Sleepy Roommates 1

Elizabeth 8:14 PM

Sleepy Roomates.

Jenny was enjoying her night off. Working as a nurse was a draining career and the good looking blonde needed some downtime. She was wearing a blue t-shirt with tight fitting jeans and white socks. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. All Jenny had planned for the night was to sit back, relax, and watch a movie. Unlike her roommates who would be going in and out all night. All except for one.

“Hey Jenny.” Christine a tall dark haired actress and one of Jenny's roommates took a seat next to Jenny on the couch.

The blonde smiled, “Hi, I’m going to watch a movie you’re welcome to join me.”

“Thanks.” Christine answered, “You thirsty?”

“Sure, I’ll take a juice if you don't mind.” Jenny replied.

Christine got off the couch. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap tank top and black yoga pants. Barefooted she entered the kitchen and went to the fridge. Christine pulled out the juice and some glasses. A quick glance showed that Jenny was focused on the TV and starting the movie. Seeing that the coast was clear the dark haired lady reached into a cabinet drawer and removed a small package. Inside the bag was a fine white powder. Christine opened it up and poured the contents into Jenny’s drink. Using a spoon she then mixed the stuff into the juice, Jenny would be none the wiser.

“Here we go, what did you pick?” Christine asked as she came back into the room.

“That new horror flick.”

Christine handed Jenny the drugged drink. Jenny took it and immediate took a sip, “Ah that hits the spot.”

Jenny continued to drink as the opening credits rolled and the first unsuspecting coed was captured by the movie’s villain. They watched as she was chloroformed and then carried away. Christine could see Jenny was getting pretty drowsy, “You’re not falling asleep, are you?”

“I…don’t know what's come over me…I’m just so tired all…the sudden.” Jenny said she was having troubling focusing. She settled more into the couch. Her eyes were getting heavy. Christine slid closer, enjoying the show as the blonde slipped deeper into unconsciousness.

“Just lay your head on my shoulder, relax.” Christine offered. Jenny slid slowly over, as if the effort took all her strength. When she was up against Christine her head came to a rest on the black haired girl’s shoulder. Jenny leaned against her roommate on the couch who saw that the girl was almost out.

“Thanks…” she said her voice a bare hint above a whisper. Christine kissed Jenny on the forehead.

“No thank you.” Christine said as Jenny fell into a deep sleep. She eased Jenny’s head off her shoulder and into her lap. When Jenny was in place, Christine leaned forward and kissed her friend on the lips. She held the kiss for a few moments before ending it with a satisfying, “ah…”

Christine next felt up her roommate’s breasts through her t-shirt. Exploring the round soft mounds was great. However it was not the same as with the shirt off, Christine thought. She removed Jenny’s shirt and tossed it aside. The blonde was wearing a bright red bra under the t-shirt. Christine then decided, “You look a little odd with just your bra, let’s get these jeans off.”

She got off the couch resting Jenny comfortably as she did so. Then Christine unbuttoned and unzipped the tight jeans her friend was wearing. Despite how well they showed off Jenny’s behind and legs, they came off easily. Dropping them on the floor Christine admired Jenny’s matching panties. Excited by the sight of Jenny’s body she began kissing her, starting with the blonde’s neck. Working her way down Christine loved every minute of it lost in the experience.

“Hmm I think I’m the one who's overdressed now.” Christine told the sleeping Jenny.

Standing she took off her yoga pants and dropped them right on top of Jenny’s jeans. The tall dark haired beauty wore blue panties in a flowery pattern. She was about to take off her tank top when suddenly an arm wrapped around her waist.

“What the…MMPMH!” Christine cried out as a white cloth was forced over her face. It was soaked in chloroform which quickly went to work on the woman. Christine struggled in her assailant’s grip but found it impossible to escape. The arm wrapped around her stomach was a strong athletic woman’s, same for the hand that kept the chloroform over her nose and mouth. Whoever was attacking her was stronger than her. The actress's efforts to break free merely sped up Christine’s defeat. She sucked in more of the anesthetic with her ragged breaths weakening her.

Her arms fell to her sides, and Christine’s eyes began to flutter. While her hand hung limply in space it brushed up against the attacker’s butt. She could feel tight material, spandex. It was then Christine realized who was knocking her out.

“That’s it just breathe deep.” Sally told her roommate. The athletic brunette had just come back from volleyball practice so she was still in her butt covering spandex shorts and jersey. Christine had been so involved in her sleepy fun with Jenny she didn’t notice Sally enter then take off her sneakers, sneak into her room to get the chloroform, and then come from behind and give Christine the sleepy facial.

Sally enjoyed the feeling as Christine’s breaths became more regular and she sank deeper into the volleyball player’s arms. Carefully she lowered the black haired beauty to the floor. Christine went out during the journey to the ground. Sally removed the cloth and was thrilled by the sight of Christine’s head titled to the side mouth slightly open. Knelling next to Christine she lowered her head and kissed the girl’s forehead.

“Sleep tight.”

Jenny moaned as she was slowly coming to. The blonde was still mostly out so she couldn’t open her eyes or move much. Sally wanted to make sure that Jenny stayed out. She took the chloroform and placed it over Jenny’s mouth. She listened as Jenny took a few breaths and then sighed as the chloroform sent her back into dream land. With both her roommates out Sally stood up. She pulled off her jersey and tossed it aside. Standing over the sleeping beauties in her black spandex and matching sports-bra she smiled.

“Now for some fun.”

To be continue....

Credit to: Chlorofan05

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