The Radio Babe

Elizabeth 7:55 PM

It was almost 2 AM Saturday morning. Midnight Miranda was on the air again bad mouthing men. They lied, cheated, were inadequate, and failed to please most women. They had no romantic inclinations and never knew their way around the bedroom. She went on and on, night after night. One stone cold bitch after another called in and agreed with her. Carlo had heard about enough!

Carlo was a hot 30 year old Latin lover. He taught women dancing lessons and had a different babe in his bed every night. He knew how to romance and please a woman! That was for sure. He was 6 feet 2 and had a slim and well rippled body. He had short black hair and brown eyes. His skin and tan were perfect. He dressed well too.

Tonight he would capture this Miranda in the elevator as she left the radio station. He would chloroform her and take her away to his distant lakeside cabin. He would keep her captive there for 2 days and teach her a lesson. When she went back on the air the next time she would not think all men were useless! It was about time she knew what it was like to be with a real man!

Michelle was nearly done with her 6PM till 2AM radio board shift. She was 2 years out of college and hadn’t had a date since. She was overworked, and underpaid. She was 24 and stood only 5 feet tall. She weighed 90 pounds and had long silky blonde hair. Her breasts were small in diameter, but stood way out like bullets. Her nipples were also tiny. She was petite in every way, and had baby blue eyes. You could call her a living Barbie doll!

Michelle ran the board for the Midnight Miranda show. The show came via satellite from a thousand miles away. She played the commercials during the breaks and monitored the feed. The guy Dave that followed her did an all night sports call in show. Michelle’s hours prevented her from partying or dating. The sex talk on the show she ran only made it worse. She wanted some male attention and soon!

Carlo was in the lobby of the station. He watched Dave get into the elevator. He noted which floor he went to. He knew him from his billboard pictures. He would get in the elevator when it came down and capture that Miranda bitch as she came out. At a minute of two, Carlo got in the elevator and pressed 15. The station was on 10. The elevator would pick her up on the way down. He would have the cloth on her before she knew what hit her.

Michelle said goodbye to Dave as he took over, and pushed for the down elevator. As she was waiting, she stepped out of her high heeled pumps and let her stocking feet rest on the cool carpet. She was wearing a white blouse and a brown leather mini skirt. Her underwear was white, and her pantyhose were so sheer and nude, they were almost invisible. As soon as the elevator could be heard, she stepped back into her shoes.

When the elevator door opened, Michelle noticed a well dressed attractive man that she had never seen before. As soon as the door closed he grabbed her from behind and held a wet white cloth over her face. Michelle tried to scream but the cloth was being held too tightly over her mouth for any sound to come out. She tried to pull away but he was so much bigger and stronger that it was hopeless. The strong fumes from the cloth were making her head spin and her vision get blurry. She continued to struggle like a wildcat. He just lifted her off the floor. Her legs flung around in the air doing her no good. Finally she quit struggling and took deep breaths to try and regain her composure. That was her mistake! She passed out on the second deep breath.

Carlo smiled as she went limp and helpless in his strong arms. He was amazed at how tiny she was. As he threw her over his shoulder, he felt like he was taking a sleepy school girl home, and not the heartless Miranda bitch he had envisioned! He rode the elevator to the lobby, took her out the side door, and put her in his shiny sports car. He strapped her in the passenger seat and pulled away quickly.

Michelle woke up about an hour later. She was in a car that was moving fast on a 2 lane highway. She was nowhere near the city anymore. She peeked over and saw the guy from the elevator driving. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended she was still out. She was afraid he might knock her out again or worse, if he knew she was awake. She lay very still and limp in the seat and waited.

After what seemed like forever the car stopped. Michelle smelled a chemical odor just like on the elevator. He had the cloth on her face again. She tried to hold her breath and fake it. He kept the cloth on her though. Soon she had to breathe. She took tiny shallow breaths and tried to stay awake. She was getting lightheaded and knew she was about to pass out. Then he pulled the cloth away and she thought she had pulled it off. Suddenly she felt the sting of a needle in her left arm. That’s the last thing she remembered.

Carlo put away the cloth and lifted her totally limp body out of the car. Then he threw the tiny girl over his shoulder and carried her into the cabin. He locked both doors with a key and hid it in his drawer. If she was ever awake and not bound, she still could not escape. There was nowhere to go anyway. They were 150 miles from the city and the nearest neighbor was over a mile away. He placed Michelle on the sofa and began to slowly undress her.

He slipped off her shoes first. Her legs and feet were awesome. He hadn’t even noticed her pantyhose. Next he unzipped and unhooked her skirt and un-wrapped it from around her. Then he lifted her beautiful limp form up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. It slipped off easily revealing a small shiny white bra. When he unsnapped the bra, he couldn’t believe how her breasts flew out and didn’t droop. Finally he slowly pulled her sheer hose off. He would leave her tiny white bikini panties on her for now.

Carlo opened a drawer and took out some long silk scarves. He used one to bind her hands behind her back. Then he used 2 others to bind her ankles. He then placed her on her side on the sofa in a comfortable position and let her sleep off the shot he gave her.

Carlo took off his street clothes and put on a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt. He would be taking a dip in the lake soon. She would be with him of course, but he wasn’t sure yet whether she would be conscious for her first dip or not. He would have to see how she behaved. He had lots of chloroform and needles if she gave him any trouble. As he watched her sleep on the sofa, he still couldn’t believe that this was the girl he had been listening to on the radio!

