Halloween with the Prowlers

Jennifer Prowler was excited. She and her husband Rob were going to a Halloween costume ball at a luxury hotel in the city. Rob had reserved a honeymoon suite at the hotel nearly a year in advance. Rob would dress up as Count Dracula. Jen would go as Batgirl. That was just for openers though. The real plan was to evaluate the contestants for the Wonder Woman contest that was a major part of the event.

The Prowlers would be selecting their own private winner of course. Once they decided which contestant best fulfilled their fantasies, they would offer her a drink, drug her, and carry her off to their suite. Her grand prize would be an evening of bondage and chloroforming in their private love nest upstairs!

Jennifer was on the bed looking over her Batgirl costume that had just arrived. It was shiny purple like the one from the sixties TV show. There was a black cloth mask that went under the cowl. There were gloves as well. It would be slightly tight on her, but that would not be a problem.

Jen couldn’t wait. She had to try it on now. She quickly stripped to just her tiny bikini panties. Then she went into one of her bureau drawers and pulled out a brand new pair of sheer purple pantyhose. Jen pulled the hose on carefully and went into the closet and selected a pair of high heeled black leather boots.

Once Jen was in the pantyhose, she pulled the costume over her legs. The costume ended mid calf, but the pantyhose took over nicely from there and the boots would cover everything below her knees anyway. She put her arms into the sleeves and pulled the rest over her shoulders. She didn’t bother with a bra for now. She liked the feel of the spandex costume against her bare breasts anyway.

Jennifer reached behind her waist and pulled up the zipper. It went from behind her butt to behind her neck. Once she was zipped up, she looked in the mirror. The costume fit her like skin. Rob would love it! She slipped on her boots next and zipped them both up. The mask slipped over her face easily and the cowl went over that nicely. She looked in the full length mirror on the closet door. Wow! She looked ready to go on TV!

Rob would be home any minute. Jennifer wanted to surprise him. She knew he would want to handcuff or bind her hands behind her back! He would chloroform her first though. That gave her the shivers just thinking about it. “Imagine being knocked out and tied up in this outfit!” Jen fantasized to herself. Then she had an idea.

She would chloroform herself with her hands cuffed behind her back and be knocked out on the bed in the costume for Rob to find her when he came home. The handcuffs were the easy part. If she left the gloves to the costume off, she could easily put the cuffs on herself. How could she chloroform herself without overdosing though? She looked around the room quickly. Rob would be there any time now.

There was a picture hanging on the wall over the headboard of the bed. That was the way she would do it. Jen soaked a washcloth with chloroform. Then she placed the top edge of the cloth between the picture and the wall to hold it. Now she climbed up onto the bed, and snapped a handcuff on one wrist. Then she put her hands behind her back and slipped on the other cuff.

Jennifer stood facing the picture and inhaling the cloth now, with her knees slightly bent to brace her fall. She inhaled deeply and deliberately. She soon felt dizzy. Then she had trouble focusing her eyes. She kept inhaling and stood as long as she could. After about a minute she suddenly passed out. Her beautiful, limp, and costume clad body fell neatly onto the bed on its side. Rob’s surprise welcome home present was now gift wrapped and delivered!

When Rob entered the house a few minutes later, he called Jennifer’s name. There was no answer. He went into the bedroom. The sight left him breathless! There she was, Batgirl! Unconscious and handcuffed on the bed in full costume! Rob smelled the chloroform, but he could not find the cloth at first. “How did she do it?” he wondered. Then he saw the cloth behind the picture and put it all together.

Jennifer awoke to Rob’s smiling face. He kissed her and thanked her for the performance. Then he pulled the cloth out from behind the picture. It was dry so he re-soaked it heavily. Jennifer had butterflies in her stomach as she watched him put so much new chloroform on the cloth. As he approached her she said “Hey it’s not fair with my hands cuffed behind my back! I won’t be able to resist much.”

Rob didn’t care about that now. He wanted to explore her further. He held the cloth on his helpless wife. Jen went under quickly and deeply. Her eyes fluttered and closed in less than a minute. Watching her eyes flutter and close through the holes in the mask was erotic to say the least. Rob finally pulled away the cloth and put it down.

