All’s Fair in Love, Villainy, and Chloroform Conclusion

Elizabeth 1:59 AM

Completely oblivious to her unseen audience, Chameleona continued her performance. As she inhaled, she started to flutter her eyes, letting them roll slightly. She giggled a little under the cloth, letting the heroine know that she wasn’t getting hurt, and actually was kind of enjoying the experience. Deeper and deeper she breathed, and suddenly she felt her head begin to swim a little. As the stars started to appear around the corners of her eyes, the villain wasn’t sure what was happening. Maybe a small amount of chloroform had leaked past her thumb onto the fabric, maybe all that forced heavy breathing was making her a little high from the excessive oxygen intake, or maybe she was just feeling a euphoria over the prospects of her plan working so wonderfully. In any case, she adjusted the cloth slightly, cut back on her breathing a bit, and soon the stars faded and she felt in control. “Gotta be careful,” she thought to herself, “can’t let myself play this part too well.”

After a few minutes, Chameleona slumped back into the bench, pretended to become very weak and drowsy, and giggled some more. Finally, she let her hand drop limply from her face, and sat there smiling a drunken smile. American Glory showed concern for her friend, and curiosity for the experience.

“Cindy? Cindy? Are you OK?”

“Mmmmmm… yeahhhhh… I feel… fiiiiine…” Chameleona purred in response. “Woooo… what a trip. That stuff… gives you one helluva buzz. Feel all… tingly… hee hee hee…”

The villainess let herself play it out for a couple more minutes, then shook her head and pulled herself upright. Taking a deep breath, she showed American Glory that everything was alright, and that she in fact felt pretty damn good.

“Wow, that stuff was great. Can’t believe they make such a big deal of it.”

“So you feel fine?” American Glory inquired.

“I feel better than fine, sweetie,” assured the villain, “never better.”

“That’s weird. I wonder why the other heroines are always so down of this stuff then, and why was Power Queen hiding it from us?” the patriotic princess pondered.

“Probably because they want to keep it all to themselves,” said Chameleona. “Selfish bitches won’t let us have any fun. OK Michelle, it’s your turn now.”

“I don’t know…” American Glory turned squeamish again. She was fine with the idea as long as it was her friend trying it out, but now that she had to do it, she started to back peddle.

“Oh no you don’t. We agreed we’d both try it.” Chameleona wasn’t about to let the heroine off the hook. “Quit being chicken shit.”

Wincing from her friend’s scolding, American Glory finally conceded. “OK, hand it over.”

“Now we’re talking,” Chameleona strained to contain her excitement. “Hang on a sec.” She picked up the bottle, uncapped it again, and again turned it into the cloth, only this time there was no trickery, no slight of hand. This time she poured a large and powerful dosage into the rag. She could feel the coolness of the liquid coming in contact with her hand as it soaked completely through the fabric. “This ought to knock her on her pretty little ass for sure,” she mused to herself as she repressed a wicked little grin.

Having thoroughly soaked the cloth, she offered it to the trusting heroine. “Here you go, Michelle. Now do it just like I did.”

- - -

Wormsley was completely flabbergasted. He didn’t know what to think. So far his day was going up and down like a roller coaster. Just when he thought American Glory’s little super friend was going to knock herself out, clearing the path for him to make his move on the redheaded patriot, she stopped just before finishing the job. “Damn super bitches can’t be trusted to do anything right,” he grumbled to himself. His only hope now was to rush in while the friend was still weak and take out American Glory before the other one could get up and offer him much of a fight. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best plan he could come up with.

Then, before he could rush out and take them on, he stopped frozen in his tracks. He couldn’t believe what his own eyes were seeing. Now American Glory was going to take the cloth and use the chloroform on herself, too. What the heck was going on? He figured these two super twits must be playing some kind of game with each other, trading chloroform and seeing how much they could take. Well, that was just fine with him. If they wanted to goof around and get themselves all dazed and giddy, he sure wasn’t going to stop them. A couple of barely conscious super heroines would be easy to bring down, even for a low level grunt like him. He parted the bushes a little more with his trembling, anxious hands to provide a clearer view of the action and watched further, oblivious to the drool forming at the corners of his mouth.

- - -

American Glory took the saturated rag from her “friend”. She studied it for a moment, felt the weight in her hand, squeezed it slightly to feel the squishiness. Still unsure, she raised it slightly to within a few inches of her nose and took a precursory sniff. The faint whiff of fumes made her curl her nose in disgust.

