Try and Capture Me

Try and Capture Me

Halley was sitting on the couch watching TV. She had finished a long day of classes at university and was enjoying some off time. A thin medium brunette she was wearing a red T-shirt and black leggings with some short white socks. The chemistry major was flipping through the channels as her roommate, Lisa came in. While Halley was a brunette, Lisa was a similarly tall blonde. She always dressed a little fancier than Halley. Today she wore a stylish white blouse, dark shorts, and black tights.

“Hey there” Lisa said as she took off her flats.

Halley nodded, “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good what are you watching?” Lisa answered taking a seat on the couch with Halley.

Halley found a show that she liked; it involved a female spy character. Together they watched the episode. The heroine was trying to get some files from the bad guy’s office. Soon she was discovered though and a fight broke out. During the battle one of the henchmen pulled out a chloroform soaked cloth and subdued the heroine.

“Oh please.” Lisa rolled her eyes.

Halley intrigued asked, “What?”

Lisa shook her head, “She fights like four guys but can’t break free when someone grabs her.”

Halley smiled, “It was drugged. You think she should last longer?”

Lisa smirked, “Well I think she should be able to get out of it before it takes effect.”

Halley leaned over and pulled a napkin from a nearby table. She held it out to Lisa, “Okay try and capture me.”

“What, come on Halley?”

Halley shook her head, “You heard me, I want you to try and catch me. I know how fast chloroform works, so if I’m not free within a minute, well then I would have passed out.”

Lisa at first looked like she was going to say no but she was also competitive, “Okay you’re on.”

They agreed to go to separate rooms and Halley would have no idea when Lisa was going to attack her. Halley started out in the bathroom and walked back out to the main living area of their apartment. Seeing no sign of Lisa she proceeded to the kitchen. Halley opened up a cabinet and was getting some stuff when Lisa grabbed her from behind. The napkin went over her face and she proceeded to struggle. Lisa, who was also a gymnast, had pretty good strength. Despite all her struggles, Halley just couldn’t break free of Lisa’s arms. After a minute she pretended to pass out in her roommate’s arms.

“Alright enough wake up sleepy head.” Lisa laughed.

“Well I think I proved my point, I couldn’t get free.”

Lisa shook her head, “You may have not gotten free, and spy-girl didn’t get free, but I for sure could.”
Halley smiled now, although Lisa didn’t know why, “Well time we found out, my turn to try and capture you.”

Lisa nodded and went off to her room. Halley walked into her room and went to the closet. Inside was something she ‘borrowed’ from her chemistry lab. Taking the bottle of chloroform out, she opened it and drizzled some of its contents onto the napkin. Her smile grew watching the drops landing on the napkin. It didn’t take long for the cloth to become a little damp in her hand. Halley sniffed the air and easily smelled the hint of chloroform. Palming the cloth, she then quietly moved to the door.

A glance out showed that Lisa was trying to play it cool. Her blonde friend was casually looking for her. Carefully Halley moved out of the door and stepped lightly on the floor. Lisa had moved from the kitchen to the bathroom. The lights were off inside and the door partially closed. It looked like she thought Halley might be hiding inside. It worked out perfectly for Halley, Lisa headed to the bathroom thus turning her back to Halley. Quietly Halley got closer, raising her arms to ensnare Lisa.

“I’ve got you!” Lisa exclaimed opening the bathroom door and flicking on the lights. While she was distracted by not finding Halley inside, her friend struck.

Halley grabbed Lisa from behind, wrapping and arm around the blonde’s shoulders and neck. While her hand holding the chloroform napkin when over Lisa’s face. They began to struggle and Lisa was actually smiling under the napkin. She was confident of her ability to break free from Halley’s grip. Because of the fun she was having pretending to be ‘chloroformed’ she didn’t think about the smell on the napkin. At first she was surprised by how much the struggling was tiring her out. Lisa felt weaker as Halley dragged her back into the hallway. As she started to become more sluggish, Lisa realized something was on the cloth over her nose and mouth.

It took her a minute but she realized she was really being chloroformed! With big pleading eyes she looked towards her friend’s face. Halley just smiled, “What’s the matter Lisa, I thought you said you could break free?”

This triggered a brief renew in Lisa’s struggles but they quickly ended. Her body was sluggish; she was so tired and sleepy. Halley felt confident enough to adjust her grip bringing her arm down from Lisa’s neck to under her breasts. Her roommate’s breathing slowed and Halley could feel Lisa getting slack in her grip. For Lisa her head felt like it was wrapped in soft towels. Her eyes, which had been fluttering rapidly at first now slowly blinked and opened. Halley noticed they were staying closed for longer each time. Soon they would close and Lisa would be out cold. Feeling that Lisa was finished, Halley now showed her intentions, she leaned in and kissed the beauty that was her roommate on the neck. Lisa made a final sigh under the chloroform cloth. Her eyes shut and she was out.

Halley removed the napkin and enjoyed the sight of her roommate’s helpless form. She dragged the sleeping Lisa into her bedroom. Carefully she laid Lisa down onto the bed. When she was resting comfortably, Halley climbed into the bed and curled up next to Lisa. Halley had longed wanted to play with her roommate, to feel her soft skin, kiss her lips, and explore her body. She kissed Lisa as she slowly unbuttoned her friend’s blouse. Under the shirt Lisa had on a black bra. For the moment Halley left this on but she did remove her own shirt, revealing her white sports bra.

Next Halley went for Lisa’s shorts. Unbuttoning it she slowly pulled them down her friends’ nylon tights. She enjoyed the feel of them and how smooth and sexy they made Lisa’s legs look. Tossing the shorts away, Halley hoped off the bed, removed her leggings and stood in her panties. She climbed on top of Lisa of and felt her roommate’s’ breasts. As she enjoyed their feel Halley would lean down and kiss Lisa Eventually she changed direction and began feeling Lisa’s strong gymnast legs. Encased in the black tights, Halley loved the sound of the fabric as it rubbed together and how it felt on her skin. She was becoming more excited, feeling it between her thighs.

“Ohh….” Lisa moaned, but not out of pain, but pleasure.

Halley left Lisa’s legs behind and leaned down in front of Lisa’s face, “Hello….”

“What….what….” Lisa struggled to say, still coming out of her chloroform induced fog.

Halley kissed her, then parting her lips, “You lost the bet, you couldn’t get free.”

Lisa answered, “This…is….your reward?”

“No, it’s yours.”

Lisa managed to smile, “Pull me up, I’m still a little weak.”

Halley sat next to her roommate and pulled Lisa up into her lap. Their arms wrapped around one another and they began to passionately kiss. It wasn’t long before Lisa was lying back down again. The girls continued to kiss and their hands began to move all over their bodies. Lisa let out a small moan of pleasure as Halley intertwined their legs. They continued like this for quite a while, with each of them slowly removing the others remaining clothing.

Later, they were lying under the covers of Halley’s bed. Still embraced they looked at one another. Lisa said, “That was…amazing.”

“I’m so happy you think so Lisa.”

Lisa leaned up on an elbow, “Well I have a request.”

“Name it.” Halley responded.

Lisa pulled out her tights and looked towards the bottle of chloroform Halley had left out, “Your turn.”

Halley just grinned.

Written by: chlorofan05

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