Model Prisoners

Elizabeth 2:02 PM

Evan was a top modeling agent faced with a huge problem. His two most popular models hated each other. They never said a word to each other that wasn’t a verbal slap in the face. Even in the dressing room they would go at it. They would fight over outfits to the point of ripping clothes and underwear off each other. Now a major session was booked and an important client wanted them together. Evan badly needed the huge commission! What was he to do?

Cindy was a 24 year old blue eyed willowy blonde about 5 feet 5. Her breasts were average size and well rounded. Cindy’s major assets were her legs and feet. She modeled pantyhose, swimwear, and shoes often.

Kate was 25 and about the same size and build with long shiny brown hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were small and her legs, although awesome, were a bit more muscular. She modeled nightgowns, swimwear, and sporty outdoor clothes.

The bad thing that they had in common was that they were both control freaks. Their personalities were just too dominating and alike for their own good!

A friend of Evan’s suggested that he see a man named Carlos. He was an ex pimp that was now a bouncer in a strip club. He had a reputation for keeping women in line without violence. Carlos stood 6 feet 4 and weighed in at 300 pounds. He was a bodybuilder with huge wide shoulders. His tattoos made him look threatening like a gang member. Appropriately, he was nicknamed “The Mighty Carlos.”

When Carlos met with Evan in a bar, Evan was surprised at his rather pleasant manner. Somehow he had predicted a gruffer individual, given the description. Carlos knew the answer right away. He had been in this situation with call girls and dancers before.

“The girls need to be placed in close quarters and in danger.” Carlos said. “I once tied two unruly girls together half naked and locked then in a small closet. By the time I let them out, they were practically lovers!”

“Your girls will need something more elaborate though. I know just the spot. Arrange a shoot when and where I tell you, and I will do the rest.” Carlos said.

A week later it was all falling into place. Evan rented a boat at a lake resort. He drove the girls there for a bikini shoot. Once there, the girls went into the dockside ladies room and changed into skimpy blue string bikinis and sandals. Skimpy didn’t begin to cover it. The suits might as well have been g strings and pasties. What little fabric was connected to the strings was thin and could be seen through! They wore beach robes for the boat ride, and left their clothing, purses and cell phones in Evan’s car.

As they got into the boat Cindy remarked, “Just think, three hours with no phone calls!”

“Yeah right, as if anyone would ever want to call you!” Kate answered.

“You should talk. You could get a 1-800 number and run a ‘call to be bitched at’ service.”

“That’s about enough ladies! We’ve got work to do now.” Evan said coldly.

As the boat sped across the lake for the shoot, Evan was wondering about a few things. It was late in the season and getting too cold for bikinis. Also how was Carlos going to put the girls in danger and in close quarters on a lake beach? Then there was the weather report. A very nasty storm was coming. The worst in years!

As they neared the shore on the distant side of the lake, Evan saw the beach and boat dock. There was the usual square floating pier 20 feet from shore with the diving board and the ladder to the water. Then as the boat docked, Evan saw the house. It was an old 3 story beach house that looked like the house in the movie Psycho! It was like a pile of rubble standing with broken windows and peeling paint.

All Evan knew for certain was Carlos’s plan. Evan was to leave the girls on the beach with the photographers. Then he was to tell the girls that he would return right after the shoot. The photographers were to leave in their boat before he got there though. Then he was supposed to not show up and leave the girls stranded on the property for the night.

The girls had behaved as usual on both the car and the boat rides. Fighting over everything from the seat they would sit in to the clothing given them and bitching back and forth in between! Evan was relieved when his shrews finally both jumped off the boat and ran ashore to the beach. The photographers were already there and set up. The girls left their robes and sandals in a small cabana on the beach and started the 3 hour photo shoot.

Evan left after the first hour promising to return before sundown. The last hour of the shoot was on the diving pier. The girls were taken there by boat to keep their hair dry. Then, after all the diving pier shots were done, they decided to swim back. This proved to be a mistake. The sun was going down and the winds were picking up. By the time the girls swam to shore, the photographers had already left with their boat.

