The Nice Girl

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The Nice Girl

If Ashley had known how little time she had before losing consciousness she would have struggled harder.

Not that she didn't fight back-- she did, with all of her strength-- but if she'd known she only had six seconds she would have screamed at the top of her lungs, bloody murder screaming, the kind people can hear from a quarter of a mile away. Instead of just grappling with Jennifer she might have bucked and twisted and thrown her body around the room, anything to get out of that grip, and maybe it wouldn't have ended any differently but maybe it would have.

She might have found a way to do something besides pass out.

Six seconds was a ridiculously short amount of time anyway. Who came up with that? Whose idea was it to give humans what basically amounted to an off button in such an easily accessable area of the body? It was ludicrous. It was a true cliche that humans were fragile creatures, but she didn't know that they were that fragile.

She'd had plenty of time to think about it while she waited outside the dean's office in her bathrobe.

Her breath still smelled of tequila and she was still a little drunk. She had no memory of drinking-- not like he was going to believe her.

Jennifer had stormed into her room, put her in what Ashley now realized was a sort of sleeper hold, and the next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, have some nonsensical fragment of a dream, trying to focus her eyes.

When she was finally able to lift her head she realized that she was naked. And that her best friend, Katie, was in bed with her, also naked. One of Katie's pale, freckled arms was draped across Ashley's chest like a lover, and one of her legs was curled over Ashley's thighs in the same way.

Then she heard sounds from the doorway, and saw that her door was open-- and that half of the dorm was staring at them.

* * *

In retrospect, f$cking with Jennifer had been a mistake. Ashley had the sense that they'd finally gone too far even as they were doing it, and she was right.

They'd always teased the girl, but that was just something to do. It wasn't personal. As if she would dedicate spare brain cells to a geeky little nobody like that. The fact that Jennifer had apparently been taking it personally all those years was kind of sad, really.

Here's what happened:

On Thursday afternoon, Jennifer came driving into the parking lot of the dorm in a shiny new red car. She was smiling-- beaming, really-- at everyone she passed. She even smiled at Ashley and Katie as they watched from a picnic table on the lawn in front of the dorm. She was that type. Smack her around her whole life and she'd still smile at you. Turn the other cheek or something. Weak is what it made her, Ashley thought, and a subconscious disgust at the idea made the edges of her lips turn down as she thought it.

"What's Ms. Sunshine so happy about?" Ashley said, after Jennifer had passed.

"New car, I think." They both looked at it. It was some sleek foreign car, not luxury but not an economy vehicle either. Ashley didn't know much about cars. She just knew that it was red and pretty.

"Her daddy must have finally got a real job."

They looked from the car to each other.

"Key it?" Katie grinned.

"I got a better idea." Ashley pulled a small pocket knife from her purse, held it up, and let it tinkle in the sun. They both grinned at it.
* * *

Ashley got back from the club late, steering her BMW into the lot in a buzzed haze and slamming on the brakes just before the curb. She checked cell phone messages as she clicked her way across the lot, and only noticed Jennifer's new red car-- almost black in the dark-- as she was passing it.

A sound was coming from the front of the car.

Jennifer was sitting on the curb, crying, her cell phone dangling weakly from one hand. The car's tires were slashed and long gashes had been keyed down both doors. She didn't seem to see Ashley at first; her eyes were unfocused, looking through the pavement in a thousand yard stare.

Ashley hurried past, avoiding eye contact.

She was almost to the front door of the dorm when Jennifer's voice came from behind her:


Ashley turned around. "Pardon?"

"I know it was you. Who else would do something like that? Why would anyone do something like that?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yes you do. You trashed my car."

"Sorry. Maybe it was the tire popping fairy."

"I just got off the phone with the dealership. Those tires cost two hundred dollars each! And I can't get to work to make the eight hundred dollars because I have no car!"

"That's a shame." She smiled sweetly.

But the smile slipped away, far away, when Jennifer stepped into the pool of light in front of the dorm's doors.

Jennifer's face was twisted into a mask of pure, red rage. Her lips were curled up viciously; she was actually baring her teeth, like an animal. Her fists were knotted balls at her sides.

