons on her dress and tossed the bra on the floor on top of her shoes. Lucy felt all tingly and sexy now. She lifted her dress up over her hips and exposed her tiny panties. For proper sleep, they should come off too she thought. She slowly eased the panties down and off and tossed them aside with her other things. As she closed her eyes and tried to sleep her fantasies were in overdrive! As the train’s many wheels clicked along the tracks, she had a naughty thought. “What if her door and curtain were open now?” Any guy walking by could see everything, at least below her waist. Then she decided to go further. She unbuttoned every button on her dress and exposed her right breast completely. There; no guy could resist her now, if her door were open, she imagined. All those erotic events shifted to just her mind now. It wasn’t long before her lifelong dominant fetish popped up. She never went more than a few minutes without it coming into play somehow, and it had been that way since her early teens. At times she cursed it, and thought that it wasn’t healthy or normal, but it still ruled her life. She was born with it and couldn’t do anything but indulge it. Lucy had a sleepy fetish. She constantly fantasized about a guy putting her to sleep somehow, and having his way with her limp body. It varied in scenario, but always proceeded to the same end. She would pass out completely and he would slowly strip her and begin by kissing and touching her limp naked body everywhere. For the end game, he would go down on her for a while, and then finally mount her. The methods of knockout varied, from a drugged drink to a forced injection, but her favorite was the chloroform soaked cloth being placed over her nose and mouth. That was the method she had seen in the movies and TV the most, and to her was the most romantic. It was gentle, and rendered her helpless gradually. The man had a firm hold on her, and he was close enough for her to feel his taut muscles and smell his scent. She would struggle of course, but she knew her pass out was inevitable and she would be totally his. She would soon melt in his strong arms, and be carried off like a doll. Just the thought of it happening sent chills up and down her spine! With those pleasant thoughts in her head, Lucy drifted off to sleep. She remained motionless for some time and then her body started to move around slightly. She was beginning to dream… It was nearly dark and Lucy’s eyes opened. Her door and curtains were wide open! She was exposed on the seat and a man was coming into her compartment! He was tall, and looked strong and handsome. Lucy folded her arms in front of her to cover her exposed right breast. She thought about getting up and running but she could not move. Suddenly the man was on top of her. He was holding a wet cloth over her face. “It must be chloroform!” she thought to herself. As he held the cloth on her, he also tried to pull her arms away to get to her breasts. Lucy held her arms in position, but could do little else. Her eyes were in rapid flutter now, and her body was relaxing all by itself. Her time awake was quickly running out. In less than a minute, her body suddenly went limp and her eyes gently closed. The man held the cloth on her for over a minute after she was out. Then he pulled it away and tossed it on the floor. Her limp arms were easy to move now, and he was able to completely expose both of her breasts. He fondled them for a minute and then got up and quickly closed the compartment door and pulled the curtains over it. The man spread Lucy’s legs apart easily and quickly put his mouth in her most private spot. He was able to smell and taste her now, with no resistance of any kind. To his surprise she was very wet down there already! The man had heard that some women were aroused by the idea of being chloroformed and kidnapped, but he never really believed it. Could she have been excited that way? It didn’t matter now. She was totally limp and all his anyway! At first he went down on her ever so gently. As he licked her; he could see goose bumps forming on her inner thighs. She was ready for him now. He stood up and quickly removed his pants and underwear. He was ready too. He was as hard as steel. It had been a long time since he had release, and there was a huge load of seed inside ready to explode. His gentleness faded as he stood up, and he mounted her like a ruthless pirate! He then ravaged her flesh with abandon. As he moved roughly in and out, her limp body lay helplessly still and accommodated his needs. Then, after nearly 15 minutes, suddenly he burst! Like a fountain, his seed filled her, and with no protection at all. When it was finally over, he got up off of her and put his underwear and pants back on. Then he opened the curtains and door, and left. Lucy woke up with a start. It was nearly noon. The sun was shining in the window, and the door and curtains were closed. She was still naked below the waist and her breast was still exposed. She was relieved that it had all been a dream! It all seemed so real though. It was like he she was watching him ravage her limp body from above. Now she was really horny! Lucy put her breast back inside her dress, but left the buttons open. Then she pulled her dress down over her hips, but left her panties off. When that was done, she opened her curtain and door, and sat sideways on her seat just like before. Perhaps a man would notice her now! About 8 compartments down and on the opposite side of the train, Jeff had closed his door and curtains for privacy as well. He was ready to load and check his tranquillizer gun. It held 6 small darts, and he loaded them all in. Then he read his instructions carefully. Aim for her chest. One dart will knock her out completely in about 5 minutes and last an hour or so. If a second dart is fired a minute or two after the first dart she will pass out almost instantly, and sleep for 2-3 hours. When the darts are pulled out the last part of the dose is drawn in by suction. This insures a full dose, and