All during the shoot Carlos, who was already at the house, was busy. He had removed the girl’s robes and sandals from the cabana and slit the cabana’s roof with a razor. He left only one large beach towel in there and returned to the house. Once there, he turned off the water and the electricity. The only liquid in the house was a small bottle of red wine that he had laced with a powerful fast acting sedative.

When Cindy and Kate reached shore they were shivering! They ran to the tiny cabana for their robes and found only one large towel. Where were their robes and shoes? The photographers must have taken them by mistake. Oh well, Evan would be here any minute. The girls argued over who would use the towel first. Cindy grabbed it and said,

“Here, let me dry you first.” Then she lifted Kate’s hair and wrapped it in the towel to dry it. Then she undid both strings to Kate’s tiny bikini top and let it fall.

“What are you doing? Are you gay or something?” Kate snapped.

No, it will be easier to dry you this way.” Cindy answered.

Cindy took the towel from Kate’s hair and dried Kate’s arms and upper body.

Then Kate surprised her. Kate suddenly removed her tiny bikini bottom and waited for Cindy to finish drying her. Once Kate was dry, Cindy wrung out both parts of the bikini and handed them to Kate. Kate quickly put them back on.

Now it was Cindy’s turn. Kate untied both strings of Cindy’s top and removed it. Kate was ever jealous of Cindy’s huge breasts since hers were so small.

“OK you can take your bottom off now.” Kate said.

“No thank you!” Cindy said. “We’ll just leave that on for now.”

“OK, as you wish.” Kate replied. She dried Cindy from her hair to her waist. Then from behind Cindy, Kate grabbed one of Cindy’s bikini bottom’s side bows in each hand and untied them both at the same time. Cindy’s bottom fell to the floor instantly.

“Hey you’re going to pay for that!” Cindy yelled.

Cindy grabbed Kate’s right bottom string and untied it. When Kate tried to pull away from Cindy, Cindy untied Kate’s top string that was behind her back. The girls were wrestling now and Kate was no match for Cindy. In less than a minute Cindy had all 4 of Kate’s strings completely untied and both parts of Kate’s bikini were on the cabana floor.

Finally the now naked girls worked things out and finished drying. Then they each put their own swimsuits back on. As they stood and waited for Evan’s boat they were both shivering. The temperature had dropped 20 degrees in the last half hour. They stood close together with the towel wrapped around both of them.

Nearly an hour later it was dark and there was still no sign of Evan’s boat! The wind was howling and there were 3 foot waves pounding the shoreline. In fact, no boats were in sight anywhere on the lake. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and the rain began. The rain poured in the slit cabana roof and the girls soon knew they needed a better shelter.

Running up the walkway barefoot, the girls headed for the house. When they reached the porch, the door was locked. Fortunately there was a window with a missing pane of glass within easy reach. Kate reached inside and unlocked the window. Then she opened the window and Cindy helped her climb inside. Once inside, Kate opened the door and let Cindy in.

The house appeared to have been abandoned for some time and was in a terrible state of repair. It was a better shelter than the ripped cabana, but not by much! The wind howled through the broken and missing window panes and the roof leaked. Cindy tried a few light switches. There was nothing. No electricity. Then Kate turned on the kitchen sink. No water came out either. Every cupboard was empty. In the living room Kate finally found a small bottle of wine and a few glasses.

The girls sat side by side on the sofa and poured the wine. The towel was still around them and they were still wet and shivering. The house was just as cold inside as it was outside and the storm was raging now. Every wind gust caused the house to creak and make spooky sounds somewhere.

As they drank the wine Cindy said,

“This place is like something out of a horror movie! It’s probably haunted or something too!”

“You always were a comforting soul.” Kate replied snidely.