She looked as if she might literally bite.

Ashley took a step back.

"Stay away from me," she said, her voice suddenly sounding small. She hurried into the building and didn't relax until she heard the doors close behind her.
* * *

Ten minutes later there was a knock at her dorm room door. A light, friendly knock.

She hadn't even changed out of her club outfit yet. It was a tiny white babydoll dress, spaghetti straps, frilly at the bottom, ending high on the thigh. It was a dress that was made to show off her long, toned limbs, and it was short enough that she could show a flash of white cotton underwear if she wanted to, with just a flick of the hip. She often did while dancing.

"Come in," she said.

No answer.

"Come in."

There was a long pause, then the knock came again.

"Oh come on." She stepped across the room and flipped the door open. What happened next happened so fast she barely had time to register it.

Jennifer burst in and grabbed her by the throat, sinking her thumbs into the sides of Ashley's neck.

Ashley's eyes went comically wide. She was pushed backwards, off balance, and she was forced to backpedal across the small room until her back hit the far wall.

Jennifer was squeezing the sides of her neck-- not choking her, or touching her windpipe-- just squeezing the sides, and tight. Tight tight. Her rage had given her what felt like unreal strength, and her position-- holding Ashley against the wall-- gave her all of the leverage.

"Get off of me!" Ashley shrieked.

"We need to have a conversation," Jennifer said through her teeth. "But first, take a nap. You look sleepy."

Ashley never even heard the end of the sentence.

Her six seconds were up.

She didn't get tired, or dizzy, or drowsy, or anything like that. To her she was struggling with Jennifer one moment and waking up confused the next. It was like going to sleep at night: you never remember the exact moment that it happens. So in that way it was like nothing at all, because she was unaware of it.

Out in the real world she didn't even look unconscious, at first. She didn't go dramatically limp like in the movies.

Her pale blue eyes unfocused, drifted to the center, and her eyelids drooped.

Her hands, which had been wrapped around Jennifer's wrists as the two girls grappled, loosened, sort of hung there for a few seconds, then slipped off and dropped to her sides. One of them twitched for a moment and then was still.

Finally an odd, snorting sigh escaped through her nose. Her knees buckled and her body went limp.

Jennifer turned her towards the bed as it happened, guiding the helpless cheerleader down to the mattress.

"That would have been easier to do from behind, but I wanted you to see my face," Jennifer said, breathing hard from the struggle.
* * *

Time to move fast.

Jennifer unzipped her backpack and took out the bottle of ether and gauze she'd gotten from the science lab. There wasn't any time to waste: Ashley would wake soon, very soon. It wasn't like in the movies where someone would be out for an hour. Some people started recovering instantly, some after 30 seconds, but it would be fast unless Jennifer put the hold on for longer, which would have been dangerous.

Ashley lay on the bed, her arms at her sides, her bare legs hanging over the edge, bent at the knees. She was wearing silver high heel sandals which, while cute, were clearly not gear for a struggle. The babydoll dress had ridden up a few inches, just far enough to make a white triangle of cotton underwear visible.

Her legs were gorgeous. They had to be: they were practically her living.

"I should give you tattoos or something," Jennifer said. "I wish I'd thought of that." Tattoos definitely wouldn't go over well with Ashley's sorority; it was one of those vaguely religious institutions that promoted chastity, but really, it was a place for rich girls to make connections for later in life.

Thinking about the sorority gave Jennifer an idea.

There'd be time for that later, though.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled Ashley's upper body, using her legs to pin Ashley's arms to her sides in case she woke up too soon. The gauze pad was thick; Jennifer doused the back of it with ether and pressed it over Ashley's mouth and nose.

Ashley's chest rose and fell placidly, her body unable to stop itself from breathing in the drugged air.

There was still glitter on her skin from the club: across her shoulders, her arms, the tops of her breasts. The mingled perfume of a hundred different strangers emanated from her pleasantly. The people she'd been dancing with all night weren't the sullen throng of a subway car, they were the young and the beautiful.

