The Antique Shop ( The Prowler's)

The Antique Shop
(A Prowlers Adventure)
**Special  Ending Exclusively for Reader: by C.Biscuit**

Rob and Jennifer Prowler were away for a romantic weekend. They had a room at a local bed and breakfast inn reserved. It was in a beach town, but it was not beach season. The town was practically deserted on the cold and snowy Sunday afternoon, but a few shops were still open. A tiny antique shop in an old beach cottage caught Jennifer’s eye.

A wind chime jingled on the door as they went inside. The scent of candles filled the warm air inside the cozy shop. The owner, a tall slender thirtyish blond, smiled and greeted them. She introduced herself as “Michelle,” and told them to feel free to look around and let her know if any item in particular interested them.

Jennifer wandered around the shop and looked at some very old Christmas ornaments. Rob was more interested in the shop itself. He saw an inviting narrow stairway leading up to the second floor. It was apparent to him that the owner also lived in the old home. He was also looking over the owner Michelle herself! She was about 5 years older than his wife and was about the same height. She had average size breasts and great legs. Her red sweater contrasted her silky blond hair and her relatively short skirt showed plenty of her shiny nude pantyhose. Michelle was in her stocking feet and her snow boots were sitting just inside the door where she had removed them.

Michelle had noticed Rob as well. He was strong and handsome. His bedroom eyes made her weak in the knees at first contact. Michelle led a lonely life. She was all by herself in the tiny home. The fire burning in the small fireplace gave the room a romantic feel. Michelle imagined herself sitting by the fire with Rob. Her fantasies also included Rob escorting her up the narrow stairway to the bedroom.

Rob’s fantasies were only slightly different. In his mind he was chloroforming Michelle gently to sleep and carrying her lovely limp body up those very same stairs to whatever was up there, hopefully a bedroom!

Jennifer was watching both Rob and Michelle out of the corner of her eye. Her instinctive “wife’s radar” detected their mutual attraction right away. Jennifer also liked Michelle. She called to her husband and pretended to show him some of the ornaments.

Michelle had turned on a small vacuum and was cleaning behind the front counter. It was about time for the shop to close for the day. The noise of the cleaning enabled Rob and Jen to speak softly to each other without being overheard by Michelle.

“You have the hots for her don’t you?” Jennifer said.

“Well now that you mention it.” Rob replied.

“Let me guess, you’re fantasizing about chloroforming her and carrying her up those cute stairs for fun and games.” Jennifer implied. She knew her husband all too well!

“I guess you have me pretty well figured out.” Rob answered.

“OK, under one condition!” Jennifer replied. “After she’s out, you have to chloroform me and carry me up those cool looking stairs first. Then you can come back down and carry her up for the threesome. Make sure I wake up first though.” Jennifer also demanded.

“It’s a deal!” Rob replied excitedly. “You keep her busy while I go to the car and get the chloroform.”

Jennifer chose a couple of small ornaments and brought them up to the counter. Michelle turned off the noisy vacuum and prepared to wait on her.

“My husband just went out to the car to get the money.” Jennifer said. “We’ll be paying cash.”

Michelle smiled as Rob returned through the front door. He had a wallet in his hand as promised. While the women worked on the transaction, Rob slipped behind Michelle and soaked the cloth with chloroform. The strong candle scent of the shop’s interior masked the odor of the chloroform nicely.

Suddenly as Michelle handed Jennifer the change, Rob struck. He clamped the cloth tightly over Michelle’s nose and mouth.

Michelle was startled! She cried out,

“Hey what are you doing?” but her words were slightly muffled by the cloth.

Rob held her tightly with the cloth firmly in place. She struggled quite a bit, but was no match for Rob’s strength. Michelle looked at Jennifer and wondered why she wasn’t helping her, but Jennifer just stood there smiling! “My God, she’s in on it too!” Michelle thought to herself.

Finally Michelle’s bright blue eyes were beginning to flutter. Then Jennifer gasped out loud in excitement as Michelle went delightfully limp in Rob’s strong arms. Jennifer was jealous now and wished it was her going under. She didn’t worry though. It would be her turn soon anyway.

Jennifer watched in ecstasy as Rob continued to hold the cloth on the very limp Michelle for over a minute. Finally Rob released his grip and carefully lowered Michelle’s limp body to the floor behind the counter.

Jennifer turned the key, locking the shop door, and turned the sign from “Open” to the side that said “Sorry We’re Closed.” Then she found the light switch and turned it off. To anyone outside, the shop now looked closed and vacant. Inside, only a little light from the setting sun and the glow from the fire made things visible to the Prowlers.

Rob was pouring more chloroform on the cloth now.

“Hey; aren’t you using an awful lot?” Jennifer remarked,

Rob smiled and said,

“It will work quicker this way, and besides you know you love it!”

