Pet Teacher

Rick finished closing his gym and got in his small SUV. It was one thirty Friday afternoon. He was free until Monday morning at 8 AM. He had a mission. He headed for his old high school. Ms Thomas, his old teacher that he never had gotten over, was now the principal there. He would follow her home and abduct her for the weekend. He had fantasized over it for years, and planned it for months. Now it was time! He had a gym bag with 2 bottles of chloroform, a small white towel, a sweat band, and some rope on the seat next to him. He would knock her out and hold her captive in his gym for the weekend.

Joan Thomas was putting away her work. It was nearly time to leave. There was no hurry. She lived alone and had no plans. She was twice divorced and most men avoided her. She was very attractive for her 37 years, with shiny brown hair and blue eyes. She was five four and was very slim. Her breasts were small, but well shaped. Her legs were awesome. Men all left her or avoided her for the same reason. She was a heartless, controlling bitch!

Rick made the hour drive to his old school. He would wait near the parking lot and follow her home. Then he would let her settle in and make his move. Rick could have all the women he wanted. He was 25 and had a trainer’s body. He had short dark hair and brown eyes and had a rough and tumble look. He was six two and had very wide shoulders and huge arms. Most women melted when they saw him and wanted to be carried off in his arms. This woman would be carried off alright. She would be unconscious too.

The unconscious part was the major part of his fantasy. She was a real bitch when she was awake! He craved her body since he was a teen, and he knew she would only be any fun if she were helpless and asleep. She was rotten to him as a teacher. She rode him hard and put him away wet. This was just what she had coming. He would strap her to machine after machine and make her strain until she was soaking wet and knock her out again and again in between. This weekend’s revenge would be ever so sweet. Nothing like lots of chloroform to put a control freak in her place!

Rick parked a safe distance from the faculty parking lot and waited. She came out just after 4. He knew her right away. He watched her get in a Buick sedan. It figured! That was just like her. A seventy year old man’s car! Her fancy designer dress was to her knees and she wore stockings and high heels. The black blazer made her look flat chested. He would dress her his own way before he took her anyway. “It’s about time she wore something decent for once in her life!” he thought.

As Joan pulled away she noticed a strange SUV. It seemed to be following her. But then who would ever follow her? Not likely she thought. After a half hour, she pulled into her driveway. She stopped the car and went inside. She left the front door open for air, and put down her purse and took off her blazer and shoes. Then she plopped onto the sofa and turned on the TV.

Rick parked across the street and sneaked up to the house. The door was open! What luck! He had tools with him just in case, but he wouldn’t need them. He went inside and took a position in the next room. He took out the small white towel and soaked it heavily with chloroform. He put on a ski mask and headed for the den. He came from behind without warning and held the cloth over her nose and mouth.

Joan was startled and screamed. Her voice was muffled by the towel. She tried to push his arm away, but even with both hands she couldn’t budge him. He was hard as a rock and incredibly strong. The strong fumes were making her dizzy and disoriented. Her vision was blurred. She continued to struggle to no avail. She heard a dull ringing in her ears. That’s the last thing she remembered.

Rick was all smiles as he watched her baby blue eyes flutter and roll closed. Finally she was limp and out, just the way he dreamed. He put the towel back in the bag and threw her over his shoulder. Then he grabbed his bag and proceeded to find her bedroom. When he found it, he threw her limp body on the bed and started to undress her.

He lifted her up from behind her neck and unzipped her dress. Then he pushed it off her shoulders and laid her back down. Then he pulled it down over her legs and off. She had a slip on so he raised that and pulled it off over her head. Next he pulled off her pantyhose. Now she was in just her matching bra and panties. They were white and the panties were too big, but he was headed in the right direction. He took off her bra and panties as well.

He stood back and admired her body. Once naked she looked really hot! He started searching her drawers for suitable clothes. He found a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Then he found a pair of white socks. In the closet was a pair of sneakers. He found a pair of black bikini panties in a small drawer. He put those on her and then dressed her for the gym. He didn’t bother with a bra. He just put the t-shirt on her and put on the shorts, socks and sneakers.

