Beauty Salon: Part 1, 2 & 3

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Part 1 “Amy”
Alison looked at the clock as fantasies raced through her mind. It was just after 11 AM. The shop would close for lunch at noon. The next appointment wasn’t until 2PM. That appointment was the main focus of Alison’s mental dilemma! It was Mandy, a young model that she lusted for. Mandy had the longest, thickest, and shiniest hair she had ever seen. Mandy was a brunette about 5 feet 5 and slender. Her breasts were well rounded and her eyes were a deep blue.

It was Mandy’s thick and beyond waist length hair, and oh yes her legs that were giving Alison fits. Mandy always wore sheer dark hose and black patent thigh high boots that covered all too much of her legs. Alison needed a way to get Mandy’s boots and hose off and see those legs up close. The shop did hair only though, so there was no easy way to do this.

Alison and her new partner Amy ran a new and upcoming salon. They only did hair by appointment and only had a small number of clients so far. Alison was 30 years old and used to be a pantyhose model. Her legs and feet were exceptional. Her beasts were small though, and that limited her to leg modeling work. She had dark hair and brown eyes.

Amy was in her mid 20’s and was only 5 feet 2. She had long, thick, black hair and green eyes. She had large breasts and also had legs that turned heads. Alison also had her eye on Amy as well. Several times Alison had done Amy’s hair. Alison was holding Amy’s head in her hands and shampooing her long hair. The suds were everywhere. She lovingly ran her hands through Amy’s hair and suds for a little too long. Amy balked at the time it was taking and she had to stop and rinse her.

As Alison dried Amy’s shiny hair, she was looking at her legs. Both Alison and Amy wore black, soft leather, spike heeled boots. They were below calf in length and zipped up the side. From just above where the boots left off and the short protective cape’s bottom began, Alison could see Amy’s legs through her sheer and silky black hose. Alison was lifting the cape up and unzipping Amy’s boots and slipping them off in her mind each time she did her hair.

Allison would always end up with Amy’s hair dry, down, and slightly below shoulder length. She hated the next part. She had to bundle it up in an upswept do. Alison loved to see Amy with her hair down like this. Both Alison and Amy wore their hair in upswept dos since it was good for business. The “slutty” upswept hair, along with tight short skirts, and short spike heeled boots was all the rage among the clients they had.

Alison liked men and had a steady boyfriend. It was a close kept secret that she also liked women. The salon gave her a chance to be with attractive young women up close, but that was no longer enough. Every time she had a woman in the chair, she imagined her unconscious. Yes, that way she could live out her fantasies in secret. But there were hurdles to cross. How to do it, and also what about Amy? Would she go along? Alison sensed that Amy also liked women. Perhaps she could be seduced into it somehow.

The unconscious part could be arranged. She had already given that much thought. Alison had considered roofies, but that would knock the woman out for 5 or 6 hours. It would also take too long for them to take effect. No, chloroform was the answer. It worked quickly, and didn’t last too long.

Alison had duped her boyfriend into getting her the chloroform for bedroom play. She had him pour it on a small cloth and put her under. As she faded into unconsciousness the first time, she fantasized about putting a woman to sleep in the salon chair! Not just any woman either! It had been Mandy in her fantasy all along.

Now the bottle of chloroform was in the cabinet with the shampoos and conditioners next to Alison’s chair and work station. Alison desperately wanted to put Mandy under in the chair and have her way with her. They would be alone in the shop and all else was in place. All but Amy, that is.

Alison suddenly had an idea! She had several hours until Mandy got there. She would try things out on Amy!

“Why don’t we close for lunch early, and I’ll do your hair?” Alison asked out of nowhere. Amy paused and said,

“That’s a great idea! My hair is a mess.”

“Let the games begin!” Alison thought to herself as Amy took her place in the chair. Once Amy was seated, Alison positioned the cape around her and snapped it around her tiny neck.

Amy was all smiles as she relaxed in the chair. Alison went to the shop door and placed the “out to lunch” sign in place. Then she pulled down the shade so nobody could see inside.

