Betrayal Of Trust

Chloe knew all about Frank’s chloro fetish. They had been married for 5 years now, and pretty much everything was out in the open.They had indulged in lots of roleplaying using a tiny amount of Frank’s aftershave on a J-cloth. After a shaky enough start Chloe had started to grow into the role of the helpless ko victim. Her struggling, mmphing and eye rolling had really come on. Her limp and out cold impersonations had become reasonably authentic, and up to a point Frank was happy enough.

It was certainly better than nothing, being able to fantasy chloroform his wife, considering he was an absolute fanatic. But it wasn’t the real thing.
Of course they had discussed it. They were passionately in love and Chloe wanted very much to satisfy her husband’s every sexual desire.

But she just felt really chloroforming her was a bit too much, just too risky. Frank agreed with her and they had come to a joint decision that it wouldn’t happen. They were both afraid of it going wrong, and the slight risk of harming the beautiful slightly petite brunette.

But as time went on, and as Frank delved more and more into the online chloro fantasy world he started to really struggle to contain his desire. He desperately wanted to really chloroform a woman, and if not his wife then at least someone very close to her.

He had an idea.

Her sister Alison was only a couple of years younger than her (28), and had a similar enough build, she was slightly taller at 5ft 11” with shorter red hair. But she had an equally impressive curvaceous figure, along with ample size cleavage.

From time to time when she’d be over at their house Frank thought her a bit of a smart arse, teasing him about being a little on the large size. Frank kept his council at the time bit it had irked him a bit, he thought it unnecessary. And Chloe knew this.

Eventually she agreed.” Just once” she said. With both of them present, if anything went wrong when Alison was out she felt they would be able to deal with it quickly between the two of them, call an ambulance ect. But they both believed it wouldn’t come to this, they would be careful with the dosage. And when she came to Chloe would back up Frank’s story that she must have drunk too much and passed out.

But Chloe had one major condition if the plan was to be executed. It was Alison, and only Alison who was to be chloroformed.
“Of course” said Frank, “I wouldn’t betray you like that”. And despite his well-documented desires he actually genuinely meant this.

It was a Saturday night and the scene was set. Chloe had invited Alison to join herself and her husband for a few drinks and a DVD.
Doorbell rings around 8pm, battle positions assumed.

Chloe answers. “Hey Ali, come in how’s my sexy little sister?”
“I’m great babes and you? And you?
A bit of small talk as Chloe guides her into the living room on the right hand side of the entrance hall.

“Where’s fat Frank hiding out tonight ha ha?” sniggered Alison as she smugly made her way in.
“I’m right here!” exclaimed Frank as he jumped out from behind the living room door, drugged cloth in hand!

He very emphatically pulled the cloth into Alison’s face with his right hand as he groped her breasts and mid-riff with his left while his loving wife looked on. By now Chloe had assumed a watching position in the room in front of her sister and her cloth wielding spouse.

“Deep breaths Alison, it’s time for a little snooze” teased Frank. “Just do as he says Ali” whispered Chloe, who was a little surprised at how turned on she was getting at this stage!

After lots of mmphing, unsuccessful hand pull away attempts and struggling body shakes Alison eventually succumbed. She passed out beautifully with a whimper and a gorgeous eye roll in her brother in law’s arms.

“Satisfied?” queried Chloe as her husband gently lowered her limp sister onto her side on the carpet.
“Very satisfied” replied an almost uncontrollably aroused Frank. “Grab her legs.”

They lifted Alison’s helpless frame onto the couch and removed her blouse and bra. They placed her in a seated position in the center, gently pushing her head back against the headrest.

Frank sat to her right, Chloe to her left. They removed her red blouse and white supporting bra and both enjoyed a little fondling fun.
“Have you ever been as turned on in your life?” Frank asked his gorgeous life partner.
“Never” replied Chloe. “Sex in nothing compared to this!”

Frank looked across helpless Alison into his wife’s beautiful brown eyes. He was so aroused and in love at this point it was like this was his heaven on earth moment.

He spotted the cloth on the carpet just in front of him where he had dropped it after chloroforming Alison.
“I’m sorry love, but I just can’t help myself!”

He quickly grabbed the cloth, leaned across motionless Alison and clamped it into his wife’s mouth and under her cute little nose!
She had just managed to spurt out a panicked “Whaaaat we agreed!” before she started mmphing profusely.

“I know we did love, I know, but I just have to do this, I can’t resist!
“You know how much chloroforming women turns me on, it’s a major part of my entire being, the woman I’m closest to in my life simply can’t be excluded! Deep breaths love deep breaths!” his voice slightly panicked now.

Chloe placed both her sexy manicured nailed and ring fingered hands on his large hairy right paw. He gave himself the support he needed by placing his left hand on the back of her head. She tried desperately to pull the cloth away but she had no chance.

“Go to sleep my darling, go to sleep” whispered Frank who was starting to relax a little now.

So was his wife!

Chloe’s resistance was beginning to fade. Her hands were slipping intermittently off his at this stage, her mmphing was weakening and her eye fluttering was settling down. With a whimper and an eye roll almost identical to her beloved sister’s final act she tilted her head slightly back and to her left, onto the intersecting corner between the back head rest and the side hand rest of the couch and entered dreamland.

He had done it. And he had gotten revenge on her smarty pants sister at the same time for good measure!

He stood up and surveyed the motionless sister act on his couch. He shook all four of their limp hands to make sure they were completely out cold. He gently re-applied the cloth to both their helpless faces while supporting the backs of their heads with his other hand, just for the sheer turn of it, but they were both well subdued.

“Guilt?” of course. Yes he had betrayed his wife’s trust. But let’s have a little perspective here. Wouldn’t cheating on her have been a much more substantial breach?

He had no regrets. Yes there would be some explaining to do when they came to, but he was confident Chloe would understand and eventually forgive him (she couldn’t have been thaaat surprised when she say the cloth coming her way!), and Alison could be brought around as well, families have to get on. He could explain his grievance with her over her remarks about his weight and use that as a defence.

When Chloe had looked into his eyes so erotically and lovingly as they surveyed the helpless and motionless Alison between them on the couch he simply had to do what he had to do.

He might never again have got the chance.

He prepared to carry his too limp ladies helpless frames up the stairs to himself and Chloe’s spacious master bedroom.

First though he made sure he took the cloth that had done all the damage with him. He picked it up off the floor and placed it into his back pocket.

After all, the bottle of chloroform was locked in a safe at the back of the wardrobe and the night was still young.

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