On the third breath her eyelids began to flutter. She never remembered it, but she actually woke up for a second there. Too late-- by then her blood was becoming saturated with ether, her heart and lungs obediently filling her system with it.

She let out a weak moan and her brow furrowed. One of her hands flopped helplessly on the covers down by her hips. Her back arched as her body semi-consciously tried to throw off its attacker. Jennifer rode her easily, keeping her arms pinned.

Ashley's struggles weakened, slowed. Her legs kicked out at the air once, uselessly, then settled on the mattress as if they'd forgotten what they were trying to do.

Her eyelids stopped fluttering and began to drift back down. There was glitter on them, too, mixed in with her purple eye shadow.

Jennifer held on until she felt Ashley's entire body go slack.

She kept the gauze pad in place until Ashley's chest had risen and fallen three more times, then got off of her.

The girl wouldn't be going anywhere now unless she was carried.
* * *

Unlike Ashley, who might have turned the situation in a different direction had she realized what was about to happen, Katie had almost no chance.

By the time she came in, Jennifer had practice.

The door opened about ten minutes later and Katie padded in in her night clothes: a T-shirt, underwear, and socks. It was an all-girl's dorm, there was no need to be modest. Her hair was held back cutely with a scrunchy.

She flicked on the light, saw Ashley asleep under the covers, whispered "Shit! Sorry", and turned the light off again.

The instant the door closed she was seized from behind.

An arm shot out of the darkness and wrapped around her neck, pulling her off balance. Another arm pressed against the back of her neck. She let out a startled half-shriek-- little more than a chirp-- before the sound was cut off. Her toothbrush and toothpaste dropped to the carpet.

She actually struggled for a few seconds longer, but the last thing she remembered was her toothbrush bouncing against her foot.
* * *

Jennifer kept the sleeper hold on only until she felt Katie's body take on that odd stillness that Ashley's had, then loosened it. There was no need to put her all the way out; that strange twilight between consciousness and unconsciousness would be good enough. Jennifer's goal was only to make sure that everything went quickly, quietly, according to plan.

She'd considered just jumping Katie with the ether-soaked pad, but that would have taken longer, and there was a chance she'd be able to make enough noise to alert someone. They were surrounded by sleeping college girls on all sides, after all. The sure way was the only way. There had to be zero chance that the tables could be turned, not after twelve years of being tortured by these two. So when Jennifer sprang she did it with the suddenness and ferocity of an anaconda, and Katie had about as much chance as a rabbit.

As Katie's body took on that odd stillness Jennifer walked her forward and dropped her, face first, onto Ashley's bed. Her ass jiggled pertly in the moonlight. Jennifer climbed onto her back and pressed the gauze pad over her mouth and nose with one hand, holding the back of her head with the other.

Katie's arms made an odd twitch, both at the same time: her body firing random cylinders in a semi-conscious effort to escape. Then she came to with a jerk. She tried to lift her head. It was probably five seconds before she'd regained enough sense to understand what was happening, then she let out a muffled shriek and tried to get up.

"Shh," Jennifer whispered in her ear. "Don't wake Ashley. She had a rough day." She disguised her voice with a Batman-like growl, which sounded cute rather than menacing coming from a college girl, but was effective.

Katie's eyes went wide as she realized that her friend was sleeping only inches away. She shrieked again and thrashed, trying to call out Ashley's name. Ashley's body rocked back and forth gently as the bed shook but she did not wake up.

As the first of the dizziness began to hit her, Katie understood.

But once it had started to hit her it didn't stop-- it came wave after wave with each heartbeat, each one taking her farther and farther away from the situation at hand, wrapping her thoughts in a thick fuzziness that began to snuff them out before they could form, finally dissolving her perceptions into a dreamlike landscape that was made of disconnected images and meaningless physical sensations, and then...

There was no then. The next thing she was aware of was waking up with a headache, her mouth tasting of tequila, her arm wrapped around Ashley's soft and warm body.
* * *

When Ashley's body had gone so suddenly and completely limp it had almost frightened Jennifer. It was startling; she'd never felt another person's body do that before.