When Michelle finally woke up she was sleepy and disoriented. She jumped when she realized she was nearly naked. Then she realized she was bound as well. She cried out “help!” Then he appeared before her. He was breathtaking in just his low cut swim suit with his tanned body. She looked into his beautiful eyes and asked where she was.

He introduced himself as Carlo, and told her she was going to be his guest all weekend. They were at his private cabin, and there was no escape. If she got out of line he would knock her out with chloroform or a needle. Then; when he said he was tired of all the bad mouthing of men she did on the radio, she realized her fate. He thought that she was Miranda!

Michelle didn’t dare admit she wasn’t Miranda. Who knows what he might do. The idea of being held captive by this hunk of a guy all weekend didn’t exactly bother her very much. Just as long as he didn’t abuse her that is. She couldn’t admit that either though. She would have to play it by ear.

Carlo told her that he would be taking her to the bedroom now. He picked her up and cradle carried her into the large room. He placed her down in the middle of a large 4 poster bed. Then he picked up a white cloth and poured something from a brown bottle on it. He told her she would be taking a short nap while he prepared her for bed.

Michelle was bound and helpless as he placed the cloth over her nose and mouth once more. He told her to breathe deeply and this time she complied. Somehow she wasn’t afraid. After about 30 seconds the room started spinning and everything got fuzzy. Then she passed out very suddenly.

He pulled the cloth away quickly and untied her. Then he slowly removed her panties and placed them on the nightstand next to the cloth and the bottle of chloroform. There was a needle there too, just in case. He spread her out on her back on the bed and tied each wrist and ankle to a bedpost with a scarf. Then he got some body oils and lotions ready.

When Michelle woke up about 15 minutes later, she was without her panties and was tied in a spread eagle position. There was no resisting this time that was for sure! She could see the chloroform bottle and a needle on the nightstand. She lay silent and waited. Carlo climbed onto the bed and slowly began stroking her legs. Then he took some lotion and put it on his palm. He breathed a few times on his hand to warm up the lotion before he rubbed it on her. Then he carefully applied it to her legs. He started at her ankles and slowly worked his way up each leg. He always warmed the lotion first.

By the time he was half way up the second leg, Michelle was insane with pleasure. Then Carlo started to get too close to her vital areas. Carlo realized she was getting uneasy and pulled away and reached for the chloroform. He poured it on the cloth and held it on her once more. This time he told her to relax and that he wasn’t going to put her all the way under this time.

Michelle inhaled without resisting and as promised, when she felt like she was about to pass out, he pulled the cloth away. Then he returned his focus to her legs and thighs. After a while, he stated to apply the lotion to her breasts as well. He sucked on her nipples first and warmed the lotion as before. Michelle was starting to feel more alert now.

Carlo realized she was waking up too much and applied the cloth again. This time he didn’t pull it away. Michelle gave him a kind of surprised and disappointed look as she went all the way under. Then after holding the cloth on her for a while, he finally pulled it away and began a new plan of action. He probed deeply between her wide spread legs and tasted her everywhere with his tongue.

Michelle woke up in about 40 minutes and was actually beginning to like his attention to her body. No male had ever done things so slowly and carefully before. She wanted to throw her arms around him and be held. Again he seemed to sense this. He slowly and carefully untied her wrists and ankles. She threw her arms around him and latched on immediately. He held her safe and warm in his strong arms. She was still a little frightened and was lightheaded from all the chloroform.

Carlo promised her that after this weekend was over she would have very different things to say on her program. Michelle didn’t dare risk admitting she wasn’t Miranda. He was being kind so far, and she didn’t want to make him angry. Instead she told him that the running men down on the show should not be taken so literally. They did this because it was what the women in their target audience liked to hear.

Just as she finished the sentence, Carlo was pouring more chloroform on the cloth than ever before! Had he figured it out? Was he angry? No, he was smiling at her. He gently held the cloth on her face and told her she would be taking a long nap now. She felt a little uneasy as she slipped under, but there was nothing she could do. The heavily soaked cloth did its work quickly on her already sleepy and small body. Carlo held the cloth on her for several minutes after she was out this time. He promised her a long nap. Carlo never broke a promise to a woman.

Carlo played with his very limp Barbie doll for over an hour. Then he was getting a little too hot. Sex was not in his plans. He decided to take a nice dip in the lake while Michelle slept deeply. After about an hour he went back to her. When she woke up, he would carry her to the lake and put her in it with him. He watched her sleep for about 20 minutes before she started to stir.

When Michelle woke up Carlo was standing over her with just his tiny swim trunks on. He told her he would be taking her out to the lake for a swim now. He picked up her panties from the nightstand. She thought he was going to have her put them on. Instead he crumpled them in his hand and completely saturated them with chloroform! The he gently held them over her face.

Michelle didn’t resist at all. She relaxed and inhaled normally. The panties were sheer and tiny. The chloroform was much more potent that way! Very little was absorbed by the cloth of the tiny panties. She was deeply under in about 20 seconds. She heard him speak just before she passed out. He said, “Sleep peacefully Miranda, you will awake in the cool, clear water of the lake.” After she was out, he threw her over his strong shoulder and carried her out to the dock. He jumped in holding her in his arms. Then he floated around holding her tiny body against his. Oh yes, she would be a different woman when he brought her back. That was for sure!

When Michelle woke up she was in beautiful cool, clean water and was safe in Carlo’s strong arms. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and held her hands together behind his neck. As she looked into his eyes things were still a little fuzzy. After being pampered, body worshipped, and put under so many times, she was dreamy and her mind was in a total haze!

Carlo smiled at her as she woke up. He had never broken his promise. After all she awoke in the cool clear water of the lake just like he said!

Stories by: C.Biscuit

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