Rob held the cloth on his beautiful wife. There was no struggle of course. Jennifer could not wait to slip under and be carried upstairs in his strong arms. She inhaled deeply.

Rob could see his wife’s baby blue eyes flutter in the glow of the firelight. That was his favorite part. Suddenly Jennifer was limp in his arms. Her shiny brown hair sprawled in his face. Her baby soft hair and its sweet essence drove him wild!

Rob picked up Jennifer in cradle carry position and carried her up the old fashioned staircase. There were only about 12 steps. Once upstairs, the bedroom was the first door he came to. To his delight there was a queen sized bed in there. He carefully placed Jennifer down on it and unzipped her brown leather boots. Once unzipped, they slipped off easily and revealed her silky black hose.

Rob practically ran down the stairs for Michelle. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Then he proceeded up the stairs again and placed her beautiful limp body next to his wife’s. “Ah, which one shall I strip first?” he thought to himself.

Rob didn’t ponder over the situation very long. He lifted Michelle into a sitting position and slipped her red sweater over her head and arms. Once it was off, he tossed it aside. He unbuttoned and unzipped Michelle’s skirt next. It slipped over her slender legs and hips easily. Her bra and panties set was light pink. He would leave her in those for now. He gently slipped off Michelle’s pantyhose and tossed them on the floor with her other clothes.

Now it was his wife’s turn! He raised her limp body into a sitting position and started with her heavy winter coat. Once that was unzipped and slipped off, he turned his attention to her silky blue dress. Rob lifted Jen’s long and shiny brown hair out of the way and carefully unhooked the clasp at the top. Then he slid the zipper down her back. The dress opened up all the way down to just below her tiny waist. Now Rob enjoyed the silky feel of the dress as he gently slipped it off her shoulders. He had to lay her down again and raise her hips slightly off the bed to remove the dress completely. Afterward, he carefully placed the dress on the floor next to Jen’s boots. Rob slipped off Jen’s silky black pantyhose next.

Rob stood back and admired his beautiful sleeping companions. His wife looked sultry in her skimpy and frilly black bra and panties set. Michelle was equally awesome in her light pink bra and underwear. Suddenly Rob noticed a slight movement in Michelle’s lips. He knew it was a warning sign that she was waking up!

Rob pulled the small bottle and folded cloth out of his coat pocket and poured a generous amount of chloroform on the cloth. Then he held it gently over Michelle’s nose and mouth. Michelle had a happy look on her face like she was in a sweet dream. “This will keep her that way!” Rob thought to himself as he put her back under. Michelle never really woke up or realized what was happening. When he pulled the cloth away her mouth was slightly open this time though.

Rob pulled Michelle’s tiny mouth all the way open and probed and explored her with his tongue. Her limp mouth was ever so sweet and inviting! Rob tasted her there for several long minutes. Next he sniffed her hair up close and admired her scent too. Finally he lifted her up into sitting position and slid both her bra straps off her shoulders. Her firm breasts flew out over the top of her bra and he started to suck her tiny nipples. Then he suddenly heard his wife’s voice.

“Having fun there are you?” Jennifer remarked.

“How long have you been awake and watching?” Rob asked his slightly jealous wife.

“I woke up and came into focus just as you were doing your special probing of her mouth!” Jennifer replied.

Jennifer reached behind Michelle’s back and unsnapped her bra. Since the straps were down it fell onto the bed. Jennifer tossed it on the floor and admired Michelle’s breasts.

“I’ll never understand why guys just push bras aside and don’t take them completely off first!” Jennifer remarked.

Rob immediately reached behind his wife’s back and unsnapped her bra. Afterwards, he tossed it on the floor with Michelle’s. Then he said,

“There! I took yours completely off first.” Rob announced.

“Well maybe there’s still hope for you yet!” Jennifer answered.

Jennifer was pulling Michelle’s tiny panties off now. She slipped them easily over Michelle’s tiny hips and down to her knees. Then she lifted Michelle’s limp body slightly and pulled the panties all the way off and tossed them on the floor. Now Jen was spreading Michelle’s legs apart and probing her everywhere.

“Your little blond girlfriend isn’t really a blond.” Jennifer pointed out. “She’s a brunette just like me.”

Rob sloughed off her comment and reached for his wife’s panties and started to pull them off. Jennifer pulled away and stopped him. She told him that he would have to put her under to get into those! Rob complied and re-soaked the cloth with more chloroform. Then he placed it over Jen’s nose and mouth. Jennifer struggled this time to get him heated up. She was no match for his strength either. Jen gradually melted in his arms as she slipped deeply under in less than a minute. He held the cloth on her for over two minutes this time. Then he slowly removed her tiny panties and tossed them on the floor with all the other clothes.

Rob finally removed his winter coat and stripped to his underwear. Then he got on the bed and took Michelle’s limp body into his arms. He held her, kissed her, and did all but have sex with her for some time.

