Sleepy Roommates 2

Elizabeth 10:55 PM

Sally first needed to move her roommates to somewhere more comfortable. A strong athlete she would have no trouble moving the ladies to her room. First Sally bent down and slipped her arms under Jenny's back and legs. A quick lift up brought the blonde up from the couch. Holding Jenny brought a smile to Sally's face, she could smell the perfume Jenny had used and loved the feel of the blonde's soft skin against hers. Sally carried the sleeping Jenny over to her bedroom, she laid the woman on the bed.

Jenny had a pillow placed under her head and Sally brushed some stray hair out of her face, "Just rest here."

Walking back to the couch she now went for Christine. Unlike Jenny, the black haired beauty was put onto Sally's shoulder. The volleyball player liked having Christine's fine butt close to her head, while Christine's arms and head dangled in front of her. In short order Sally returned to her room and dumped Christine on the bed. Just as she had with Jenny, Sally placed a pillow under her roommate's head.

Climbing into bed with the two, Sally began to rub their bodies. Feeling their breasts and legs. She loved Jenny's matching red bra and panties which had a lacey design. For Christine she removed the tank top the girl was wearing. She didn't have any bra on. After playing with Christine's ample chest she gave the girl a long kiss. Satisfied she turned back to Jenny.

"Now it's your turn." Sally told the unconscious blonde. Moving to unclasp Jenny's bra she was almost there when,

"Hello, Jenny, Christine, Sally?" it was their fourth roommate Amber. A tall red haired grad student. Sally swore to herself, Amber also had perpetual bad timing. Of course there could always be room for one more on her bed.

Carefully she hopped off the bed and answered, "Hey Amber, Jenny and Christine aren't here." Sally walked quietly over to the door and opened it just enough to slip through. She closed it behind her.

"Really? I thought they were watching this movie." Amber pointed to the TV. She had plopped down onto the couch wearing a red hoddie and short black skirt with black tights and sneakers. Sally could see that the redhead hadn't noticed the clothes of their roommates on the floor, or the chloroform cloth on the couch. Sally began to form a plan walking to the couch.

"They left it paused and I had just turned it on after practice." Sally lied and pointed at her bag. Amber just nodded not paying attention to Sally.

"It was a long night at the library but I think I can finally finish my paper." Amber said as brought her legs up on the couch. She untied her shoes and kicked them off. Once free of the footwear, Amber wiggled her toes inside her black tights. Sally admired the girl's long legs with a quick look. She also eyed the white chloroform cloth she had used on Christine sitting in between them.

Carefully she began moving her hand closer to the handkerchief. Amber was watching the movie and didn't notice. Her hands rested in her lap, while her body was sinking into the couch. Sally finally had her hand on the cloth and was picking it up.

"Going to sneeze?" Amber asked.

Sally caught off guard quickly answered, "No...I mean yeah, I can feel one coming on." Forced to bring the sleepy cloth close to her own face by her comment Sally put the chloroform next to her nose. Still heavy with the fumes Sally was knocked back by the strong anesthetic. She made some sneezing noises and was about to take the cloth away when Amber leapt into the attack.

Quickly she swung from her side of the couch and climb on top of Sally while placing both her hands over Sally's and forcing the athlete to bring the chloroform up against her own face! Sally screamed into the cloth as she took in the fumes. Amber smirked.

"You think I don't know what was going on? Please Sally you thought you girls could play sleepy without me?" Amber told Sally. She pinned Sally to the couch straddling her with her legs and hold her down with one arm just under Sally's sports-bra. The other she used to keep Sally's hand holding the chloroform over the volleyball player's face. Amber was excited as Sally's struggles weakened and her eyes began to blink with increasing slowness, as she tried to stay awake. Sally was ready to give into the chloroform when suddenly Amber removed her hand. Without the redhead's grip Sally couldn't hold the cloth to her face, it along with her hand fell into her lap.

"Oh no you're not going out yet." Amber told the almost unconscious girl in spandex. Taking the chloroform cloth from Sally, Amber got off her and walked out of sight.

Sally lay on the couch, slowly taking in fresh air. Her breaths were quick as she tried to recover her strength. An attempt to raise her body off the couch failed with her barely getting her back off it. Collapsing into the couch Sally felt even weaker. All she could do was try and rest and summon some energy before Amber returned. The redhead came back holding a couple pairs of pantyhose and tights.

"Now let's get you secure." Amber told her barely awake roommate. She took some pantyhose and tied it around Sally's ankles and wrists. The tight bonds would have been trouble even if Sally had been fully awake and able to summon her strength. Once she was done with that Amber pulled off her hoddie. She was wearing a tight t-shirt.

"Alright one last thing." Amber revealed the chloroform handkerchief again. Playing with it she told Sally, "Not much on this but enough to knock you out real slow. After all I would like you to have as much fun as I, at least until your out."

Amber took her last pair of tights and the cloth. She put the cloth over Sally's face and then tied the tights around her head. The girl moaned slightly breathing in the chloroform again. Her eyes were half open but Sally was able to watch as Amber slipped out of her skirt and shirt. Standing there in her black tights and matching underwear the red head climbed back on her. She began kissing Sally on the back of her neck while a hand went towards Sally's spandex shorts.

Sally was slowly slipping into unconscious but loving the attention she was getting especially after Amber's hand went under her shorts. She was almost out when Amber's attention stopped and her body slumped forward onto Sally. The redhead was moved off Sally and into a spot right next to on the couch. Amber was out cold. Through her blurred vision Sally could see Jenny and Christine standing over them.

"So who would like to start with?" Jenny asked.

Christine answered, "Amber, I'd love to pull those tights off."

"Sounds good. Oh looks like Sally is still up. Let's take care of that." Jenny was holding a blackjack. She had used a swift quick blow to knock Amber out. Now she delivered a lighter one to Sally's temple. The tap knocked out the athlete at once. Jenny removed the chloroform and tights holding it in place. She placed a kiss on Sally's lips.

Finally she'd get to relax.
Credit to: Chlorofan05

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