Captured and Punished

Karen stood by helplessly as Amy and Jill closed their gift shop. They had caught her stealing. They were going to call the police. That was not an option. Karen had already been caught 3 times. The women that owned the shop said they would forget about the matter if she went home with them for the weekend and let them have their way with her. It was the lesser of evils. Karen had been with women before in prison. They were very rough with her but she survived. These women seemed harmless enough, and she didn’t want to go back to prison.

Karen was 24 years old. She was always a bad girl. School was a nightmare. She was forever in trouble over something. She was cute though, and that got her out of many pinches. This was no exception. She had brown hair with red highlights. She was about 5 foot 2 and had a stocky build, kind of like a perky cheerleader. She had brown eyes and a very flirty manner. Her breasts were huge. Usually she would be caught by men and could easily talk her way out.

“Thank god these women found me attractive!” Karen thought. She would be in a cell by now otherwise.

Jill held Karen’s arm and escorted her to the back room of the store. Once they were in the room, Amy locked the door, and Jill suddenly snapped a handcuff on Karen’s wrist. Before Karen could protest, the women both grabbed Karen’s wrists and cuffed them behind her back. Amy giggled and said,

“I guess you’re in our custody now.”

Then they marched her out the back door towards their SUV.

It was a spring day and all 3 women were wearing short skirts and boots. Karen wore black pantyhose and the other 2 wore nude hose. They arrived at the car within 2 minutes and Amy got inside the back seat first. Karen was ushered in next, and to her surprise, Jill got in on the other side of her. Karen asked,

“Who’s going to drive?”

Jill said that she would, but that they weren’t quite ready to leave yet.

Amy was a blonde about 30 with blue eyes. She was slender and had small breasts. Jill was a brunette and also had blue eyes. She was about the same age as Amy but was a little taller and had larger but not huge breasts. Both girls were in very good shape. You could tell they were into fitness and health. They had lived together for about 3 years.

Karen suddenly felt the zipper on her right boot being pulled down. Amy smiled and said that she was going to remove her boots so she wouldn’t be a flight risk. Amy slowly and lovingly slipped off Karen’s boots and revealed her silky black hose. Next Jill handed Amy a short length of white rope and Amy wrapped it around Karen’s ankles and tied it tightly. Amy had an intense foot and leg fetish, especially when nylon was involved!

“Aren’t you two getting a little kinky here?” Karen asked.

Jill replied “Not quite yet!” as she handed Amy a long and shiny white scarf.

Amy started at the back of Karen’s head and had the ends meet and cross over Karen’s mouth. Then she pulled the ends behind Karen’s head and tied them together. Karen tried to speak in protest but her words were muffled. Since both women were giggling, she didn’t take it too seriously.

Karen, now unable to move or speak, watched helplessly as Jill took a white cloth and a brown bottle out of her purse. Jill poured the liquid onto the cloth. Then Amy grabbed her from the other side. As Karen turned towards Amy, Jill held the wet cloth firmly over Karen’s nose and mouth.

Karen started thrashing and trying to scream, but it was futile. The fumes were strong, but sweet and not that unpleasant. Karen soon became lightheaded. Finally she stopped struggling and inhaled deeply. Karen felt like she had jumped into a pool and was under the water. All sound became distant and muffled, and her vision was all hazy. She heard a dull ringing in her ears. That’s the last thing she remembered.

Amy was ecstatic as she watched Karen helplessly slip under and go delightfully limp in her arms. Jill was very excited too. The girls kissed deeply after Jill put the bottle away. Then Jill got in front and drove as Amy stayed in the back seat with Karen.

As Jill drove, Amy unbuttoned all of the buttons on Karen’s blouse and spread it open. Then she slipped Karen’s bra straps off her shoulders and let her huge breasts pop out over the top of the lacy bra. Jill watched in the mirror and said that it was going to be a great weekend!

Jill drove the car into their garage and closed the door behind them with the remote. Then she opened the back door of the car and helped Amy carry a very limp Karen inside. They carried her to a large bedroom with 2 double beds in it. Then they placed Karen on one of the double beds and began stripping her. They took off the handcuffs and the ankle rope, but left the gag in place. Then Amy slowly pulled off Karen’s skirt and pantyhose, while Jill rendered Karen completely topless.

Then they placed Karen on her side and bound her wrists and ankles with rope. Finally they put her in a hog tie and positioned her facing the other bed. They would first have fun and games with each other in front of Karen after she woke up.

That was already starting to happen. Karen was gradually becoming alert and was struggling in her bondage.