But by the time it was Katie's turn, Jennifer was prepared for it.

Katie's struggles became aimless, almost distracted. One arm had gotten free, and with it she grabbed a fistful of blanket and pushed it across the bed slowly, as if she were fighting with the blanket.

She pushed the fistful of blanket as far away from herself as she possibly could-- a nonsensical, warding action that must have made sense in some way to her dwindling consciousness as her thoughts began to break up and skitter away from her-- but made no sense in the real world.

Then her hand relaxed and she stared dully at the wall, as if she were thinking of something else. Her eyelids drifted down, down.

Her body went slack.

She let out an involuntary sigh as her chest relaxed. Just like with Ashley the moment happened with a strange suddenness, even though it had clearly been coming for the last thirty seconds. Jennifer climbed off of her back and knelt by the bed, holding the gauze pad on for another few breaths while Katie's body slowly, cluelessly, accepted the drugged air.

Time for part two.

Jennifer tossed the saturated gauze pad into a garbage bag that she had brought just for that purpose and took out a fresh one. This one she only sprinkled with ether: only enough to keep Ashley out while she worked. She placed it over Ashley's mouth and nose gently and went back around the bed to Katie.

She took Katie by one arm and one leg, tugged her to the side, and rolled her onto her back. Then she grasped Katie's wrists and sat her up.

Katie's head lolled forward onto her chest as her T-shirt was pulled up and off, her arms flopping back down as they fell through the sleeve holes. She wasn't wearing a bra: those were her sleep clothes. Conveniently. Jennifer let her drop bonelessly back to the mattress.

She had gorgeous, fair skin. Freckles were sprinkled down her arms, across her chest, over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She had a beauty mark on the underside of her left breast that probably drove the guys crazy. Jennifer pulled her panties off, wiggling her slack body back and forth to get them out from under her. Then her socks.

Then she was as naked as the day she was born, sleeping peacefully on her back, her mouth open slightly, her lips pink and delicate.

"You trim the hedges," Jennifer said, looking down her body. "I hear that's in style now. Good for you."

She repeated the process with Ashley, and five minutes later both girls were sleeping in the nude, side by side on the rumpled covers.

Jennifer went to her backpack and took out a digital camera.

"Ok. For poses, I think we start with the classics, then we can get creative. Any suggestions?"

Ashley and Katie did not seem to have any.
* * *

Ashley was easy to get into position: Jennifer just pulled her legs up so that they were bent at the knee, then let them fall apart on the bed in a natural spread position.

Katie was more of a challenge. It turned out to be really, really hard to maneuver an unconscious person. She was all floppy. Finally Jennifer got her where she wanted her: facing down, her knees folded under her stomach, her pale ass in the air, her head resting between Ashley's legs.

From the right angle, it would look like the two of them were having quite the night.

Jennifer surveyed the scene and made some adjustments.

She tucked Katie's hands under Ashley's ass. She put a pillow under the hollow of Ashley's back, so that it would look like she was arching her back. Finally she tilted Ashley's head back on the pillow so that her lips parted just the tiniest bit.

She took pictures from every angle she could think of. Any that didn't look right she could just delete later. Out of thousands of pictures, there only had to be a few really good ones.

"This is good, but I think if you guys have been secret lesbian lovers for years, you would have experimented with some more positions by now, right?" She looked at the clock. It was 1:37am. "Hey, don't stress guys. We got all night."

She periodically doused the gauze pad with ether and gave them small doses, just enough to keep them out. Ether could be very safe if used right; it was still used in hospitals in some poor countries.

"Because I don't want you to go and do anything melodramatic like die," Jennifer said as she hauled Katie to the side for another position. "True, if a man f%cked with another man's car like that, that'd nearly be reason to kill him. Like that line in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta's car gets keyed. You don't f@ck with a man's car.

"Of course, we're not men, so this will do.

"That first batch of pictures was for my car.

"These next ones are for that time in 8th grade when you spilled cranberry juice on my new dress on purpose and laughed at me."