“Ughhhh…” she complained, “This stuff smells awful.”

“Just at first,” Chameleona eagerly tried to encourage her. “Once you get past that first jolt, it gets smoother and easier to take. Kinda like drinking beer for the first time.”

The nervous heroine gulped a little in shame at her companion’s reference to beer drinking. She had always been a bit envious of Astro-Girl. Her friend was always so daring and adventurous in her personal life, always willing to try new things even if she knew she could get into trouble. Always so devil-may-care. But not American Glory. She was the consummate “good girl.” Always did what she was supposed to, never bucked the system. She knew that if Astro-Girl had known that she had never tried beer, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, she’d never hear the end of it. Instead she just played it off like she agreed and understood.

“Yeah, OK,” she mumbled back unconvincingly.

Getting impatient, the villainess prodded further, “Go on, give it a go. Don’t puss out on me now. Pull up your big girl panties and suck it up.”

Finally giving in to peer pressure, American Glory conceded. “OK, here goes.” Still nervous, but not wanting to disappoint her friend, she sat up straight, held her breath and slowly raised the cloth and pressed it to her face, covering her nose and mouth, just like Astro-Girl had done. She could feel the cold dampness on her skin, and felt the first tendrils of fumes begin to creep up her nose. Bracing herself, she went for it and took her first deep breath. POW! That first breath was like getting hit by a truck. Immediately she could feel her head tingle and a rush of dizziness hit her. It was kind of like getting a sudden head rush when you stand up too quickly, but times a hundred. The impact of the fumes was so unexpected, so overwhelming, that she lost her balance and rocked back into the bench. Her hand instinctively fell away from her face.

“Wh-whoa...” she moaned as she closed her eyes and tried to force the world to stop spinning. “That was… uhhhh… that… whooaaa…”

As American Glory sat back moaning and sucking in fresh air, Chameleona thought to herself, “Oh no, this just won’t do. We’re not through yet, little girl.” She slid in a little closer to the heroine and her put hand behind her shoulders, gently pushing her back up into an upright seated position. Her other hand nudged at the cloth still in American Glory’s hand. “Come on, Michelle, that was pathetic. You didn’t give it near a good enough try. I took a lot more than that. And you know Power Queen and Galactress probably wouldn’t even feel anything from a little girly-sized whiff like that one. You can’t quit now. You said you’d try it with me. Don’t let me down.”

Still spinning from her first taste of chloroform, the redhead at first had a hard time comprehending what Astro-Girl was saying to her. All she could comprehend was being push back up and being pressed into doing it again. Something didn’t feel quite right. Why was her friend trying to force her to do something she obviously didn’t want to do? It wasn’t like Cindy to be this way, she was usually so thoughtful and understanding. But she did have that reckless side to her, so maybe she was just too caught up in the moment. As her head began to clear, she decided to humor Astro-Girl a little longer, just to make her feel better. This chloroform stuff was stronger than she had anticipated, but she felt sure she could handle one or two more breaths of it, and then she’d quit.

“Hhhhhuhhh… OK. Just one more time,” she agreed.

“That’s my girl,” Chameleona happily replied.

American Glory straightened up again, her friend tenderly and reassuringly rubbing her back. “Just one more time,” she thought to herself. Besides, she wasn’t truly prepared the first time, but now she knew what to expect, this time it would be better, easier. Steeling herself, she raised the cloth once again, pressed it to her face, and took another breath. Again came the rush and the tingling. Her pale blue eyes looked around the garden as she inhaled, and she could see the corners of her vision growing darker and darker. She started to feel warm and numb all at the same time as the world started to spin once more.

“Yeah, that’s it girl. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.” The false Astro-Girl cheered the heroine on, like a frat boy chanting “chug, chug, chug, chug” while one of his brothers funneled a beer. American Glory could tell this was somehow very important to her good friend, though she had no idea why. Nevertheless, she was not one to let her friends down, so she kept going.

Again she inhaled the fumes. Her nose was on fire from the chemical, and her head spun faster and faster. The dizziness was overpowering. She could feel herself begin to sway in her seat. She could no longer feel her toes, and as she tried to steady herself, her thighs, usually so strong and firm, felt like jelly. Her eyes rolled over toward Astro-Girl, and even though she could see her smiling face, she could not make out was she was saying, and she realized it was because of the ringing in her ears. This was enough, she had to stop. She couldn’t take it any longer.