Karen woke up startled and was shocked that she was bound and gagged in such a way. She was in just her panties now. She could see her pantyhose, bra, skirt, and blouse. She guessed that her boots and purse were still in the car. Suddenly Karen’s eyes focused at what was happening on the next bed. The girls had been kissing each other, but suddenly Jill was pouring liquid from another larger brown bottle onto a cloth.

“Oh my god they’re going to put me under again!” Karen thought.

Karen was pleasantly surprised when Jill held the cloth on Amy instead! Amy sat unresisting as Jill put her gently to sleep and lowered her limp body to the bed. Then she put down the cloth and started slowly undressing her partner.

Karen watched in amazement as Jill slowly unzipped one of Amy’s boots. She removed it very slowly and then started on the other one. When both boots were off Jill stretched Amy’s limp body out on the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse. She unhooked her skirt next and removed it as well as her blouse completely .The pantyhose came off next. Then the bra was carefully removed. Jill kissed and caressed each of Amy’s breasts before she moved down and started to slide down her panties. Soon the panties were off and Jill got on the bed and began worshiping Amy’s limp body in a way Karen had never seen or even heard of. Karen was actually getting aroused herself. She was never into women, but the putting the partner to sleep and stripping and loving her like this was something she hadn’t bargained for.

Amy began to wake up. Jill kissed her lovingly and said,

“Welcome back.”

Amy looked down and saw that she was naked and thanked Jill for getting her ready. Then Jill said,

“It’s my turn now, and make sure I wake up helpless.”

Amy told her that she wouldn’t let her down.

Amy opened the bottle and soaked the white square cloth. Then she held it on Jill. Karen watched carefully as the same thing happened to Jill. Her eyes soon fluttered and then rolled and closed and her head went limp in Amy’s arms. Amy held the cloth on her longer this time and then placed it back on the table. Then she stretched Jill out on the bed and went to her boots. She slowly unzipped and removed each of them and started to kiss Jill’s stocking feet. She ran her hands up and down her legs and seemed to be really turned on by the nylon.

After a while Amy sat up and started to unbutton Jill’s blouse. Amy continued to hold the totally limp Jill up, as she stripped her of her blouse, bra, and skirt. Then Amy gently laid her back down and started on the pantyhose. It looked like she didn’t really want to take them off, but she finally did. Then she pulled down Jill’s panties and started to kiss her down there. After that, she got up and moved on to Jill’s breasts. She sucked on the nipples and fondled the breasts for a minute. Then she handcuffed Jill’s hands in front of her. Next she took some shiny red tape and taped Jill’s ankles together. Jill’s knees were taped close together after that, and finally Amy picked up Jill’s tiny panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Jill’s mouth was then sealed with 3 layers of the red tape.

Jill woke up about 10 minutes later and was smiling. She struggled in her binds and thrashed around the bed. Amy sat breathless as she watched her try to escape. Then Amy picked up a feather and approached Jill. Jill’s eyes showed fear and muffled sounds came from under the tape. Amy only laughed and stated to tickle Jill’s inner thighs.

Jill was unbelievably aroused by the tickling and thrashed so much that the tape on her knees eventually came apart. Then she was easily able to break her ankles free as well. Next she raised her cuffed hands to her mouth and pulled off the tape and spit out her panties.

“This is going to be some weekend!” Jill said.

“Oh yeah, a weekend to remember!” said Amy, “Let the games begin!”

They traded places, and Amy undid Jill’s handcuffs and handed them to her. Jill handcuffed Amy’s hands behind her, and then tied her ankles together with her pantyhose. Next she gagged Amy with a long red scarf and picked up her own panties.

“You were a bad girl to stuff these in my mouth and now they will punish you!” Jill remarked.

Jill picked up the brown bottle and saturated the panties with chloroform. Amy had a look of fear in her eyes when she saw how much chloroform that Jill was using. Then the drenched panties were held over Amy’s helpless face. The effect was swift and devastating, and Amy was totally limp in less than a minute. Then Jill threw the panties on the floor and had her way with Amy’s limp and bound body for a while.

Eventually Amy woke up and Jill untied her and unlocked her handcuffs. Both girls put their panties back on. Jill’s were already dry since the chloroform evaporated quickly. Then they approached Karen.

Karen was relieved when the back part of her hog tie was undone and her legs were untied. Suddenly Karen felt the sting of a needle in her left arm. Jill smiled as she injected the liquid and pulled the needle out of Karen’s arm. Then she told Karen it was just something to relax her while they prepare her for her punishment.