Amy lowered her head back into the basin, as Alison reclined the chair. Once Amy’s head was well soaked with warm water, Alison applied the shampoo. She put much more on than normal and made a huge lather.

Amy sat in mini ecstasy as Alison’s skilled hands massaged her scalp and washed her hair. Finally Allison was finished and said that she would try a new conditioner on her. Amy smiled and said,

“OK; go right ahead.”

Alison slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured a generous amount into Amy’s sudsy hair and made sure that the chloroform soaked portion was over her face in front of her nose and mouth.

“Close your eyes, this stuff may burn them.” Alison warned her unwitting prey.

“I already have them closed.” Amy said. “That conditioner smells sweet compared to our others, but strong though.”

“It’s already making your hair extra shiny” Allison said as she worked the chloroform into the suds. She carefully kept that portion of Amy’s hair away from herself and over Amy’s face so it could work its magic.

Amy was suddenly feeling lightheaded and dreamy. She couldn’t open her eyes yet since she had not been rinsed yet. Amy said to Alison,

“You better rinse me now; the odor of that stuff is making me diz…”

Suddenly Amy fell silent. Her head was now limp in Alison’s hands. Alison’s heart was pounding in the excitement! She quickly rinsed Amy’s silky hair and wrapped a towel around it. Then she took a small towel and poured some chloroform on it. She held this over Amy’s nose and mouth for over a minute to keep her out for at least an hour.

Alison raised the chair away from the sink and pulled off the cape. Then she got on her knees and slowly unzipped both of Amy’s boots. They slipped off easily, once undone. Alison caressed Amy’s stocking legs and feet for some time. Then she turned her attention to Amy’s head.

Alison removed the towel and started the blow dryer. She rested Amy’s very limp head against the back of the chair and slowly dried her hair. Once it was dry and fluffy, she left it down. Then she stepped back to admire her unconscious partner.

Oh yes, it was everything that Alison had dreamed about and then some! Amy was totally limp in the chair with her eyes closed and her mouth part way open. Her boots were off, but Alison still needed more excitement. She slowly began undoing the small buttons on Amy’s white blouse. When they were all undone, she pulled the blouse out from Amy’s skirt and slipped it off of her.

Amy’s white and frilly bra was visible now. One of her shoulder straps was already partly off of her tiny shoulder. Alison pushed it down the rest of the way and did the same to her other shoulder strap. Then she pulled Amy’s limp body away from the chair back and unsnapped the bra.

Alison was in awe as Amy’s huge and well rounded breasts flew free. She tossed the bra aside and fondled the now nude breasts. They were firm and for sure they were real! Alison tasted both her tiny nipples. Then she adjusted Amy’s sprawled and shiny hair so that it was touching the tops of her breasts. That gave her a nice sultry look Alison thought to herself. Then she finally replaced Amy’s bra and blouse and repositioned her in the chair. Alison knelt down and played with Amy’s legs one last time before she replaced Amy’s boots. Finally she replaced the cape and put Amy’s hair up the normal way and left her in the chair sleeping peacefully.

Amy woke up suddenly and felt a little woozy. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she noticed that her eyes were out of focus at first. Then she slowly returned to normal and could see the beautiful job Alison had done on her hair. Alison was standing behind her.

Then Amy noticed the clock on the wall.

“My God, I’ve been asleep for nearly 2 hours!” she remarked. “What was in that conditioner anyway?”

Alison decided to take a chance now.

“It wasn’t conditioner, it was chloroform.” Alison admitted as she held her breath awaiting the dreaded outcome.

“That felt really cool and I don’t remember anything that happened after you lathered me!” Amy said. “We could use that on the customers and have some fun.”

“Use it on the customers?” Alison asked. “What kind of fun did you have in mind?”

“You know; we could undress them, explore then, and maybe take some interesting photos.” Amy replied.

Alison was a little taken aback, but not all that surprised since she had long suspected that Amy liked women. Then she said,

“We have Mandy coming in today. How would you feel about trying it out on her?” Allison asked.