Where to start? He decided to slowly unzip and remove her boots first. Her purple colored stocking feet and legs looked awesome without the boots. He massaged her feet and enjoyed her legs for a while. Then he pulled her up into a sitting position on the bed and found her zipper. First the handcuffs had to be removed. Then he slowly pulled the costume zipper all the way down. The totally unzipped costume slipped off her small shoulders easily, and he could finally see that she was braless. The costume came off her arms easily since she had never put on the gloves.

Rob played with her topless with the mask and cowl still on. When Jen woke up about an hour later, Rob pulled the cowl and mask off of her and kissed her again. Jennifer smiled and removed the costume and pantyhose. Later they went to bed for more fun and games. Tomorrow was the big day!

Throughout the 2 hour drive into the city, the Prowlers both daydreamed of the night to come. Finally they pulled up to the hotel and checked in. Once inside the suite, they made preparations. In the suitcases were their costumes, bondage supplies, several cameras, chloroform, cloths, a dust mask, and rohypnol tablets for the lucky winner’s drink.

As they rode the elevator down to the party, Jen looked in awe at her handsome husband. With the black wig on, he made a perfect Count Dracula. Jennifer was in the full Batgirl costume now, including the gloves this time.

There were over a hundred at the party and all were in costume. There were 2 open bars. These factors would make it easy when the time came. Rob and Jen mingled, enjoyed the food and drinks, and above all looked around. Over a dozen girls were dressed as Wonder Woman. None of them wore face masks and all were very beautiful. Each had a slightly different look since some emulated the comic books and others favored the 70’s TV show.

In about half an hour, they both agreed on the same girl. She could have been Lynda Carter’s daughter! She had beautiful long dark hair and a perfect likeness in the face and deep blue eyes. Her figure and legs fit the bill nicely too. The best part was the costume though. Her tights were really satin! The lasso was real, and actually came off the belt and could be used. The belt was real and came off too. Most costumes had an attached fake lasso and “built in” non removable belt, and were very fake looking.

Jennifer started talking to her right away. Her name was Cindy, and she was 22 years old. That didn’t matter. Tonight she was Wonder Woman as far as they were concerned. Rob came along and offered her a drink. The three of them sat at a small round table and Jen slipped 2 roofies into Wonder Woman’s drink while Rob distracted her with his bedroom eyes and ever so romantic Count Dracula persona.

Wonder Woman was obviously attracted to Rob in his costume, and this made Jennifer hot instead of jealous. Soon Wonder Woman had consumed more than half of her drink and she was looking into Rob’s eyes lovingly. Rob put his arm around her and pulled her close. Wonder Woman soon melted in his arms, and her sleepy and dreamy head fell onto his strong shoulder. The scent of her hair and the feel on her tiara against his cheek were beyond his original fantasies! It was time now. Rob kissed her gently and said “Why don’t you come with us now?”

Wonder Woman was mesmerized from both the drug and Rob’s romantic overtures. She stood up and clung to Rob for support as the 3 of them headed for the elevator. Once the doors to the elevator closed, Jennifer took Wonder Woman’s lasso off her belt and put it around her. Then Jen said in an excited voice “You are our prisoner now Wonder Woman and will be under our power!” Jennifer had remembered from the TV show that the lasso not only made the one it encircled tell the truth, it also made them helpless to escape as well.

There was no response to the contrary anyway. Rob was now holding the nearly limp Wonder Woman up. Her eyes were glazed and she was about to pass out completely. The elevator quickly reached their floor and the doors opened. Jen peeked outside to see if the coast was clear. All the guests were at the party and the hallway was deserted.

Rob lifted Wonder Woman into cradle carry position and carried her to the room. Her head was hanging totally limp now. She was out like a light. Jennifer opened the door and held it open for Rob and their delightfully limp captive. Then she put all 3 of the security locks on the door as Rob laid the unconscious beauty on the king sized bed.

Both Rob and Jen were excited beyond all bounds. They moved her around on the bed and studied her carefully. Rob unzipped one of her boots and slipped it off. The feel of the satin tights was like nothing he’d ever felt before. He slipped off the other boot and they both played with her legs and feet for a while.

Jennifer played with Wonder Woman’s hair now. It was baby soft and had an awesome shine to it. Jen removed her Batgirl gloves and felt Wonder Woman’s hair and the tights again. Acting out this scenario was even sweeter than she had fantasized. They each took a camera and shot pictures of their unconscious captive from every angle with her boots off first and then with her boots put back on. Then they bound her in various ways and took even more pictures

After about 3 hours Cindy suddenly awoke on a strange bed. Her head was fuzzy like she was in a dream. Count Dracula and Batgirl from the party were standing over her. Batgirl was holding the magic belt from her costume in her right hand. The golden lasso from the costume was around her. Dracula was pouring something from a brown bottle onto a small white cloth.