Eventually the drugged wine was soon doing its job of relaxing the girls. They huddled together for warmth and were soon feeling sleepy. Later on, both girls had to blink their eyes to try to focus. It didn’t help. Kate felt her arms feeling numb and disconnected. Then Cindy passed out and her head fell limp on Kate’s shoulder. Kate nudged her away, but as she did so she passed out too.

Carlos had been watching from 2 rooms away. He waited a few minutes for the drug to take a firm hold. Then he went up close to check on his prey. They were both totally limp with their eyes closed and their mouths half open. He separated them and rested them side by side on the sofa and removed the towel.

Carlos pulled a cigar lighter out of his pocket and lit several candles that were in holders on the table. Now he could enjoy the girls more! Carlos sat on the sofa and put his arm around Cindy. Then he untied the bikini bow behind her neck. Her firm breasts started to fall out over the top of the suit’s tiny bra. Then he reached around her back and untied the second bow. The suit top fell off and her breasts were free! They were an awesome site in the candle lit room!

Carlos put Cindy aside and turned his attention to Kate. He lifted her now dry and baby soft hair out of the way and untied her bow. Her breasts were small and did not pop out. When he undid the other bow and the top fell off, he could see that Kate’s small breasts were perfectly formed and had tiny nipples. Carlos liked that part. Most of the girls in his line of work had huge breasts.

After enjoying Kate’s breasts for a while, Carlos pulled both girls bikini bottoms down and off. Then he put one limp girl over each of his powerful shoulders and carried then upstairs. He placed the girls on a double bed in the darkest bedroom. Then his real work began.

Carlos was well prepared! He had special sexy underpants for the girls. They each had built in vibrators that were controlled by a small wireless remote. He put them on each of the limp girls and put the remotes in his pocket. Then he put the girls on their sides face to face. He put Kate’s arms around Cindy and handcuffed them there. Then he put Cindy’s arms around Kate and did the same.

Next the girl’s ankles were bound with silk scarves and then they were tied together with rope. The girls were bound together at the upper thighs next. Then came the most important part of his “Siamese Twin” bondage. He put the girl’s lips in kissing range and put tape around both their necks. They would not be able to get their lips more than an inch apart!

Carlos lit one small candle and then hid in the closet with the door ajar enough to watch the girls in the dim light. All was ready now. They just needed to wake up.

Kate woke up first. As she became alert, she realized that she was helpless and tied to Cindy. Cindy’s pouty lips were almost touching hers! “Eew!” Kate thought to herself.

Now Cindy was awake and felt likewise. Both girls struggled to get loose and cursed at each other. Each was blaming the other for their predicament! Carlos let them go at it for some time. Then he relaxed as they eventually tired of what they were doing and became still and silent.

Kate was the first to give in. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch.” She said as she gently kissed Cindy.

“I’m sorry too!” Cindy replied kissing her back gently. “What are we going to do?”

“I’m sure Evan will be here as soon as this storm lets up.” Kate said. “They probably wouldn’t let him take the boat out to get us when he was supposed to because of the waves.”

Then the reality sunk in. Who had tied them up like this? Their tops were gone and their nipples were rubbing together. Why had they passed out? The wine! It must have been drugged. Who did it though? And worse was he still there? Cindy called out,

“Who’s there and what do you want from us?”

After a long pause, a strange male voice answered. “I’m Carlos” he said. “I like to see women make love, and you two are going to entertain me!”

“Fat chance!” Cindy yelled out in anger.

Then Kate whispered to her to be quiet. “We don’t want to make him mad!” she said wisely. “Let’s play along and try to get out of this.”

Reluctantly Cindy agreed. The girls began kissing for Carlos’s benefit.

Carlos knew they were faking it to patronize him. He wasn’t stupid! It was time for him to apply some pressure. He started one of the vibrators on low. He couldn’t tell which was which yet, but it really didn’t matter.

Suddenly Kate’s panties began to vibrate erotically. She was aroused almost instantly. Cindy, not knowing about the vibrator, suddenly noticed that Kate’s kissing was more soulful and aggressive.