“Wow, Mandy’s really hot! Let’s do it,” Amy answered eagerly.

Yes, everything was in place now, including Amy. Alison could not wait for 2 PM to roll around!

Part 2 “Mandy”

Mandy arrived at the shop a few minutes early. As she walked inside, the heels of her shiny and squeaky black patent leather boots clicked along the salon’s floor. Mandy’s ultra long hair was darker than usual and a little oily. It was normally a shiny brown. It was below her waist by several inches, but she didn’t want it cut. Only the shampoo and blow dry were to be done today.

Alison escorted Mandy to her chair and placed the cape around her. Amy stood by watching and not knowing what to say or do. Mandy was dressed as usual. A tight blouse and a very short denim mini skirt. Her boots came to her thighs and only a slight amount of her nude hose could be seen.

Alison ran the water to get the temperature right and gently lowered Mandy’s head into the sink to get it wet. The huge amount of hair overwhelmed the small sink and required an awful lot of shampoo. “The more suds the better,” Alison thought to herself as she began her work.

Mandy sat happily as Alison’s skilled hands gently and lovingly washed her hair and massaged her scalp. Mandy was a little worried about the extreme thickness of Mandy’s hair though. She would have to apply the chloroform carefully so that enough would be close to Mandy’s nose and mouth.

Alison had her gloves on and was ready to apply the “so called” conditioner now. She held some of Mandy’s hair up over forehead and applied the chloroform carefully. Then she lowered that part of Mandy’s hair and let it hang over her face.

Mandy suddenly sensed that something was wrong. The conditioner was usually put on her after the rinse and not mixed in with this much lather. She started to complain and pushed her hair away from her face to do it.

Amy had seen that the plan was going south and jumped into action. She grabbed some of Mandy’s long hair and forced it back in front of her face. The suds were now in Mandy’s eyes and she started to complain and ask what was going on. When she didn’t hear any logical explanation, Mandy started to thrash around in the chair.

Alison had not been idle. She had soaked a small hand towel in chloroform and asked Mandy to calm down. She pretended that the towel was to wipe the shampoo off of Mandy’s face and out of her eyes.

Mandy stopped struggling and allowed Alison to wipe her face. Just as her face was free from the shampoo though, Alison suddenly held the cloth tightly over Mandy’s nose and mouth. Once again Mandy umpped and started to struggle. Alison held the cloth tightly in place. Mandy’s hands were under the cape and not of much use. Her eyes stung badly and she could not open them. Her struggle was all in vain.

Mandy was weakening now. She still couldn’t open her badly stinging eyes and was feeling light headed. All she had been able to breathe with all the suds around her was the chloroform. Then there was the chloroform on the towel.

Alison and Amy watched in excitement as Mandy started to melt in the chair. Her arms relaxed and her choking and umpping noises had stopped. Finally Mandy’s head was delightfully limp in Alison’s hands.

Alison wasn’t taking any chances. She held the chloroform soaked towel over Mandy’s beautiful face for nearly 2 minutes. Then she finally pulled it away. Mandy was as limp as a rag doll now, and Alison and Amy began rinsing her hair and cleaning up the mess from all the excess shampoo.

When they were done, Alison moved the chair to a more upright position and both she and Amy switched on blow driers and started the long task of drying all of Mandy’s hair. As Mandy’s hair dried and became its ever shiny brown, both of them ran their fingers through it and admired the smooth texture.

The driers were put away now and Mandy’s hair was finished. Now it was Amy and Alison’s turn for some fun! Alison knelt down and slowly unzipped one of Mandy’s boots. It was a long unzip from way up her thigh down to her foot. Finally there was the squeak of the patent leather boot being slipped off.

Alison now turned her attention to the other boot. Once it was off, she stepped back and admired Mandy’s awesome legs. To Alison’s surprise, Amy dropped to her knees and began massaging and worshiping Mandy’s stocking feet.

