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The Boss Want You

The Boss Wants You...

It was Lena's first day at work and she looked fabulous! dressed in a charcoal grey skirt suit with a skirt length well above the knee  - well, mid thigh actually, wearing killer heals to show off her beautiful, toned, tanned, smooth, sexy bare legs. She also wore a smart shirt that was fitted to her athletic, toned but curvy body, blue in color with a white collar and short sleeves, the top also highlighted her pert, small but perfect full breasts. Lena was 21 years old, a Sports Major from University where she had also been captain of the volleyball team. Lena is 5ft 6inches, very statuesque with an Italian mother who was a catwalk model and a Greek father who was a playboy in the shipping business. This meant that she had smooth silky olive tan skin, big brown eyes that could melt your heart and a wonderful smile but given her fitness, the perfect toned figure - think Raquel Welch in her prime from 1 million BC but with olive skin and aged 21 and you can now see what I mean. Her job was to be the office junior/graduate scheme new starter at the local Health Spa. Her aim was to run the spa within 5 years! Lena was very ambitious, always charming but with a cheeky glint in her big brown eyes! When she had met her boss, Louise, she had made a connection with her and Louise liked Lena. In fact, she really took a shine to Lena.

Louise, the current MD of the Spa was 33 years old, just about 5ft 1 and very petite with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She may have looked petite, but Louise had made a name for herself in female cage fighting! she looked like Michelle Pfeiffer all be it a pocket rocket version! great shapely legs with strong but not overly muscled thighs, a six pack but still lovely tummy, small but perfectly pert breasts and toned arms and given her skills, not a mark on her! she had quite a severe manner about her and she was stern with her staff but she really was striking! she had a fearsome reputation in the ring having never been knocked out or lost and in fact winning 12 of her 15 fights by way of complete knockout! she had a very hard punch! the other 3 wins came by way of sleeperhold knock out! She had even fought a fly weight man only a month before and knocked him out cold barely 30 seconds into the fight! she was sexy! but she was very tough!

Louise was bi sexual and openly so and single and she had hired Lena not just because she could obviously do the job but also because she thought that Lena had killer legs and a killer body and, well....she really fancied Lena! It had helped that Lena had been single for 6 months - her last boyfriend cheated on her - why, no one knows - he wasn't going to get anyone better looking that's for sure but she was off men for the moment. Lena had dabbled with kissing other girls at college as you do but she wouldn't have called herself a lesbian although she did love a great pair of legs and could see real beauty in other women. She thought Louise was very sexy and liked her assertiveness and for some reason also liked the idea that Louise could and had rendered people unconscious! this was a new feeling for her but one she liked although she had no plans to knock anyone out or be knocked out, she just liked the idea of standing over someone you have complete control over!  Lena knew that Louise was flirting with her at the interview and she could see that her legs were the trick. She didn't care, she got the job!

The day passed quickly and it was obvious that Lena had got on well with Louise and that Louise was happy with the pace that Lena was learning the ropes. Lena also knew that Louise liked the outfit she was wearing which had been her plan anyway.

Louise knew that she must have Lena, those legs, that body, that face! she wanted her today! this afternoon, now in fact. It was 5.30pm and the evening shift were coming in to work and the day shift, excluding Lena had left. Louise asked to see Lena at the end of the day in Louise's private office to discuss her first day. The office had a lock in it and a double bed behind the desk. No one would disturb the boss at all as the evening shift manager had her own office and it wasn't uncommon for Louise to stay the night and work late. Louise's office was the far office in the facility well away from everyone else!

Lena sat down, her short skirt riding up her thigh giving Louise a great view especially as she crossed her legs to talk to Louise. Louise had placed a bottle of chloroform and a cloth on the far side of the bed, away from Lena's line of sight. Her plan wasn't to chloroform her straight away, it may take a little too long and the struggle may attract attention. What Louise planned was to wait for Lena to get up to leave the room whereby Louise had learnt that there was a pressure point on the back of the head just to the left of the right ear and if you hit that area of the head with a fist, the blow would knock the person out cold instantly for a couple of minutes and best yet, not concussed the opponent. The perfect technique to subdue Lena without a struggle and then administer the chloroform to keep her out for as long as she wanted too.

Louise congratulated Lena on her first day and thanked her for her help, she did so by gently placing her hand on Lena's thigh, her leg felt so good, Lena knew what was going on and appeared to quite enjoy it, she didn't flinch and in fact, she found Louise's company and flirtations enjoyable and flattering. Maybe there was something here but it was her first day and so there was plenty of time. Louise asked her what her plans were that evening as she would happily buy dinner for Lena if she wanted as a thank you. Lena had no plans and was going to go home, order pizza and watch TV before another long day at work but made an excuse that she was going to her old college gym for a workout and to meet some friends. Louise said no problem and see you tomorrow.

Lena uncrossed her legs, got up, thanked Louise for the day, smiled and walked to the door. When she was only a foot and a half away, Louise had silently and quickly snuck up behind her and swiftly and firmly punched Lena in the back of the head, behind the ear. It was a very hard blow and Lena didn't feel anything but she felt her eyes rolling up to her head, a white flash and that she was falling backwards, she let out a soft "Unnhhh" and it went black. Louise caught Lena as she fell, scooped her up in a cradle carry and gently placed the unconscious new girl flat out on her back on the bed. Lena was knocked senseless but Louise could see her eyes rolling about the top of her head and although clearly unconscious, she wasn't completely out cold. Lena moaned softly every other time she breathed out and her muscles in her arms and legs would jerk as she tried to unscramble those senses. Louise loved the look of Lena and loved the look of girls who had been knocked out this way, she found it erotic! Louise took off Lena's shoes, sat Lena up and took off her suit jacket, she then unbuttoned her shirt and unzipped her skirt. Lena was starting to come round but was too dazed and confused to know what was going on but Louise decided that it was time for the chloroform! she took the cloth, poured a sizable amount of chloroform on it, replaced the lid and gently placed the cloth over Lena's mouth and nose. Lena bucked from the first intake but it was a reflex as the young woman didn't know what was going on. Her brain was still too foggy from being knocked silly to understand that she was being knocked deeper into unconsciousness! she sighed a few times but within 20 seconds, Lena went completely limp and breathed out a sigh signalling oblivion! 

Louise took away the cloth after a few more seconds and breaths that made sure the tanned beauty was completely out cold but she didn't want her completely unconscious for too long. Louise loved the idea of Lena being semi conscious, slightly coming too then going out again and she knew that this bout of chloro and the blow to her head would keep her out for about 15 minutes. Louise took the shirt off Lena and removed her skirt to reveal, the curvy, tight, toned, smooth, olive skinned body and killer legs that Louise knew was always there and she marveled at the younger girls rocking figure! she took her time taking off Lena's bra and matching panties, frilly, skimpy and white and then slowly started to kiss and caress every square inch of Lena's fantastic body. Louise knew that even though a person was unconscious, they could still be aroused. Lena's nipples hardened when her breasts were touched, kissed, stroked or caressed and Lena's pussy was very wet indeed even before Louise started to pay attention in the area with her tongue! Louise also had her vibrator to hand to help arousal and climax. Louise started up the vibrator and placed it against Lena's lips on her pussy, Louise then kissed Lena's tummy and breasts and started to kiss Lena's mouth, placing her tongue inside. 15 minutes goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself and Lena started to stir. Not only stir but it was quite clear from the moans that Lena was very aroused and close to orgasm. Louise left the vibrator where it was and gently kissed Lena's neck and ear lobe whispering "Wake up sleepy head, I've got something for you. I know you like this Lena you horny girl"

Lena did like it! she was so groggy and woozy from the drugging and knockout blow but her body was full of pleasure! her pussy, her body, tummy, breasts, legs, arms, mouth, everything. She didn't have a clue how she got in the position she was in, she last remembered walking to the door, then there was a sweet smelling pungent something and now, she was naked on a bed in her bosses office with a vibrator making her feel great and Louise kissing, licking and caressing all the places that drive her to great passion! she was so dazed and confused and was struggling to put it together but her idea of enjoying knocking someone else out also extended to enjoying being knocked out and being submissive. Just as her senses were coming too, there was a wet cloth placed over her nose and mouth and that very noxious sweet smell that was addictive fogging up her brain again and all the while that vibrator was driving her wild! Lena was getting dizzy but breathed in the fumes and the room span out into blackness, she sighed "Louise....I....I.....lo......love....this....than...thank...youuuuuu...." she passed out from the fumes! Louise continued with the vibrator, her tongue and the kissing and caressing and after another 15 minutes, Lena started coming round again but this time, Louise allowed Lena to fully wake up and as her senses returned and the fog cleared, Lena had the greatest orgasm of her life! in fact her first ever multiple orgasm! Louise's hands and body were everywhere and Lena just cried with complete pleasure!

Louise allowed a few minutes for them both to recover and told Lena that she knew that from the first interview, here was a girl that Louise just fell in love with! she lusted after her and always wanted to do this to her. Lena blushed and replied, I thought you were so sexy and strong, I never imagined sex like this! Can we do this again sometime soon. Louise smiled and knew that Lena was a great hire! of course we can, as often as you like darling.

Lena asked if she could take a shower, there was a private shower in the room and Louise said of course, I'll join you! Lena had 3 older brothers and could scrap with the best of them but she had learnt the sleeperhold perfectly and had used it on her brothers regularly! she wanted to return the favour to Louise and render her unconscious just to fulfill her desires and would knock the fighter out, drag her wet and gleaming to the bed and knock her out deeply with chloroform and have her way with Louise! she hoped her boss wouldn't mind but she wasn't going to ask! Louise had her back to Lena and Lena placed her arms around Louise's neck and jumped on her back to make sure she wouldn't lose her grip! Lena was much taller than Louise and as long as Louise didn't get free and punch her out, this would work! Lena squeezed but Louise didn't fight back in fact Louise was happy for this to happen, she knew what Lena had planned and besides, she had never been knocked out before! the thoughts really aroused her already! Within 10 seconds, Louise was out cold on the tiles, flat on her back with the warm water gently pouring over her tummy which looked so sexy to Lena glinting wet in the light just rising and falling as Louise lay passed out on the floor.

