Chloro Dorm Part 2 (Panty Raid)

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Mandy was elated! Both Meagan and Jennifer were heavily under from the chloroform and each of them had 2 seasick patches on their necks. When either awoke, they would be heavily sedated and easy to put back under. Mandy slowly untied Jennifer’s sneakers and slipped them off. Next she put her finger in the large ring of Jennifer’s jump suit zipper and pulled it all the way down. The suit slipped off easily leaving Jen in just her tiny black panties. Mandy would leave those on her for now.

What Mandy didn’t know was that for the last hour or so she had an audience! Just outside the dorm window Rob was standing on a ladder. It was dark outside and nobody could see him against the back of the building. He had been stalking Meagan and had followed her there!

Rob was considered a dream guy by most of the women on campus. He was about 6 feet tall and had short brown hair and brown eyes. His body was well sculpted too. Rob had a serious fetish though. He collected girl’s panties. He would get them any way he could, since quantity was important to him, but his real preference was to rip them off by force. He got into women’s dorms through the window using the very ladder he was on. Then he would strike and steal their panties. Most women struggled, but never reported the incident. This kind of male behavior was expected at the college anyway.

Rob was more fascinated by the chloroform than the panties at the moment though. He had watched the girls put each other under and saw how limp they were afterwards. This method would make his life much easier! Rob had been stalking Meagan for some time. She was the only cheerleader on campus that he had not collected a pair of panties from. Now she was naked and out like a light on the bed with her panties right next to her. He could easily enter through the partly open window and get the panties, but there was a problem. Mandy was there.

Rod devised a plan. He would have to wait for Mandy to leave the room. Then he would slip inside and get the panties. After some further thought however, he revised the plan. Why not soak one of the loose pairs of panties with chloroform and knock Mandy out when she came back in the room? Then he could put panties on her and Meagan as well. Once that was done, he could rip the panties off all 3 of them as they slept and keep them for his collection. He would take the chloroform with him of course, for future use.

Rob waited for what seemed like forever for Mandy to go to the bathroom. Then he slipped quietly through the window and grabbed the skimpy pair of white panties from the bed. He correctly guessed that those were Mandy’s. He opened the chloroform bottle and soaked them thoroughly.

Before he could strike at Mandy, Meagan started to move though. He quickly held the chloroform soaked panties over Meagan’s nose and mouth just as he had watched Mandy do earlier. Meagan slipped under quickly without a struggle. As he held the panties on her he noticed the 2 patches on her neck. Then he looked at Jennifer and noticed that she had 2 patches on her neck as well. They looked like small band aids. He wasn’t sure what those were for.

Suddenly Rob heard Mandy coming back. He held the chloroform soaked panties in his right hand and hid behind the door.

Mandy had thought that she heard a noise from the room. She guessed that one of her sleepy puppets was awake and would need to be put back to sleep. When she entered the room she was surprised to see that both girls were still deeply under. Then suddenly she was attacked from behind.

Rob grabbed Mandy and held the chloroform soaked panties over her nose and mouth with great strength. Mandy had a patch on her and was still groggy from the earlier chloroforming. As a result, she was not able to fight very hard. She thrashed around and tried to break free, but it was hopeless. The effect from the drug in the patch also made her actually want to go under as well. She soon relaxed and breathed deeply to slip into that euphoric void.

Rob experienced new found power as he felt Mandy go delightfully limp in his arms! Oh yes, he would be using this on many girls now! His panty fetish was intense enough, but soaking panties in chloroform and using them to render the girl unconscious was like throwing gasoline on an already raging fire fantasy wise! He continued to hold the panties firmly on Mandy’s face as he gently placed her limp form on the bed with the other girls.

As he spread Mandy out on the bed, he noticed that she had a patch on her neck as well. Before he could look into what that was for, Jennifer started to wake up. The panties were too dry now, so he went to the nightstand and opened the chloroform bottle. He re-soaked the panties and placed them gently over Jennifer’s nose and mouth.

Jennifer was too sedated from the 2 patches and the previous chloroform to notice what was happening. She slipped under quickly without ever coming into focus enough to notice Rob. As she slipped under Rob noticed the erotic rapid flutter in Jennifer’s eyes. This combined with the power to render her helpless, with panties no less, sent a new chill up his spine!

Rob found Meagan’s tiny panties and put them on her. Then he moved Meagan and Jennifer’s limp bodies into various positions. After a while, Mandy’s panties were dry and he put her panties back on her as well. Then he looked over the chloroform bottle. It was still over half full. As he put the bottle down he noticed an envelope next to it. It had a prescription label on it. “Seasick patches may cause drowsiness. One patch was effective for up to 48 hours.”

He figured out that the 2 patches were put on Meagan and Jennifer by Mandy to make them sleepy. He didn’t understand why Mandy had one on her though. He decided to take another patch from the envelope and put it on Mandy for good measure. That way she would be as drowsy as the others when she came out of the chloroform.

Rob was ready to rip the panties off of all 3 girls when he noticed a pair of brown leather boots and some pantyhose on the floor. He held the boots next to the girls’ feet and figured out that they belonged to Mandy. Rob lifted Mandy’s limp and lovely legs and put her pantyhose on her carefully. Then he slipped her boots on and zipped them up. Rob had a real thing for boots and pantyhose! Whenever he saw a woman dressed like that, he was slowly unzipping the boots and sliding them off in his mind.

