The Sleepy Sisters

Elizabeth 9:01 AM

Britney watched her parents drive away. They drove down the long driveway and disappeared into the trees.

"They finally left!" yelled Britney to her sisters.

There were three of them not including Britney. She was the oldest, then came her twin sisters Christina and Anna, and her youngest sister Taylor.

They were the Winterling sisters; part of the richest family in Washington. Their parents had just left on a cruise and wouldn't be back for two weeks.

The twins Christina and Anna entered the foyer and Taylor came soon after from upstairs. Britney turned around to address them, "I don't know what you guys have planned for these two weeks, but I certainly hope you haven't discussed parties with anyone."

With those last words she eyed down Christina and Anna, who started to smile. "Really Brit, you've gotta loosen up sister!" said Christina who was followed by Anna, "Yeah Brit, what do you think we're gonna do in this house for two weeks?"

"Well, not wreck the mansion was at the top of my list!" Britney snapped back. "Here we go again, Britney's gonna turn into Mom on us." whispered Christina, just loud enough for Britney to hear.

She was about to yell back when the youngest sister, Taylor, stepped in between the twins and Britney, "Come on guys, we're family, we can discuss this later. Everyone just needs to cool down."

"How adult of you Taylor, it seems turning eighteen a couple days ago really kicked in your maturity." said Anna mockingly.

Its true Taylor's eighteenth birthday had only been last week. Christina and Anna were twenty and Britney was twenty-one.

Taylor didn't respond Anna but merely said, "I'm taking a shower." She then ran back up the stairs.

"Good job Anna, you've got her in tears!" yelled Britney as she stormed away into the kitchen.

"Taylor's always been an easy crier." said Christina to Anna. "Yeah, she's such a baby." replied Anna. The two then walked into the family room.


"The day those twins learn respect will be the end of the world." Thought Britney to herself. She paced around the kitchen for awhile then decided she needed a drink to cool herself down.

She opened the fridge and got out a water bottle. She opened it an began to sip it down, it was really refreshing.

She and her siblings were known as the Winterling Sisters around town. They were all blonde and all beautiful and sought after by the males. The only ones who even bothered with the men were Christina and Anna. Britney was too responsible and Taylor was too shy.

Britney was obviously the most uptight of the sisters and always dressed appropriately. She was wearing jeans and a non revealing t-shirt. The twins were partiers and loved attention and wore short skirts and tank tops to achieve their need. Taylor never had a boyfriend and was too shy around guys to ever talk to them. She often wore mid thigh jean shorts and loose tank tops.

Britney was beginning to cool down and she felt very relaxed, the water was doing the trick. Actually, she was starting to feel pretty tired. Too tired. She tried to stand up but just fell out of her chair. Moving took too much effort; sleeping would be better. Her blonde hair was all over her face but she didn't care, she would fix it when she woke up.

And that was the last thing she thought before falling into unconsciousness.


"Did you just hear something?" asked Christina to Anna. "Nope don't think so." replied Anna as she was flipping channels with the remote. The twins were sitting on the couch watching TV.

"You know Britney has been really bitchy lately." Anna said. "I know right!" replied Christina, "She needs to get wasted or something, or maybe..." she broke off.

"What?" asked Anna.

"Well.. Daddy's a doctor right? So I bet he's got some drugs or something around here to um knock someone out." wondered Christina. Anna laughed and said, "Are you suggesting we drug Britney?" "Yeah, just for when we're having a party you know?" "Ahh that'd be great, we wouldn't have to listen to her whine for a while."

Christina and Anna sat on the couch making plans for a couple minutes. Then, in the middle of their conversation someone reached out from behind Christina and clamped a rag on her face. Anna jumped up and screamed.

Christina struggled violently until the man pulled out a gun and placed it on her temple. "Shut up girlg" said the man. He then aimed it at Anna which made her stop screaming.

"Please don't!" cried Anna as she watched her sister slowly stop moving. Christina was too still thought Anna. She looked closer and saw her sister's eyes slowly close.

"What the hell is happening?!" thought Anna as Christina slumped forward. The man then beckoned Anna over to him. She slowly walked over to him crying silently. The man then pulled out a syringe and pulled down Anna's top revealing her breasts. He plunged the needle into her right breast and emptied its contents. He then left the room.