He took a blue teddy out of her drawer and put that, a pair of silky black pantyhose, and a pair of red high heeled pumps into his bag. Then he threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the front door. He placed her in a chair and went to move his car closer. When he came back she was starting to wake up. He reached in the bag and put his mask back on. The he poured more chloroform on the towel and put her back under. She really didn’t wake up fully and went out again quickly.

He saw a silk scarf on a hook near the door and used it to bind her hands behind her. Then he tied her ankles with rope. He would wait a few more minutes now, until it was dark. He put the towel over her mouth and nose and held it there with the sweat band around her head. Once it was dark he carried her to the car and put her in the passenger seat. He fastened her seat belt and poured more chloroform on the towel. Then he threw the bag in the car and drove away. He had already locked her house and taken her keys.

When he got to the gym over an hour later the towel was still damp with chloroform. She was still totally limp as he carried her inside. He laid her on her back on a weight bench and untied her and removed the towel. Then he placed a barbell on the rack with the bar not quite touching her chest and put 400 pounds of weights on it. That would hold her for now! Then he turned the lights very low and waited for her to wake up.

As she slept peacefully he placed another barbell with a ten pound weight on each end at her arm’s length on the rack. Then he took a Velcro weight belt and put it around her legs mid calf and secured around the bench. She would be unable to move now. All was ready.

When Joan woke up she didn’t know where she was and was terrified. The room was pretty dark and she felt light headed. How long had she been out? She had no way of knowing that she was 80 miles from home in a gym that looked like any other. She felt her clothes. They were hers but she hadn’t put them on. She was braless! She never went without a bra. Her panties were different. My god, someone had stripped her totally naked while she was out and re-dressed her in her own clothes! Then she saw a big strong man in a ski mask standing over her. She was shaking with fear. She also had to pee really badly!

Finally he spoke.

“You are badly out of shape Ms Thomas. You will need a good workout to fix you up.”

Rick was 7 years older, had a deeper voice, and was way bigger that when she knew him. She didn’t recognize him or his voice. He told her she would have to do everything he told her, or be chloroformed and stripped of more clothing. There would be no escape until her workout was over.

Rick began unlacing her right sneaker. Then he took the lace and tied her right wrist to the high barbell bar. Then he did the same with the left one. Then he lifted the bar off the rack and made her hold it up. When he let go of it, he ordered her to lift it up and down. After about 5 reps, he told her to hold it high. He put another 5 pound weight on each side and told her to continue. She could barely do it after 3 more reps. When she stopped he told her to hold it up while he put 2 more weights on it.

Joan lowered the bar and could not lift it up again. She was trapped with it over her chest. Her arms were aching. Her bladder was about to burst. She begged him to take the weight off her. He added 2 more weights instead.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. The weight was now on top of her and the strain was unbearable. She started to cry.

That was the first victory he thought! He wanted to see that stone cold bitch break down and cry for once. There had to be humanity in her somewhere. No one that knew her would have ever guessed it though! He would reward her now. He lifted off the weight and put it on the rack. She was relieved but was still in agony. She told him that she needed to go to the bathroom. He said OK, but it would have to be his way. He opened his Gym bag and pulled out a brown bottle and a white towel. He soaked the towel with the liquid from the bottle and held it over her face.

“My god he’s putting me under again!” she realized.

“Please don’t!” she begged.

He held the cloth fast. She turned her head to the side and pleaded with him over and over, but he just followed her with the towel in place. It was no use. She finally inhaled deeply and stopped resisting. By the third deep breath she was out.

He untied her hands and lifted the big weight off her. Then he undid her legs and removed her dangling, lace less sneakers. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the bathroom. Then he pulled down her shorts and panties and placed her on the toilet. Just to be safe, he tied her hands behind her with the scarf he had found.

