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Lucy was all alone now. She had years of training as an undercover agent under her belt, but since she had a personal involvement with this case, she wasn’t allowed to work it. Lucy was 33 years old but still looked like she was in her twenties. She was about 5 foot 4 and weighed about 100 pounds. Her hair was long, silky, and jet black. Her eyes were brown and her face was very pretty. Lucy’s breasts were small, yet perky as was typical for Asian women of her body type. Her legs were long and slender and her feet were small and narrow. She looked like a 25 year old fashion model.

Oh this was personal all right! Lucy’s younger sister was believed to have been taken by the white slavery ring that her team had been investigating. Lucy blamed herself. She had been at a Hong Kong nightclub as a decoy. She was being watched by her team of agents. Women had been disappearing from clubs like this for some time. They had acted on an inside tip.

It was totally a coincidence that Lucy’s sister had showed up at the club that night. Lucy had told her to get out of there and she quickly ran out the side door. Lucy took her place at the bar and waited to see if someone would try to drug her drink and take her. That had been the way that most of the women had been taken.

Jane was not ready to leave the club yet. She had met a cute guy and wanted some action. She told him to meet her in the alley outside the side exit door. Jane was also an Asian beauty. She was slightly shorter that Lucy and had much larger and well rounded breasts. Her legs were still shapely and awesome and her hair was just like Lucy’s. Jane was 25 years old and worked in an office.

When Jane ventured outside the door, there was no sign of her boyfriend. She silently cursed her sister for ruining her evening. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. There were 2 of them. One held her arms and the other held a wet rag over her nose and mouth. Jane kicked and tried to scream, but the rag muffled all sound. The men were big and strong and her fighting meant little.

Jane was dragged into a parked car and pushed into the back seat. On the back seat was an older woman. The man that was holding the rag over her face got in behind her and pulled the door closed. The woman was now holding her down. The cloth had a strong chemical odor and Jane had been holding her breath. She was running out of time now. She had to breathe.

The woman was telling Jane to relax and inhale deeply. Jane started to do what she was told since was she was totally out of air now. She felt lightheaded as she continued to inhale the fumes, and her arms felt limp and disconnected. Suddenly she felt a sting in her right arm. She turned and saw the woman injecting her with a needle. Jane was terrified! The woman was talking again. “It’s just something to relax you dear.”

Relaxed didn’t even begin to cover it! Jane’s vision was blurred and she could no longer move. The shot had turned all her muscles into jelly. She sat helplessly on the car seat inhaling the chloroform soaked rag. Suddenly everything went dark.

Both the man and the woman relaxed as Jane finally went limp in the man’s arms. The man held the cloth on her for a minute or so and finally tossed it out the window. Then he gave the order for the car to pull away. Finally they both admired their prey.

Jane was wearing a tied on halter top and a pair of shorts that barely covered anything. She had on high heeled slip on sandals, and one was missing. Apparently it had fallen off in the alley. The woman removed her remaining one and untied the halter string behind Jane’s back. Then she untied the second string behind Jane’s neck. The top fell on the car seat and Jane’s huge breasts flung out freely.

The woman checked carefully to see if they were real. Yes they were! Jane would fetch a good price all right! They drove toward their hideout with their newest prize.

Back at the club, Lucy wasn’t having any luck. When the team decided to give up and leave, they went out the side door. Lucy found a sandal in the alley and picked it up and looked at it. This was what Jane was wearing! Another agent found the rag and picked it up. He smelled it and remarked that it was soaked with chloroform. Lucy had a sick feeling. She called her sister. There was no answer. They measured the tire tracks in the alley. They checked every lead.

After a week with no sign of Jane, Lucy had to assume that the slavery ring had taken her. The agency agreed and removed Lucy from the case due to personal involvement. This would not do. Lucy took a leave of absence and started to hunt down the slavers herself.

Lucy was dressed in her usual outfit that she wore all during training. She wore a sheer white bra and panties set, sheer pantyhose, a white see through blouse, a short wrap around skirt, and brown leather boots. She always felt that she was not treated fairly during training. Although her martial arts training went well, the man that conditioned her to resist drugs seemed to have it in for her.

Lucy did not do well in drug resistance training from the start. Because of her small size and low body mass, she was extremely vulnerable to drugging. She had never used drugs herself and didn’t drink much either. That only made things worse. She had no tolerance at all. Since all the women taken by the slavery ring had been drugged, it was important for the decoy to be able to resist this somewhat.

Mr. Lee, her trainer, started her on rohypnol and ghb first. He would give her one pill to start with and mix it with a little wine. Lucy would fall into a trance within 10 minutes and be putty in his hands. The first time, she passed out completely after about 20 minutes. He tried to have her replaced as a decoy, since most girls could last nearly an hour before passing out after just one pill.

After much hard work, Lucy learned to stay awake for a full hour after only one pill. Then he tried 2 pills. Lucy passed out after 10 minutes the first time. She could not resist 2 pills, despite prolonged training. Since one rohypnol seemed to be her limit, they moved on to tranquilizer darts.

Lucy was first taught not to pull the dart out. It injected 80% on impact and the rest of the dose was drawn in by suction as the dart fell out or was pulled out. That didn’t help at first. When Lucy was shot with the first dart she fell in 5 seconds and was completely out in 10 more. Again Mr. Lee tried to discourage her, but she insisted on trying anyway.

After some time and dozens of knock outs, Lucy could resist the dart if it wasn’t pulled out. Each time Mr. Lee pulled the dart out of her, she did pass out though. More work was needed. After nearly a month, Lucy could resist the dart, even after it was pulled out of her.

