The Perfect Couple

Elizabeth 11:45 PM

Rob and Jennifer Prowler were the perfect team. They had been married for 3 years now. Rob was 27 and about 6 feet 2. He had long, sandy blonde hair and a well rippled body. He also had blue “bedroom” eyes and a way with women. Jennifer was 25 and about 5 feet 4 with shiny brown hair and also had blue eyes. Her breasts were fairly large and well formed. He legs turned heads everywhere she went, and she always wore short skirts or shorts to show them off.

It was the end of summer, and both were wearing t shirts and sneakers. Rob wore long pants and Jen was in shorts. Jen was also was braless tonight as a special treat for Rob. She owed him that much. Much of tonight’s caper was all her idea and fantasy. Rob was a little uneasy with it, since they didn’t usually take such risks, especially this close to home.

Normally they traveled for their escapades, but tonight they were only 12 miles from home. Tonight’s objective was a home invasion. Jen had met a hot looking mid 20’s lesbian couple in the bar where she used to work. Both girls were models. They lived alone and would be vulnerable now. She trembled with excitement as they approached the house. They had left their car several blocks away, and were approaching the back window of the house on foot.

It was about one AM and the girls would be upstairs in bed asleep. The weather that evening had been beautiful, and everyone had their windows open to enjoy it. Rob cut the screen that was covering the half way open kitchen window, and once that was out of the way, he opened the window fully. Then he easily lifted Jen up so she could climb inside. Once she was inside the house, Jen quietly closed the widow part of the way and walked to the back door and let Rob inside. All was quiet and the lights in the house were off. They went to the living room sofa and sat down.

The street light shining through the large front window provided just enough illumination for them to make preparations. Rob opened his small back pack and got the bottle of chloroform ready. Then he took 2 small folded cloths out of his pocket. The plan called for Rob and Jen to sneak into the bedroom as the girls slept, and each would put one of the girls under with a soaked cloth.

Jennifer had a sleepy fetish that wouldn’t quit! It had started when she was a teen and had escalated since she met Rob. She also lusted for adventure and risk. Rob was more the quiet and cautious predator. This was sometimes a bone of contention between them. Tonight was one of those times. As Rob started to soak the first cloth, Jen was suddenly incredibly hot!

He couldn’t see the gleam in her eyes in the dimly lit room room, but he heard the excitement in her hoarse whisper clearly. “Before we go upstairs, why don’t you put me under right here on the sofa?” Rob’s answer was as she predicted.

“Are you crazy!” he whispered loudly. Then she sweet talked him, “You could pull the cloth away the second I’m under, and you can strip me naked and tie me up while I’m out too.”

That part intrigued him! He soaked the cloth thoroughly and held it over her nose and mouth. Jennifer felt a rush as never before as she deeply inhaled the potent fumes. First there was the excitement of the unlikely place and the danger. Then there was the anticipation of waking up bound and naked on a strange sofa. Her almost non existent fear quickly turned to euphoria as the chloroform did its work sedating her.

Rob was disappointed that he could not watch her eyes. He would feel her go limp though. That would have to be enough this time. After about a minute her body crumpled gently in his arms as expected. He held the cloth there for a few extra seconds after she was out anyway. Then he laid her limp body on the sofa.

Bob quickly untied and unlaced Jen’s sneakers. He would need the laces to tie her hands. Then he easily slipped the totally loose sneakers off. Her beautiful legs and feet were bare now. He lifted her up from under the shoulders and slipped her t shirt over her head. Then he put her down and unhooked and unzipped her shorts. They slipped down over her tiny hips easily. After they were off, he slipped off her sheer and very skimpy panties.

Rob turned Jennifer’s limp and nude body over and used her sneaker laces to tie her hands securely behind her back. The he lifted her up into a sitting position and rested her head against the back of the sofa. He sat next to her on the sofa with one arm around her shoulders, and fondled her awesome breasts with his free hand. Rob seemed to be getting into the excitement of it all as well. Having Jen knocked out, naked, bound, and totally helpless in a house they had broken into was at least something different anyway!

Suddenly Rob heard a noise form upstairs. One of the girls was up and apparently going to the bathroom! Rob held his totally limp wife in his arms and remained calm and quiet. Then he held the still wet cloth on her again for about 15 seconds. He didn’t want her waking up suddenly and making a noise now! It was safer to keep her deeply under for the time being. Her limp head rested on his shoulder as Rob silently waited. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Rob heard the toilet flush and footsteps. Now all was quiet again. He remained still and gave the girl upstairs a chance to fall back to sleep.