“Hey, aren’t you overdoing it?” Cindy asked pulling back. Then Cindy’s panties began to vibrate as well.

Cindy, now also suddenly aroused, quit talking and went back to kissing. Both girls were open mouth kissing and tonguing each other with abandon now.

Carlos was pleased. Then he moved Kate’s vibration to medium. He watched in delight as Kate’s hips started a grinding motion against Cindy’s. Cindy did not resist. Suddenly her vibrations increased in intensity too. Cindy was whimpering out loud in pleasure now.

Kate was suddenly aroused by Cindy’s obvious excitement. She too was no longer able to keep silent! She started to scream in pleasure.

“It was time now.” Carlos thought to himself, as he moved first Kate’s and then Cindy’s switch to “high.”

Within 30 seconds both girls were screaming! After about a minute, Carlos moved both switches to low. The girls both relaxed and quieted down somewhat.

Then Carlos suddenly put both switches back to “high.” The girls were humping now and both were soon screaming at a pretty loud pitch. After they climaxed, he let them rest again. Carlos continued the on and off pleasure for over an hour. Then he turned both switches off.

The girls clung together panting. They also kept kissing each other. Then suddenly the candle went out. Cindy screamed out a frightened “Oh my God!”

Kate told her to relax and keep quiet. Then suddenly a huge man was standing over them. They could not see his face in the dark, but they were both terrified. Then a wet cloth was placed between their faces. The cloth had a chemical odor like cleaning fluid.

Both girls started to scream and struggle. There was little they could do though. They could not escape the fumes of the cloth.

“Take it away; I’ll do anything you want!” Kate pleaded, in a terrified, cloth muffled voice.

Nothing changed. He never answered and continued to hold the cloth there. Both girls were getting dizzy and heard a ringing sound in their ears. They fought on, but it was getting difficult for them to move. Suddenly Kate went limp in Cindy’s arms. Cindy kissed her through the cloth and said “Stay awake!” but it was too late. Kate was already deeply under. Before she was able to speak again, Cindy passed out too.

Carlos pulled the cloth away and untied the girls. Then he removed the panties from each of them. Again both limp and naked girls were placed over his shoulders. As Carlos went through the living room, he picked up the beach towel. Then he took the girls to a small closet that was under the stairway. He tossed the towel on the floor. Then he placed the girls on it and closed and locked the door.

There was no light in there. It was also damp and cold. There was barely enough room for the two of them, and only one small towel for warmth. They would not need bondage or the vibrators anymore. A long night of cuddling and comforting would be in their future now. As Carlos walked out and closed the door, the wind let up for just long enough for him to hear the sound of rats and mice running about the house. His work was done. The rodents, the storm, and the creepy house would be working the next shift! When the girls woke up, they would soon be in just the situation that Carlos had recommended all along. Naked, freezing cold, in a very tight confined space, and with more than enough fear and terror for both of them to learn to share!

Kate awoke suddenly to a loud clap of thunder. As she opened her eyes, she could not see anything. As she tried to sit up, she hit her head on the wooden staircase. She felt around with her hand. She was naked and on top of a towel in a tiny closet under a stairway. She could hear a downpour of rain outside and the winds were shaking the old house. Cindy was on the floor next to her and was also naked.

Cindy suddenly awoke feeling dreamy. Kate was shaking her and talking. Her dreaminess evaporated when she learned their predicament. She embraced Kate to keep warm. Kate didn’t complain. The girls were finally on a united front for the first time. The anger between them had evaporated.

Suddenly Kate screamed. “Something furry just touched my leg!”

Both girls jumped and held each other tighter. Cindy kissed Kate gently and told her not to panic. Then Cindy broke free of Kate’s clinging arms and felt around. Finally after much groping, she found the closet door.

“This dump is falling apart!” Cindy said. “Let’s lie on our backs and try to kick the door open with our feet and legs.”

