Chloro Dorm Part 1

Elizabeth 1:50 AM
Megan was excited! She had been invited to spend the evening with two of the most popular girls on campus. They were even going to give her a makeover. As she eagerly waited in her room until it was time to leave, she considered herself lucky. Most of the women on campus treated cheerleaders as bimbos and not part of the group at all.

Megan was 20 years old. She had long silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She was average height, about 5 foot 4 and had small but perky breasts. Megan had a slender build with long and lovely legs. She was still dressed in her cheerleader outfit and wore sheer pantyhose and white sneakers. Most of the other girls wore white socks on bare legs, but Megan always wore pantyhose. It made her legs look shiny and gave her an edge she thought.

Mandy was busy getting ready. Megan would be there in 2 hours. She wanted to make sure everything went as planned. After all, Megan would be their first victim in a cheerleader outfit!

Mandy and Jennifer shared a room. They were very much into men and popular, however they craved young women’s bodies as well. They often played with each other when they were alone, but the real fun was having a guest over and having their way with her.

Ever since they had watched an old movie together, where they had seen a kidnapped girl held captive and chloroformed over and over by an older woman, they were obsessed. They stole some chloroform from the chem. lab and started to put each other under. Then they started to try it on others. They also had Rohypnol to drug drinks with and their newest addition was an envelope of seasick patches.

Jennifer had recently been on a cruise and was given an envelope filled with patches in case she got seasick. She soon learned that they made her quite sleepy. Now the girls would put them on an unsuspecting girl during her makeover to fix so called trouble spots. One would make her submissive, two would make her a sleepy puppet, and three would knock her out completely. Normally they would use only one or two and put her under the rest of the way with chloroform. Then they would strip her, play with her, dress her in various outfits, and take pictures.

Mandy was 21 and fairly tall, about five eight. She had a slender model’s type body with great looking long legs. She had long brown hair and above average sized breasts. She was dressed in a white see through blouse and a denim wrap around mini skirt. Underneath she wore a skimpy white bra and panties set and dark colored sheer pantyhose. Her boots were brown and came to just below her knees. They had zippers down the sides.

Jennifer came back to the room and asked Mandy if she was ready for Megan. Mandy nodded an enthusiastic “Yes!” Jennifer was also 21 and very petite. She had long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and tiny breasts. She was just over 5 feet tall and was small in every other way. Her boyfriends always liked to carry her and she loved it. She also had a sleepy fetish and loved to put girls under. But she liked being put under herself even more.

Jennifer was wearing a red jump suit with a zipper that ran all the way down the front. The zipper had a large ring on it that made every guy want to grab it and pull it all the way down. Underneath she was braless and wore tiny black panties. Her legs were bare, and she wore sneakers without socks.

Jennifer asked Mandy how they would handle Megan when she got there. Mandy suggested starting with a face makeover and getting a patch on her quickly. Then one of them would slip off her shoes and make her comfortable while the other worked on her face. For the facial part, a washcloth soaked with chloroform would be used to remove her old make up. It would be gently held in front of her nose as her make up was wiped off, and when she was pretty far gone they would hold it on her tighter to knock her out completely.

Jennifer tingled all over at the thought! She said,

“Maybe you should practice the make up removal part on me first.”

Mandy quickly agreed. Jennifer sat in the chair by the make up table and waited as Mandy took a white washcloth and folded it into a square. The she carefully poured some chloroform on it and gently started to apply it to Jennifer’s sweet face.

It really did remove the make up of course. Chloroform was a solvent in the first place. Mandy carefully wiped areas of Jennifer’s face while making sure a well soaked part of the cloth was touching and always covering Jen’s nose. Jennifer was getting dizzy and could hear a ringing in her ears. She secretly hoped that Mandy would continue the practice session long enough to put her under completely!

Mandy wasn’t sure Jen wanted to be put all the way under. This was only supposed to be a practice session. She would keep it up though until she was actually asked to stop. Mandy didn’t want to stop! She was looking at Jennifer’s tempting zipper and wanted to put her all the way to sleep and pull it down. She held the cloth ever closer and tighter against Jennifer’s nose and continued the facial wipe.

Jennifer’s eyes were beginning to flutter rapidly. Mandy lost all control as she watched her rolling eyes and stopped the wiping and just held the cloth gently but firmly over Jen’s nose and mouth. To Mandy’s surprise, Jennifer inhaled several extra deep breaths and slipped deeply under. Mandy’s prayers were answered! She continued to hold the cloth on the now limp Jennifer for almost a minute.

Mandy placed Jen’s totally limp head on the back of the chair. Then with her hand nearly shaking, she put her index finger into the ring on Jen’s zipper and slowly pulled it down. When it reached the bottom, the jump suit opened like a jacket and Mandy slipped it off Jen’s shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

Jen looked breathtaking in just her tiny panties and sneakers as she lay limp in the chair. Mandy got down on her knees and started slowly untying and unlacing Jen’s sneakers. When they were loose enough to suit her, Mandy slipped them both off. Then she picked up tiny Jennifer and cradle carried her to the bed and placed her on her back.

Mandy took several pictures of Jen in just her panties. Then she slowly pulled them down and off. Next she picked up the still wet cloth and held it over Jen’s nose and mouth once again. After about 30 seconds she pulled it away and started to play with Jen’s very limp body.

When Jennifer finally woke up, she was naked on the bed. Mandy was in the bathroom. Jen’s head was spinning as she tried to stand up. When she finally got her balance, she put her panties back on. Then she picked up her jumpsuit and put it back on as well. She was tying her sneakers when Mandy came back in the room.