Karen was shocked since she thought the bondage she had already suffered was her punishment. Her handcuffs were removed, but she couldn’t seem to move her arms. Her entire body felt disconnected. Her muscles were all like jelly from the shot. Then she felt her panties being pulled off. Jill handed them to Amy, and Amy started pouring chloroform on them. Karen tried to thrash around, but she could not move.

Amy held the chloroform soaked panties over Karen’s face and told her to relax and inhale deeply. They were just going to put her to sleep to get her ready. As soon as Karen passed out and her head slumped to the side, the women spread her out on her back in a spread eagle position and tied her ankles and wrists tightly to the bedposts with ropes. Next they removed her scarf gag and replaced it with a ball gag.

Amy and Jill had their way with Karen’s helpless limp body for nearly an hour before she woke up. Now it was time for some mild torture. First they used one feather to tickle her. Then they used two. Karen thrashed for all her worth in her binds, but they did not let up. Then Jill picked up a vibrator and turned it on. Karen could not resist that for long. As soon as it was near her danger zone she became aroused.

Then they teased her! They would let her get just so far along and they would stop the vibrator. Karen was losing all self control. They asked her if she was going to be a good girl when they untied her. She said,


Then they asked if they could put her to sleep whenever they wanted. She said,

“Yes!” again.

Finally Jill held the vibrator in place until she could hear Karen’s screams, even with the ball gag in her mouth.

Jill kept it up for half an hour, and made Karen explode screaming 5 more times. Karen was too relaxed and sated to care about anything now.

Karen lay perfectly still as Amy picked up a small bottle with an eyedropper. Karen could see the label as Amy brought the tiny bottle near her face. “Chloral Hydrate” it said on the label. Karen was not aware that these were fast acting and powerful knock out drops.

Amy and Jill both started to giggle as Amy started to apply the drops all around the edges of Karen’s ball gag. The drops swiftly found their way into Karen’s helpless mouth. The drops tasted a little salty, but were still a relief to Karen’s mouth which was very dry from the ball gag. After about 5 drops were already in Karen’s mouth, Amy asked her.

“Would you like some more?”

Not knowing what she was doing, Karen actually nodded her head,


Amy continued to generously apply more drops.

Karen suddenly felt light headed as she continued to swallow the saliva containing the powerful sedating drops. Her eyes gradually lost focus as time went on as well. Eventually Karen felt euphoric and as if she was floating on air. That’s the last thing she remembered.

Amy and Jill watched with giddy excitement as Karen’s beautiful eyes closed and her head slumped limply to the side. Her face was relaxed and in a total smile. They untied her and removed the ball gag. Karen would be out for several hours now!

Amy picked up Karen’s silky black hose and begged Jill to put them on. Jill put them on. They fit perfectly and looked great on her sleek and shapely legs. Then Amy asked her to put her boots back on. Again Jill complied. Then Jill asked,

“What’s in this for me?”

Amy told her not to worry, and handcuffed Jill’s hands behind her back. Next she gagged her with a scarf. Then she put another scarf around Jill’s nose and mouth.

Jill was perplexed as to what would happen next, until Amy opened the chloroform bottle and heavily soaked the scarf that was in front of Jill’s nose and mouth. Jill could only lay helpless on the bed inhaling the potent chloroform! Amy then slowly started to unzip Jill’s right boot. When it was fully unzipped, Amy slowly slipped the boot off and tossed it on the floor. She looked up at Jill’s face now. Jill was totally under. Her eyes were closed and her head was limp to the side. Amy slowly removed the other boot and began to play with Jill’s legs and feet in the silky black hose.

After nearly an hour, Amy got up and opened the brown bottle. Then she poured even more chloroform on Jill’s scarf. She didn’t want any interruptions from her any time soon! Next Amy slowly peeled the silky pantyhose off of Jill and put them on Karen. Jill helplessly inhaled the chloroform, drawing herself ever deeper into unconsciousness as Amy went to the garage with just her panties on to get Karen’s boots.

“It will be a great weekend indeed!” Amy thought as she slowly eased Karen’s boots back on, only so she could take them off over and over again.

Jill woke up 3 hours later. She found herself dressed in only her panties and was on her stomach on the bed in a hog tie. She was tightly gagged with a scarf. Next to her on the bed was Karen. Karen was totally naked and also hog tied with ropes. Karen was still unconscious and still had the red, but now dry, ball gag in her mouth. Amy was standing over the bed in a tight black spandex outfit. She winked at Jill as she cracked a whip.

Karen’s actual punishment was about to begin…..

Credits to: C.Biscuit

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