“This is going to be easier than I thought.” Alison thought to herself as she stood up and focused on Mandy’s slightly open mouth. As Amy was engrossed in nylon delight, Alison gently kissed Mandy’s open mouth. She was soon carried away and pulled Mandy’s jaw down and fully opened her limp and helpless mouth. Then she continued the open mouth soul kiss and probed deeply with her tongue.

Alison had always wondered why men always did this in passion. Now she knew! It was deliciously sweet to get that deep and close to a woman! Amy had not been idle. She had unzipped Mandy’s mini skirt and was pulling it down her long slender legs. Once Amy had the skirt off, she tossed it on the floor and began to pull off Mandy’s sheer pantyhose.

Alison had moved on and was unbuttoning Mandy’s blouse. That slipped off quickly and easily. Now Mandy was a breathtaking delight in her pink bra and panties set. Alison positioned Mandy’s limp head against the back of the chair just so and moved her hair around. Then Amy began taking pictures.

Amy put down the camera and reached behind Mandy’s neck and pulled her slightly away from the chair. Then with her free hand she reached behind Mandy’s back and unsnapped her bra. Mandy’s firm and pointed breasts popped out of the slightly too small cups and were a huge excitement for both of them! Amy finished removing the bra and tossed it on the floor with Mandy’s other clothes.

Alison was soon at work placing Mandy’s long hair around her nude breasts. Amy had other ideas and was pulling Mandy’s tiny panties down and off. Finally both Amy and Alison were satisfied. Mandy was limp and naked in the chair and her hair was sprawled around her like Lady Godiva’s! They took picture after picture.

Alison soaked the towel with more chloroform and once again held it over Mandy’s nose and mouth. After about a minute she pulled it away. Then both Amy and Alison began the task of re-dressing her. Finally Mandy was fully dressed and sleeping peacefully in the chair. Both girls watched her sleep and wondered what would happen when she woke up.

Mandy would doubtless complain! What would they say? How would they handle her? Both were past caring. They had both tasted their fantasy on the reality side of the line and were hooked. They would just have to wing it when Mandy woke up. After all, they could always chloroform Mandy back to sleep again, and again, and again if necessary.

Beauty Salon Part 3

Mandy was moving her lips and showing signs of waking up. Amy and Alison waited to see what would happen next. This time it was Amy that was getting the small white towel and chloroform ready just in case.

As Mandy finally opened her eyes, she could see her own fuzzy image in the mirror. As her vision came into focus, she could see the beautiful job that Alison had done on her hair. The sting in her eyes was gone, and all the shampoo had been cleaned up.

“I’m sorry the new conditioner we used made you cough and burned your eyes.” Allison told her, while holding her breath and dreading the outcome!

“New conditioner my ass!” Mandy snarled. “That was chloroform! A perv of a photographer put me under with that stuff when I first started modeling. At least he told me what he was going to do and paid me well. He also did it gently and didn’t use force like you two!”

Alison and Amy were shocked and didn’t know what to say. They started apologizing to Mandy.

“You know I could call the police and turn you two in.” Mandy said.

“What would it take for you to forget about this?” Amy asked.

“Well; let me think.” Mandy answered. “How about giving me a chance to experiment with the chloroform?”

“Sure; whatever you like.” Amy said handing Mandy the bottle of chloroform and the small towel.

Mandy told Alison to sit in her chair. As Mandy poured the chloroform, she held the bottle nearly a foot above the towel and Alison could see the stream pouring out onto the towel through the air.

“You don’t need to use that much!” Alison gasped.

Mandy placed the well soaked towel over Alison’s nose and mouth and held it gently. Alison didn’t dare struggle. She inhaled normally, just as she had with her boyfriend. Because of the huge amount Mandy had used, the room started spinning quickly and Alison’s eyes soon began to lose focus.

Mandy watched Alison’s eyes as they took on a glazed look. Then she noticed her eyes go into a rapid flutter. The flutter was cool looking, but rather brief. Alison’s eyes suddenly rolled upwards and gently closed, as her arms went slack and her head went limp.