The camera clicked, clicked. Ashley and Katie were laying on their sides now, their fronts pressed together, their lips touching, their arms wrapped around each other. The position of their arms was just a bonus: Jennifer wrapped their arms around each other because they kept flopping over on their backs, and it ended up just looking better that way.

Some of the glitter from Ashley's lips got onto Katie's cheeks. That looked better too.

"And these next ones are for all those times in the lunch room when you knocked my tray out of my hands. There were at least five times, but I probably blocked some out. Trauma of a young girl, yadda yadda."

The camera clicked, clicked and the clock ticked, ticked. Any time either of them moved or started to come to, Jennifer was there quickly with the ether, before they could regain consciousness.
* * *

The last step was the tequila.

Jennifer found a glass and measured out five shots carefully. She didn't want it to be so much that they'd be falling down drunk; almost, but not quite. She wanted them to seem... well, like your average drunk college girls.

She sat Ashley up. Ashley's head lolled back and her mouth opened on its own, and Jennifer poured the tequila straight down her throat, all at once.

Ashley coughed and sputtered, but that was a natural reaction of the throat; she was fine. Some of it dribbled down her chest, between her breasts, all the way down the line of her stomach. That was even better: the bed, the girls, the whole place would reek of it. Jennifer let her drop bonelessly back to the pillow, then repeated the process with Katie.

One last thing.

She positioned Ashley's head on the pillow in a natural sleeping position, tucked her arms up under the pillow, got her legs comfortable, and generally arranged her body so that it looked like she was sleeping naturally.

Then she rolled Katie onto her side, facing Ashley, so that the two girls were touching. She placed one of Katie's arms across Ashley's chest, just below her breasts. Then she drew Katie's knee up so that her leg rested elegantly, prettily, on Ashley's upper thigh.

They looked like two gorgeous young lesbians who had fallen asleep after a night of passion.

Jennifer cleaned up after herself, and as she waited for the last dose of ether to wear off she stood in the shadows by the door, watching the two girls' chests rise and fall, and wondering how such meanness could be hidden in such pretty packages. On the horizon the sunrise was becoming a faint pink line.

After about ten minutes a barely audible moan escaped from Ashley's lips. Her mouth opened about a half inch, then closed again. They were waking up.

Jennifer turned the lights on.

She left the door wide open, as far as it would go. She walked down the long quiet hall with its rooms full of sleeping girls on each side.

At the end of the hall-- right before exiting the main doors-- she pulled the fire alarm.
* * *

Ashley sat outside the dean's office with her arms crossed over her bathrobe, dazed and drunk and trying hard to remain upright and seem sober. It wasn't fooling anyone, even her. She was trashed and hadn't even had the pleasure of drinking it herself.

Her cellphone rang. It was a number she didn't recognize.

"H'llo," she mumbled into it.

"Wow, you sound really drunk," Jennifer said. "I think it's time to cut you off."

Ashley bared her teeth at the phone.

You," she hissed.

"Me. Hey, do you think the dean likes to deal with drunk college girls first thing in the morning? He's a nice guy but ya know, I just don't know. After the first hundred they probably all start to seem the same."

"You're going to jail

"Doubt it. It seems that someone who's not coasting by on a cheerleading scholarship took the time to black out the security camera in your dorm last night, and no one saw me come in. My fingerprints aren't anywhere in the room, assuming they'd even bother to take prints for this. You're the only witness; Katie never saw my face or heard my voice. And this call is coming from a pay phone.

"But even if you could prove it, I'm not sure you'd want to. If you did, then allll of these pictures I have of you two might make it onto the internet, and once something's out there, it's out there. Just in case you ever planned on having a nice job, or anything like that."

I was unconscious," Ashley spat.

"You sure? Cause it looks more like you're in the throes of passion to me. In the ones where your face is visible, anyway. There's this really cute one where your head is tilted back and Katie's kissing your neck... and this one, where you two are-- well, I can't think of a ladylike word for what that is. Hot, though."

Ashley's mouth worked but she said nothing.

"Think about it," Jennifer said. "By the way, the batteries in your vibrator are dead."

The call ended.

Credit to: Alias

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