Maid To Please

Elizabeth 11:45 AM

Laura had a great job as a maid. She got to live in a fancy house, and had access to everything. She didn’t have much maid work to do either. The cooking was done by the kitchen staff and the laundry was sent out. The heavy cleaning was done by a service. All she had to do was change and make beds and move laundry around and tidy up.

Laura was 25 years old and had shiny brown hair. She was about 5 feet 3 and weighed about 110. Her eyes were green and her breasts were small and perky. Her legs were awesome, and the traditional French maid uniform she wore really showed them off. Her outfit barely covered her tight butt, and her sheer and shiny black pantyhose were visible from her high heeled black leather pumps to her panties.

The husband of the household was a doctor that worked irregular hours. The wife traveled alone a lot and was gone for weeks at a time. When both were out, Laura would wear the wife’s jewelry and clothes during the many days and nights she was alone upstairs in the fine home. Sometimes she would play in the couple’s bedroom. She would strip naked and put on the wife’s underwear or nightgowns. Then she would turn back the bed and lie on the fine silk sheets. She fantasized about being the wife, and having this home and all that went with it for her own.

Dr John had just finished a grueling 16 hour shift in the hospital. He was driving his Lexus towards home and couldn’t wait to hit the shower and go to bed. His wife wouldn’t be back for a few more days. That didn’t matter. He was too tired to do anything anyway. It was nearly 10 PM when he pushed the garage door remote and drove inside.

Inside the house as he was driving home. Laura was busy at play. She had stripped naked and gotten into the bed wearing a very expensive diamond necklace and a pair of the wife’s sheer black and very tiny panties. She was on her back on the smooth satin sheets letting her fantasies run wild. Suddenly Dr John walked into the room and was standing over her with a frown on his face.

John was shocked to find her in his bed with his wife’s underwear and jewelry on. To make matters worse she was supposed to be working too! Laura abruptly sat up. She was embarrassed and scared to death. She knew he would fire her. She would never work again as a maid either. She was also uncomfortable about being nearly naked in front of her boss!

Laura started apologizing and begging forgiveness. He calmly listened and then said that this could be their little secret, but only under a few conditions. As he spoke Laura only nodded. John opened up his bag and took out a needle. Then he ordered her to lie down on the bed.

Laura complied instantly. John leaned over and stuck the needle in her arm and injected its entire contents. Next he told her to lie on her back and relax. Then he asked her to remove the necklace and give it to him.

Laura was feeling lightheaded and dizzy as she handed it to him. She asked him what the shot was for. He told her that she would be taking a nap for 8 hours or so while he decided what to do about her. Then he asked for the panties. Laura started to slide them down, but as they got below her knees, she was starting to lose focus. She somehow managed to get them down to her ankles and even got them off one ankle before she passed out completely and fell limp on the bed.

John watched her eyes carefully as they went into rapid flutter. Soon after they rolled up and closed suddenly, and her pretty head fell limp to the side. She would be out for the night. He finished removing the tiny panties from her ankle and covered her with the sheet and blanket. Then he took a shower and crawled into bed himself. He went to sleep admiring her beautiful naked and helpless body next to him where his wife normally slept.

When John awoke nearly 7 hours later she was still completely out. He lifted her arm and dropped it. It was totally limp. He spread her legs and explored her. She was young and smelled sweet! Then he moved up and looked at her breasts. They were smaller than his wife’s, but were firmer. After all, she was 6 years younger than his wife.

John thought over the situation. His wife didn’t know about his sleepy fetish, and he didn’t want to risk telling her. Perhaps he would play sleepy games with Laura in exchange for keeping her secret. His wife went away often. He would have lots of chances to play with Laura. He waited for Laura to wake up. As he waited he went to a closet and picked up a few things and got dressed.

When Laura woke up, she was naked in the bed and he was standing over her. He asked her to get dressed in her maid outfit. As she dressed, he told her that he would forget about the incident. In fact he would actually let her wear some of his wife’s things and use the bed. There was a favor she must do for him though. Laura had a pretty good idea of what might be involved! She really didn’t care. She needed to keep her job.

