Massage Envy

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Kelly emptied another huge basket of white towels into the washing machine. She had a nothing job in a large and very profitable spa. The spa catered only to very rich women between 21 and 45 years of age. At least that’s all who came in it seemed. There were many spas around, but the women only kept coming back here after their first massage. What were they doing that was so different?

Kelly was Asian and 26 years old. She was just over 5 feet tall and very slender. Her hair was shiny and black and was fairly long. Her breasts were small and well rounded, and her legs were awesome. She was in her work outfit. A white blouse with her name embroidered on the pocket, a black mini skirt, sheer pantyhose, and sneakers.

Kelly dreamed about having the beauty treatments and massage the spa had to offer, but they were way out of her price range! Instead she would watch the next woman have it done. That would have to be enough for now. She just had to know what they were doing there!

An attractive first time customer was entering the lobby. Kelly heard the buzzer and looked up and saw her on the video monitor. Kelly ran to greet the new arrival. Kelly sized her up as she entered the spa. She was in her mid 30’s, blonde, about 5 feet 5, and had blue eyes.

She approached the desk and said “Hello, I’m Carla and I have an appointment.”

Kelly handed her a small form to fill out and checked her in. Kelly could not help but notice that she wanted everything they had to offer!
“Are you sure you want everything? Kelly asked.

“Oh yes,” Carla said. “I’m recently divorced and I’m more than ready!”

“Very well,” Kelly said. “Come with me.”

Carla followed Kelly into a beauty salon room. Carla was asked to sit in a chair to have her hair done first. Once Carla was settled in, Kelly returned to her tedious work. It would be several hours before Carla would be ready for the part worth watching!

Carla was well pampered for over 2 hours as her hair and nails were done. Finally it was time for the massage part. Several attractive guys were brought in for her to choose from. She quickly chose the one she wanted for her treatment. His name was Rob, and was a favorite of the customers.

Rob was just over 6 feet tall, and had a rippled classic male body. He had light brown hair and blue “bedroom eyes.” Carla shivered as she thought of him working on her! Rob told her that Stacy would get her set up in a room, smiled at her, and left.

Stacy was about Carla’s age and size. She had red hair, green eyes, and very large breasts. Stacy smiled and led Carla into a private room with a massage table and had her sit in a chair.

Carla watched as Stacy poured lime scented mineral water into a glass and sprinkled some white powder into the drink. Then she handed the glass to Carla and asked her to drink it.

“What’s the powder for?” Carla asked.

“It’s a special herb to relax your muscles for the massage.” Stacy answered.

Carla drank it without further question. Then Carla was told to get on the massage table. Stacy helped her up and started to undress her. Stacy began by unzipping one of Carla’s boots very slowly. As the boot was finally slipped off, Carla felt the cool air of the room on her stocking foot. She felt totally relaxed, and her fantasies about Rob were running through her mind.

By the time Stacy had both of her boots off and tossed them on the floor, Carla was yawning. Stacy had to help her sit up to remove her dress. As her dress was placed aside, Carla spoke.

“I don’t know why I’m so sleepy all of a sudden.”

“It could be the powder I gave you.” Stacy answered. “It can make some women a little drowsy as it starts to work.”

As Stacy spoke, she unsnapped Carla’s bra and slipped it off. Carla’s firm, average sized breasts stood out like bullets! After the bra was off, Stacy helped Carla lie on her back on the table. Carla was barely aware of what was happening as Stacy gently slipped off her pantyhose. When Stacy started to pull on the waistband of Carla’s tiny panties, Carla suddenly said that she would prefer to keep those on. Stacy complied and left them alone.

Stacy covered Carla’s now almost naked body with several large and recently warmed towels. Carla felt delightfully warm and comfortable as those were placed over her.

“You’re almost ready for Rob now!” Stacy said.

Carla smiled in anticipation as Stacy took a small, warm, and damp towel and placed it over her nose and mouth. Then Stacy poured something from a red bottle on the towel. It had a delicious strawberry scent.

“This is called aroma therapy.” Stacy said.

Carla was past speaking. She lay almost limp from the powerful tranquilizer Stacy had already given her. Carla looked at the ceiling, but it was out of focus. As she turned to Stacy, she noticed Stacy had another bottle in her hand now. It was brown. Stacy poured what seemed like a large amount in the same spot where the strawberry was. All Carla could smell was the strawberry though.