Jennifer was starting to stir about 20 minutes later. To Rob it had seemed like hours! He held his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet since she might forget where she was. Now she was awake and struggling in his arms. He kissed her gently to calm her down. Then she pulled away from him and struggled in her bonds for a minute or so. She was still pretty worked up over the excitement of it all! Then Rob quickly untied her hands.

Rob re-laced the sneakers while Jen put the rest of her clothes on. After that, she put her sneakers back on and re-tied them. She complimented him for being so resourceful and using her laces. They hadn’t brought any bondage stuff with them this time, and she wondered what he would use to bind her for her wake up.

Rob heavily soaked both cloths, handed Jen hers, and they quietly proceeded upstairs. Rob kept hold of his petite wife as they climbed the steps, since she was still a little shaky from the chloroform. When they reached the bedroom, the door was open. Luckily the girls were sleeping on opposite sides of the double bed. Rob and Jen split up, and each assumed their planned positions. Rob would give the nod to strike any minute.

By luck, Jen was on Megan’s side of the bed. Megan was the smaller and weaker of the two girls. Megan was just over 5 feet tall and weighed in at about 90 pounds. She had long silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Her body was slim and petite in every way including her small breasts. She was a cover girl model for a cosmetics company.

Rob was poised over Lisa. Lisa had long raven black hair and green eyes. She was about 5 feet 6 and weighed in at about 110. She modeled pantyhose and underwear for a catalog operation. Her breasts were larger than Megan’s, but not huge. Her legs were her major asset.

After what seemed like an eternity to Jen, Rob finally gave the nod to let the games begin. Both had their cloths tightly over the girls’ noses and mouths almost instantly. Megan gave a muffled cry and started to thrash around. Jen had no trouble holding her tiny body down though. Lisa barely even woke up however. Rob was a little disappointed that she didn’t struggle more. The room was too dark to see their eyes.

Suddenly Rob got the struggle he was expecting! Lisa came to life without warning and started to thrash around like a wildcat. He held her firmly and kept the cloth in place. Rob applied pressure to Lisa’s stomach to force her to breathe. That did the trick. After about 30 seconds, her arms seemed to lose all their strength and she was inhaling deeply like she was out of breath. 20 seconds later she was totally out.

After about a minute, Megan relaxed and went limp. Jen held the cloth on her for about 20 seconds to be sure though. Lisa was finally out now too. Rob held the cloth on her a little longer as well. Suddenly Jen hit the light switch. The room was as bright as day now. Jen eagerly yanked back the covers to expose their prey.

Both Jen and Rob were awestruck when they finally saw the unconscious girls! Megan was in a short and very sheer red teddy. Lisa was in a long sheer light blue nightgown. Jen went to Lisa and pulled her nightgown straps off her shoulders. Then she shifted the gown down and exposed her breasts. They were perfectly formed with large nipples. They looked smaller than they actually were, since she was lying on her back.

Rob picked up Megan and held her in cradle carry position. Her long silky hair was sprawling from her beautiful, but totally limp head. She looked like a living doll. Rob put Megan on top of Lisa and prepared to take some photos. As he pulled the camera out of his back pack, Jen put the girls’ arms in suggestive positions.

After about 10 minutes Jennifer removed Megan’s teddy first. Then she carefully laid her on the bed and went over to Lisa. She slowly pulled Lisa’s nightgown off and tossed it aside as well. Now the photo session was repeated with the girls’ naked on the bed. Rob put them in every possible position as Jen snapped picture after picture.

Jen put down the camera and picked up her now dry cloth. Rob took out the chloroform and re-soaked it for her. Jen held the cloth on each of the girls for about half a minute. Then Jen began to get undressed herself. Rob watched and was aroused as he watched his naked wife climb onto the bed and mingle with the girls’ limp bodies.

Rob let Jennifer have her fun for nearly half an hour and then he soaked a cloth again. He held it on Lisa for nearly a minute and then turned it on Megan. When he was done, he suddenly held the cloth on Jennifer. Jen jumped back and said “Hey! What are you doing?” in cloth muffled words. Rob held the cloth fast.

Jennifer quit struggling in a few seconds and just went with it. She knew that once he was determined like this, there was no stopping him. Rob watched her baby blue eyes flutter rapidly and close this time. That’s what he missed downstairs. It just wasn’t the same without seeing her beautiful eyes flutter. As soon as Jen was out, Rob pulled the cloth away and lowered her to the bed.