Lena stopped the shower and dragged Louise back to bed still dripping wet, as was Lena but she didn't care, she felt so aroused from knocking her boss out! she got the cloth and the chloroform and waited for Louise to start to come too then she applied the cloth to her face, covering her nose and mouth, she could feel Louise struggle but not too much, Louise was moaning pleasurably the fumes making her more out of breath, forcing her to suck more of the knockout drug into her bloodstream sending her into a pleasurable oblivion. Lena spoke softly as Louise was blacking out "Your all mine now boss, I'm knocking you out cold for the night!" Louise let out a contented final sigh as her aroused body lost its fight with consciousness and she was rollercoasted into a black hole...."Uuunnnhhhh!"...
Written by: Steve

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Alone Experiment

Debbie had just turned 18, she was going away in a week with her friends,
the first holiday without her parents and her parents were away for this
week so she had the house to herself, another first. Debbie was sensible and
wasn't going to have a party but it was 11am, it was 90 degrees outside and
it was sunbathing weather! Also, Debbie's parents were doctors and she knew
that there was a bottle of chloroform in the house and she always wanted to
find out for real what it felt like to be knocked out by the drug.

She had heard her parents talk about it sometimes and she knew that contrary
to the films, about 20ml of the liquid poured on a hand towel would do the
trick. It was all about lung capacity and after around 20 seconds of
inhaling, she should lose consciousness. If the cloth was removed straight
after passing out, you would be knocked out cold for about 5 minutes. If the
cloth stayed on for a minute, unconscious time would increase to 20 minutes
and if you kept the cloth over your mouth and nose, the drug would evaporate
off the cloth after 3 minutes and you would remain unconscious for about an
hour. Debbie wrote this down and placed her watch on stop watch.

She went outside and placed her beach towel on the decking and the sun tan
lotion on the side. She took off her robe, placed that to one side and
revealed her lithe, athletic body, wearing her favourite skimpy red bikini
with black piping around the top of the bra and panties. Debbie was 5ft 4,
flowing brunette hair and captain of the school soccer team. Although she
didn't have a 6 pack she had a very flat tummy with the smoothest silkiest
skin imaginable. Her legs were shapely and strong but not too overly
muscled. In fairness, if you think of Mila Kunis you'd be pretty much on the

Debbie had taken on a bit of a sleepy fetish almost 18 months ago during the
last game of the season when 45 seconds into the second half, she was
looking to head the ball into the net when the opposition goalkeeper
accidentally punched her head rather than the ball. Debbie was knocked out
cold! She was unconscious even before she hit the floor! She remembered
nothing that happened after warming up before the game as she was quite
concussed from the impact but she remembers that when she came round, the
head coach Karen Kilter or Miss Kilter to the players seemed to be touching
Debbie very tenderly on her thighs and stomach and stroking her head.
Although she felt so woozy, groggy and dazed, she liked it and felt it
arousing. Miss Kilter had become friends with Debbie's parents over the
years and after taking Debs to the hospital for a check out, she drove her
home and helped her to bed and still found a way to stroke her thighs and
tummy. Debbie had split from her boyfriend a month ago as she didn't seem
interested enough in him which was true as Debbie had feelings for Karen.

Karen had just turned 40 and was single and divorced. She looked amazing for
her age, in fact she did not look a day over a very hot 25 year old. As
Soccer head coach, she really kept herself in great condition. 5ft 1 and
very trim. She did have a 6 pack and great toned legs. Long, straight brown
hair, tanned and very fit, sexy and beautiful. Think Sandra Bullock as a 25
year old and again, your on the money. Karen never had lesbian tendencies or
feelings before but when Debbie lay knocked silly on the pitch, her body, so
smooth and fit completely out cold, it really turned her on. She had enjoyed
placing her in the recovery position and had made excuses to message and
touch her legs and tummy to help bring her round. She had a crush on Debbie
and she believed that Debbie also had a crush on her. Debbie's parents had
asked Karen to check in on Debs while they were away and the weather was
glorious and thought that maybe she could sunbathe with Debbie and use their
pool. Who knows what may happen! Karen felt like a giddy schoolgirl! This
would have to be kept secret assuming Debbie wanted Karen.

Debbie did want Karen and day dreamed about what being with her would be
like. Anyway, she could think of that when she dreamt in a moment. Debbie
poured the correct amount of chloroform on the cloth, lay down on her towel
on the decking and placed the cloth over her face and started breathing.
Whoa!! That first breath made her throat tingle, like the first time you try
to inhale a cigarette but stronger. The smell was really pungent and sweet
and nor too unpleasant. She set her stop watch and started to take her third
breath! Her head was swimming and she said out load "wow, I describe it like
being rollercoasted into a black hole" her words sounded funny to her,
muffled, slurred and distant. She could feel herself being plunged into
unconsciousness but she felt so aroused! After a couple more breaths, her
legs which were bent at the knee went limp and slapped down on the towel,
then her hands and fingers which Debbie was using to stroke her own tummy
also went slack and they now lay beside her limp. Debbie had just enough
strength to let out a sigh "Unnghhh" before she was finally knocked out cold
by the fumes. Her body lay motionless and unconscious on the decking, only
her tummy gently rising and falling as she breathed showed any movement. Had
she been able to look at her stopwatch she would have seen 21 seconds to her
KO! She had also forgotten to put tanning oil on. Well she did remember but
it was as she went limp before she passed out. An hour wouldn't be that bad.
The cloth had over 2 minutes of Knock Out drug to dispense, which it duly
did rendering Debbie in a very deep but safe state of unconsciousness.

After barely 5 minutes, the front door bell rang and a key opened the door
and Karen walked in. She was wearing very hot denim daisy duke hotpants and
a lemon yellow bikini bra top. The matching bikini knickers were under the
shorts. She looked hot showing off her tanned legs and tummy. Her breasts
were small but still pert and natural. She called out Debbie's name bur no
answer. Her car was here and the door wasn't double locked, she was probably
outside enjoying the sun. She walked through the lounge and through the
patio doors and found Debbie sunbathing on the decking. It was weird that
her face was covered but maybe she didn't want any sun on her face. "Hello
sun worshipper, how are you?" no response. Karen looked at her tight toned
body and legs and remembered when she was that young and sexy. She knew she
was still hot but Debbie's skin looked so soft and silky. She knelt down to
Debbie's right side and placed her hand on Debbie's tummy "Hey sleepyhead,
wake up!" still no response. Karen could feel that Debbie, although having a
lovely toned tummy, was limp and not the limp of the sleeping. She had seen
and helped enough girls to know that if you hadn't woken up yet and were
still this limp, then you were unconscious. Karen looked around her and
spotted the bottle of chloroform and beneath it, Debbie's notes which Karen
read. She then saw Debbie's stop watch, 8 minutes! In which case, Karen had
50 minutes of time with Debbie in this sexy state of unconsciousness! It was
too much to restrain herself! Karen took the towell off Debbie's face and
found Deb's mouth slightly open, Karen opened an eyelid and Debbie's eyes
had rolled to the top of her head! "Wow Debs!! You are well and truly
knocked out cold this morning!" Karen lifted a forearm and shook it,
completely limp! She let Debbie's hand fall bonelesly on her tummy, Karen
liked the sound of the slap it made. Karen then lifted Debbie's thigh and
shook that. "My god, your legs are as limp as wet spagetti!" Karen saw the
tanning oil and also felt Debbie's skin and correctly figured out that
Debbie had not applied any. "Tsk Tsk Debbs! You should keep that skin in
better condition!" Karen placed oil on her hands and messages oil gently
over Debbie's face, then moved to her shoulders, arms, neck, tummy and legs.
Karen enjoyed the feel of Debbie's soft skin so much and the feel of a real
sexy rag doll! She felt very aroused! Butterflies in her stomach and a warm
moist feeling between her legs. She wandered what she should do next and
decided to take Debbie's bikini top off which exposed her small but full and
pert breasts to the outside. Karen gently kissed Debbies nipples and was
surprised to see those nipples harden. "So even when you are knocked out,
you still feel sexually aroused. Nice touch that" she placed oil on her
breasts and then she gently pulled her bikini knickers down, over her toned
limp thighs and knees and over her feet and placed them to one side. "You
look amazing Debbie and I want you so much! You are all mine for while at
least!" she slowly kissed and caressed every inch of the unconscious Debbie
and reached her mouth and Karen slowly placed her Tongue inside and kissed
Debbie for a few minutes. Karen thought she tasted so sweet! Karen then
decided it was her turn to strip off and oil herself up which she did
quickly as Karen wanted to get back to caressing her sexy rag doll! Soon,
Karen was back kissing and caressing Debbies breasts and tummy and moved
slowly down to Debbies pussy. To Karens further surprise, Debbie was wet
between her thighs and Karen spent some time licking Debbies clit and then
deep inside her. Karen remembered trying to bring Debbie round when she had
been knocked senseless in the soccer match and was convinced that kissing,
licking and stroking a clit and pussy would speed up the recovery of a
knocked out and concussed soccer player! Debbie tasted so sweet and in her
unconscious state obviously enjoyed it because she was so wet. Karen too
felt as hot and aroused as at any time in her life! Debbie let out a very
soft, pleasurable moan and her thighs flexed for a second. Then her arms
moved and she placed her right hand on her tummy and her left hand up to her
head. Karen was surprised bur didn't stop, Debbie was coming round slowly
bur surely and by the look and sound of things very pleasurably and she
hoped and preyed that Debbie would be as into this as she was. Karen noted
the stopwatch time, 42 minutes, it should have been at least an hour! She
wondered what had shortened Debbies unconscious time and then she said aloud
"Stimulus! All this stimulus has made her come round quicker" Debbie really
started to stir and felt so much pleasure running through her, she then
remembered that she had knocked herself out so who was helping to revive
her? She could hear a distant voice talking to her telling her to relax and
she would be ok. She felt so warm and aroused and whoever this person was
knew her way around her body. She recognised the voice, it sounded like Miss

Karen noticed Debbies eyes fluttering open and she placed her tongue again
in Debbies mouth and kissed her gently "Wake up sleepy head. You've been out
cold for a while"

Debbie responded "Miss Kilter, what's going on? Your here, how? You feel so
good! I love this, I love you" Debbie seemed to black out a few times bur
only for a few seconds and Karen enjoyed watching Debbies big brown eyes
flutter and roll around as she attempted to regain her scrambled senses. The
sun glinted off her toned, oiled body and legs and it further aroused Karen.
She continued to kiss and caress Debbie, helping to bring her round. She
lusted after her smooth, lithe young body and was loving every second of
this experience. Debbie was quickly coming to her senses but still felt very
groggy, woozy and weak but loved the feeling of Karens strong body on hers,
the feeling of her powerful legs and thighs intertwined with hers, this was
a dream coming true for Debbie. She really had a major crush on her coach
and to kiss her, touch her and admire her body up so close and personal was
ecstasy for her. She asked Karen "Miss Kilter, how long was I out cold for?"
Karen replied "please Debbie, call me Katren and by your watch, 42 minutes"
she went down on Debbies pussy to finish the young woman off and bring her
to climax. Debbie responded by saying "You must have brought me round
quicker by arousing me. I have wanted you to take advantage of see since I
got knocked out and concussed 18 months ago! Thank you for applying the
tanning lotion! I forgot to in my little experiment! Oh my! Yes that feels
soo goood! Don't stop...." Karens tongue and hands made Debbie orgasm many
times at once and she was in heaven!