Anna was confused at the man's departure and kneeled down to her sister. She slapped Christina in the face but there was no response. "She's out cold." thought Anna.

All of the sudden the room started to spin. She tried to use Christina's body to steady herself but she fell to the floor bringing her sister with her.

Anna was only on the floor for a couple seconds before she was out could just like her sister.


Taylor had always gone to the shower when she needed to cry; It was like a safe haven to her. The water felt good and it helped to relax her.

The twins and Britney were always fighting. And yes, maybe she was the mature sister. She always tried to avoid the arguing. She didn't like the twins, and was indifferent towards Britney. She hated being the youngest and sometimes wished she could just leave and join some other family.

She was rubbing herself with soap when the shower curtain suddenly was torn away. Taylor could barely let out a gasp before the man pulled out a gun and shot two darts into her. She felt a sharp pain in her left breast and thigh.

She grabbed at the wall and slowly slid down to the bottom of the shower. She didn't know where she was anymore, or why it was raining, but it felt good. All of the sudden the rain stopped, and she was disappointed.

And then everything went black.

One by one the sisters eventually woke up. They were all sitting on their large couch in the family room with their hands tied behind their backs.

All were wearing the same clothes they had been knocked out in, except for Taylor, who had been dressed while she was asleep. They were the same clothes she had taken off before entering the shower.

“Wha’ happened?” asked Britney, who was still a bit drowsy from the drugged drink. “I can’t remember.” answered Anna. She looked down and was curious why her tank top was pulled below her bra. Christina added, “I think I someone is here somewhere. I can’t remember much either but I think I might have been attacked.”

“Well of course someone is here Christina,” snapped Britney, “we’re all here tied up and can’t remember a thing, do you know anything Taylor?” Taylor was silent for a while then said, “I remember taking a shower, and now I am here with my old clothes on.”

“Something fishy is going on here!” said Christina, but before she had finished someone walked in the room.

“Hello ladies.” said the Man. He was clothed in all black, and had a black mask on.

“What the hell did you do to us?!” yelled Britney at the Man.

The man pulled out a gun and aimed it at her. “No questions.” he said. “Please don’t hurt us!” cried Taylor, who was starting to remember what happened to her.

“Stop talking!” yelled the man and he then pointed the weapon at Taylor. She then sat quietly crying.

“Now that I have all your attention, I want to tell you how very beautiful you are. Also I want to say how much I hate you all and couldn’t care less what happens to you. Nevertheless, I am going to cut you a deal to get you all out of here.” With these words the sisters sat up straight and leaned in to hear him.

“I see that you all are interested, good I want to start immediately then. Throughout the house, my men and I have placed several things to drug your sisters with. However, we grow bored of sedating you ourselves and want to make it a bit more interesting.” The sisters didn’t like the way this was going anymore.

“Therefore, you are going to knock each other out in a game of survival!” said the Man, growing excited.

“No way!” protested Britney. The man then snapped his finger and a huge man walked in. He then took Taylor in a headlock and lifted her off the sofa from behind. “No! Put her down!” screamed Christina. “We’ll do it! We’ll do it!” exclaimed Anna.

The Man in charge then snapped his fingers and the huge man dropped Taylor back onto the sofa. She was in shock and crying more than ever now.

“Well I’m glad to hear that.” said the Man. “Now on to the specifics; the winner of the game is the last man, or woman in your case, standing. When you drug your sister, you will remove their panties. I personally have already check what underwear each of you is wearing, so don’t try to trick me.”

The sisters squirmed in disgust knowing the creep had seen their underwear. “Whoever is the last still conscious and returns with three pairs of panties wins the game!” said the Man, finishing the rules.

“And what exactly do we get if we win?” asked Britney with disgust. The Man then laughed and said, “Well first of all, you can walk on out of here,” then Man snapped his fingers and four huge men dressed in black walked in, “and secondly you get out of a date with these guys.”

The men licked their lips and eyed the girls down. Each of the sisters were determined to not have those freaks touch them, even though they were dooming their other sisters to “dates”.

“Any questions?” asked the Man, pointing the gun at each of them. “No? Well good then we can start.” Each of the henchmen took a position behind each of the sisters. “When you wake up the game has officially begun and you can start to hunt your sisters down.”

“When we wake up?” asked Christina. The Man laughed and nodded, then said “Now.”