Mandy was tingling all over with excitement. The rush of now having total control over a beautiful woman was awesome! She continued to hold the cloth on Alison for over a minute. Finally she pulled it away and put it down.

Amy was also very excited watching Alison being put to sleep. Then she was given instructions from Mandy.

“Take off her boots.” Mandy ordered.

Amy knelt down and gently unzipped Alison’s boots and slipped them off.

“Now kiss and worship her stocking feet.” Mandy commanded.

Amy had no choice but to comply. It was hardly punishment! Amy had been hot for Alison’s legs and feet from the beginning. After all, Alison had been a pantyhose model!

While Amy enjoyed her nylon fantasy, Mandy was busy unbuttoning Alison’s blouse. She had it off within a minute and also unhooked and removed Alison’s black lace bra. Alison was topless in the chair with her limp head resting on the back rest.

Mandy stood back a few feet to admire her prize. She was not used to seeing a woman with such small breasts topless. Alison’s tiny boobs pointed straight out and had no sag at all. The nipples were also small and perfectly round. Mandy bent over and sucked on each of them. They became erect and pointed almost instantly when stimulated.

“OK; time for you to take off her skirt.” Mandy ordered.

Amy complied once again and slipped Alison’s short skirt over her tiny hips and slender legs. Once it was off, Amy tossed it on the floor. Without Mandy asking, Amy removed Alison’s pantyhose next. When Amy reached to pull down Alison’s tiny black lace panties, Mandy stopped her.

“I’ll take care of those!” Mandy said.

Mandy slowly slipped off the tiny panties and sniffed them. Then she put them on the work station table. Alison was naked and totally helpless now. Just the way Mandy wanted her.

“Take off your skirt and blouse and sit in the chair next to her.” Mandy ordered.

Amy complied and quickly unhooked and unzipped her skirt first. It fell to the floor instantly. Then Amy slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. After her blouse hit the floor, Amy sat in the chair.

Amy knew that Mandy was going to put her under now. She was a little disappointed that she would miss what would happen from now on, but still she was excited about being clothed by such a hot woman!

Mandy had the chloroform bottle in her hand again, but she wasn’t about to use the towel this time. Instead she picked up Alison’s panties and began to totally saturate them with the chloroform!

“My God; I’m going to be out for hours!” Amy thought to herself as she shuddered over how much chloroform Mandy was pouring on the tiny panties.

Amy didn’t dare resist though, as Mandy held the soaked panties over her nose and mouth. The panties didn’t absorb like the towel, and the dose was overwhelming! Amy’s head was spinning and her ears were ringing almost immediately.

Mandy watched Amy’s sultry green eyes carefully. They soon had the flutter that she had begun to crave. Then Amy’s now drug glazed eyes suddenly rolled up and closed. Mandy held the panties there for nearly 2 minutes this time. Then she held them over Alison’s nose and mouth for a minute as well. Finally when she was satisfied that both women would be out for some time, Mandy put the panties back on the table.

Mandy knelt down and unzipped Amy’s boots. They slipped off easily and revealed her silky hose. Mandy enjoyed the hose for several minutes before she removed those as well. Then she stood up and admired Amy in just her bra and panties.

Eventually Mandy pulled Amy’s limp body forward and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Her huge boobs flew out and amazed Mandy. Mandy tossed the bra aside and slowly removed Amy’s panties. Afterwards she placed them on the table next to Alison’s.

Mandy now played with each of her sleeping and naked companions for some time. Then she soaked Amy’s panties with chloroform. She held them on each of the women for over a minute again. Then she sat in another chair and slowly and sensually removed her own boots. Once they were off, she held the chloroform soaked panties over her own nose and mouth with her left hand. Then with her right hand she began unbuttoning her blouse. One button, two buttons, three buttons, four buttons, five buttons, and six….

Alas, Mandy passed out with her fingers still on the last button. Her left arm then fell limp and Amy’s panties fell on the floor. Mandy’s thick waist length hair sprawled as her head fell limp to the side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was half open.

Credit to: C.BisCuit

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