American Glory’s hand grew limp, and she allowed it to drop away from her face. She tried to speak, but her words were slurred and hard to produce. “n-nuffff… no mmmmorhhhh… had eh-ehnuffff…”

Chameleona acted quickly. Not wanting to lose the momentum, she saddled up right next to American Glory and slipped her arm flirtatiously around the heroine’s trim waist. Pulling the groggy redhead right up close against her, she used her free hand to take hold of American Glory’s falling hand from underneath. Holding her victim tight, she guided the heroine’s hand back up to her face again.

“Oh no you don’t, American Glory, we’re not through yet,” she whispered into the redhead’s ear. “We’re not through by a long shot. You’re a big girl, you can take a lot more than that.”

“Huhhh?... wha-what are you mmhmmmm…” American Glory tried weakly to protest at her friend’s pushiness, but her words were cut off as Chameleona used her hand to press the cloth back into place. The heroine was beginning to get upset with her so-called friend, and she looked sternly, if not dazedly, back at her. Still, she could not help but to breath as her fellow heroine forced her to hold the cloth to her face. More and more of her resolve was being melted away by the insidious drug. The spinning was out of control now, her whole body had gone numb. She could feel herself growing weaker and weaker.

“That’s it, that’s a good girl. Suck it all in. There you go.” Chameleona continued to purr into the redhead’s ear.

“mmm… mmffff… hmmmMmmmmfff…” American Glory moaned in pointless protest.

“What’s that?” the villainess asked mockingly in response to the heroine’s moans, “What’s that you say? I can’t quite make that out. Did you say you want some more? Heh heh, OK sweetie. You can have some more. You can have aaaaall you want,” she taunted, and pressed American Glory’s hand even tighter against her nose and mouth.

Something was definitely wrong. Even in her barely conscious, addled state of mind American Glory could tell that. Weakly, she tried to pull her hand away from her face. When it became clear that her friend wasn’t going to let her, she tried with her free hand to pull Astro-Girl’s arm way. This effort also proved too weak to be effective. Normally, under any other circumstances, she could have overpowered her compatriot easily. But not this time. The chloroform had done its job. She was as weak and helpless as a newborn kitten in Chameleona’s eager, persuasive, and unyielding arms.

Finally, in a last ditch effort to escape the fumes, American Glory decided that since she could not force Astro-Girl to let go, she would stop participating in this little game and stop breathing. She held her breath, hoping she could wait long enough for the spinning to stop, and then regain enough composure to push her friend away. But Chameleona was no fool. With their bodies pressed so close together, the villainess could feel the cease in rising and falling of American Glory’s chest, she could hear the lack of breathy gulps under the cloth. She was on to the redhead.

“Oh no you don’t,” she chided, “No fair holding your breath.” The heroine just sat there, looking stubbornly back at her. “OK, if that’s how you want to play it, then let’s just change the rules up a little.”

The dazed and sleepy heroine tried to remain as stalwart and resolute as she could, but Chameleona wasn’t into playing fair. Without another word, she smiled wickedly as she looked deep into American Glory’s blue eyes, then quickly slid her arm down, moving her hand from around the redhead’s waist and slipped it expertly down the front of the heroine’s costume panties. Deftly she forced her fingers between the young girl’s thighs and found her crotch. Immediately she targeted the clit and began to pinch and rub and manipulate it with great proficiency.

“hhmmmMmmmmm!....” American Glory was shocked at the sudden invasion of her nether regions and could not repress her surprised moan. Her eyes opened wide and panicky at the violation. “MmmmMmmmHmmmmMmmhhhh!...”

This is exactly what Chameleona wanted. Normally, the seductive villainess was an expert at manipulating a woman’s erogenous zones, and never failed to bring any female to a screaming orgasm, no matter how stubborn or uptight she was. But this time she didn’t need to force a climax, this time all she needed was the breathy moans, and she was getting those in spades. She delighted at the feeling of American Glory’s moistening silkiness between her fingers as her hips squirmed and bucked. It was hard to tell whether the heroine was wriggling and fidgeting in protest or pleasure. It didn’t matter, so long as she kept moaning, so long as she kept breathing.

