Asian Agent Part 2 - In Peril

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The man carried Lucy over his shoulder for a great distance within the facility with the older woman following. They took her to a distant floor that was mostly unoccupied offices. Once inside one of the offices, the man put Lucy’s limp body in a chair behind a desk. She would be bound and left alone to attempt an escape. Of course she would be carefully monitored and only allowed to get so far. They needed to find out her skill level and what she knew.

The woman tied Lucy’s hands behind her back with white rope, while the man tied her ankles by putting layers of shiny black tape around her boots. Next she was tied to the chair with a larger diameter rope coiled several times around her waist. For the final touch a rag was stuffed in her mouth and tied around her head with a silk scarf. The ropes were firm and the knots were tied tightly by the woman.

Lucy’s sister Jane was in much greater peril though! She was already a week along in the “conditioning for sale” phase. Jane had started in a dorm type room like Lucy. They would come along, chloroform her to sleep, and then carry her off just as they had done with Lucy. In the beginning she would wake up back in her room still dressed and unharmed though. That soon changed however, and she would eventually wake up in a very different and most dangerous place.

All girls were rendered unconscious before they were examined by a doctor, checked for pregnancy and diseases, and extensive photos were taken. Once the girls had been given the official approval for sale, the actual pre sale conditioning started immediately. This involved elaborate bondage, torture, and use of drugs and hypnosis as well.

The first day that Jane woke up outside her room, she was in extreme terror. She was bound in a chair in just her shorts and panties and was totally helpless. A ball gag was in her mouth and she could make little sound. That wouldn’t have mattered. There was no one anywhere close to hear her screams anyway. She struggled in her ropes for several hours and made no progress. In fact, the bonds were getting tighter! All the dreamy effects of the chloroform had worn off and she was feeling more and more discomfort.

Then he came in! He was a huge man with a hood over his head like the grim reaper. At first he was gentle and untied the rope that was holding her in the chair. Then he picked her up and carried her to another room. It was like a medieval torture chamber, dimly lit, and with ropes and pulleys hanging from the ceiling. He placed her on her back on a table with wrist and ankle straps attached.

Jane watched in horror as he picked up a cloth and soaked it with chloroform. She knew what came next and started to thrash around. He laughed and smiled as he placed the soaking wet cloth over her nose and mouth. As she struggled, he told her that she would soon beg to be put to sleep and not struggle at all. Jane was not impressed by his words, and continued to struggle. She lasted for nearly a minute and a half before her eyes went into rapid flutter. The she finally went limp in his arms without a whimper.

When Jane woke up she was hanging from ropes on pulleys, suspended by just her wrists. Her shorts were gone and her tiny sheer panties were all she had on now. Her legs were also bound at the ankles and the knees, and another rope was around her waist. She was still ball gagged and could not speak. He looked more menacing now, almost like he was mad at her.

Then he spoke with an Asian accent. “You have much to learn little girl! You were very bad to resist the chloroform and you will be punished now.” He attached the rope around her waist to a pulley and pulled her up. Now she was suspended by her waist and wrists with her bound legs hanging down. It started to hurt her almost immediately.

Now he was lighting a candle. After it burned for a few minutes, he started to let hot wax drip on her back. When the slightest drop hit her, she writhed in pain and that caused pain from the ropes as well. She tried to scream but the gag made that impossible. He gave her instructions. She would not be allowed to speak. She could only nod her head yes or no. If she complied, she would not need a gag. She could never try to escape. Any such attempt would be punished severely.

Jane was realizing her fate slowly. She must comply and try to stay alive. He removed her ball gag. He reminded her to only nod her head and not speak. Now he was lowering her to the floor .Jane ached all over. She was still bound and helpless and her back was in agony from the wax burns.

He disconnected her from the pulleys and lifted her onto the table again. She was on her back now, and he strapped her wrists to the table. Next he undid the ropes around her ankles and knees, and strapped her ankles down as well. Jane lay there helpless in a spread eagle position, and was afraid to speak or move. Now he was holding a knife with a long, thick, and shiny blade. Jane quivered in fear as he carefully ran the point up and down her chest and around her breasts. His eyes took on a menacing look when seen through the openings in the hood.

After about a minute, he put down the knife. Then he pushed a button and the table tilted. Soon she was at an angle as if she was sitting up in bed. He poured a small amount of what looked like red wine into a tiny glass, and opened a capsule and poured the powder from it into the wine and stirred it. He told Jane that it was a hypnotic and that if she didn’t drink it that he would inject her with a needle.

Jane didn’t think about resisting for too long. She could still see the knife! Jane also remembered the last needle they stuck her with! She sipped the wine slowly and soon it was gone. Then he lowered the table to the normal position. He said “there now, relax and be a good girl now.”

Within 10 minutes Jane felt dizzy. Her eyes were losing focus and her body was no longer in pain. She looked at him and could see that he was removing his hood. By the time he had it off, his face was a blur. Then everything suddenly went blank as Jane passed out completely.

Lucy was awake now and found herself in an office chair. She was tightly bound and gagged. She began thrashing around wildly. None of the bondage had any give. She stopped struggling and tried to focus. Her mind was still hazy from the chloroform. She remembered her training and looked around the room. The chair was on rollers and she was able to move around in it some. She noticed a glass vase with an artificial flower in it on a table next to the desk.

It took a while for her to get in position, but she finally managed to grab the vase in the fingers of her bound hands. Then she backed the chair against the desk. She slammed the chair into the desk harder and harder each time until the vase broke. She then used the jagged edge of the broken glass to cut through the ropes on her wrists. Finally her hands were free and she used them to untie the rope around her waist.

Next she untied the scarf and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Then she used a letter opener that was on the desk to cut the tape from around her boots. She tried the computer first. She could not log on. Next she picked up the phone. It was dead of course. Lucy got up from the chair, opened the door, and looked into the hallway carefully. There was no one around.