When Joan woke up she was in a real life nightmare. She was on a toilet with her pants pulled down and her hands tied behind her back, and a strange man was standing over her with a cloth soaked with chloroform. First things first, she relieved herself. She was totally humiliated having to pee in front of him, but there was nothing she could do. When she was finished, she asked if he was going to wipe her and pull her pants back up. He said, “Yes” and asked her if she would like to be put to sleep first.

She hated the idea of being put under yet again, but it was less embarrassing than having him wipe her. She thought about it for a few seconds and answered,

“Yes: please put me under again first!”

She inhaled willingly as he held the cloth on her once more. She went deeply under in about 20 seconds. Then as promised he wiped her and pulled her pants back up. This time he cradle carried her to the lat bar station. He placed her on the seat and strapped her to it with a weight belt. Then he tied her hands to the pull down bar with her sneaker laces. Then he set the weight to something she could handle for openers.

When Joan woke up she was in a seated position tied to a bar. She was strapped down and couldn’t stand. He was standing behind her. He ordered her to start pulling the bar up and down. She complied. This was much more comfortable than before. Her bladder was empty and there was no heavy weight on her chest. At least by letting him chloroform her in the bathroom she was spared some embarrassment. She knew he would knock her out again in a heartbeat if she didn’t do what he said. She pulled the bar over and over.

Rick watched eagerly as she broke sweat. He made her pull on. She said she couldn’t do it anymore. He ordered her to keep it up. She was out of breath and in agony again. He told her she was getting sweaty and would need a bath. The hot tub in the next room was ready. He told her he was going to put her to sleep, undress her completely and carry her to the tub and put her in. She pleaded with him not to do it.

He said “OK, just keep pulling the bar.”

It was impossible. She finally stopped and said “go ahead and put me to sleep.” “I can’t lift this thing anymore!”

The cloth was over her face within seconds. She didn’t resist at all. When she was out, he untied her from the bar and removed the weight belt. Then he pulled off her t-shirt. He rested her on the bench and pulled off her socks. Then he removed her shorts. He cradle carried her to the tub with her tiny panties still on. Then he put her down next to the tub and slipped them off. Once she was naked he put her in the tub and seated her on a bench and rested her head on his shoulder.

When she woke up, he took her by the arm, helped her out of the tub, and led her to the sauna. He gave her a towel and left her inside. He turned it on high. Within 10 minutes she was about to pass out. He went in and helped her out. Then he put the cloth over her face. She umpped in surprise, but was too weak to fight. She was out in less than 20 seconds. He rested her limp body on a bench and dressed her in her tiny black panties, her silky black hose, and her high heels. Then he slipped the blue teddy on her and carried her to the treadmill.

When Joan awoke she was in another form of hell! She was dressed like a hooker and was forced to walk the treadmill in her red high heels. He made her press on and on making it steeper all the way. She was out of breath and struggling soon. He made her keep it up. She begged him to stop it. He asked her to beg him to chloroform her again. She kept walking for several minutes and slowed down. She told him she had to stop. He told her to just say the magic words. She got another sudden burst of energy and walked some more. Finally she was about to collapse.

She said “OK please chloroform me again!”

Rick was in heaven. He turned off the tread mill and soaked the cloth. He had to hold her up as he put her under. She was too tired to stand alone. She passed out and went limp in his arms after about 30 seconds. Then he put her limp body on his massage table and fondled her all over. Then he stood back and admired her sleeping body in the sexy outfit. Yes this was just as he dreamed it would be.

He would keep her there for 2 days and nights. He would run her ragged till she dropped. Then he would strap the cloth on her and take her home. She would wake up on her couch, in the outfit she started in and he would be gone. No one would ever believe her story. He doubted she would even bother to tell it. It would be too embarrassing for her! She could lose her job and worse her status! A bitch like that admitting she was not in total control of everything for a whole weekend? Not bloody likely! He was safe. In fact he may just do it again! Next weekend sounded good to him for more of the same. He may just get her in shape yet! After all, that was what he did…

Writer: C.Biscuit

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