And breathe she did. The heroine’s small measure of remaining resolve broke the instant she felt those magic fingers. She could not control herself. Helplessly she continued to suck in the conquering fumes. It was over. Her vision was blurred, her ears ringing deafeningly, her body was completely numb except for the tingling, her muscles basically useless. She could comprehend nothing, other than sweet sensations being forced upon her clit and the ever enclosing darkness. Soon her body stopped its pitiful gyrations. Her arms went limp, her body relaxed, and she became nothing more than a warm and inviting ragdoll in Chameleona’s arms.

The villainess rolled the redhead’s head over so that she could look into her eyes. The heroine’s eyelids grew so heavy that she could barely keep them open. Chameleona stared intently into those big baby blues for few more seconds, then whispered with a sinister sweetness, “Nitey-nite, princess.”

The last thing American Glory saw as a brief flicker of an inhuman green glow flash across Astro-Girl’s eyes. With the fleeting realization that her friend was not her friend at all, the heroine gave up the fight. With a final breathy moan, her beautiful eyes rolled back in her head, her lids fluttered shut, and she was gone. The mighty heroine was defeated.

“‘Bout time,” the shape-shifter snorted as she watched American Glory give in to final defeat. She held the cloth in place for a few more seconds, making sure that her victim was completely under, then removed her hand and let the cloth fall. Slipping her other hand from between the sleeping redhead’s legs, she took her arm from around her waist and laid the heroine gently back against bench, allowing her head to loll limply against her shoulder. The villainess daintily licked her fingers and enjoyed the taste of triumph. “Mmm mmm mmm, sweeter than honey.”

Now she checked the slumbering girl to make sure all the signs of unconsciousness were there. She picked up her arm by the wrist and let it drop loosely to her hips. Once, twice, and third time. No resistance, totally limp. Check. Then she gently pushed open the redhead’s eyelids to look at her eyes. First one, then the other. Rolled back and no sign of cognizance. Check. Satisfied, she took a deep sigh of relief and appreciated her accomplishment.

“What a chump,” she said to her oblivious companion. “I can’t believe you fell for that so easily. You super types are always soooo trusting. Sure makes my job a whole helluva lot easier. Still, you proved to be more of a pushover than most. Certainly not a hero worthy of a hundred million dollar price tag.” Chameleona let her eyes venture down the form and figure of the snoozing girl beside her. She let her fingers trail gently and teasingly down American Glory’s body, from her slender neck, down and around her firm, generous breasts as they rose and fell slightly while the heroine breathed softly in her sleep, then down her toned midriff, across her hips, and up and down her inner thighs. “Then again,” she mused to herself, obviously getting turned on, “if I were somebody like Master Disaster, I’d pay a pretty penny to get a piece of you and have this body all to myself, too. Not too shabby at all. Mmmmm.”

- - -

This was it. His big chance. Wormsley watched as American Glory began to chloroform herself. He became excited at seeing her sway dizzily under the cloth. He then became even more excited when the other heroine coaxed her into doing it some more when it looked like she was going to quit. And when the tight little brunette pulled her in close and forced her to continue to suck in the stuff, he could hardly contain the bulge growing uncomfortably in his pants. This was too much to bare, but bare it he did. Finally, his heart leapt with glee as he saw the redhead pass out completely and get laid out unconscious. Now was the time. Whoever this other heroine was, she had done his job for him. All he had to do now was take her out of the picture, and American Glory was all his. He could just scoop her up and present her to the Master all tied up in a pretty bow.

In his grubby hands Wormsley eagerly fidgeted with the chloro-mask that he had absconded with back at the Cathedral. It was one of the handiest creations from Disaster Laboratories. A completely self contained rubber anesthesia mask with a built-in aerosol mister. Affixed to the front of the mask was a glass vial filled with chloroform. But not just any chloroform. This was a special, extra strong concoction that the boys at the lab had whipped up. It worked just like regular chloroform, only it didn’t dissipate and evaporate quite as fast and had ten times the kick. He knew American Glory was strong… certainly no Captain Mighty or Power Queen by any stretch of the imagination, but super strong nonetheless, and so he figured he’d need something a bit more potent than just your regular, run-of-the-mill chloroform or ether to take her down. But now that she was out, he decided he would use it on her friend instead. If it was good enough for one, it should be more than good enough for the other.

He couldn’t wait any longer. The young brunette seemed so preoccupied with her sleeping partner that he was sure she wouldn’t see him coming. It was time to pounce.