Each girl, while lying on her back, put both of her bare feet against the door and pushed. There was some give. Then they bent their legs and both came down hard on the door at the same time. One hinge pulled out and they could see some light. They did it again and again. Finally the door broke off its hinges and they were free.

The girls quickly crawled out of the closet and stood up. They quickly found the sofa in the dim light and felt around. Both their bikinis were still there. They helped each other put them on and tied each other’s strings.

As Cindy tied the final string behind Kate’s back her mind flashed back to when they dried each other in the cabana. She had kind of liked removing Kate’s top to dry her. Then she wondered, “Was Kate right that she was gay or something?” No, she liked guys too much. But now that Kate’s top was tied, Cindy wished she could untie it again just the same.

Cindy had no way of knowing that Kate’s mind was at work too. As Kate put Cindy’s top around her she could feel the firmness of her awesome breasts. She too remembered the thrill she had felt when she undid Cindy’s top in the cabana and saw those beasts pop free.

Suddenly a huge gust of wind ripped through the first floor. The girls shivered and grabbed each other. Then they agreed that they should go upstairs. The girls went up the creaky staircase carefully. After they reached the top they checked out each bedroom. When they found the one with the most light, it also felt the warmest. They stayed in it and approached the double bed.

Cindy found some old matches and tried them. She struck five of them in a row with no luck. Finally one lit. She was able to light a candle. With that burning candle, she lit three others that were in the room. Then she put the first candle back in the holder.

Both girls could finally see each other in decent light. They both hopped onto the bed to get their bare feet off the cold floor. Cindy noticed a white cloth and a brown bottle on the nightstand by the bed. The label on the bottle said “Chloroform.” She showed it to Kate.

“This must be how he knocked us out to put us in the closet,” Kate said. “He poured chloroform on that cloth and made us inhale it.”

“Well it sure worked!” Cindy said. “I went out like a light and woke up really dreamy.”

“Yeah, I did too.” Kate replied.”I wonder how long we were out.”

Suddenly Cindy had an idea. If she could find a way to put Kate under with the chloroform, she could indulge in her fantasy to remove Kate’s bikini top again and maybe even her bottom this time too!

“There are no clocks here and we have no watches either.” Cindy replied. “I have no idea what time it is anymore.”

Then Kate said, “They can’t come for us until its light and the storm is over. What are we supposed to do with ourselves until that happens?”

Cindy decided to throw a line out and see what happened. “We could experiment with this chloroform.” she said.

“What do you mean experiment?” Kate asked with a suspicious gleam in her eyes.

“I could pour some on this cloth and hold it over your nose until you pass out. Then we could see how long it lasts.” Cindy said sounding excited.

“Are you crazy?” Kate said. “Didn’t you get enough of that stuff when that perv gave it to us?”

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad. Besides have you got any better ideas?” Cindy asked.

Then Kate suddenly realized that this might be a way to see more of Cindy’s awesome breasts!

“Ok, but when I wake up, I get to test it on you. After all, you did use the word experiment!” Kate answered. Kate’s mind was now racing with the possibilities of having Cindy unconscious!

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Cindy said, as she grabbed the bottle and took off the lid. Kate watched in awe as Cindy poured a stream of the clear liquid onto the center of the cloth. Then Cindy put one arm around Kate to hold her up and gently held the now soaking wet cloth over Kate’s nose and mouth.

At first Kate was jolted by the strong odor. Then she relaxed and started to breathe normally. All she could think about was doing this to Cindy afterwards! She was already setting her mindset up for sweet dreams.

Cindy tingled all over at the thought of Kate soon being limp in her arms. She was already glancing at Kate’s tiny bikini strings and wondering which one she would untie first!

Kate was hearing a dull ringing in her ears as her eyes began to lose focus. She blinked, but it didn’t help. Her arms felt numb and disconnected. She couldn’t really move and didn’t care. She was totally relaxed and euphoric as she suddenly passed out.