Karen then held Debbie close and wondered what being knocked out and
controlled would feel like. The thought aroused her and she asked Debbie
"Will you chloroform me? I want you to knock me out cold and when I'm
unconscious, I want you to take advantage of me and help bring me round"

Debbie felt so excited, she couldn't wait to see Karens brown eyes roll up
to her head and see her hard, sexy body glisten out cold and limp with her
powerful thighs rendered completely useless after losing consciousness from
the powerful chloroform.

She placed another dose of chloroform to the towell and placed the towell
over Karens mouth and nose.

Karen bucked and recoiled from the initial hit of the noxious fumes but she
soon got used to it and like Debbie enjoyed the swimming sensation and heady
dizziness the drug provided. She couldn't wait to be kissed, caressed and
controlled by Debbie! After a few more breaths, her body fell completely
limp but although almost passed out, Debbie knew that Karen was still
slightly conscious and she took the rag away and Karen spoke quietly and
slurred "I am all yours! Knock me out cold" Debbie replaced the cloth and
within one last deep intake, Karen entered her unconscious oblivion. She let
out a sigh "unhhh" but she was already out cold when the moan left her lips.
Debbie left the cloth on for the full 3 minutes and seeing that Karens pulse
was strong and she was breathing regularly wondered where to start. This was
going to be a great week!......

Written By: Steve

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Try and Capture Me

Try and Capture Me

Halley was sitting on the couch watching TV. She had finished a long day of classes at university and was enjoying some off time. A thin medium brunette she was wearing a red T-shirt and black leggings with some short white socks. The chemistry major was flipping through the channels as her roommate, Lisa came in. While Halley was a brunette, Lisa was a similarly tall blonde. She always dressed a little fancier than Halley. Today she wore a stylish white blouse, dark shorts, and black tights.

“Hey there” Lisa said as she took off her flats.

Halley nodded, “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good what are you watching?” Lisa answered taking a seat on the couch with Halley.

Halley found a show that she liked; it involved a female spy character. Together they watched the episode. The heroine was trying to get some files from the bad guy’s office. Soon she was discovered though and a fight broke out. During the battle one of the henchmen pulled out a chloroform soaked cloth and subdued the heroine.

“Oh please.” Lisa rolled her eyes.

Halley intrigued asked, “What?”

Lisa shook her head, “She fights like four guys but can’t break free when someone grabs her.”

Halley smiled, “It was drugged. You think she should last longer?”

Lisa smirked, “Well I think she should be able to get out of it before it takes effect.”

Halley leaned over and pulled a napkin from a nearby table. She held it out to Lisa, “Okay try and capture me.”

“What, come on Halley?”

Halley shook her head, “You heard me, I want you to try and catch me. I know how fast chloroform works, so if I’m not free within a minute, well then I would have passed out.”

Lisa at first looked like she was going to say no but she was also competitive, “Okay you’re on.”

They agreed to go to separate rooms and Halley would have no idea when Lisa was going to attack her. Halley started out in the bathroom and walked back out to the main living area of their apartment. Seeing no sign of Lisa she proceeded to the kitchen. Halley opened up a cabinet and was getting some stuff when Lisa grabbed her from behind. The napkin went over her face and she proceeded to struggle. Lisa, who was also a gymnast, had pretty good strength. Despite all her struggles, Halley just couldn’t break free of Lisa’s arms. After a minute she pretended to pass out in her roommate’s arms.

“Alright enough wake up sleepy head.” Lisa laughed.

“Well I think I proved my point, I couldn’t get free.”

Lisa shook her head, “You may have not gotten free, and spy-girl didn’t get free, but I for sure could.”
Halley smiled now, although Lisa didn’t know why, “Well time we found out, my turn to try and capture you.”

Lisa nodded and went off to her room. Halley walked into her room and went to the closet. Inside was something she ‘borrowed’ from her chemistry lab. Taking the bottle of chloroform out, she opened it and drizzled some of its contents onto the napkin. Her smile grew watching the drops landing on the napkin. It didn’t take long for the cloth to become a little damp in her hand. Halley sniffed the air and easily smelled the hint of chloroform. Palming the cloth, she then quietly moved to the door.

A glance out showed that Lisa was trying to play it cool. Her blonde friend was casually looking for her. Carefully Halley moved out of the door and stepped lightly on the floor. Lisa had moved from the kitchen to the bathroom. The lights were off inside and the door partially closed. It looked like she thought Halley might be hiding inside. It worked out perfectly for Halley, Lisa headed to the bathroom thus turning her back to Halley. Quietly Halley got closer, raising her arms to ensnare Lisa.

“I’ve got you!” Lisa exclaimed opening the bathroom door and flicking on the lights. While she was distracted by not finding Halley inside, her friend struck.

Halley grabbed Lisa from behind, wrapping and arm around the blonde’s shoulders and neck. While her hand holding the chloroform napkin when over Lisa’s face. They began to struggle and Lisa was actually smiling under the napkin. She was confident of her ability to break free from Halley’s grip. Because of the fun she was having pretending to be ‘chloroformed’ she didn’t think about the smell on the napkin. At first she was surprised by how much the struggling was tiring her out. Lisa felt weaker as Halley dragged her back into the hallway. As she started to become more sluggish, Lisa realized something was on the cloth over her nose and mouth.

It took her a minute but she realized she was really being chloroformed! With big pleading eyes she looked towards her friend’s face. Halley just smiled, “What’s the matter Lisa, I thought you said you could break free?”

This triggered a brief renew in Lisa’s struggles but they quickly ended. Her body was sluggish; she was so tired and sleepy. Halley felt confident enough to adjust her grip bringing her arm down from Lisa’s neck to under her breasts. Her roommate’s breathing slowed and Halley could feel Lisa getting slack in her grip. For Lisa her head felt like it was wrapped in soft towels. Her eyes, which had been fluttering rapidly at first now slowly blinked and opened. Halley noticed they were staying closed for longer each time. Soon they would close and Lisa would be out cold. Feeling that Lisa was finished, Halley now showed her intentions, she leaned in and kissed the beauty that was her roommate on the neck. Lisa made a final sigh under the chloroform cloth. Her eyes shut and she was out.

Halley removed the napkin and enjoyed the sight of her roommate’s helpless form. She dragged the sleeping Lisa into her bedroom. Carefully she laid Lisa down onto the bed. When she was resting comfortably, Halley climbed into the bed and curled up next to Lisa. Halley had longed wanted to play with her roommate, to feel her soft skin, kiss her lips, and explore her body. She kissed Lisa as she slowly unbuttoned her friend’s blouse. Under the shirt Lisa had on a black bra. For the moment Halley left this on but she did remove her own shirt, revealing her white sports bra.

Next Halley went for Lisa’s shorts. Unbuttoning it she slowly pulled them down her friends’ nylon tights. She enjoyed the feel of them and how smooth and sexy they made Lisa’s legs look. Tossing the shorts away, Halley hoped off the bed, removed her leggings and stood in her panties. She climbed on top of Lisa of and felt her roommate’s’ breasts. As she enjoyed their feel Halley would lean down and kiss Lisa Eventually she changed direction and began feeling Lisa’s strong gymnast legs. Encased in the black tights, Halley loved the sound of the fabric as it rubbed together and how it felt on her skin. She was becoming more excited, feeling it between her thighs.

“Ohh….” Lisa moaned, but not out of pain, but pleasure.

Halley left Lisa’s legs behind and leaned down in front of Lisa’s face, “Hello….”

“What….what….” Lisa struggled to say, still coming out of her chloroform induced fog.

Halley kissed her, then parting her lips, “You lost the bet, you couldn’t get free.”

Lisa answered, “This…is….your reward?”

“No, it’s yours.”

Lisa managed to smile, “Pull me up, I’m still a little weak.”

Halley sat next to her roommate and pulled Lisa up into her lap. Their arms wrapped around one another and they began to passionately kiss. It wasn’t long before Lisa was lying back down again. The girls continued to kiss and their hands began to move all over their bodies. Lisa let out a small moan of pleasure as Halley intertwined their legs. They continued like this for quite a while, with each of them slowly removing the others remaining clothing.

Later, they were lying under the covers of Halley’s bed. Still embraced they looked at one another. Lisa said, “That was…amazing.”

“I’m so happy you think so Lisa.”

Lisa leaned up on an elbow, “Well I have a request.”

“Name it.” Halley responded.

Lisa pulled out her tights and looked towards the bottle of chloroform Halley had left out, “Your turn.”

Halley just grinned.

Written by: chlorofan05

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Missing Link

The time had come. Alex was a successful Lawyer, his wife of 20 years Jane an award winning TV journalist. He was tall and handsome, with green eyes, slightly greying black hair, and a prominent but mischievous moustache. He was reasonably broad coming in at a height of around 5ft10". She was slightly taller, around 6ft, with a fantastic figure for her age (46), 4 years her husband’s junior. She had terrific mid length blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and wore glasses regularly which added to her intellectual and opinionated, career woman appearance.

Their busy schedules had resulted in them making the decision not to have children, and at times they had both questioned if this was correct. Now however they were about to get the ultimate reward for their sacrifice.

What was about to go down was not something that warranted young children or anybody else for that matter to be present in their spectacular suburban mansion at the same time.

