Time Out

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Jenny was dead tired. Her long shift at the hospital had been filled with treating a bunch of crazy accidents. Since she had just come from work, her blonde hair was in a ponytail. Her wonderful figure was hidden by blue scrubs. The young nurse was ready for a hot long bath and some time relaxing in her room. Entering the apartment she shared with her friends however killed that dream. My student roommates have screwed me again! Jenny thought angrily.

Before leaving earlier that morning, she had left a list of things to be cleaned, bought, or finished while she was gone. From the mess inside the apartment Jenny could see that none of what she had asked to get done, had been. One of her roommates Amber a shorter curly redhead walked into view.

“Hi Jenny.” Amber causally remarked. She was furiously texting away. Jenny could she was ready to go out for the night. The redhead wore a strapless black cocktail dress with sheer pantyhose. Her strapy heels lay on the sofa next to her as she sat down.

“Amber what the hell? I asked you to clean up this place it was your turn!” the blonde complained.

“Jenny I was busy today. You know classes, work, and…” Amber trailed off.

Jenny fumed, “You were hanging out with your boyfriend all afternoon again! Damn it you’re going to see him tonight it couldn’t wait?”

“Gezz it bugs you that much, clean it yourself.” Amber rolled her eyes. She returned another text on her cellphone at lighting speed. Jenny screamed silently inside her head. Her private anger was fueled by finding out that nothing she had asked her roommates to do had gotten done.

Sally, the brunette volleyball player didn’t by any groceries. Kelly a sandy haired gymnast left all her laundry out for the third day in a row. Finally long dark haired Christie had raided Jenny’s clothes again! Jenny closed her room’s door behind her and sighed. This had gone on long enough she decided. Jenny would teach her roommates a lesson. Reaching into her closet she pulled out a bag marked PRIVATE. Opening the bag up, she pulled out a brown bottle and some other items. Undoing her ponytail Jenny went to her bathroom to get the rest of what she needed.

Amber was still texting away on the couch. In a little while she would meet up with her boyfriend but that still left plenty of time to communicate with her girlfriends. So involved in her phone, she never noticed someone coming from behind. Plus with her hands on the phone, she couldn’t block what happened next. A white small washcloth was shoved onto her face. It was held in place by two femmine hands. Amber realized with a shock it was damp with chloroform.

Completely taken by surprise she couldn’t help but breathe in the fumes. Amber felt her strength fade as she did. Her body seemed to relax while her mind became cloudy. It made her feel like she needed to sleep. Amber’s eyes looked up trying to see who was doing this to her.

Jenny leaned forwards and smiled, “I asked you to clean up Amber. You decided not to, now I think you need a little time out.”

Amber screamed into the cloth but it and Jenny’s hands muffled her cries. The attempt to call for help didn’t do anything other then to speed up her unconsciousness. Amber sunk deeper into the sofa, her cellphone falling into her lap. With a final sigh the redhead passed out into dreamland. Jenny held the cloth on Amber’s face for a few more seconds then removed it. She was excited, seeing the pretty redhead asleep, with her mouth slightly opened.

Jenny walked around the sofa and picked up Amber’s legs. She then laid Amber down on the couch. To the causal observer she was taking a nap. The blonde also did one last thing before going; she ran her hand up and down Amber’s nylon covered legs for a moment.

“One down, three to go.” Jenny said.

Sally was getting ready for her game inside her room. She was already wearing most of her uniform. Like all female players Sally had on black short spandex shorts. The blue and white tight fitted jersey had her name and number. Under it you could make out the straps of her sports-bra. Sally had just finished putting her kneepads on over her knee-high socks. All that was left was her shoes.

“Sally?” she heard from behind the door. Opening it she saw Jenny standing there with her water bottle.

“Ugh I’ve been looking for that.” Sally complained. With a quick grab she snatched the bottle from the nurse.

Jenny still stood in the doorway, “Think you guys will win tonight?”

Sally took a drink from her water bottle. There was a slight taste to it. She ignored it however and answered Jenny’s question, “Yeah we should but…” Suddenly Sally felt dizzy. Not understanding why she took another drink, “Hey Jen I don’t…feel…so…”

Concern on her face, Jenny came over, “Sally sit down, here.” She helped the volleyball player to her bed. Jenny sat next to her and held her.

Jenny took the water bottle and offered it to Sally again, “Come on drink up, doctor’s orders.” Sally couldn’t see the sly smile on the blonde’s face.

Doing as she was told Sally took an even bigger drink of water. Unknown to her, Jenny had drugged the bottle with a powerful sedative and anesthetic. The first small sips had been more then enough to soften her up. Now this final drink was all that was needed to knock her right out. Sally’s eyes fluttered and she began to tilt backwards. Jenny smiling held her roommate tight, and lowered her gently onto her bed. As she went down Sally’s eyes fought to stay open, but gave in. The athlete was out. Just as she had with Amber, Jenny put Sally’s legs up on the bed and laid her out. She was even nice enough to prop Sally’s head up on a pillow.

Running her hand over the tight fitting jersey, Jenny enjoyed the feeling the shape of Sally’s chest. Then she finished by running her hands over the Sally’s spandex covered bottom enjoying it, “That’s two.”