Cindy let out a giggle of pure joy as Kate went totally limp and fell against her. After tossing the cloth aside, she held Kate’s limp body in a sitting position and reached behind her shiny hair and felt the top bow. She pulled the string and the bow came undone. Then Cindy reached behind Kate’s back and untied the other bow. As it came loose Cindy’s hands were trembling and she was almost breathless as Kate’s top fell on the bed.

Cindy admired Kate’s small breasts in the romantic candlelight. They stood straight out and didn’t sag. Cindy was not used to that since her own much larger breasts were loose and floppy without a bra. Finally Cindy lowered Kate to the bed and placed her on her back.

Cindy moved Kate’s limp head around and adjusted her sprawled hair. Then she focused her eyes to Kate’s waistline and slowly untied her bottom bikini strings. Once those were undone, the bottom slipped off easily. Cindy tossed it aside and explored Kate further. After a few minutes, Cindy quickly replaced Kate’s bikini bottom and retied it. Then she lifted Kate’s limp body up into a sitting position again and carefully replaced her top. Cindy didn’t know how long the chloroform would keep Kate unconscious and she didn’t want to get caught undressing her.

Kate awoke feeling dreamy and delightful. She was on her back on the bed and Cindy wasn’t there. Then she looked over and saw Cindy looking out the window.

Suddenly Cindy turned around and looked at Kate. “Oh, I see that you’re finally awake.” Cindy said. “That storm is still raging out there. The lake looks like a stormy sea.”

“Never mind that storm!” Kate said. “Get over here and let me have my turn with this chloroform! By the way how long was I out?”

“I’m not sure, but I would guess about an hour.” Cindy said.

Cindy returned to the bed and sat on the edge. Kate was soaking the cloth now and she used more chloroform than Cindy had used on her.

“I think you put on a little too much!” Cindy said.

Kate didn’t answer. She just held the wet cloth over Cindy’s beautiful face.

Cindy felt the effects quickly. Her arms soon felt as limp as noodles and she could not sit up without Kate holding her. She could see the burning candles, but the flames were fuzzy and out of focus. A sudden gust of wind blasted through the cracked window panes and blew out one of the candles. That’s the last thing Cindy remembered.

Kate continued to hold the cloth on Cindy for about 30 seconds after she was out. She wanted to be sure that she was deeply under. Finally Kate tossed the cloth aside and lived out her part of the fantasy. She untied the string behind Cindy’s neck first. Cindy’s breasts overflowed the now loose and tiny top. Kate felt the tops of Cindy’s breasts for a few minutes before she finally untied the string behind her back.

Cindy’s top was on the floor now. The huge and well rounded breasts that Kate always envied were finally free! Kate lowered Cindy’s limp body onto the bed and rested her on her back. The breasts flattened out somewhat, but Cindy’s nipples were erect and awesome. Kate tasted then both with her tiny mouth. Then Kate removed her own bikini top and rubbed her own nipples against Cindy’s.

Kate continued to kiss Cindy’s chest as she worked her way downward. It was time to see if Cindy’s shiny blonde hair was real or out of a bottle! Kate untied both of the tiny strings that held Cindy’s bikini bottom on. Then she slowly pulled the almost nonexistent piece of fabric away. Kate was suddenly shocked! Cindy was a real blonde!

Kate slipped her own bikini bottom down and off and enjoyed Cindy’s limp body in every way for nearly an hour. Then she quickly put Cindy’s bikini back on her. She wasn’t sure how Cindy would react to what she was doing. Then Kate quickly put her own bikini back on.

As Kate tied her last string, Cindy’s lips were moving. Kate bent over and kissed her. Cindy’s eyes slowly opened. As she came slowly into focus, Cindy realized that Kate was kissing her. She didn’t resist at all. In fact she kissed back.

The Mighty Carlos had succeeded. Kate and Cindy would never fight or argue again!

Credits to: Cbiscuit

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