She thought of finding her sister Jane. Then she thought again. The place looked too big and there were probably too many of them. She should escape and get help. To try any investigation alone would be suicide! She looked for a way out. The hall led to an elevator but none of the floor key switches were on and it would not go anywhere. The door to the stairway was open, so she went inside and went down to the basement.

She was now in some sort of utility room. She wandered around and looked for a way out. She saw an outside door with an illuminated exit sign above it in the distance. She quickly headed for the door. She had no idea that she was being watched on camera at every moment, and that the woman that helped abduct her was in the room less than 50 feet behind her. Suddenly she felt a sting in her right arm. She turned and was horrified to see the dart.

She concentrated fully and remembered her training again. She knew not to pull the dart out! It would inject about 20% more of the drug if she did. She tightened all her muscles to prevent herself from relaxing. Something was wrong though. She was still overwhelmingly sleepy. This dart was much more powerful than the ones she had trained with! She continued to stagger in the direction of the door.

The woman watched from her hiding place as Lucy fought the drug. She could not risk Lucy reaching the door! As Lucy was starting to approach the door, she fired a second dart. It struck Lucy in the right thigh. Lucy never turned around or reached for the second dart. She went limp in just a few seconds, and fell to the floor. The woman walked over to Lucy and lifted one of her arms and let go of it. Lucy was totally out and as limp as a rag doll. Satisfied, the woman pulled out both darts. Then she called her assistant.

This time the man was not wearing his mask. There was no need. Lucy would be out for at least 8 hours now. He picked her up and threw her limp body over his shoulder. Then he began a long journey with the woman leading the way.

They had their answer! Lucy was a force to be reckoned with. She easily escaped the bondage and nearly got out of the building. It took 2 darts to bring her down. She would have to be bound much better next time.

Jane woke up after about 10 minutes of deep sleep, but would never remember it. The drug had put her in a totally receptive state and she was ready for hypnosis now. The man spoke softly and slowly. He repeated instructions over and over again. He was her master. She would take whatever drugs he gave her. She would inhale the chloroform deeply and not resist in any way.

After several hours of intensive hypnosis and many suggestions, the man injected Jane in the arm with a small needle. Almost instantly her glazed eyes closed, and her beautiful head slumped limp to the side. She would sleep deeply now. When she woke up, she should start to respond to his suggestions. She would not remember anything after drinking the wine. She would answer all his commands with “yes master.”

When Jane finally awoke, she felt dreamy and relaxed. She was no longer bound or gagged. He was there with his hood on, but she was not frightened. He asked her to stand. She replied with the magic words and stood before him. He asked her to do a number of things and she complied with no hesitation.

It was time now for her final test. He asked her to lie on the table. She said ‘yes master” and complied. Then he asked her to remove her panties and give them to him. To his surprise there was no hesitation. With some of the women, it took several sessions for this kind of compliance. Jane was apparently very susceptible to the drug.

Jane handed him the panties, and to her surprise she didn’t feel awkward being naked. He was soaking the panties with chloroform now. They were soon totally saturated and the excess chloroform was dripping on the floor. Then he handed them to her. He told her to put herself to sleep. Jane held the chloroform drenched panties over her nose and mouth with both hands, and inhaled deeply. Within a minute she was deeply under and one of her hands was still holding the panties in place after she went limp.

The man pulled the tiny panties away and hung them up to dry. Then he let her sleep while he made a phone call. Her training was far from complete. She would only obey him so far. She would still struggle and try to escape with others. The woman would take over next. The bad part to that was that she was merciless! The good part was that he would get to watch though!

Lucy was taken to a bondage and torture room that was much more elaborate than the one Jane had been in. She was placed on a table on her side and carefully bound in a hog tie position. The woman was an expert at rope work and the binding was a work of art! She preferred that the girls be deeply under when she tied them up! Their struggling when they were awake prevented her from making the neat bondage that she was famous for. A ball gag was installed in Lucy’s mouth to complete the package. Then the woman asked to be left alone with Lucy for the rest of the day.

The man left the room and locked the 2 women inside. Somehow he felt sorry for Lucy! He knew the woman all too well. He also knew Lucy was a tough trained agent. She would fight hard. That was just what the woman wanted her to do though. She really enjoyed breaking them. Within a week Lucy would be crawling on her knees and obeying her every command. Somehow he doubted that she would be sold though. She was older than the clients usually wanted the girls. No; she would probably be kept as the woman’s sex slave!

Jane woke up gradually. She was alone in the room now. She could see her panties, but she didn’t dare try to put them on yet. She relaxed and waited. Between the drugged wine and the chloroform, she doubted that she would be able to stand anyway.

The hooded man was soon back. He handed her the panties and told her to put them on. She said “yes master” and stood up and slipped them back on. They were dry, since the chloroform evaporates quickly. Then he asked her to hold her hands in front of her. She stood there unresisting as be bound her wrists tightly with rope. Then he bound her ankles the same way.

He then picked her up in cradle carry position and carried her away. Jane knew she was helpless in his arms, but for some reason she felt no desire to escape. She was still groggy from the drugs and her head hung nearly limp as he carried her. Her eyes were glazed and sleepy looking. He took her to a room that was a video studio. Jane would be co-starring in a bondage video with another girl that was already sold. The video would soon be shown to potential buyers. He was confident that Jane would be sold within hours after the video was shown! After all, she was an Asian beauty! They were always the easiest to sell.

Jane’s next conditioning session would be with the woman though. He knew that. “Too bad!” he thought to himself. The precious little China doll in his arms had no idea of what she would soon be in for. He hoped she would enjoy the video session. There would certainly be no more fun and games for her once that was over!

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