Batgirl spoke now. “I have removed your belt and you are now powerless Wonder Woman!”

“Oh no, this has to be a really bad dream!” Cindy thought. Then Cindy said “Are you two crazy or something? You do realize that it’s only a costume right?”

Count Dracula replied “Of course Wonder Woman, but this chloroform is real and it will keep you unconscious!” With that said, he held the cloth over her nose and mouth.

Cindy suddenly felt sheer terror and started to thrash around to get away from the cloth. It was no use though. She was still sedated from the drink they had given her and both of them were holding her down now. Both Rob and Jen watched Wonder Woman’s eyes carefully waiting for what was to come. They were fluttering at last! Those beautiful baby blue eyes in helpless rapid flutter. That was the ultimate. Suddenly they closed and Wonder Woman was limp in their arms once again.

Jennifer chuckled. Then she said sarcastically “I suppose you’re also going to tell her to sleep peacefully now?” Rob smiled and said that he had always liked that “Will this chloroform keep you unconscious?” line and could not resist using at least a variation of it. In fact, this Wonder Woman was sleeping peacefully, and would be doing that a lot tonight!

They gradually started stripping the costume off of her. When she was down to just her tights and underwear she started to wake up. This time Jen soaked the cloth as Rob held the nearly naked Wonder Woman down. She went back under quickly as Jen held the cloth on her gently but firmly. Then they stripped her completely and played with her limp naked body. As beautiful as her naked body was, it just wasn’t the same without the costume.

They slowly re-dressed Wonder Woman and left her on the bed. Then the couple hid in the bathroom and waited for her to wake up. After about half an hour, Wonder Woman was up off the bed and heading for the door. Rob had the cloth ready. Before Wonder Woman could get the first of the 3 locks open, Rob had the cloth clamped over her nose and mouth.

Jennifer watched in ecstasy, camera in hand, as Rob put her under by brute force. Wonder Woman fought hard this time, kicking her legs in the air and fighting for her life. She lasted nearly 2 minutes before finally collapsing in Rob’s strong arms. They would both cherish that video forever.

Rob threw the now limp Wonder Woman over his shoulder and tossed her on the bed. They each unzipped and removed one of her boots. Then they got on the bed and played with both their beautiful limp captive and each other. Jen was hotter than ever now. Rob knew it was time. He got up and heavily soaked the cloth with chloroform.

Jennifer asked “Why are you doing that? She’s already out!”

Then he replied “This cloth is for Batgirl.”

Rob jumped on top of her on the bed and struggled to get the cloth in place over her nose and mouth. Jen fought hard. He knew she would. That’s what made it so sweet! Batgirl would have to be at least as tough as Wonder Woman! Finally Batgirl’s eyes could be seen fluttering through the holes in her mask. Rob watched in awe as she too passed out in his strong arms. He held the cloth there for a few extra seconds. Then he held the cloth on Wonder Woman a little longer.

Rob kept them both out for the rest of the evening. It was hard for him to even imagine that he now had Wonder Woman and Batgirl both helpless to his every whim. He stripped them both and switched the costumes. Then he took some pictures. These he would keep secret from his wife. Then he carefully put the women back in their proper costumes.

He let Jennifer wake up first. Then he kept Wonder Woman under while they packed. There was an open and apparently vacant room just down the hall. Rob carried Wonder Woman into it and placed her on the bed. Then he soaked a dust mask with chloroform and strapped it over her nose and mouth. She would be out for several hours now. Rob left and closed the door behind him. She would sleep off the chloroform in that locked room as they drove home.

No one at the hotel knew what costumes Rob and Jennifer had worn to the party. They would be at their home several hours away when Wonder Woman finally woke up. Who would believe her story anyway? Rob could almost hear the cop’s voice in his head now!

“Let me see if I have this straight Wonder Woman. You say that you were held captive all night by Count Dracula and Batgirl? That’s nice! And then I suppose it was Superman that rescued you, or was it Batman perhaps? You did say they had open bar at the party? Oh I see there were 2 open bars! That makes everything a little clearer…”

Credits to: C.Biscuit

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