Michelle woke up and thought that she was in a dream. She was naked and in the arms of a warm and apparently loving man! His body was strong and sculpted and he was very handsome. As her senses returned, she slowly realized that it was Rob and that it wasn’t a dream. She had no desire for him to stop what he was doing though. Michelle also felt Jennifer’s limp body next to her. She appeared deeply under. Had he knocked out his own wife too?

Rob finally realized that Michelle was awake. He spoke to her softly.

“I’m sorry about the chloroform, but I just had to have you.” Rob explained.

“I was fantasizing about you bringing me upstairs and making love to me anyway.” Michelle admitted. “I assume you chloroformed your wife as well?”

“Actually she asked me to. She has a real fetish for it.” Rob said.

“Oh I see.” Michelle replied. “How long will she be out?’ Michelle asked.

“She’ll be out for at least another hour.” Rob replied.

“Then we better not waste any more time talking then.” Michelle said as she threw her arms around Rob once again. They continued to enjoy each other until Jennifer started to wake up.

Rob reached for the bottle and soaked the cloth again. He gently placed it over Jen’s face once more. To Michelle’s surprise Rob’s wife gave a low moan and inhaled deeply. She was under again in about 30 seconds. Rob held the cloth on her for about a minute after she was out.

Michelle watched in total awe as Rob put his wife gently back to sleep. Then she asked,

“Do you think there’s still enough on that cloth to put me to sleep too?”

“Why don’t we try it and see!” Rob answered, as he placed the cloth lovingly over Michelle’s nose and mouth.

“Just breathe deeply and relax.” Rob instructed her.

Michelle tingled all over as her body began to melt in Rob’s strong arms and her eyes began to lose focus. Then she slipped into that ever delightful void….

“What luck?” Rob thought to himself. She had played right into his hands. Rob held the cloth on Michelle long after she went limp in his arms. Then he carefully lowered her to the bed and let her sleep it off.

Jennifer woke up about 20 minutes later. She smiled and kissed Rob deeply and looked over at Michelle’s limp body.

“How long will she be out?” Jen asked.

“At least an hour or so, I really dosed her.” Rob replied.

Jen started to play with Michelle’s limp body. She began by holding her Michelle’s head in her hands and kissing her on the mouth. Then she opened Michelle’s mouth and probed her with her tongue like she had seen her husband do earlier.

“You’re just doing that because you saw me do it to her.” Rob remarked.

“You’re right of course.” Jen replied. “I can see why you did it too. She tastes simply delicious!”

“Actually your mouth is slightly sweeter.” Rob replied.

“Oh so that means you do that to me while I’m unconscious too?” Jen asked.

“I do it nearly every time.” Rob answered.

“Well that’s a relief!” Jen said. “I was getting jealous when I watched you do it to her.”

Jen was fondling Michelle’s breasts now. Once Michelle’s nipples became erect from her fondling, Jen took them into her mouth gently one at a time. Then Jen spread Michelle’s legs and probed her more vital areas. As Jen sampled and tasted Michelle below the waist, Rob had taken hold of Michelle’s upper torso and was enjoying her limp body in his own way.

Michelle awoke as if she was in a dream once again. She was light headed from all the chloroform and was still in Rob’s strong loving arms. But there was more! She felt a tingle inside her and looked down. Rob’s beautiful wife was going down on her! The stimulation from both ends was overwhelming.

Michelle was never with a woman, and was only into men. Still, Jen’s touch was so gentle and arousing! She gave no resistance and let herself be swept away.

Jen realized Michelle was awake, but decided to keep up what she was doing until she was asked to stop. No such request ever came.

Suddenly Michelle dug her nails into the back of Rob’s neck. He could tell she was cumming and held her tightly. Finally Michelle relaxed and took a long breath.

Jen was pouring the chloroform on the cloth now. When the cloth was well soaked she spoke softly.

“Since I made you cum, I get to put you to sleep now.” Jen said.

Michelle was way past caring!

“Sure, whatever you say!” Michelle said as she deeply inhaled the cloth with no resistance what so ever.

Jen tingled all over as she watched Michelle’s beautiful eyes go into rapid flutter and tightly close. Jen held the cloth on her long after she was out.

Finally Jen handed the cloth to her husband.

“Now you can put me under and taste my mouth with her essence inside!” Jen said.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Rob answered.

Rob held his wife in his arms and applied the cloth ever so gently. Jen inhaled deeply and went under in less than a minute. Once Rob was satisfied that she was under deep enough he pulled the cloth away and opened Jen’s limp mouth as wide as he could. The he began his extensive probing and tasting.

His wife’s mouth had never tasted sweeter! Now if he could only taste Michelle’s mouth with Jen’s essence…. “Oh well perhaps when the girls wake up they could start over!” he thought to himself!

Credits to: C.Biscuit

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