Each of the henchmen took a sister in a sleeper hold. The girls struggled but slowly succumbed to the lack of oxygen. Taylor was the first out, as she put up little fight. Christina and Anna both checked out at the same time, and Britney put up a fight but was unconscious soon after the twins.

The Game had begun.
Britney finally came to her senses. She was lying face down on the couch right where she had been choked out. Britney wondered how long she had been out, there was no sign of the men anywhere. So she got up and looked around.

Right in front of her on the coffee table was a set of three syringes. "These must be sedatives" thought Britney. Only three, no mess ups could be afforded.

The thought of removing her sisters' clothing did not make her feel good. She had always been respectful and given everyone their privacy. Although she would like the satisfaction of knocking out the bratty twins and letting them hang around with the men. That would teach them to stay away from guys! But she would also have to sentence Taylor to a date with the men... at least she wouldn't be conscious for it.

"I'm the most responsible, if anyone should get out it should be me! I could get help for us faster then any either of the twins. Taylor couldn't do it, she didn't have the guts. It looked like Britney would have to win the game... for her sisters.


Anna woke up slowly. She was lying on her bed in her and Christina's room. "Ughh how long have it been sleeping?" said Anna to herself.

"For five minutes at least." said a voice.

Anna swung around to see Christina standing over her.

"The man told me I would have to give you a fighting change before I could... you know."

Anna saw Christina was holding a blackjack in her hand. Anna jumped off the side of the bed opposite Christina. "You don't have to do this Christina! We can team up on the other two, there's power in numbers!"

Anna would just have to convince her or she would be out of the game before it started, or at least she thought until she noticed a small black gun that said "TRANQUILIZER" on the side, lying on the bed. She grabbed the gun and aimed it at Christina. Christina looked terrified and put her hands in the air.

"No no please don't!" said Christina. Anna laughed and said, "Of course I wouldn't! Come on, we're sisters, plus I don't really want to see my twin naked."

"Thank God." said Christina, relieved. "I couldn't have hit you with this... stick anyway, that's just cruel." Anna then walked over and gave Christina a hug. "Alright Christy, lets go find the bitch and the baby."

The two then walked sneakily out of their room and into the hallway. Christina went into each room in front with her blackjack and Anna followed behind with her gun. They had good teamwork, there was no way they would lose. But there could only be one winner.

Once they had cleared the second floor, they made their way down stairs. Christina walked into the family room slowly. There was a scuffling noise, and from behind the recliner chair came Britney. Christina and Britney looked at eachother for a second, then Anna came in behind Britney and yelled, "Freeze, bitch!"

Britney looked behind her and saw Anna with a gun in her hand. It was over. "So you guys teamed up did you? I should have known you two couldn't handle anything by yourselves."

Christina chuckled, "Well, at least we won't be the first to meet the sandman, eh?" Britney grew mad, "You shouldn't win! I am the only one that can save us! You guys want to get molested by freaks?!"

"That's enough bitch, time to sleep."

With that Anna shot a dart into Britney's ass. She turned around and flashed a look of anger at Anna, but it soon turned into a trance-like stare. Britney fell and tried to hang onto the recliner. She slid down it and onto the floor. Her limbs wouldn't respond to her and she knew she had lost the game. Her eyes were fluttering and she could barely see the two twins gathering in front of her. Before she went under, she whispered softly, "Only one can win..."

Then she moaned and went off to dreamland.

Christina had heard her and said, "Yeah, but it isn't you." She then proceeded to kneel down and slap Britney's ass with such force it could have been heard throughout the house. "Lets Brit's clothes off and find then find the baby."

The twins then started to remove her clothes. "How can she wear this stuff? She must not went any guy to ever be attracted to her." They peeled off her tshirt to reveal a plain white bra. Once her pants had been slipped off they could see her matching plain white panties. "Dang bitch, way to be creative." said Anna sarcastically.

Although the men only wanted the girls' panties, the twins made a plan. They decided that if they brought both Britney's bra and panties and Taylor's bra and panties then they could get off with both being winners. They thought it was a good plan, and proceeded to unsnap Britneys bra and remove it.

They flipped her over to get a better look at their sister's breasts. "Haha Anna, these aren't to small she might even had been able to get some guys if she ever let these babies breath." Christina then pinched her sister's nipples hard.