- - -

Chameleona was thoroughly enjoying her prize, but she knew she couldn’t stay there all day. She had no idea when the rest of the Justice Squad would return, and if nothing else, the real Astro-Girl was still on the grounds somewhere. She could come looking for her friend any minute. It was time to pack her things and get out while the getting was good.

Still, she couldn’t help but relish the moment. She sat back on the bench, crossed her legs, and rested her arms on the back of the seat. Closing her eyes, she let the sun’s warming rays soak into her skin, breathing in the moment, and reflected on how good life was going to be once she was a millionaire. All was right with the world. It was as if time had stopped to allow her to savor her well deserved victory.

Suddenly, her idyllic moment in time was shattered. Out of nowhere, a pair of strong thick arms grabbed her and jolted her out of her daydreams. One arm wrapped around her shoulders and over her chest and pinned her hard against the back of the bench. The other sweaty hand moved in front of her face and clamped a cupped rubber mask over her mouth and nose.

“What the fu… mmmmblmmm!...” the villainess tried to yell before the mask cut her off and muffled her words. Before she could react physically, a gruff and weasely voice growled in her ear from behind…

“Say good night, babe.”

The stubby thumb on the hand in front of her face then maneuvered and pressed a button on the front of the mask, and instantly a gassy mist sprayed from the inside of the rubber cup. Chameleona gasped and involuntarily gulped as the super chloroform vaporized and was sucked down into her lungs.

“Mmmmmffff mmmm… nooo-mmmmmhmmmmblmmm…”

She tried desperately to free herself, pulling at the hand on her face and clawing at the hairy, warty arm around her chest. Her legs kicked wildly in front of her, but it was all to no avail. The man who held her was too strong, and more importantly, the chloro-mist filling her lungs was way too strong. This drug was specially formulated to knock out extra tough metahumans, and aside from her mutant shape-shifting abilities, Chameleona possessed no additional powers, no super strength or heightened resilience. In short, she had no chance against these fumes. She was toast.

The shape-shifter struggled and kicked for another minute or two. Wormsley enjoyed the feeling of her warm wiggling body in his arms. He giggled depravedly as he squeezed her, and Chameleona seemed to recognize the tone and pitch of his voice. Her last thought was that she had heard that horrid, sniveling little laugh somewhere before.

Before she could put two and two together, it was over. The scientifically engineered drug had performed its duties all too well. The shapely vixen ceased her kicking and struggling. As her body went limp, her eyes grew heavy and, with a final soft moan, they fluttered and fell shut. She had a one-way ticket to Slumberville, and she had finally reached her destination.

Wormsley was giddy with success. He released the flaccid, vanquished brunette and hopped and danced around, celebrating his victory.

“Yes! I win! Now the Master will see. Now he will see Wormsley in all his glory. Victory is mine. Mine, mine MINE!”

As he danced, he worked his way around to the front of the bench. There he stopped and looked down upon not one, but two costume-clad beauties, both sleeping soundly and at his mercy.

“Oh, what joy. Two lovely lassies for the taking.” He looked over at the would-be Astro-Girl. “I don’t know who you are, little girl, but you must be somebody. And you’re certainly pretty enough. I’ll take you to the Master as a bonus. Two for the price of one. Certainly then he will see my quality and worth, and reward me richly. Oh, happy day!”

The brutish little pug clapped to himself like a child as he leered at his dozing conquests. Then something strange happened. The young brunette started to glow, a faint blue glow, and as she did, she started to change. Wormsley was frightened at first, not understanding what was happening, but as he watched, he saw her body contort, grow longer, taller, fuller, more curvaceous. Her skin changed color, shifting from a pale flesh tone to a lustrous shade of purple. Her hair sparkled as the mousy brown hue turned into a tussle of bright green silk. And her silvery outfit faded away and was replaced by… nothing. Before he knew it, Wormsley found himself staring down at the naked and irresistible body of none other than the criminal shape-shifter, Chameleona. It took him a good solid minute to realize what was going on, to piece together the puzzle of the situation. Had he actually outsmarted somebody else who was out to steal his glory? Yes, it would appear that he had. But more impressive than this revelation was the discovery of who that somebody else was.