While closing the door to Sally’s room, Jenny heard the front door open. It was Kelly coming back from gymnastic practice. She had her black bag slung over a shoulder and was wearing her blue, sliver, and red leotard, “Hello Jenny.”

Jenny was going to answer when Kelly just started talking, “Now I know you’re going to wine and complain I didn’t move my stuff, but I’ve got tons of stuff to do and if it bugs you that much just move it.”

She ran a hand through her short sandy hair and began dropping her stuff everywhere. Her bag went to the floor along with her sneakers. Kelly had also been wearing a pair of short shorts to cover her leotard bottom. These she pulled off and tossed on her bag. Now walking barefoot she went into the kitchen. As she grabbed something to eat she didn’t see Jenny reach into a small bag on the counter.

“You know what maybe that’s what I’ll do Kelly.” Jenny remarked finally responding to Kelly’s rant a moment earlier.

Kelly turned her head briefly to look at Jenny and nodded, but then went back to working on her meal. The blonde nurse took the syringe she had taken from her bag and readied it. A quick check for air bubbles inside it, and then she made her move. Jenny reached over and grabbed Kelly around her chest then pulled her close.

“What are you doing?” Kelly yelled, but then had the hand once wrapped around her chest placed over her mouth.

Jenny sneered, “This.” She took her other hand which held the syringe and injected Kelly right in the neck. The gymnast screamed into the hand over her mouth but quickly after that began to lose her voice. After pumping the contents of the syringe into Kelly, Jenny removed it and took hold of Kelly.

“I know you won’t move your stuff Kelly, so I figured that was a fitting idea. What if you were unable to move.” The sedative she had given Kelly would make it feel like she couldn’t move. It was perfectly safe though that’s why Jenny chose it.

Kelly couldn’t speak or even move her arms or legs. Jenny lowered her to the floor and propped her up against the cabinets. She then kneeled next to her. Now a smile was on the blonde’s face, “You can be annoying Kelly but you’re quite pretty.” She gave her a kiss on the lips. Even if she could have protested she wouldn’t have.

Jenny finished with a little playful touching, running her hands up and down Kelly’s leotard. When she finished Jenny kissed Kelly one more time then pulled out the chloroform cloth she used on Amber, “Now its nap time.”

Kelly lasted only a few moments as she had no way to fight the chloroform. Given in to the fumes she passed out quickly. Jenny stood and said, “One more.”

Christie had heard none of the commotion between Kelly and Jenny. Inside her room music was playing. In fact she needed to turn it down to hear Jenny asking for her. Opening the door she saw Jenny pouting, “What did you take?”

The black haired struggling actor sighed, “Now come on Kelly you know we’re a prefect match, size wise. Plus I need it for the audition.” Christie stood only in her black bra and panties. Pulled over her panties were some black tights. Jenny could see several of her dresses and some of her hosiery and shoes lying on the bed.

“I’ve told you quite a few times, stay out of my stuff!” Jenny snapped. She was getting herself hyped up.

Christie stood there hands on hips smirking, “Oh and what are you going to do about it?”

Jenny smiled, “This.” She shot forward and punched Christie in the gut. A loud OUF escaped Christie as she doubled over. Grabbing her gut she didn’t see Jenny come over and seize her by the hair.

Yanking her up, Jenny then wrapped her arms around Christie’s head and neck. Then she squeezed. The black haired girl gasped and tried to grab the nurse’s arms and pull them away. Jenny simply squeezed harder, “The best part about having a Dad who wrestled he liked to explain things! Don’t try and fight it Christie that only makes it work faster.

Christie tried to move but just ended up struggling in the sleeper hold. Her legs gave out first. Losing the strength to support her, they began sink to the ground. Jenny went with her getting onto her knees and holding Christie up. The victim’s arms fell to her sides. Unable to stay awake any longer, her eyes began to close. Jenny held on as the actress slipped into unconscious. Satisfied that she was out, Jenny let her fall to the floor.

Jenny took Christie and laid her on the floor, but up against her bed. This left the sleeping beauty in a sitting position. As she had with the others, Jenny enjoyed playing with Christie for a few minutes. Once she had her fun, Jenny went to go get the others. For the next few minutes she brought each girl to Christie’s room and laid them next to each other.

About and hour later the girls all came to. They found themselves all tied up and sitting next to each other in Christie’s room. Amber saw that her dress had been removed leaving her in her underwear and pantyhose. Sally and Kelly still wore their clothes. All of them were woozy from their different knock outs.

“Ohh…chloroform…” Amber moaned.

Kelly sighed, “Tell me about it.”

“Ow my stomach…why did I have to get the hard KO?” Christie complained.

Sally answered, “Cause you keep wearing her clothes. It really does piss her off.”

“Besides I got sticked this time.” Kelly added.

The door opened and Jenny stepped in. She has changed into a comfortable tank top and short shorts. She crossed her arms and said, “You all know why you’re here?”

“Yes.” The all answered.

“Good. Now you girls can finish serving your time out.” Jenny stepped out and then came back in. She held the chloroform bottle in her hand, with the cap off. The girls all knew what was coming. None of them tried to escape since they knew from experience that Jenny was too good at knots. Plus as she held the bottle under each of their faces they enjoyed being knocked out a final time.

And each of them was already thinking of a way to get back at Jenny, and put her into a time out.

Credit to : ChloroFan05

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