Stacy smiled as she watched helpless Carla succumb quickly to the chloroform. Soon Carla’s eyes fluttered and closed gently as her head fell limp to the side.

Stacy left the cloth on her as she removed the towels and exposed Carla’s beautiful body. Finally Stacy would get to slip those cute little panties off of her. She removed them slowly savoring every second as she eased them down her shapely legs and off.

Carla was deeply under now and ready for Rob indeed! Stacy removed the chloroform soaked towel before she spread Carla’s legs apart and explored her. She was already damp there as Stacy suspected she would be. Stacy remembered how wet she got over Rob when she first met him! Even now after nearly 5 years of marriage to him, Rob still made Stacy wet!

Rob entered the room smiling. He had been watching on the other side of the one way mirror from the next room as his wife seduced and prepared Carla for him. What he didn’t know was that as soon as he had left the observation room, Kelly had taken his place and was now eagerly watching!

Rob kissed his wife hello. As he kissed her, he ran the zipper on the back of her uniform all the way down. Then as he broke off the kiss, he slipped the uniform off her shoulders and let it fall on the floor. Stacy was now a breathtaking sight in just her bra and panties. Rob had her sit on the table next to Carla while he untied her sneakers and slipped them off.

“How does she look?” Rob asked.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” Stacy replied.

Rob needed no further encouragement! He explored Carla’s vital areas. As he looked and probed her down there, Stacy was sucking on Carla’s small and now erect nipples. They both continued to explore and enjoy their limp companion for nearly half an hour. Then Carla’s lips began to move.

Stacy quickly placed the wet towel over Carla’s nose and mouth and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured a large dose of chloroform on the towel and held it fast. Carla never struggled. She slipped back under peacefully in less than a minute. Both husband and wife had their way with Carla for several hours.

When Carla finally awoke she was on the massage table on her stomach. Rob was massaging her. Stacy wasn’t there. His talented hands massaged her all over. Carla felt relaxed and wonderful. The rest was a little fuzzy though. She felt wonderful, but didn’t seem to remember any details. The powder did that.

When Carla’s delightful massage as finally over, Rob covered her naked body with warm towels and left. Then Stacy came back and helped her get dressed. Stacy walked her to the lobby and showed her out. Stacy knew she would be back soon! They all came back in a few days.
Stacy was now extremely aroused and quickly went back to the room to see Rob. As she entered the room, Rob dimmed the lights. As he held his wife and started to kiss her, he noticed a shadow on the mirror. He quietly whispered to his wife.

“I think we have a problem!” “Kelly has been watching.”

Stacy went into the next room and grabbed Kelly. Kelly screamed that she was sorry and that she hadn’t seen anything. They both knew she was lying. As they both dragged her into the massage room, Stacy asked her why she was watching.

“I just wanted to see what is so special about what you do in the massage” she said.

“All you had to do was ask us darling.” Stacy replied.

“Perhaps we should show her.” Rob suggested.

Stacy fixed a glass of mineral water. Kelly watched in terror as she put the powder in. She put in way more that she had given to Carla!
Kelly had seen how the powder had almost knocked Carla out. She refused to drink the water.

“Ok Stacy, get the chloroform ready then.” Rob called out.

“Oh my God, I don’t want that!” Kelly thought.

Kelly reluctantly agreed to drink the water. She tried drinking only half, but was forced to finish all of it. Then Rob lifted her tiny form onto the table.

Kelly shook in fear as Stacy slowly untied her sneakers. As Kelly laid there the room started spinning. By the time her sneakers were off, Kelly could not move. Stacy gently undressed her while Rob watched. Finally Stacy placed the towel over Kelly’s nose and mouth. First the strawberry was applied. Next Stacy gave her a large dose of chloroform.

Kelly was under in less than a minute. They left the cloth on her for quite a while. They wanted her deeply under for a long time to come. They would get around to her later. Right now Stacy needed therapy of her own. This time Rob put the powder in her glass. As Stacy drank it, Rob moved Kelly’s limp body to the chair. Stacy quickly stripped to her bra and panties and got on the table.

Rob placed a towel over his wife’s nose and mouth and prepared the aroma therapy.

“Is strawberry OK?” he asked.

“No, I prefer lemon with my chloroform.” Stacy said in a sleepy voice.

Rob obliged of course! After all, his wife was his best customer when he started the spa. That’s how he met her in the first place!

Credit to: C.Biscuit

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