Anna then pulled Britney's panties down and off her ankles. Apparently it wasn't a good enough view, as Anna decided to pull one of Britney's legs away from the other, making it so the whole world could see Britney's private areas.

"Well at least she hasn't been pretending to be a blonde this whole time." laughed Anna. Christina laughed along then asked, "True, but did you really need to spread her out like that?" Anna nodded and said, "Maybe if the thugs see her like this, they'll pay more attention to her instead of Taylor. I'd rather Brit get ravaged more then Taylor, it would traumatize her beyond repair."

Once they were content they stood up and collected Britney's white bra and panties, they were ready to continue the hunt.

It was time to play with little sister.
Christina and Anna slowly tip-toed out of the family room. Behind them was their older sister, spread eagle and stripped of her clothing, sleeping like a baby. She, however, was not the baby, that was who Christina and Anna were after.

“I think we’ve got this in the bag.” said Christina, making sure to whisper. “Yeah, who’s gonna stop us? Taylor?” replied Anna. “Haha yeah right, she’s about as fierce as a kitten!”

They were now entering the foyer. “So who gets to knock her out? You know, once we find her hiding in a closet or something.” asked Anna. “Well I think it’s my turn, you got to shoot the Bitch, I think I get to wack the Baby.” as Christina said that she made a batting mannerism with her blackjack. Christina continued, “Yeah, I might get to knock some of the annoying right out of her.”

They then walked into the kitchen and Christina went into the fridge and got out a beer. “You know, we could probably stop and have a drink.” said Christina. “I wouldn’t do it, not just yet. Let’s wait until we win and we can have a victory beer.”

“Good idea.” mumbled Christina as she put it back in the fridge.

The two then walked out of the kitchen and in to the laundry room. Anna laughed and said, “Hey Christy, check the dryer, Taylor may be in there!” Christina played along and bent down and opened the dryer.

Now was Anna’s perfect chance; she had found some syringes in Britney’s pockets when she was taking off her clothes. She suspected that injecting it into someone’s butt would be enough to send them to slumberville for a while. Currently Christina’s ass was in plain sight as she was bending over; her yellow thong could be seen as her miniskirt was coming up. Anna reached in her pocket and took the cap off a syringe.

She had heard Britney earlier, “Only one could win.” Anna believed that too, this idea that both the twins could get off easy by taking the panties and the bras was stupid. She had needed to give Christina a false sense of security though, and now she was going to take it away.

She was about to plunge the needle into her tan ass when she gasped. Anna jumped and stuck the needle into her own thigh by accident. She immediately realized what she had done and took it out. She looked at it, about a fourth was gone from the syringe. It wasn’t too much though, and she didn’t feel funny, so she just threw it somewhere while Christina wasn’t looking.

Once she got her wits back she asked, “What’s wrong, Christy?” Christina was busy trying to reach down into the furthest corner of the dryer. Eventually she grabbed what she was reaching for and pulled it out. It was a bright red thong with the word “sexy” inscribed in pink on the crotch. She threw it at Anna and said, “That’s not mine!” Anna looked at it and pondered for a while. She had lots of thongs but this pair didn’t ring a bell. “It’s not mine either.”

“Oh snap one of our sisters must be holding out on us!” exclaimed Christina. “I can’t tell who though.” replied Anna. Both Britney and Taylor had good size butts, Taylor was skinnier though. “I guess we’ll have to try these on Taylor when she’s sleeping!” the twins both agreed to this plan, and walked out of the laundry room.

They then decided to walk up the stairs. Christina was in front and Anna was in back. For some reason Anna was feeling pretty drowsy, and the stairs were a struggle for her. The injection must be getting to her, she realized. Oh well, the game would be won before anything bad happened to her.

Once they were in the upstairs hallway Anna pulled out Britney’s underwear. She held up her bra and said, “Hmm what have we got here… 32 C huh? That bitch has got some melons!” Christina laughed along with her. Anna continued, “I wonder if Taylor is still wearing a training bra?!”

As she finished those words, they heard a scream and out of a side door jumped Taylor. She was jumped on top of Anna and pulled out her weapon; a tazer. She then thrusted it into Anna’s neck and let the electricity flow. Anna let out a blood curdling scream as her body convulsed. The electricity was surging through her body and bringing her to a new level of pain. She then stop moving entirely; her nerves were fried from the tazer.