Although their regular love making was very enjoyable, they both felt there was something missing. Alex had no doubts he knew what it was, and he had made the decision to come clean about it. He didn't want to be having regrets lying on his death bed. He had no idea how his vibrant wife would react, but there was only one way to find out.

So late one evening, after a nourishing meal, and a couple of glasses of vintage white wine, Alex asked Jane to convene to their spacious and decorated living room, he wanted to have a chat with her about something, “and don’t worry love” he joked” I’m not leaving you!”

“No problem darling, I’m all ears” she affectionately responded as they convened on the leather sofa and faced each other attentively.

He was still wearing his expensive, grey pin striped work suit. She had changed from her professional TV attire into a sexy tight pair of denim jeans which displayed her prominant curves, and a nice bright yellow loose blouse, which allowed her her substantial cleavage to flourish.

“This concerns our adult activities if you like”. “Go on” retorted Jane, getting a little exited at this stage.

“Well the thing is” continued Alex, “Although or love making is great, if I am to get complete satisfaction from our physical relationship, there is something else that I feel we are going to have to introduce into it.” “Like some sort of a fetish activity?” Jane queried. “Exactly” replied Alex, getting encouraged by his wife’s so far not too dismissive demeanour.

“So what is it?” Asked Jane.

Initially Alex had planned to give Jane a background to his chloro fetish, explaining that it had started as a child after seeing a famous scene in a well-known superherione TV show, but he had done enough tip toeing around the issue and it was time to just come out with it.

“I want to chloroform you” he blurted out, looking straight into her blue eyes and with a voice as serious in tone as it had ever been in his life.
“Chloroform? That’s the drug in the cloth used to knock people out, isn’t it?” replied Jane (she knew exactly what it was,but there was a serious game of cat and mouse going on here now!).

“Indeed it is”, said Alex. “Seeing women getting chloroformed is the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life, but just watching is not enough, my interest in this is an obsessive one, therefore I am going to have to actually do it to a woman to completely fulfil my desires, and my first ever victim can only be the woman I am closest to.”

“You say you like watching women get chloroformed, so when and where do you watch?” queried Jane.

“Online, there are many fantasy sites. I have also recorded many scenes from mainstream TV shows over the years, and I have purchased a few chloro fantasy DVD’s. I have them stashed in a locked cash safe at the very back of the upper shelf of the wardrobe in the spare room. Obviously I have picked and chosen times when you are out(excuse the pun!) to view them on my office laptop, but these are very important occasions in my life” answered Alex.

“Ok the million dollar question” said a by now slightly aroused Jane, “Do you have some of it in the house?”

“Yes” responded a now extremely excited Alex, “I got a bottle off my friend Jeff who is a night nurse at the hospital. I told him I wanted it as a safety precaution in case a burglar ever breaks into our beautiful home so I could sedate them. A competely bullshit excuse, but I was hardly going to tell him the real reason was I?

It’s in the aforementioned cash box, along with a packet of J-cloths and all the other stuff. I also got some smelling salts off him to induce a wake up if necessary.”

It was time for Alex to hear his loving wife’s response to the biggest question he had ever asked her. Let’s face it, this was an even bigger request than a marriage proposal!”

Alex: “So what do you say?”

Jane: “I say yes, yes, yes!” I have actually always fantasised about being chloroformed myself! My God why did you wait so long to tell me! I love the idea of being rendered helpless, I’m always jealous of those actresses who get to play the drugged chloro victim in those shows! The mmpphing, the struggling to pull the cloth away, the eye rolling, the eventual limp slump I love it! It turns me on big time!

Alex: “Oh my God!!!”

Alex was close to tears he was so happy and excited. It was like all his Christmas’s had come at once. Initially he had planned to wait a few days to actually perform the deed, but his wife’s unexpected positive response had encouraged him to fast track the process.

Alex: “Well what about now, no time like the present as they say!”

Jane: “Absolutely, why wait, we’ve already waited over 20 years!” Go get the cloth and drug!

Alex didn’t need to be asked twice. He quicly locked all the doors, pulled all the curtains, and was back down on the sofa with the cloth and the bottle of chloroform in no time. While facing his equally excited wife he applied a substantial, but not over-elaborate amount of the sweet smelling liquid onto the blue J-cloth.

Jane: “Not too much now, just enough to put me under for a while, we don’t want you bloody killing me!”

Alex: “Of course not love, I have researched the quantities required. You have to absolutely drown the cloth in it to risk a fatality. The amount I have applied will only put you out for a maximum of one hour. Ok ready?”

Jane: “As I’ll ever be. A frontal chloro?

Alex: “That’s the easiest option for a first time”.

Jane: “Ok, go easy on me when I’m out now alright? Keep any carrying, dragging and manipulation gentle.”
Alex: “Of course I will, I love you, this is an extension of my physical expression of my love for you.”

They had a quick peck on the lips, told each other how much they loved each other, and action commenced!

With both of them sitting sideways on the sofa, Alex slowly and calmly applied the wet cloth to Jane’s luscious mouth and nostrils with his big but soft and moderately hairy right hand. He put his left hand gently and supportingly on the back of her head, playing with her fulsome and healthy blonde hair. She immediately began to mmph, partly because she felt she was supposed to, but also because it was an instinctive reaction.

She then put both her ring fingered long elegant, veiny hands on the back of his hand, in a half-hearted attempt to pull the cloth away from her face, knowing well that neither of them actually wanted that to happen at this stage.

Alex kept the pressure firm, as Jane’s mmpphs became louder and more desperate. They were both more turned on than they had ever been in their lives.

By now Jane was starting to get weaker and Alex sensed this. Her hand grips were getting lamer and on a couple of occasions her hands had fallen off his cloth bearing hand as the drug started to overcome her. “Mmmph, mmpph, mmph, mmph she wailed, as Alex felt himself getting more and more aroused.

Eye fluttering was starting to become a factor now too. Jane was desperately trying to keep them open, because she was so turned on too she wanted to stretch out her awareness of what was going on for as long as possible.

That, however, was not going to be for much longer.
By now both Jane’s hands had completely slipped off Alex’s, she had no more strength in this department. They both hung out limply over the edge of the seat cushions, just above the carpet. Alex had turned Jane so that she was situated in a standard seating position, with her head and back comfortably resting parallel with the back of the sofa and its headrest. She was very nearly done for.

But wait. Alex remembered the famous scene, the one that had brought him to this momentous day in his life. He had to both pay tribute to it, and emulate it.

So rather than immediately applying the final pressure to send her off to dreamland he decided to try to instigate one last piece of conversation between himself and his just about conscious wife.

He slowly pulled the cloth a few inches back from her mouth.
“How does it feel love?”
Jane could just about eke out a few slurred words. “I like the smell” she whispered. “I’m nearly there, I haven’t got much left in me.”
“Do you want me to apply to final touch?” he asked, his voice quivering with a combination of emotion and excitement.
“Yes” she whispered.

Alex slowly, but again firmly re-applied the drugged cloth to her mouth and nostrils. Jane let out one final, mmph, closely followed by a barely audible gentle groan type sound, her beautiful eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped back helplessly into the sofa. Her head tilted slightly to her left hand side and her eyes firmly shut closed. Her entire body had lost all its voluntary functions. She had succumbed. She was out.

Alex dragged his limp and helpless wife onto the floor and turned her on her back. He spread out her limp arms and legs a little, and removed her glasses. He shook both her hands a bit to check for any signs of conscious life, but there was no response. He checked for a pulse just to be safe and it was steady, just like her gentle breathing. The chloroform had done its job.

To be absolutely certain he quickly re-applied the cloth to her face one last time, but this was only precautionary, and done because it was a personally exciting part of the chloroform process for him. He knew he had achieved one of the biggest goals of his life, and he was brimming with pride and erotic energy as he stared down at his wife's stationary body sprawled out on the living room carpet. He had never felt as much love for Jane as he did in this moment, and he probably never would again.

Writers: Wetcloth

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kidnapped For Fun

Amy and Jared worked together for a long time and considered each other their "work spouse." One night, they went out for drinks after work and were talking about a kidnapping for hire story that had just been discussed on the news. "That sounds like it would be fun, but I wouldn't want a random stranger doing it." Amy said. Jared just laughed and jokingly said, "I'll do it!" They both laughed and after a couple minutes Amy asked seriously "Will you really?" Jared had always dreamed of an opportunity like this with Amy, as they had both flirted with each other constantly at work. "When?" Jared asked. Amy said, "I don't know..how about tomorrow?" "Sounds good to me. Jared said, "How long do you want me to keep you?" "Well, we do have a 3 day weekend." Amy replied. "Okay, I'll call you later when I think of the specifics." Jared said.

On the way home, Jared passed a hospital parking garage and had and searched for his phone and called Amy. "Hello?" Amy answered. "Hey, I've got a plan and we can both start it early tomorrow." Jared replied . "What is it?" Amy asked anxiously. "Well, since you have your doctor's appointment tomorrow, park in the lower level of the hospital garage in the corner and call me when you're heading in. I'll use a personal day so I can buy everything." Jared explained. "Okay, what should I wear?" she asked. "Whatever you want." Jared said "Have a couple of sexy outfits in the front seat of your car since I'll be keeping you for a couple days." He continued. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow."Amy said. "That's what you think." Jared replied

Jared was pulling out of rental car place in the utility van he rented when Amy called to tell him that her appointment was in 2 hours. "Okay, I just have a couple more things to do then I'll be ready. His next stop was a local adult novelty shop to buy handcuffs and a ball-gag. He then went home to get ready. After his shower, he got into his kidnapper costume of black hoodie, black track pants, dark sunglasses and a dark bandanna to cover the lower part of his face. After getting dressed, he took inventory of everything he would need for the next couple days: zipties, a copule rolls of duct tape, rope, bandannas, hand cuffs, ball-gag, medical wrap, saran wrap, and the homemade chloroform that he got the recipe for the night before. He loaded up his gym bag into the van leaving out the chloroform, zip ties for her ankles and wrists, bandannas, and a roll of duct tape.