To Mandy’s surprise Jen said,

“That went very well! I hardly even knew what was happening until I was nearly gone. With a patch on her first, Megan won’t know what hit her.”

Then she said one other thing. “By the way you owe me a 2 hour knockout!”

Mandy didn’t mind. It was well worth it to have had her way with Jen. There wouldn’t be time now though. Megan would be there any minute.

Megan was approaching the girl’s dorm. She didn’t quite understand why they wanted her to come in her cheerleader outfit, but she went with it. She badly wanted the friendship of Mandy and Jennifer. Finally she reached the door and knocked on it. Jennifer answered and let her in. So far all was well.

Mandy thought the same thing! Megan was there, and they were more than ready for her. Within 2 minutes Megan was seated in the make up chair eagerly waiting to be made up. Both girls looked her over. Jennifer told Megan that she had a bad spot on the side of her neck and that she had something to fix it. She quickly applied a patch and pushed on it to speed up the flow of the drug.

At the same time, Mandy told her that they would have to remove all her old makeup first. Megan sat willing in the chair as Mandy took a clean white cloth and poured a clear liquid on it. As the cloth was brought near Megan’s face, it smelled like alcohol only stronger and sweeter. Megan was feeling slightly light headed within 10 seconds.

Jennifer got down on the floor and gently started untying and unlacing Megan’s sneakers. She unlaced them so far the Megan was barely aware that they were being slipped off. She was too far gone to notice anyway. Mandy had the cloth in just the right position. Megan tried to ask what the makeup remover was, but her voice was wavering and her eyes were beginning to flutter rapidly. Mandy held the cloth over her nose and mouth tightly now and waited for some sign of protest.

The protest never came. Megan slipped under without a struggle. Mandy held the cloth on her for over a minute. Then Jennifer put a second patch on the other side of Megan’s neck and pressed it firmly. Megan would be no trouble now! Even if she woke up, she would be heavily sedated, and a few whiffs of the cloth would easily put her back under.

Together the girls carried a rag doll limp Megan to the bed. Mandy unhooked and unzipped Megan’s short skirt and took it off. Megan’s top was then pulled over her shoulders by Jennifer while Mandy held her up. Then Jennifer played with Megan’s nylon encased legs and feet while Mandy unhooked Megan’s bra and let her breasts out to play.

As Mandy held Megan’s limp body in a sitting position, she could not believe how her breasts stuck straight out. Jennifer was too busy enjoying her nylons to notice. After quite a while Jennifer finally slipped off Megan’s pantyhose and tossed them aside. Now Megan was in just her panties. The girl’s could not agree on whose turn it was to take them off.

It was finally settled. Each girl grabbed one end and they pulled them down together. Once they were off Mandy decided to sniff them lovingly. Jennifer suddenly got very excited and had an idea! She went and got the bottle of chloroform. Then she took the panties from Mandy and said,

“I see you like to sniff panties!”

As she said it, she was soaking the silky panties with chloroform. Then she said,

‘Why don’t you try sniffing them now?”

Mandy was a little surprised, but quickly started to sniff Megan’s chloroform soaked panties as Jennifer held them over her face. Megan started to ump and say,

“Hey that’s about enough!” but Jennifer held them fast.

Mandy didn’t protest again. She continued to breathe normally. Soon her eyes were fluttering rapidly. She looked at Megan’s limp and naked body through out of focus and fluttering eyes as Jennifer said,

“Sweet dreams!”

Mandy was now deeply under. Not deep enough to suit Jennifer though. She put a patch on her neck and pushed it tightly. Then she lowered Mandy’s limp body to the bed and left the chloroform soaked panties over Mandy’s nose and mouth. She would strip her later. Right now she wanted some quality time alone with Megan.

Jennifer had her way with Megan for nearly an hour. Then Megan finally started to move. Jennifer quickly grabbed the panties and re soaked them with chloroform. She held them gently on Megan first. Megan went under quickly and deeply. Then she started to strip Mandy

Jennifer ever so slowly unzipped Mandy’s boots. Then she slowly eased them off. She played with Mandy’s stocking legs and feet for quite a while. Eventually Mandy started to stir. Jennifer quickly grabbed the still wet panties and held them over Mandy’s nose and mouth. Mandy made a weak protest, but passed out quickly. Jen pulled the panties away and continued stripping Mandy.

Once Mandy was naked, Jen moved the girls around into various positions and took pictures. Then she went into the bathroom.

Mandy woke up and saw a limp and naked Megan on the bed. She started to play with her. Then she saw the panties and had an idea. She soaked them with fresh chloroform and held them in her hand. After that she pretended to still be out and waited for Jennifer to come back.

Jennifer came back and started to play with Megan. Once she was engrossed in what she was doing, Mandy sneaked over to Jennifer and held the panties over her nose and mouth from behind. Jennifer was startled, but not surprised. She actually wanted to be put under again. She wouldn’t let on though. She umpped and struggled hard for Mandy’s enjoyment and her own as well of course!

Mandy smiled in triumph as Jennifer finally went limp in her arms. Then she put the 2 unconscious girls in various provocative positions and took picture after picture. She felt strange though. The chloroform had worn off but she still felt sedated. Suddenly she knew! Jennifer had put a patch on her!

Mandy didn’t mind. She left the patch on. Then she opened the envelope and took out a patch and put it on Jennifer as she slept. The she took out a second one and put that on Jennifer as well. After all, 2 sleepy puppets were better than one!

Credit to: C.Biscuit

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