As soon as she was dressed he told her to go about her duties. Sometime soon he would come up behind her and hold a cloth over her face. She was to whimper and struggle, but she would be overpowered and would pass out in about 30 seconds. Then he would carry her to the bedroom and have his way with her. Laura couldn’t get over the kinkiness of the whole thing. Still it was better than getting fired, and in a way it excited her.

After she was gone from the room for about 10 minutes, John opened a bottle of chloroform and soaked a white gauze pad with it. Then he slowly left the room and went to find her. It didn’t take long. She was in the second room he looked for her in. He stood just outside the door and waited for her to come out.

Laura had gotten so busy that she almost forgot what was about to happen. As she left the room, she was suddenly grabbed from behind. She felt the wet cloth over her nose and mouth and smelled a strong vapor like cleaning fluid. She choked a little, since she was startled, and then she shook her head back and forth and tried to shake the cloth off. It was hopeless and she was getting lightheaded and dizzy. After struggling to no avail, Laura finally relaxed and took a few deeper breaths to try and regain her composure. That’s the last thing she remembered.

John smiled as she went totally limp in his strong arms. He put the cloth in his pocket and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. Then he tossed her on her back on the bed. He straightened her hair and pulled a few hairs out of her half open mouth. Then he stepped back and admired his knocked out beauty in her awesome maid outfit.

He slowly removed her shoes and smelled inside them. After he put her shoes aside, he held up her stocking feet and stroked and smelled those up close too. Then he lowered her shapely legs to the bed and removed her maid outfit slowly. Finally he had to take off her silky hose. He did it ever so slowly and almost hated to do it. Once they were off her, he smelled them as well. Then he placed them on the bed next to her. He had to lift her up and hold her in a sitting position to unsnap her bra. Then he tossed that aside, and went to her panties. They were white, and larger than his wife’s that she wore earlier, but they were still sheer and sexy as he slid them off ever so slowly.

As he started to play with her naked body, she started to move. He took the cloth and held it on her gently this time. She didn’t struggle and was out again in about 20 seconds. The reaction in her eyes as she passed out was priceless. This time he held the cloth there longer after she was out. He wanted her out for at least an hour. When he finally pulled it away he checked her eyes. Yes she was deeply under. Just the way he wanted her.

He started with her feet and worked his way slowly up her shapely legs. Then he moved into a different position and looked closely at her breasts. He fondled them and sucked on her tiny nipples for a while. Then he moved her beautiful limp body into many different positions. Suddenly he decided to go into his drawer and pull out his digital camera. He posed her and took many sleepy shots of her in various enticing positions.

Laura awoke in just over an hour, and he was on the bed beside her. She was naked, but there were no signs that he had actual sex with her. Then he explained what he was into. It wasn’t about conventional sex at all. He had a sleepy fetish and wanted to play games. Laura would have preferred ordinary sex, since she was attracted to him, but she was in no position to argue now.

Laura was aroused anyway, because being knocked unconscious and carried off seemed somehow erotic to her. This guy insisted that he was just exploring and manipulating her limp naked body while she was asleep and had made no sexual advances. It seemed a little weird but would be tolerable if that was as far as it went. Somehow she doubted that it would stop there though!

As Laura looked at him, he was soaking the cloth with more chloroform. As he held the cloth over her face, she was a bit startled that he was putting her out again so soon. Then he told her softly that he wasn’t going to put her all the way under. He would just make her sleepy first. Just as Laura was losing focus, he pulled the cloth away as promised. Laura felt sleepy, but incredibly aroused! Suddenly she had no worries or inhibitions. He was touching her all over and she didn’t care. She wanted him to touch her gently everywhere! As the waves of ecstasy swept over her, she felt the cloth placed gently over her nose and mouth again. Her rapid breathing from her aroused state and her half out condition made her pass out completely this time. Her eyes closed and her head went limp with a smile still on her face.

Just as she passed out, John had been watching her beautiful eyes flutter and close. That was the ultimate thrill! Getting to watch her eyes as she helplessly surrendered to the drug. John got to see many women put under in the hospital, but this was different. He could enjoy his fetish and act on it now.

Laura woke up about half an hour later, and was dreamy and very relaxed. Suddenly she was worried though. He was standing over her holding a needle. She told him she hated needles. He told her not to worry. He soaked the cloth with more chloroform. Then he held it on her. He said he would put her to sleep and give her the shot while she was out. Laura inhaled deeply and slipped away quickly. John pulled the cloth away quickly after she was out. She’d been given enough chloroform for now. The shot would be safer. He carefully injected her in the arm.