Jared pulled into the parking garage and went to the lower level and searched until he saw Amy's brand new Mustang. He pulled around until he saw a parking spot within viewing distance but not noticable to anyone else. After a few minutes, he saw Amy walking towards her car. Sweating with anticipation, Jared pulls the bandanna over the lower part of his face, puts the sunglasses on, starts the van and makes his move. Fortunately as he was starting the van, the car next to Amy's pulled out so he was able to back the van into the empty spot. He was just able to turn the van off and get by the back door of the van as Amy reached her car. As Amy unlocked her car Jared reached for the chloroform soaked rag, jumped out the door and clamped the soaked rag over Amy's mouth and nose. Amy started to panic unitl Jared whispered "Relax sweetheart. Just breathe." into Amy's ear. Amy's muffled "Okay" sounded like a whimper as she went unconscious. Jared loaded Amy into the back of the van and hurriedly grabbed the gym bag in the front of Amy's car, got in the van and pulled away. At a gas station a couple blocks away, Jared got in the back of the van and zip-tied Amy's wrists and ankles as she was unconscious. Jared had just gotten the blindfold put on as Amy was coming to. Jared waited a second before stuffing a bandanna into her mouth and packing it in with 3 strips of duct tape. "Having fun?" Jared whispered into ear. "Mmmphh." was all Amy could muster as she nodded her head slowly. "We're just getting started." Jared said as seductively as possible as he kissed her gagged lips. Jared then got into the front seat of the van and starts to drive toward the hideout he's chosen.

After pulling out of the parking garage, Jared then went back to his house to pick up a couple of things he forgot. He raced into his house and grabbed his dvd player since the cabin he was going to didn't have cable, a couple dvd's (including the first season of his and Amy's favorite crime show), his camcorder, digital camera, and his copy of that day's newspaper. He raced back to the van and started driving away. After driving for about 20 minutes, Jared saw an electronics store and got an idea. He pulled into the parking lot, leaned into the back and told his captured coworker, "Don't make any noise, I need to run into the store and get something. Okay?" Amy just mmphed and nodded her head in agreement. Jared went inside and bought a pair of headphones that cancel outside noise. Jared rushed back to the van and put the headphones over Amy's ears, eliminating any chance of guessing where they were heading.

It was sunset when they pulled into the secluded cabin on the outskirts of a small country town where Jared and his family stayed when they went on float trips or went hunting. He got the cabin from his parents that weekend since they were visiting friends out of town. The cabin was about a quarter mile off the road, so no one could see what was going on. Jared started unloading the van, and unloaded everything, with the exception of Amy's gym bag before retrieving her. Jared pulled Amy to the back of the van where he carried her inside. Jared then sat her down in a chair, tied her torso to the chair, then tied her ankles to the chair. Jared then set the camcorder up on a tripod and got Amy into focus and then grabbed his digital camera.He put his bandanna over the bottom of his face then took the blindfold off, and set the newspaper on her lap. "We're going to 'document' this weekend." Jared said smiling. "Now look sad and like you want to be rescued and make some whimpering noises." Amy's gag hid it, but her eyes told Jared that she was smiling and enjoying herself. After snapping a few pictures Jared removed the newspaper and replaced it with a handmade ransom note. Jared snapped a few more pictures, then put the blindfold back on her and told her to move her head like she was scared. Amy obliged for a couple minutes, then the filming was over.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" Jared asked. Amy nodded her head frantically. Jared then untied her and removed the blindfold. Amy went to remove the gag, before Jared stopped her. "You don't need that taken off to go to the bathroom!" Jared snapped in character. Amy simply bowed her head in mock defeat before allowing Jared to handcuff her hands in front of her. After finishing, Jared started to lead Amy into one of the bedrooms. Amy got a bit of a surprised look on her face before Jared put her at ease. "I'm going to tie you to the bed while I go into town to get us something to eat." he explained. Jared then uncuffed her hands then left the room. When he returned he had another pair of handcuffs, some rope, a bandanna, and a ball-gag. He then blindfolded Amy, and let her take the hours old gag off. She winced as she peeled the tape off her face, then fished the saliva soaked bandanna out. Jared let her rest her sore jaw muscles as he handcuffed her to each bedposts, then tied her ankles spreadeagled to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. "Open wide." Jared said in a mockingly sweet voice before putting the ball-gag in her mouth and fastening the straps behind her head.

Jared returned a few minutes later with dinner from a local burger joint in town. He went to Amy and ungagged her. "Do you want to take a break or do you want to keep going and have me feed you?" he asked. "Let's take a break." She answered. After eating, Jared put in a dvd and they watched a couple episodes of their favorite show. As they sat close together on the love seat, Jared asked, "Having fun?" "Oh yeah." Amy replied then surprised Jared with a kiss on the cheek. Caught off guard, Jared took a minute to regain his composure and not act on the feelings he'd been harboring for months, then asked if Amy was ready to start again. "Yeah, how about I get my gym bag and we'll go from there." Amy suggested. Amy started to unload her bag and its contents caught Jared by surprise. He expected her to bring clothes that she would go the bars in, but these were a lot better. Amy pulled out a black long sleeved Under-Armour type shirt, tight black exercise pants, a black ski mask, black gloves, a schoolgirl outfit, a black sleeper blindfold, and a couple rolls of bondage tape. "Wow you really prepared didn't you?" Jared asked. "Oh yeah, I've been wanting someone to do this to me for a long time, but I didn't know anyone well enough to. I didn't want to meet anyone online because a lot of those guys are so creepy." Amy explained. "Wow! Which one do you want to wear?" Jared asked. "Well since it's late, how about I get into my prowler get up and you capture me." Amy suggested. "Okay. Flash the lights in the bathroom when you're ready." he said. As Amy was going into the bathroom, she grabbed the flashlight that was on the counter and took it with her. Just as Amy was finishing putting her ski mask on, she heard a knock. "Hey before we start, I need to go to the bathroom." Jared said. "No, you'll see me before we're ready to start!" Amy argued. "It's not like we're getting married and I'm seeing you in your wedding dress before the wedding." Jared explained. Amy reluctantly agreed and as she was walking into the hallway she asked, "What do you think?" Jared didn't say anything, but the bulging in his track pants was all the answer that Amy needed as her shirt was easily a size too small showing off her perfect breasts making Jared love his decision to turn down the heat and her tight black pants showed off her curvy butt.

After Jared finished in the bathroom, he came out to find the house completely dark except for a glimmer of light coming from one of the bedrooms. He fumbled through his bag and found the chloroform and a rag. He quietly crept into the room, clamped the rag over her mouth and nose, and used his other arm to pin her arms down and his forearm grazed her breasts as she fought to stay conscious. After a little struggling, Amy went unconscious. Jared then flung her over his shoulder, using his free hand to hold her butt in order to "keep his balance." He then carried her into the other bedroom and sat her in a chair. He took a pair of handcuffs off the bedpost and cuffed her hands to the chair running the chain through 2 of the slots behind the chair. He tied her torso to the chair, then tied her ankles to each post of the chair. He then rolled up the ski mask to cover Amy's eyes. As she was coming to, Jared started the "interrogation." "What are you looking for?" Jared asked. "Please, I'm just trying to find some stuff to pawn so I can make rent!" Amy replied. Jared was shocked that she was able to play along so quickly. "What's to stop me from calling the cops and sending you to jail?!" Jared demanded. "Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't call the cops?!" Amy said really getting into it. "I'll think about it." Jared said as he walked out of the room and slammed the door. Jared returned a couple minutes later with the ball-gag, a roll of bondage tape and the sleeper mask. "Well, I'm going to keep you for a while. If you try to escape I will call the cops. Understand?" Jared said. Amy bowed her head and before she coud say anything, Jared was behind her putting the ball-gag in her mouth. After he fastened it into place, he then took the bondage tape and wrapped it around her mouth several times to where she couldn't make any noise besides a barely audible 'mmmpphh.' He then pulled the ski mask back down and put the sleep mask over the eye slots. After turning the light back on, Jared retrieved the digital camera and camcorder and ordered her to stuggle. After he got the shots he wanted, he then untied her ankles from the legs of the chair before tying them back together. After untying her torso from the chair, he then released Amy from the handcuffs and laid her onto her stomach on the bed. He grabbed Amy's arms as she mmmpphhhed and struggled, and tied them behind her back. He proceeded to film her squirming for a little while before turning off the camera. He then took her shoes and socks off and started tickling her feet. After watching her squirm and mmpphh for mercy for a couple minutes, he turned off the light and then he crawled into bed and removed the sleep and ski masks from Amy's face. Jared looked into Amy's eyes and said something that he never would have had the courage to do under normal circumstances. "Being with you tonight made me realize that you are so beautiful and sexy and I want you so bad. I've been wanting to tell you for a long time, but never had the chance." Amy waited a second before mmmmpphhing and gesturing for Jared to remove the gag. Jared unwrapped the tape, and as he was pulling away from removing the ball-gag, Amy lurched up and passionately kissed Jared. "Take me!" Amy said between kisses. Jared untied Amy and.....

Jared untied Amy and took her into his arms. Jared started kissing her neck before suddenly stopping. "Wait. he said, We never talked about doing this, let's wait." Amy sat there for a minute before agreeing. "Yeah you're right. It's late anyway. Can I take a shower then call it a night?" "That's fine." Jared said. After her shower, Amy came into the bedroom and asked about the sleeping arrangements. "Well, I'm going to tie you to the bed, blindfold and gag you." Jared replied. "Do you want your own bed or do you want to share one?" he asked. Amy thought about it then replied, "I'd rather be in the same bed so you can untie me in case I panic." "Fair enough. Lie down." Jared ordered. Amy obliged then Jared proceeded to tie her wrists together with rope before tying them to the headboard. He did the same to her ankles. He was getting ready to blindfold her before Amy interrupted him. "Can you get into my purse and get me a Benadryl so I can fall asleep easier?" Jared went and got the Benadryl and a small glass of water and gave them to Amy. After she took the pill, Jared then blindfolded her, and as he was leaning over to tie cleave gag her with another bandanna Amy leaned up and kissed Jared's chin. "What was that for?" Jared asked. "That was for not taking advantage of the situation earlier and not letting us get ahead of ourselves." Amy explained. "No problem. Jared replied, Now open wide." Jared then gagged Amy and went to take his shower. When he came back, Amy was asleep and after watching her breasts rise and fall as she slept, Jared then turned off the light and went to sleep.