Christina just stood watching. She knew there was no hope for Anna, she had planned on finishing her off later anyway. She had seen Anna hide Britney’s syringes away, and had suspicious all along.

Taylor was not done with Anna yet. She was still crying and had a look of sheer anger on her face as she flipped Anna on to her stomach. She then moved Anna’s small skirt out of the way and stuck her tazer into Anna’s soft buttcheek. She pushed the button and let the current surge through her poor rear end. Once she was satisfied she released the tazer and saw two satisfying welts on Anna’s right buttcheek.

She didn’t have time to take off her thong yet though, she would have to take out Christina first.

She got up and looked at Christina. Christina returned the glare and said, “Looks like Anna underestimated you, I never did though.” Taylor laughed hysterically and replied, “I’ve heard you call me baby enough tonight.” She then raised the tazer in the air to try to taunt Christina.

Christina replied by swinging her blackjack in the air. “You know, we found a red thong, it said ‘sexy’ on it. Is it yours? Well I guess I’ll find out while you’re dreaming.”

“Yeah right!” yelled Taylor, brandishing her tazer. But something wrong happened, when she went to raise it in the air again it fell out of her hand. This was Christina’s chance, and she rushed forward brandishing her blackjack. She was in striking range when Taylor pulled out Anna’s tranquilizer gun. Christina stopped dead in her tracks; it was a trap all along.

The two were standing a mere three feet apart. Taylor laughed and said, “Well, if your even a virgin now, you won’t be when you wake up.” She aimed at Christina’s torso, “Sleep tight, bitch” Taylor pulled the trigger and there was a click, but no shot.

“Wha-?” said Taylor, but before she could finish her word she felt a sharp pain in her head ripple down through her spine. She fell to the floor with her hands on her head.


Another blow to the head, Taylor was on the edge of unconsciousness. What had happened? She was going to win the game, she was so close. She looked up at the unclear image of a person with a large stick in their hands.

“Hmmm ever had a gun get jammed? That’s pretty damn unlucky.”

Taylor started to cry, she was done.

“Enjoy lala land, crybaby.”


And Taylor was unconscious.

Christina had won! Below her were the sleeping forms of her twin and little sister. She had really won!

It was now time for the dirty work. She decided to spare her twin Anna some decency; she put her skirt back in place and removed her underwear from underneath her skirt, not looking at her private parts. She could feel the welts from Taylor’s tazer as she pulled down Anna’s thong. It was light blue and lacy.

Now it was time for little sister. She went to work taking off Taylors brown shorts. Down they went and Taylor’s pink panties could be seen. They looked a little too small for her though, and she had probably owned them for a while. Christina gripped her hands on Taylor’s waistband, and thought of how she was about to know her little sister on a whole new level.

She pulled her pink panties down and off her ankles revealing her pert butt.

Christina realized that Taylor had a pretty nice butt for someone as skinny as her, and decided to feel it up. She spread her cheeks to take a look at her forbidden parts and turned her over and spread her legs so she was in the same position as Britney. Christina also found out that Taylor didn’t like hair down there as she was as bare as her butt.

She walked over to Anna to get Britney’s white cotton panties. Once she stood back up she held up her bounty; Taylor’s small pink panties, Anna’s light blue thong, and Britney’s white panties.

She had won the game!

Suddenly she felt a sting in her neck. She felt for the cause and pulled out a red feather dart. What was this? She had won! This was all a lie? She turned around to find an open window with gave a fantastic view of the forest. And that view was the last thing she saw before she collapsed to the ground asleep.

When the sniper relayed the message that all of the sisters were sleeping sound the front door opened and the men entered the house. They collected the unconscious girls and placed them back in the family room.

The man in charge was gathering up all the underwear. All the underwear was accounted for, he had checked the girls when they first captured. The blue thong was Anna’s, the white panties were Britney’s and the pink panties were Taylor’s. The yellow thong was missing from the pile. “I see, Christina must have won then.”

The first game couldn’t have gone any better, but he wasn’t sure what the next game should be. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something red lying on the ground. He walked over to it, once he looked closer he could see it was a red thong with “sexy” written on the crotch.

“Interesting… let’s find out who you belong to!”

Credit to: The Chloroformist

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