What Lucy did not know, was that Mr. Lee was tricking her. He had been reducing the dose of the darts so she would think she was making progress. She was just as vulnerable as ever to drugging. Each time she did pass out, Mr. Lee was having his fun with her limp body. He would remove her boots, unbutton her blouse, undo her bra, and even stripped her completely several times.

Mr. Lee had told the slavers that Lucy would be coming after her sister. He also told them of her training and her vulnerability. They would be ready for her. Then he gave Lucy some clues to lead her to them.

Lucy had not told her superiors about the leads she had. Now that she was on her own, she would act on them. She went to a downtown club and waited at the bar. A man and a woman engaged her in conversation after a while. While the man distracted Lucy, the woman put 2 rohypnol tablets in Lucy’s drink.

Within 10 minutes Lucy was feeling loose and amorous. Both the man and the woman were kissing her and she was kissing back. Soon she had to rest her sleepy head on the man’s shoulder. That’s the last thing she remembered.

The couple lifted and carried a very limp Lucy to their waiting car. The man drove, and the woman got in the back seat with Lucy. The woman slowly unzipped Lucy’s boots and slipped them off. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra. She found Lucy’s breasts to be very well formed, although small. Finally she re-dressed Lucy and waited until they reached the hideout.

The slavers would use Lucy to find out what the agency knew. They would allow her to escape under controlled conditions. She would be watched on camera. They would intercept any messages she tried to send out. They would listen to what she said to the other victims.

When they reached the hideout, the man cradle carried Lucy inside. The woman found it quite erotic as Lucy’s head hung totally limp and her long silky black hair sprawled all over. Once inside, Lucy was put in a chair and bound with handcuffs and ropes. The video cameras were well hidden and all were watching and listening. The door was closed and locked.

It was several hours before Lucy showed any movement. Finally her eyes opened and she kept blinking them to try and focus. She was still loose and sleepy from the rohypnol they had given her. Lucy studied her surroundings. The room was small and had only a door. Her hands were handcuffed behind her, and her legs and ankles were tied to the chair.

A man wearing a ski mask entered the room. He was carrying a small leather bag. He placed the bag on the table and opened it without speaking. Then he pulled out a needle.

Lucy didn’t know what was in the needle, but she knew she didn’t want it. She started struggling and rocking in the chair. The man grabbed her right arm and injected the full contents of the syringe into her. Then he told her to relax. Lucy used her training to the fullest. It was a powerful sedative. She fought to stay awake. She tensed all her muscles and refused to let herself relax.

The man waited for a few minutes. Then he finally spoke. He told her that he would have to move her now. For that she would have to be put to sleep. He told her to relax and let the shot do its work.

Lucy went on fighting. The man reached in the bag and pulled out a small towel and a brown bottle. In all her drug training, Lucy had never been subjected to chloroform. Lucy watched helplessly as the man folded the towel into a square and poured the liquid on it. He seemed to be using an awful lot! The towel was soon soaked completely and the excess was dripping on the floor.

The man held the soaking wet cloth over Lucy’s nose and mouth. She could not move at all. She tried holding her breath. That started to affect her concentration and the shot started relaxing her. She took slow and short breaths. The fumes were intense. Her body started to relax and the shot was taking hold. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as the shot continued to sedate her. She was no longer in control. The room was spinning around now and her eyes were in rapid flutter.

The man watched intently as Lucy’s eyes began to flutter. He knew she was about to pass out completely now. That was his ultimate thrill! Suddenly her beautiful but glazed eyes rolled up and closed tightly. Her head fell to the side and her hair sprawled over her face. He continued to hold the cloth there. He knew she wasn’t faking, but he wanted her deeply under. After about a minute, he pulled the cloth away and untied Lucy from the chair.

He left her handcuffs on though, and carried her over his shoulder to a special room in the facility. Lucy was then placed in a dorm like room with 2 other women. Her handcuffs were removed and she was put down on a bed to sleep. He slowly unzipped her boots and slipped them off. Then he left the room and locked it.

It was 10 hours before Lucy woke up. There were 2 younger women in the room with her. They welcomed her, but warned her that their captors were very dangerous. She described her sister to them. They had not seen her, but she could still be there. The women said that they were never allowed outside the room awake. They were often put under and carried away, but always woke up back in the room and didn’t remember anything.

The woman that drugged Lucy in the bar was entering the room now. There was a man in a ski mask with her. The woman told Lucy to lie on her back on her bed. Lucy did as she was told. The man was pouring chloroform on a small cloth. The woman grabbed Lucy’s boots and started to put them on her. She did it gently and zipped them both up.

Suddenly the man had the wet cloth over her nose and mouth. Lucy started to struggle. The woman warned her that she would have to be put to sleep, and that fighting would not make it any easier for her. If she didn’t relax and go to sleep willingly she would have to be handcuffed.

Lucy was sickened by the idea, but she didn’t want to be handcuffed. She was also disappointed that she was never given any training to resist chloroform. She had no choice now but to relax and inhale normally. Lucy carefully focused and observed all the stages and effects though.

Her ears had a dull ringing and the noises and talking in the room soon sounded like she was underwater. Then her vision blurred. She blinked her eyes to try and focus, but it only got worse. Her arms and legs were totally limp and felt disconnected now. The rest of her body was totally relaxed now as well, and her eyes were blinking without her having to do it herself. Just before she finally slipped under, she wished she had not attempted this mission alone…..

The cloth was pulled away as soon as Lucy was out. Then the man threw her over his shoulder and carried her away. The woman held the door for him, and then left and locked the door behind her. As the door closed and locked, the other girls could only guess Lucy’s fate. They were worried, very worried!

Credits to: Cbiscuit

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