Jared woke up a few hours later to an elbow to the shoulder from Amy. "I haff to pfee!" she explained. So Jared untied her and let her go to the bathroom and freshen up. After eating breakfast, Jared started to move the love seat to where to foot of it was facing the tv. "What are you doing?" Amy asked. "Well, I need to return the van by noon." Jared started. "So we're leaving already?" Amy said disappointed. "No, no, no!." Jared explained. "I'm going to leave you here and then bring back one of our cars." "Okay." Amy said with a smile. "Just don't take too long." "Okay. I'm going to wrap you like a mummy and gag you. I'm not going to blindfold you so you can watch tv. Pick your gag." Jared said. "Why don't you pick it while I go to the bathroom?" Amy suggested. While she was in the bathroom, Jared stumbled across Amy's panties from yesterday. "She'd kill me if she knew I gagged her with those." he thought. So he picked them up and hid them in the bandanna used to stuff her mouth from the first gag. "You'll want to strip down to your bra and panties because you'll get pretty hot in the saran wrap." Jared suggested. "Okay." Amy agreed stripping down to her pale blue bra and matching thong. Jared then handed Amy a roll of duct tape and let her tape her ankles together.When he was done, he took the roll and tied her wrists and completely covered her hands. "What are you doing?" Amy asked. "That way you're not tempted to pick at the saran wrap." Jared said with a sly smile on his face. After wrapping her up to her shoulders in saran wrap, he then taped around her shins, thighs, stomach and shoulders. When he was done, he gently laid her on the love seat. He then grabbed a roll of bondage tape as well as the bandanna hiding the panties. "Open wide." Jared said pushing the bandanna hidden panties into her mouth. He then put a couple strips of duct tape over her lips before wrapping the bondage tape around enuring Amy's silence. "Comfy?" Jared asked as he set chose the play all feature on the DVD he chose. Amy replied with a barely audible mmphh. Jared then kissed Amy's forehead and grabbed her car keys out of her purse.

Jared returned a couple hours later in Amy's car. He hid the car in order to make her wonder about her ride home. After setting the pizza he picked up on the counter, he grabbed a pair of scissors and started to free his captive friend. "Enjoy yourself while I was gone?" Jared asked. "Mmmphhh! Mmmppphhhh!!!" Amy tried to respond. "Oh, I almost forgot." Jared said sheepishly and ungagged her. Amy took a few deep breaths and said, "Oh my God! I loved it! It was so relaxing, except for the past hour or so that I've had to pee." After finishing in the bathroom, she and Jared sat down to eat. "So I'm going to change into my schoolgirl outfit." Amy said. "Wait until we go home tomorrow." Jared said. "You're going to take me home tied up?" Amy asked. "Yeah, we have to finish the game don't we?" Jared asked. "Yeah you're right, well what am I going to wear in the mean time?" Amy asked. Jared went to his gym bag and pulled out his favorite t-shirt. After putting it on, Amy took off her bra and put it in her gym bag. "So how am I going to be tie up tonight?" Amy asked. Without saying a word, he went into the kitchen and returned with a plastic bag from the local thrift shop. He then pulled out a couple of ties and tied Amy's hands in front of her. After tying her ankles, he put in the chick flick that Amy wanted to see. Jared moved the love seat into its original position and laid down and pulled Amy down into the spooning position.
It was about 8:00 when the movie ended, when Jared decided it was time to leave. "Go get into your schoolgirl outfit it's time to leave." Jared ordered as he untied her. Amy went into the bedroom and started to get changed when she asked, "How should I wear my hair? Should I do a ponytail or pig tails?" After thinking about it for about a nanosecond Jared chimed in, "Pigtails!" When Amy came out of the bedroom when Jared started tying her hands behind her back. After tying her ankles, Jared decided to load up the car. "I'll be back in in a minute, I have to load up the car." Jared said. After loading the backseat of Amy's car with their bags, Jared opened the trunk and started loading a couple of pillows and blankets to pad the trunk for Amy's ride home. As Jared walked inside, Amy saw her car parked out front and her trunk open. "You mean I'm riding home in the trunk?" Amy asked a little surprised. "Yeah. Jared replied, Do you want me to chloroform you?" "No, I'm sure I'll be fine." she said. "If you get too nervous, kick the side of the trunk and I'll pull over and chloroform you. Hell I might just do it anyway." Jared said with a smirk. Jared then searched for the bandanna/panty gag he used earlier and stuffed it in Amy's mouth. He then tied a bandana around for a cleave gag to hold it in. To top off the gag, he then put 3 pieces of duct tape over the cleave gag. Jared then blindfolded her, then as he was putting the headphones on her head, he got an idea. He saw a pillow case out of the corner of his eye, and decided to hood Amy with it. After doing that, he loosened the necktie from Amy's schoolgirl out fit and slid it up to hold the pillowcase in place. "Breathing ok?" Jared asked. Amy just mmphed and nodded her head. Jared then bent down and picked Amy up and put her over his shoulder again placing his hand on her exposed butt for "balance". Jared noticed that Amy had changed from her blue thong to a pair of black lacy panties. He gently placed her in the trunk and reminded her that if she got nervous to kick the side of the car. He felt for Amy's ears and slid the headphones over them, then slammed the trunk shut.
After driving for about an hour, Jared heard a thumping noise coming from the trunk. He drove for a few minutes before pulling behind an abandoned restaurant. He opened the trunk, and undid the headphones, hood, and gag. "What's wrong?" Jared asked. "I'm getting really hot." Amy said sweating profusely. "Okay, hang on." Jared said. He went to the front of the car and grabbed the chloroform, rag, and duct tape. After using the pillowcase to wipe the sweat from Amy's head, he started to pour the chloroform on the rag. "What are you doing?" Amy asked smelling the chloroform. "I don't want to pull over again, so I'm going to put you to sleep." Jared replied. "No, I'm fffmmmpphhh." Amy said to no avail as Jared clamped the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose. After Amy stopped struggling, Jared then tore off 2 strips of the duct tape and gagged her.
Jared pulled into his garage and as he was finishing unloading the car, Amy started to become conscious again. He opened the trunk as Amy was starting to stir. "Let's get you somewhere more comfortable." Jared said as he lifted Amy up. "Mmmphh! Mmmpphhh!!" was all Amy could muster. He sat her on his bed and removed the gag. "I didn't want you to chloroform me you asshole!" Amy yelled. "I'm sorry, I just didn't want you to start panicking and making noise as we got back into town." Jared explained as he hand gagged her. Amy struggled for a few seconds before calming down. "I have to go to the bathroom." she said. Jared untied her ankles and wrists before handcuffing her wrists in front of her. He then led her to the bathroom. When she came out, he led her back to his bed, took her blindfold off, and sat her down. "Look I'm sorry. The last thing I ever wanted to do was scare you." Jared said. As Amy sat there taking it in, Jared looked into her beautiful hazel eyes then passionately kissed her. As Amy reached up for Jared's face, Jared uncuffed her wrists and they made love.
The next morning, Jared woke up to a nudge from a naked Amy and noticed his right arm was sore and his hand was asleep. He then realized that he was handcuffed to one of Amy's wrists and they were handcuffed to the headboard. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and asked, "Did you have fun this weekend?" "The best I ever had." she replied as she leaned in and kissed him and the started making love all over again.
"You know we're off tomorrow right?" Jared asked afterward. "Yeah, what did you have in mind?" Amy asked. "Well this weekend made me realize that I have a lot of feelings for you." Jared said. "Uh huh." Amy said nodding along. "Doing what we did took a lot of trust and commitment, so I was thinking maybe we should go from being work spouses to actual spouses." Jared said. "What?" Amy asked. Jared then grabbed his class ring from the night stand and said, "Amy I love you, will you marry me?" "Yes!" Amy said. "I'm sorry I don't have an actual engagement ring. Let's fly to Vegas right now and elope." Jared said. "Let's do it!" Amy said

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Betrayal Of Trust

Chloe knew all about Frank’s chloro fetish. They had been married for 5 years now, and pretty much everything was out in the open.They had indulged in lots of roleplaying using a tiny amount of Frank’s aftershave on a J-cloth. After a shaky enough start Chloe had started to grow into the role of the helpless ko victim. Her struggling, mmphing and eye rolling had really come on. Her limp and out cold impersonations had become reasonably authentic, and up to a point Frank was happy enough.

It was certainly better than nothing, being able to fantasy chloroform his wife, considering he was an absolute fanatic. But it wasn’t the real thing.
Of course they had discussed it. They were passionately in love and Chloe wanted very much to satisfy her husband’s every sexual desire.

But she just felt really chloroforming her was a bit too much, just too risky. Frank agreed with her and they had come to a joint decision that it wouldn’t happen. They were both afraid of it going wrong, and the slight risk of harming the beautiful slightly petite brunette.

But as time went on, and as Frank delved more and more into the online chloro fantasy world he started to really struggle to contain his desire. He desperately wanted to really chloroform a woman, and if not his wife then at least someone very close to her.

He had an idea.

Her sister Alison was only a couple of years younger than her (28), and had a similar enough build, she was slightly taller at 5ft 11” with shorter red hair. But she had an equally impressive curvaceous figure, along with ample size cleavage.

From time to time when she’d be over at their house Frank thought her a bit of a smart arse, teasing him about being a little on the large size. Frank kept his council at the time bit it had irked him a bit, he thought it unnecessary. And Chloe knew this.

Eventually she agreed.” Just once” she said. With both of them present, if anything went wrong when Alison was out she felt they would be able to deal with it quickly between the two of them, call an ambulance ect. But they both believed it wouldn’t come to this, they would be careful with the dosage. And when she came to Chloe would back up Frank’s story that she must have drunk too much and passed out.

But Chloe had one major condition if the plan was to be executed. It was Alison, and only Alison who was to be chloroformed.
“Of course” said Frank, “I wouldn’t betray you like that”. And despite his well-documented desires he actually genuinely meant this.

It was a Saturday night and the scene was set. Chloe had invited Alison to join herself and her husband for a few drinks and a DVD.
Doorbell rings around 8pm, battle positions assumed.

Chloe answers. “Hey Ali, come in how’s my sexy little sister?”
“I’m great babes and you? And you?
A bit of small talk as Chloe guides her into the living room on the right hand side of the entrance hall.

“Where’s fat Frank hiding out tonight ha ha?” sniggered Alison as she smugly made her way in.
“I’m right here!” exclaimed Frank as he jumped out from behind the living room door, drugged cloth in hand!