a long and deep sleep. Jeff needed a woman badly. He had just come off a book signing tour and had been taunted enough! Jeff was not a writer. He was the guy on the cover of many romance novels. He was tall, lean, and had long blond hair and deep blue eyes. His unkempt hair and partly unshaven face gave him a rough and tumble look that the women that read the books all dreamed about. He looked a lot like the 80’s book cover model Favio, and had an even worse book name. They called him Thor! The women readers loved it and thought that he really looked like a god. Jeff hated it, but it was a living. What he really hated was the way all the women made such a fuss over him when they recognized him. The women in the book stores all tried to mob and attack him! He could rarely single one out and have a date. When he did connect with one, all she talked about was those novels. That’s why he wanted tonight’s woman unconscious. When he found her he would dart her first, and then make his move. That way she would pass out before she realized who he was, and he could have some fun and sex his way for a change! Once he was comfortable with the gun, he put it in his pocket and started to walk the aisles of the train to find his prey. He saw several women right away, but they either weren’t his type or were not alone. At the other end of the car, when he had almost given up hope, he found her! He passed by her compartment and then stopped and looked from a safe distance. She was hot! She had bare legs and feet, and her dress was completely unbuttoned! Without further thought, he aimed the gun and fired. The dart hit her chest “dead on” right between her breasts. Then he stepped out of sight for a minute to let the drug take effect. Lucy was riding peacefully in her seat when she suddenly felt a sting in her chest. She looked down and saw the small dart. At first she shook her head and looked around. “Was she dreaming again?” She wondered. “No, she wasn’t dreaming this time!” She reached to pull the dart out. Then she saw that the vile had some of the drug still in it. If she pulled it out, that would be sucked into her and she would get an even larger dose! She left the dart alone. She considered getting up and closing her door. When she tried to do that, she felt too dizzy to get up. Once again her first mode of defense was to fold her arms to cover her open dress. Then he stepped into the compartment. Wow! He was everything she ever dreamed about in a guy and then some. As he got close she could see his beautiful blue eyes. The drug was working though and her eyes were rapidly losing focus. He took her right hand in his and tried to pull her arm off of her chest. She resisted. That was a mistake! He let go of her hand, reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun! Just when Lucy thought she was about to die, a second dart hit her right breast. She passed out almost instantly. Jeff put the gun away, closed the compartment door, and pulled the curtains closed. Then he pulled the curtain over the outside window as well. It was time to admire his prize. First he pulled her arms out of the way and pulled out both darts. Next he pulled her unbuttoned dress down over her shoulders and rendered her topless. Oh yes! This one would be perfect. He continued to pull the loose dress down over her hips and off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear! This one was really asking for it. He undressed quickly and got down on his knees. Then his seduction scene began. He started by massaging her feet, just like the scenes in the books his face was on. Then with both hands and his tongue he worked his way slowly from her feet to her neck stopping everywhere in between. He had done this with many women, but never with one that was totally unconscious like this. She was like a warm real life doll! He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Her mouth was partly open and he was able to probe it deeply with his tongue. Then he sniffed her hair. It had a floral scent, and was baby soft to the touch. Holding her beautiful limp head in his hands was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Finally he put her head down on the seat and tasted her breasts. Her nipples instantly became erect in his mouth, even though she was deeply under. That didn’t surprise him. He had always thought that some sexual functions were instinctive. He turned his attentions lower, and tasted her ultimate nectar. As he did it she became much damper there and he could also see signs of arousal on the flesh of her inner thighs. He slipped on a condom before entering her. Then he mounted her gently. Seeing her on her back, limp, with her head to the side, and her eyes closed was driving him over the edge! He was in control of his own movements. He could thrust with no resistance at all. It was like having sex with a doll, only this was no doll! She was a beautiful woman and oh so real! Such passion could not last forever. After about 10 minutes, he finally burst and felt his load pulse inside her. If it weren’t for the condom, surely this load would have made any girl pregnant he thought to himself as he pulled out and looked at the amount in the condom! Then he covered her with her dress, as if it were a blanket. Jeff quickly redressed himself and picked up the darts from the floor. He took those and the condom with him. As he left, he closed her curtains and door to keep her safe and out of sight. Lucy woke up hours later and looked around. “Was this another dream?” She wondered. Then she realized that her dress had been taken off. Her window curtain was closed too. Then she remembered the darts. She looked at her breasts. There were 2 tiny holes there! No, this was no dream. As she tried to remember him, all she could see was his long blonde hair and his blue eyes. His face was a blur. All of a sudden, the powerful drug kicked in again and she quickly drifted back to sleep. Oh the sweet dreams she would have now…

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