Two is Better Than One

Elizabeth 8:47 AM

Jennifer was hurrying up. The local college football team had beaten their across town rivals 24-21, a mere field goal saving the day. However Jen could care less about that at this point. She was the captain of the varsity cheerleaders. At 5’10 with an impressive but still modest chest and long blonde hair she was every boy’s dream at the school. Jen was in full uniform for the latest game, the blue and white top with Eagles across her chest, pleated skirt that showed off her silken thighs. The girls at the last minute decided to wear the new dancer tights they had bought so her legs were incased in the band new hosiery.

A glance at her watch caused her to swear. She was supposed to meet Daren in the next fifteen minutes outside the school. Jen needed to change for the night of partying the two planned on. First her sneakers went off, revealing her pantyhosed soles. Jen then went to work on opening her locker. Why she was flipping through the combo she didn’t notice the figure closing behind her.

Jen had gotten the last number and pulled up on the lock for the door, opening it she caught a glimpse of something in her mirror, but it was too late. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. A strong arm wrapped around her waist. Next she was pulled back and away from her locker. Jen opened her mouth to scream only to have a white cloth placed over her mouth and nose.

“MMPHHHP!!!!!” she screamed into the cloth. Her eyes rolled around in their sockets trying to see who was attacking her. A femmine hand kept the cloth over her face, an arm wearing tight black underarmor pinned Jen to her attacker. The cheer captain screamed and fought with all her strength. Her pantyhosed legs kicked and slipped over the cold tiled floor.
“Don’t’ fight it bitch!” her attacker snarled in Jen’s ear. For a moment Jen thought she could recognize the voice, however she was becoming sleepy.

Each breath she took was making her weaker. Her grip on the hand over her face loosened. Jen’s breathing became steadier, her eyes began to flutter. The attacker smiled and brought her lips to Jen’s ear.
“That’s right bitch, breathe it in. It’s a little thing called chloroform.” Her attacker slowly lowered Jen to the ground. The cheer captain however could care less; she was to out of it, on her way to dream land. With no need to pin Jen to her the attacker used her free arm to stroke the fallen cheerleader’s body.
“It’s going to make you nice and sleepy, just breathe…” Jen saw a pale face in black hair then…the attacker smiled as Jen’s eyes rolled close. She withdrew the cloth and saw Jen’s red lips still slightly open. Closing them she left her finger on them for a moment.
“Sleep tight princess.”

Amber stood up with a proud smile on her face. She was Daren’s girl. How dare that bastard cheat on me! She thought for a moment. Unlike Jen she attended the school’s rival. Amber was not the head of her cheer squad either but still looked as good as Jen in her uniform. A black and red top was worn over a black underarmor top. She had a pleated skirt and tan pantyhose on. When she had heard from one of her good girlfriends that Daren was seeing someone else she was so pissed she couldn’t think straight.

However after a while she calmed down and formed a plan. She quickly learned he was dating some blonde bimbo from his school. So one night while working in the hospital she stole some chloroform. The stuff had been used back before real knock drugs but it worked as advertised. Amber planned on finding the bitch, knocking her out then going to meet Daren. She smiled thinking of the look on his face. But she needed to hurry.

She picked up Jen under her arms and dragged the knocked out blonde over to a chair. Picking her up, Amber sat her down in the chair. Next she needed to get her ropes she was going to tie the bitch down with. Suddenly she could hear the sounds of more girls coming. It was the other squad. Damn it! Amber quickly picked up everything she had brought and pulled herself and Jen into a closet. Closing it and locking it, she waited for the girls to finish changing.

Amber however didn’t count on them taking twenty minutes to do it! Finally the last one had left and the coast was once again clear. Reopening the door she dragged her prey out and got back to business. Amber walked back into the room to retrieve her bag and begin tying up Jen. Except waiting inside the closet for a so long left her with another problem. ‘Okay bathroom break then tie her up!’ Amber thought running for one of the stalls.

While she was in the bathroom, Jen made her move. She had woken up sometime in the closet. Seeing Amber standing there she recognized the girl, Daren’s other lady! Now Jen was pissed, ‘he told me he dumped her!’

So Jen continued to fake sleep. Now she had a chance to get even. Quietly getting up she looked for that chloroform stuff Amber had used. After a quick search Jen found it in the brat’s bag. Taking out she figured it had to be put on something, however she didn’t see the cloth anywhere. A glare of something in Amber’s bag however got her attention. It was a shiny pair of dark grey tights covered with reflective stones. She smiled.

Amber exited the bathroom relived finally. Jen was still sitting their in her chair, arms limply behind her back. The chloroforming cheerleader smiled and walked over.
“Well blondie, time for a little restraint.”

As Amber closed Jen’s eyes opened up, “Oh for one of us it is!”

Amber was too shocked to react. Jen used that to her advantage, kicking out with her legs. The dark haired cheerleader fell to the ground. Moving to continue her attack Jen leapt off her chair and on top of Amber.
“Here let me help you relax!” Jen snickered as she brought the chloroform soaked nylons down over Amber’s face. With a look of horror Amber realized she was inhaling chloroform. Going on her only hope, Amber reached into her skirt waist band. There she found her chloroform rag. It was still damp but not as much as before. Willing herself she tired to hold her breath to prevent anymore of the weakening chloroform from entering her lungs.

Jen didn’t expect the white cloth to make a return. It landed on her face with prefect precision. Both of the struggling cheerleaders now had chloroform over their faces. Jen was the first to try and free herself. She reached down and tried to pull away Amber’s arm. However at almost the same time, Amber using her free arm tried to do the same. Now both girls were yanking on each other’s arms. Still the chloroform soaked nylons and handkerchief stayed in place.

Amber began to get a taste of her own medicine, she tired to hold her breath but it was useless. Taking a breath she smelled the sweet sticky fumes of chloroform. Her muscles began to weaken and Amber’s eyes showed her lethargy. Jen took was being weakened from the chloro; however her cloth held less of the substance than the pantyhose in her hand. While being put under it was much slower than Amber.

Both girls began to dip in their movements. Jen sank to the ground, however Amber was too tired to try and take advantage of it. Each cheerleader laid next to the other, nylon encased legs lying on top of each other’s. Their hands however did not move. Amber tried to fight the coming sleep but couldn’t. It wasn’t helped by the growing pleasure from her skirt. Under her undies and nylon, she was getting excited. As she went out, a sly smile was formed under her chloro pantyhose.

With Amber out, Jen smiled and finally pulled away. She was so tired however. The chloroform had weakened her once more. Crawling away she noticed someone in the room with them. It was Daren. He came over to her.
“Jen, honey what happened?”
“Your….stupid…bitch of…a girl…girlfriend attacked me!” she said her voice filled with exhaustion.
“Why are you so tried?”
“Stuff…called…chlorof….orm….put it over…my mouth.”
Daren looked at the shinny pantyhose over Amber’s face. They were his favorite, he loved it when Amber wore them, seeing her out like that…
“How did she do it?”
Jen was exhausted; she leaned up against a locker her arms and legs spilled out in front of her. She didn’t get the question, “What?”

Daren made sure that Amber was alright, she was sleeping soundly he picked up her crumpled tights. Turning back to Jen he knelled down in front of her.
“I asked, did she do it like this?” gently he placed the shinny material over her face. Jen managed to open her eyes in surprise. He smiled

“Sleep tight.”

Credits to; ChloroFan05

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