When Laura woke up it was dark outside. She had slept all day! John was nowhere in sight. She got dressed slowly and went downstairs. In the kitchen, she fixed herself something to eat. She was very happy. She had saved her job, and had some pretty kinky male attention in the bargain. She liked John a lot. Who knows, maybe if she played her cards right she could become the lady of the house!

As she started up the huge and wide stairway, she thought the house was quiet and empty. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. Before she could turn around, Laura felt a larger cloth over her face. It was a white washcloth that John had taken from the powder room. He wanted to knock her out and play with her on the stairs. He had soaked the washcloth very heavily and it was dripping excess chloroform.

Laura felt dizzy, and her vision became blurry sooner than ever before. There was so much more chloroform on this cloth, and it was fresh and very potent. Within 20 seconds Laura was limp in his arms. He pulled the cloth away and carefully laid her on her back on the stairs. Next he started pulling down her pantyhose and panties.

Once he had her pantyhose below her knees, he removed one of her shoes. He slipped the pantyhose and panties off that leg, and put the shoe back on her bare foot. Then he did the same for the other leg. She was naked from the waist down except for her high heels. The stairs and their soft carpet enabled him to place her at a various angles, and put her in some very exotic positions. Then he took the camera out of his pocket and started shooting.

Laura woke up in a weird position on the stairs. She saw him snap a picture just as she woke up. She was a little fuzzy, but the picture worried her. He might try to blackmail her further. She had better play into his hands and get on his good side.

John asked her to finish undressing. She complied and stood up on the stairway. She slowly removed her maids dress and put it down. Then she unsnapped her bra and tossed it to him. She stood before him naked except for her high heels.

When John asked her to step out of her shoes, she paused. Then she said,

“Why don’t you put me under now and slip them off yourself?”

John didn’t need much convincing! The cloth was still pretty wet. He held it on her and she inhaled her deepest ever. She was limp in his arms within 30 seconds. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to her bedroom. Then he laid her on her back on the bed and ever so slowly slipped off each of her shoes and tossed them on the floor. Then he held the cloth on her for about 2 minutes. As he left her in her room and walked down the hall, he could see headlights in the driveway. His wife was home!

Jessica was inpatient as the taxi got close to her home. She was trip weary and anxious to see her husband. She hoped John would be home so they could make up for lost time. Jessica was 31 years old and had silky blonde hair. Her baby blue eyes were bloodshot from jet lag. She had a slinky model’s shape and great legs. She was in a white blouse and a very short skirt. Her legs were bare except for a pair of high heeled sandals.

John quickly gathered up Laura’s clothes from the stairway, and put them in her room and closed the door. Then he ran back downstairs to greet his wife. She leaped into his arms after dropping her bags and asked him to carry her upstairs. As he lifted her, one of her sandals fell off. She kicked off the other one and told him to leave them where they fell. As John carried his beautiful wife upstairs, he was really excited because of all the games he had played with Laura. He still wasn’t ready to reveal his sleepy fetish to her though.

Jessica undressed quickly and hopped into bed. John stripped to his underwear and said he would be right back. First he slipped into Laura’s room and gave her a shot. She would be out for 10 hours now. Then he prepared another needle for his wife. As he got on the bed, he told her he had a little something to ease her jet lag. She smiled and said,

“I’m glad I married a doctor.”

John gave her the shot and got into bed with her. Jessica felt strange. She was getting sleepier since the shot, not better as she expected. She tried to talk but no words came. Her eyes closed and her head fell to the side with her mouth still open. John relaxed as he laid in the bed watching his wife helplessly succumb to the powerful sedative. He sighed in relief that he was able to get away with everything so far. Tomorrow would be another matter though. He would have to warn Laura when she woke up.

As John lay in bed with a totally unconscious Jessica, he could not resist moving her limp body around and fondling her. He desperately wanted to chloroform his wife. He didn’t dare ask though. The shot would have to do for now. He would only play chloroform games with Laura. After all, she had yet to complain about it, and really couldn’t even if she wanted to!

Credit to: C.BisCuit

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