Rob played with all 3 women and took photos for himself. Then he put Megan’s red teddy on Jen. It was a little small, but she looked awesome in it anyway.

About 15 minutes later Jen woke up. She smiled at Rob when she noticed she was in Megan’s teddy. She stood up and did a little dance and stripped it off slowly. Jen was slightly dizzy from the chloroform and that made the dance all the more erotic to Rob! As Jen got dressed, Rob gave each of the models more chloroform.

They left the girls unconscious on the bed, packed their things, and locked the back door on their way out. They walked to the car quickly and went home. As soon as the car was in motion, Jen drifted off to sleep. As Rob drove her home, she was dreaming about how they met.

Jennifer was a waitress in a bar. She wore a denim mini skirt, sheer nude pantyhose and brown leather boots. Her blouse was white and frilly. She noticed Rob right away and started watching and wanting him, but he pretty much ignored her.

Many women would hit on Rob in the bar. Each time he came in, he only seemed interested in a certain woman that didn’t pay any attention to him however. He would sit next to her and start talking. When she was distracted he would slip 2 roofies in her drink. When the girl became sedated, he would put his strong arm around her. She would invariably let her sleepy head fall on his shoulder. Then he would kiss her deeply for a few minutes and lead her out of the bar.

Jen watched in awe as some of the girls nearly passed out completely as he half carried them to his car. Rob would return the following week and do it all over again. Some girls asked Jen if she knew the guy that they left with the previous week. She said “No.” and that was in fact the truth! All each girl ever remembered was that he was a dreamy guy.

Jen was having fits! She wanted him to drug her and carry her off, but how could she make it happen? One night she was off the clock, felt lucky, and took a bold stand. Jen watched Rob put the usual 2 pills in a girl’s drink. This time the girl excused herself and went to the ladies room before drinking it though.

Jen took over the girl’s seat immediately. Rob told her politely that the seat was already taken. Jen said playfully that she didn’t see anyone in the seat. Rob pointed to the drink. Jen said “Oh thanks for the drink” and picked it up and started to sip from the glass. Rob told her that she had better be careful about drinking from a strange glass. She asked him “Why?” He told her that it could be drugged or something. Jen picked up the glass saying “In that case I better finish it so I get all of whatever is in it!”

Rob couldn’t believe she drank the whole glass. Most girls drank less than half of the glass and stopped when the drug took hold! Now he had a problem. She had just consumed 2 whole roofies! She would pass out completely in a few minutes and be out cold for at least 8 hours! He had no choice but to invite her to go home with him.

“I thought you’d never ask!” she said to his surprise. He took her arm and led her to his car. She was OK for now, but he knew she wouldn’t last much longer! He opened the door of his SUV and let her into the front seat. Then he closed the door and walked around and got into the car himself.

When he started the car she leaned over against him. He leaned over and kissed her gently. Then she asked him to take off her boots. Rob leaned over and unzipped her left boot slowly. He legs were awesome, and he was hot for her now. He slipped the boot off her tiny foot and proceeded to remove the other one.

Jen leaned back in the bucket seat in ecstasy as he removed her boots and set her tired feet free. The cool carpet on the SUV’s floor felt wonderful on her stocking feet. He was kissing her again now. She ran her hands through his thick long hair. Suddenly her head was spinning. He was calling the name that was on her blouse. “Jennifer…” That’s the last thing she remembered.

When she woke up, she was in his apartment and it was the next day. He was standing over her calling her name again. She looked up and smiled. She already knew his name. She pretty well had his number too!

Suddenly Jen woke up in the car. Rob was shaking her and saying that they were home. She looked at him sleepily and asked if he would carry her inside. He walked around to her side of the car and lifted her out gently. She was smiling, and her drugged and sleepy looking eyes looked particularly erotic to him as he cradle carried her inside in his strong arms.

He carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. Afterwards, he helped her undress. Once she was naked, he reached in his back pack and pulled out Megan’s red teddy. She smiled as she got up off the bed and put it on. He was pouring a small amount of chloroform into a dust mask now. She came closer and let him strap it in place over her nose and mouth. Then she did her little dance again.

She lasted about 2 minutes before he had to catch her to prevent her from falling down. He carefully lowered her onto the bed while watching her beautiful blue eyes flutter rapidly and gently close. Then he undressed so he could join her in bed. Before Rob got into the bed, he poured a little more chloroform on the mask under Jen’s nose. She would get a nice long rest now…

Author: CBiscuit

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