He very emphatically pulled the cloth into Alison’s face with his right hand as he groped her breasts and mid-riff with his left while his loving wife looked on. By now Chloe had assumed a watching position in the room in front of her sister and her cloth wielding spouse.

“Deep breaths Alison, it’s time for a little snooze” teased Frank. “Just do as he says Ali” whispered Chloe, who was a little surprised at how turned on she was getting at this stage!

After lots of mmphing, unsuccessful hand pull away attempts and struggling body shakes Alison eventually succumbed. She passed out beautifully with a whimper and a gorgeous eye roll in her brother in law’s arms.

“Satisfied?” queried Chloe as her husband gently lowered her limp sister onto her side on the carpet.
“Very satisfied” replied an almost uncontrollably aroused Frank. “Grab her legs.”

They lifted Alison’s helpless frame onto the couch and removed her blouse and bra. They placed her in a seated position in the center, gently pushing her head back against the headrest.

Frank sat to her right, Chloe to her left. They removed her red blouse and white supporting bra and both enjoyed a little fondling fun.
“Have you ever been as turned on in your life?” Frank asked his gorgeous life partner.
“Never” replied Chloe. “Sex in nothing compared to this!”

Frank looked across helpless Alison into his wife’s beautiful brown eyes. He was so aroused and in love at this point it was like this was his heaven on earth moment.

He spotted the cloth on the carpet just in front of him where he had dropped it after chloroforming Alison.
“I’m sorry love, but I just can’t help myself!”

He quickly grabbed the cloth, leaned across motionless Alison and clamped it into his wife’s mouth and under her cute little nose!
She had just managed to spurt out a panicked “Whaaaat we agreed!” before she started mmphing profusely.

“I know we did love, I know, but I just have to do this, I can’t resist!
“You know how much chloroforming women turns me on, it’s a major part of my entire being, the woman I’m closest to in my life simply can’t be excluded! Deep breaths love deep breaths!” his voice slightly panicked now.

Chloe placed both her sexy manicured nailed and ring fingered hands on his large hairy right paw. He gave himself the support he needed by placing his left hand on the back of her head. She tried desperately to pull the cloth away but she had no chance.

“Go to sleep my darling, go to sleep” whispered Frank who was starting to relax a little now.

So was his wife!

Chloe’s resistance was beginning to fade. Her hands were slipping intermittently off his at this stage, her mmphing was weakening and her eye fluttering was settling down. With a whimper and an eye roll almost identical to her beloved sister’s final act she tilted her head slightly back and to her left, onto the intersecting corner between the back head rest and the side hand rest of the couch and entered dreamland.

He had done it. And he had gotten revenge on her smarty pants sister at the same time for good measure!

He stood up and surveyed the motionless sister act on his couch. He shook all four of their limp hands to make sure they were completely out cold. He gently re-applied the cloth to both their helpless faces while supporting the backs of their heads with his other hand, just for the sheer turn of it, but they were both well subdued.

“Guilt?” of course. Yes he had betrayed his wife’s trust. But let’s have a little perspective here. Wouldn’t cheating on her have been a much more substantial breach?

He had no regrets. Yes there would be some explaining to do when they came to, but he was confident Chloe would understand and eventually forgive him (she couldn’t have been thaaat surprised when she say the cloth coming her way!), and Alison could be brought around as well, families have to get on. He could explain his grievance with her over her remarks about his weight and use that as a defence.

When Chloe had looked into his eyes so erotically and lovingly as they surveyed the helpless and motionless Alison between them on the couch he simply had to do what he had to do.

He might never again have got the chance.

He prepared to carry his too limp ladies helpless frames up the stairs to himself and Chloe’s spacious master bedroom.

First though he made sure he took the cloth that had done all the damage with him. He picked it up off the floor and placed it into his back pocket.

After all, the bottle of chloroform was locked in a safe at the back of the wardrobe and the night was still young.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Into The Woods


            Jeff pulled his small SUV into the parking area of the beautiful park and wildlife refuge. He picked a shady parking spot at the edge of the woods. As Jeff got out of the car, he could feel a cool breeze in the late spring air. He took a deep breath and sighed in delight as he opened the rear hatch and removed his camping equipment and provisions. Once everything was together, he locked his car and headed for the trail into the woods.

            It was early in the season for camping and he was the only one there so far. That was a good thing, given his plans! He was about to abduct the so called “Woman of his Dreams” and carry her off to his tent hidden deep in the woods.

            Jeff had recently turned 40 and was in kind of a mid life crisis. He had long, thick, blond hair, and was an ex Army Ranger. He stood 6 feet 2 and was in great shape. He loved the outdoors and camped out often.

            His relationships with women had been another matter though. Picking up women had been no problem. In fact single women all flocked to him and stared lovingly into his deep blue eyes. After a few dates it always went awry though. They wanted him to clean up his rough and tumble image and give up most of his outdoor activities. He wasn’t about to do that.

            A website, which he had found by accident, offered an interesting, although expensive, solution. He filled out a form with his type preferences. After a long wait he was given instructions, a date and time, and a small package to be opened on the actual day. That day had finally arrived.

            Lisa was excited for the first time in several years! She was riding off on the bridle path, on her horse, and was also enjoying the crisp, cool outside air. The “Man of her Dreams” was going to capture her and carry her off into the sunset. That was what she paid for and was promised anyway. She was slightly dubious, but was still willing to give it a go.

            Lisa was about 5 feet 5 and slender. Her hair was long and shiny brown and her eyes were also blue. Lisa was 37. She was a strong outdoor type and was also in good shape. She wore a red blouse and tight fitting jeans. Under her brown leather boots and jeans were sheer pantyhose. She always wore them when she rode, since they prevented chaffing on her hips and inner thighs. It was an old trick her mother had taught her.

            Lisa was very lonely. All the men she knew were already married of were creeps. Her last boyfriend had dumped her 5 years ago, claiming she loved her horse more than him. He was correct in that regard anyway. She just wasn’t that into him. Too much of a wimp and “Mama’s Boy” she thought. She hadn’t been on a date since. She had been holding out for a real man. No such man had ever approached her though, and time was marching on.

            Lisa was in the place she was told and the designated hour was almost at hand. She rode along, not knowing what to expect next. She wasn’t worried. After all, she could certainly take care of herself.

            Jeff crossed over the bridle path and continued on into the woods for over a mile. He finally found the perfect spot. It was a small clearing at the top of a hill overlooking a stream. The sound of the water running below gave a very soothing and romantic quality to the site. He put down his heavy load and starting making camp.

            He pitched the tent with the opening facing the water below and stowed his provisions inside. The inside of the tent had a canvas floor which he lined with 2 blankets. He also had 2 small pillows.

            He gathered rocks and made a makeshift fireplace in front of the tent. Then he collected some fallen limbs and cut them up for firewood. The fire was soon ready. All he had to do was light it with a match. He also had a fluorescent lantern for inside the tent. It would soon be dark, and he wanted to be able to admire his new captive!

            Jeff looked at his watch. It was time now. He opened the package he had been given and pulled out the contents. There was a dart gun, a brown bottle, another small bottle with an attached eye dropper, and a white cloth. He unfolded the paper that was inside and read the typed instructions.

            She was to be shot in the hip or thigh with a dart. The dose in the dart would not knock her out completely. There was too much risk of her falling off the horse if she passed out. It would make it impossible for her to keep riding though. That was the main idea.

 Then he was to approach her from behind with the cloth soaked in chloroform and put her under the rest of the way by holding it gently over her nose and mouth. He was to hold the cloth on her for several minutes after she went limp. That was to ensure that she would still be deeply under when he got her back to his campsite. The small brown bottle contained fast acting knock out drops. 1 or 2 drops in a drink would knock her out for an hour or so.

            “Easy stuff so far,” he thought to himself. His Army training had well prepared him for this very task. He got some ropes, and a ball gag that he had brought with him, ready and placed them on the blanket inside the tent. Then he headed for the bridle path to prepare for the ambush. As he walked briskly along the trail, his heart was pounding with excitement!

            He wondered why he was given the drugs though. He was certainly strong enough to take any woman by force. Then he thought it over carefully. Maybe she was stronger than he thought and they were to prevent him from hurting her. Or maybe the drugs were part of her fantasy! He had heard of women wanting to be knocked out and carried off. Oh well, he had his instructions and would not disappoint her. Jeff was used to following orders in the army, and this was a mission clear and simple.

            The bridle path was in sight now. He would lurk behind the trees and wait. The dart gun was ready. As he positioned himself behind the tree, his heart was pounding again.

            Lisa was getting bored from riding so slow, so she jerked the reins and made the horse pick up speed. As the new faster motion stimulated her physically, her imagination was running faster too. What would he look like? I hope he has blue eyes! How will he take me away? How can he even get to me when I’m up on the horse?

            One of Lisa’s random questions was about to be answered. She suddenly felt a sting in her upper left thigh. When she turned to look at the spot, she saw a small feathered dart. Due to her faster riding speed and her excitement, the powerful tranquilizer swiftly circulated through her system. “Oh my God!” she thought out loud! This must be a tranquilizer dart. I’m already as good as captured.” Pulling it out would be pointless now. She could clearly feel that the damage was already done.

            Jeff slowly followed the horse and rider that were already slowing down. He knew that he’d hit her. He was an expert marksman. He took the white folded cloth and soaked it with the chloroform as he was told. Then he began his approach.

 Lisa slowed down and stopped. By the time she had looked down and saw the dart, she could already tell that the tranquilizer was working. She suddenly felt giddy and ceased to care about anything. By the time the horse came to a stop, her muscles had mostly relaxed and she could barely raise her arms. Her head was spinning now, and she quickly tried to climb off the horse, thinking she might pass out any second now. When her legs finally hit the ground, they collapsed under her like limp noodles.

Lisa was on the path now, lying helpless on her side. She suddenly saw him approach.   Her vision was blurring badly now, and she could not make out his features, Lisa could tell he was tall though. That part was important to her.

Jeff circled around and approached her from behind as he was trained. He had no way of knowing that it wasn’t necessary. Her eyes had almost no focus and she was totally sedated now and unable to move at all.