His mouth drooped with amazement, and the drool dribbled from his bottom lip like a leaky faucet. His hands went limp and he dropped the chloro-mask to the ground. Long had Wormsley worshipped Chameleona from afar. OK, maybe worship wasn’t quite the right word; the only being an acolyte of the Cathedral of Pain was allowed to worship was the Master himself. But he had lusted and longed for her from afar, that was to be sure. To him she had always seemed a fresh, exquisite flower, perfect and unblemished, and eternally unattainable. So many times he had seen her at the various conferences and soirees that the Master had held at his estate, always flirting and flitting from one powerful super villain or crime boss to another, but never did she have time for Wormsley. The few occasions on which he had summoned up the courage to approach her at one of these events, just to say hello or to get a mere whiff of her perfume, were met with the foulest contempt and rejection.

But now here she was, in all her glory, laid out before him. His eyes hungrily scoured her figure, the suppleness of her neck, the tautness of her arms, the curves of her breasts, the swirl of her belly button, the delicate curling of the stripe of baby-fine green pubic hair neatly trimmed above her holiest of holies. His hands shaking, he stepped forward and reached out to her. His fingers grazed her soft cheek, then trembled onto her shoulder. They tripped down her chest, and clumsily groped and stroked one of her breasts. He cupped his hand underneath her bosom, then squeezed it rudely, letting his thumb play across the bluish-violet skin of her nipple. A trail of drool drizzled from his lower lip and trickled down along her satiny inner thigh as he grinned and took pleasure in his new found toy.

Suddenly, he had a revelation. “Wait a minute. I… don’t have to give you over to the Master. Heh heh… he only wants the Glory girl. He said nothing about you, my sweet. Wormsley can have it all. I can deliver her to the Master, I can receive the reward, and probably a promotion. And… and… I can have you… all to myself. Heheheheheh…”

Wormsley delighted in his decision. Barely able to contain his joy, he quickly went to work securing his goods. Picking up his chloro-mask, he moved over to American Glory. Fixing a pair of elastic straps to the mask, he slid it over her head, positioning it over her face. The movement seemed to jog the heroine a bit, and as he adjusted the mask’s position, the heroine moaned very slightly, and he saw her eyes start to flutter open. He pressed the button on the mask, and again the built-in aerosol mechanism vaporized the super-chloroform and misted it into the redhead’s nose and mouth. He held her face steady and watched intently as the faint glimpse of life that had crept into her eyes quickly faded, and with a breathy sigh she was once again lulled into a chemical induced slumber. Satisfied that she was fully out, Wormsley then took a roll of industrial strength binding tape from his belt and trussed the heroine up, taping her wrists, then her ankles, then her legs, and then finally he taped her arms to her sides. With her body bound and the mask firmly fixed to her face, he had the heroine secured, in perfect, unspoiled condition, and ready for delivery.

Next he turned to the object of his lecherous affections. He taped and bound Chameleona’s body up in the same manner as American Glory. He then took the discarded cloth from the seat of the bench, as well as the bottle the shape-shifter had brought for the job. Opening the bottle, he poured virtually all of the remaining contents of the container into the rag, soaking it until it literally dripped with chloroform. He pressed the cloth to the villainess’ face, then secured it in place with more of the binding tape. The sleeping beauty never stirred, as she was still under the full affect of the super-chloroform dosage she received before. Now, she had her own cloth taped to her face, soaked with her own chloroform, which was more than potent enough to keep a regular-strength female like herself out for hours. Had she been awake, the irony would not have been lost on her.

His packages secure, the squat little toady hoisted the unconscious women up, slinging each over one of his broad shoulders. Looking around one last time to make sure no one was around to see him, he trotted off toward the back of the Enclave property, to where his van was waiting on the other side of the fence.

“Off we go, my lovelies. I apologize for the bumpy ride. Well, I don’t apologize to you, my sweet,” he snickered as he turned and kissed Chameleona’s naked lavender hip. “For you, I can promise a very bumpy ride. Heheheh… You laughed at Wormsley before. Wormsley wasn’t good enough for you, was he? No, he wasn’t. Well, let’s see you reject old Wormsley this time. You will be screaming Wormsley’s name before I’m through with you. I promise, you will scream my name. Heheheheheh! Who’s laughing now? Hmmmm? Who’s… laughing… now? Hehehahahoohaha!”

Chameleona could not answer as her sleeping face bounced on her new master’s back. The happy little toady scampered and skipped merrily across the yard to the wall with both his prize and his powerless princess, where his coach, his prosperity, and his every fantasy awaited him.

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