Now he could do it for real! Rob began to slowly unzip one of Mandy’s boots. Soon he had both boots off her and was massaging her stocking feet and legs. Oh yes, he loved the feel of the nylon! Rob put the boots back on her just so he could take them off again. He did this three times before he had enough.

Mandy suddenly awoke and was aware that someone was playing with her. She tried to look but her eyes would not focus. What was wrong? Why was she so sleepy? The other girls were in sight on the bed and both appeared to be asleep. Who was pulling on her legs? She remained limp and quiet and hoped that she would come out of the sleepiness soon.

Rob noticed that Mandy’s eyes were open. He would have to chloroform her again but with what? He didn’t have any panties to work with now. He would remove Mandy’s pantyhose and use those. He quickly and easily slipped them off and went for the chloroform.

Mandy was a little more alert now. She remembered the seasick patch that Jennifer had put on her and tried to remove it so she could be more awake. When she felt there, she found 2 patches! “Oh my God, no wonder I’m so sleepy!” she thought. She carefully tried to pull one off. Before she could reach it someone grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“You don’t want to remove those just yet luv.” Rob said as he held her arm. Then to her horror, Rob pushed firmly on each patch to release more of the powerful drug!

Mandy lay helpless as the drug swiftly took effect. She could no longer move her arms and didn’t seem to care. She lay perfectly still and relaxed as Rob soaked the pantyhose with chloroform and placed them over her nose and mouth.

Rob carefully watched Mandy’s eyes. Within 30 seconds they began to flutter rapidly. Then they suddenly rolled upwards and closed as Mandy’s head fell limp to the side. Rob held the soaked hose there for about 30 seconds before he pulled them away. Then he grabbed Mandy’s panties and started to pull them upwards. They were strong and didn’t rip right away. He pulled several times with all his strength. Finally one side tore apart and they were halfway off. Then he pulled once more to rip them off completely.

Rob waited for the next girl to start to awaken. In a few minutes Jennifer’s eyes were blinking. He decided he wanted her at least partly awake when he ripped off her panties.

Jennifer was soon aware that something was very wrong. She had awakened from chloroform many times, but was never this sleepy though. She was unaware that she had 2 seasick patches on her neck since she was under from chloroform when Mandy put them on her. Mandy and Meagan were both nearby on the bed, but were not awake. A tall guy was standing over her. Her vision was too fuzzy to make out his face though. Suddenly he was pulling at her panties.

Jennifer tried to roll over and to kick her legs. She could barely move though. Then he reached for her neck and pushed on her seasick patch. That was the problem! There was a seasick patch on her and it was sedating her! Then when she felt him push on the second patch she had a sinking feeling. “Oh my God, there are 2 patches on me!” she suddenly realized. She thought about removing them, but her arm would not move at all.

Rob was satisfied that Jennifer was helpless enough for panties removal now. He put his strong hand under the tiny waistband on one side and pulled. The band snapped and the tiny black panties pulled away instantly.

Jennifer was aware that her panties had been ripped off but she still couldn’t move, and could barely keep her eyes open. She watched helplessly with blurred vision as the guy soaked Mandy’s pantyhose with chloroform and placed them over her nose and mouth. She could not offer any resistance.

Rob watched in delight as he saw Jennifer’s beautiful baby blue eyes go into rapid flutter and roll closed. He held the chloroform on her for about a minute. Then he held the chloroform soaked hose on Mandy for about a minute as well. He wanted no chance of an interruption for the next part of his adventure!

Finally it was time for Meagan’s panties! He wanted hers intact though. He would wait for her to wake up first.

Meagan finally started to show signs of waking about 15 minutes later. Rob re-soaked Mandy’s pantyhose heavily with chloroform and watched Meagan’s eyes carefully as he put her back under. Her beautiful blue eyes were soon in the rapid flutter that Rob was now hooked on! Once she was under, Rob continued to hold the chloroform soaked hose on her for some time. He wanted her deeply under for this part.

After about a minute, Rob pulled the hose away and reached for the coveted panties. He pulled them down ever so slowly. Over her tiny hips first, then down to her knees, next to her ankles, afterwards just one ankle, and finally they were off completely and in his hands. He sniffed them before he put them in his pocket. Then he took the shredded panties from the other 2 girls and pocketed those as well.

Rob then took the envelope of seasick patches and the bottle of chloroform and slipped out the window and down the ladder. He wasn’t worried. The 3 girls would be out for some time to come! He would be long gone by the time they woke up. They wouldn’t remember much either. Rob put the ladder away and went back to his room.

As Rob entered his room, he looked at the clock. His girlfriend would be there in less than an hour. They had been fighting for several days. Perhaps the chloroform and a seasick patch or two would help bring her back under his control! Oh yes tonight’s panty raid would change his life forever. He couldn’t wait to see what his girlfriend’s eyes looked like in rapid flutter as she passed out in his arms! He would use Meagan’s panties to chloroform her of course. After all, that’s the main reason he had left them intact!

Credit to: C.Biscuit

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