Lisa could detect him approaching. Suddenly he was kneeling over her. As she desperately tried to focus and see his face, he suddenly placed a cloth over her nose and mouth. The cloth was soaked in a liquid that smelled strong and sweet. As Lisa inhaled she heard a dull ringing in her ears. “This must be chloroform!” she thought. Why does he need that? He could easily carry me off the way I am. Oh well, I guess he wants me completely under first. Maybe that’s part of his fantasy.

Jeff knelt in delight as he watched Lisa’s baby blue eyes start to flutter. Suddenly her eyes rolled up and closed. Her head went totally limp in his arms after that. Jeff looked at his watch. He held the cloth fast for 2 minutes as he was told. Then he picked up her totally limp body and threw it over his strong shoulder. The horse followed him at a distance as he made his long journey back to the campsite.

Jeff was feeling weary by the time he had carried her limp form for over a mile. He could have used the horse, but it just wouldn’t have been the same. Finally he placed his new companion on the floor inside the tent. Jeff crawled inside and slowly unzipped and removed Lisa’s leather boots. He was elated when he saw her feet and found that she had nylons on. Jeff loved those and the women his age almost never wore them anymore.

Jeff held Lisa’s limp head in his arms and sniffed her hair. Her essence was sweet and unique! Then he ran his fingers through that long brown hair. Baby soft! She was just his type! “Enough playing for now,” he thought to himself. He took the ropes he had brought and tied her ankles and wrists together with her hands behind her back. As a final touch he placed a shiny red ball gag in her mouth and adjusted the strap around her head.

As Lisa slept in the tent Jeff wandered outside. The horse had found the stream and was drinking out of it. The sun was going down and it was getting cooler. Jeff lit the fire with a match. Then he opened a small cooler and grabbed a beer. As he sipped his beer, the sunset over the stream and the woods around provided a scene that took his breath away. Even better was the scene on the other side of the now glowing and crackling fire. Lisa’s sleeping form resting bound and helpless in the tent! Ah life was sweet.

Lisa woke up slowly and her eyes took a few minutes to focus. Then she tried to move and realized that she was bound hand and foot. Her boots were also off, and when she tried to cry out, the ball gag muffled her words. She was totally helpless, just as they promised! Then he was there standing over her.

Lisa was in awe when she saw him. His eyes, his hair, and his ripped chiseled body took her breath away. She wasn’t worried about the bondage now. She knew it was all a game.

Besides, this hunk could knock her out and tie her up any time he wanted as far as she was concerned!  

Finally he spoke. “You must be Lisa,” he said. As he spoke, he removed her ball gag so she could answer.

“And you would be Jeff,” she replied. I must say, I certainly admire your ingenuity in my capture. Where’s my horse?”

“He’s down by the stream enjoying the cool water” Jeff replied. As he spoke he lifted Lisa up and turned her so she could see outside the tent.

Lisa was in awe at the twilight scene, the cool night air, the sound of running water, and the cozy fire burning.

“I must say this is the most romantic encounter I’ve ever had so far!” Lisa remarked. “Are you going to untie me now?”

Without answering, Jeff quickly untied her hands. Then Lisa bent over and untied her ankles. When she was free, Lisa put her boots on, said that she had to pee, and ran into the bushes.

“Don’t go too far, or I’ll have to capture you again!” Jeff remarked. 

“Don’t worry” she said. “Besides, I may want you to capture me all over again later on anyway.”

Lisa soon returned smiling. Jeff was fixing dinner over the fire. He stopped what he was doing long enough to hand her a cold beer. She thanked him and started to drink it. Then they made small talk as they had dinner together sitting on a large rock near the fire. They both remarked that they were not interested in the normal dating scene.

“No club or restaurant could ever deliver this kind of experience.” Jeff said.

Lisa agreed. “We can get to know each other better by spending the night in this beautiful secluded spot than by any “so called” date!” Lisa replied

Then Jeff asked why she wanted to be captured, and above all, how she liked it. Lisa admitted that she had fantasized about being taken off by a handsome man ever since she was a teen. She had been raised to be strong and independent, but at times she longed to be rendered helpless. Every time she watched a woman being abducted in the movies or on TV, she was envious.

“How about the dart, the chloroform, and being tied up part?” Jeff asked coyly. “That’s certainly not the way I would have normally gone about this!”

“I loved the cloth over my face and slipping away into that euphoric void!” Lisa said. “I could have done without the dart, but I realize now that it was the only way for you to get me off the horse. I tingled all over when I woke up bound and gagged though.”

Jeff cleaned up after the dinner and put the provisions away. Then he and Lisa went for a walk along the stream. Lisa did most of the talking as they walked. She confessed to him that her arousal from watching abducted women had lately been more intense. It had become more like a fetish or an obsession now. She also commented that she got especially excited when the woman victim was rendered unconscious somehow.  

“I hate violence and I don’t like to see women hit over the head, punched out, or choked out.” Lisa exclaimed. “But I find a chloroform cloth over her face or a drugged drink gently knocking her out highly erotic.”

Jeff was beginning to understand. He admitted that he was no stranger to sleepy role play himself. When roofies were the date abduction rage, he was staying at a hotel with a girl he had been seeing. The bar in the place had a “Pirate Ship” theme that gave off a very romantic aura. Their room was just down the hall from the bar.

Michelle, his girlfriend, had obtained some roofies and wanted him to put one in her drink at the bar. Then as it took effect and she became helpless, she wanted him to carry her off to the room as kind of a kinky sexual fantasy. Jeff went along, and although the plan worked and the sex was great, she couldn’t remember any of it afterwards. That was the one down side of using a roofie for consensual sleepy sex.  

They were back at the tent now and Lisa was trembling. Jeff asked her if she was cold.

“No! I’m steaming hot from what you told me about you and Michelle!” she said. “You’ve got to tell me all about that night right now!” Lisa begged.

“Ok, but let’s get settled first.” Jeff said. They crawled inside the tent and Jeff zipped the door shut. The fire was out now, so Jeff turned on the fluorescent lantern. Then he removed his shoes and slowly unzipped and removed Lisa’s boots for her.

“Gee, nobody ever did that for me before!” Lisa admitted, as Jeff tossed her boots aside.

“All part of the service.” Jeff remarked. He put the 2 pillows side by side and pulled the upper blanket over both of them. Now their heads were each on a pillow facing each other.

“Well, go on with the story! I’m still tingling all over.” Lisa said with wide eyes.

“We were on side by side stools near the end of the bar by a door that led to the hallway where our room was.” Jeff said. “The bartenders were all in pirate costumes and the bar looked like a pirate ship. Couples were in romantic embraces all around us. We were both horny. She gave me the capsule before we ordered our drinks. Then the drinks came. Both were Pina Coladas. When nobody was watching but her, I split open the capsule and poured the powder into her drink. Then I stirred it with the swizzle stick. It blended perfectly.” He said.

Jeff paused as he looked into Lisa’s now mesmerized eyes and noticed her slightly open mouth. He gently took one of her tiny hands into his and noticed it as trembling. Jeff loved that feeling! He had never had a woman’s attention on this level before!

“Go on, I can’t wait! Did she drink it fast or slow? I’ve got to know more!” Lisa gasped.

Jeff told her that she sipped it slowly at first and picked up pace as they were talking. When the drink was nearly all gone, he noticed that the look in her eyes had changed. They looked slightly glassy, but in particular more affectionate. He put his arm around her.  

“She moved closer and dropped her head on my shoulder. I could smell her hair in my face. Then we kissed. It was like never before. Her mouth was more open and inviting. She was oblivious to all around and acted like we were all alone, even though we were in a crowded bar.”

“What color was her hair?  What color were her eyes? How far open was her mouth? What about her tongue? Lisa asked, demanding to know everything!

“She had blue eyes and silky blond hair.” Jeff replied. “Her mouth was about half way open. It was mostly my tongue doing the work. Hers was relaxed.”

Lisa shuddered at his description. Then she said, “I wish you had just given me a drink with a roofie in it! Then I could feel the way she did as you tell me this. That would really be awesome!”

“I don’t have a roofie, but they did give me this bottle of knock out drops for a drink though.” Jeff remarked. Then he pulled out the small bottle with the eyedropper attached. “They told me that 1 or 2 of these drops would knock you out for an hour or so.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lisa nearly screamed. “Give me some of those!”

Jeff offered to get her a beer to put them in. She told him not to bother and to just put a couple of drops on her tongue. Jeff complied. He carefully measured out 3 drops and put them on her tongue as she held it out. Working on her open mouth and willing tongue was getting Jeff aroused.

Lisa ran her tongue around and swallowed the drops. Then she said,

“I wonder how long they take to work.”

“I was told they were fast acting, but I don’t know how fast.” Jeff answered.” I gave you 3 instead of 1 or 2, so that might speed it up.”

“Oh my God, you gave me three!” Lisa gasped. “You better hurry up and finish the story now.”  

“I had my arm around her and I was kissing her open mouth. I was probing and sending her messages with my tongue. Her eyes were looking into mine with great affection and love. Then her body started to relax. It wasn’t just my arm around her anymore. My arm was actually holding her from falling off the bar stool.”

“You mean she was melting in your arms.” Lisa said almost panting.

“Yes, totally melting.” Jeff replied. “I knew we were running out of time. I was afraid that she would pass out any second.”

Even in the dimly lit tent, Jeff could see Lisa’s eyes getting the same way Michelle’s did from the roofie. He warned Lisa that the drops were working.

“I know!” she said in a sultry voice. “It feels really cool like I’m floating.”

Jeff put his arm around his sleepy companion. Lisa cuddled up to him and began to melt in his strong arms just as Michelle had. Then he continued the story.

“I walked her out of the bar with my arm around her holding her up.” Jeff said. “Then after we were on the other side of the door and nobody was around, I picked her up and carried her. As I was walking towards our room, she suddenly went completely limp, like a rag doll.”

“I think I’m going to be that way pretty soon too.” Lisa said with her voice starting to slur. “Everything is getting fuzzy.”

Jeff told her how he carried Michelle over the threshold and carefully placed her on the king sized bed. Then he removed her shoes and made her comfortable.

“When I pass out, will you please take these tight jeans off and make me comfortable?”  Lisa asked yawning.

“Yes, among other things.”  Jeff told her smiling.

“That’s nice.” Lisa just barely managed to say as she suddenly passed out and went limp in his arms.

Jeff held her in his arms and let the drops take a firmer hold. After about 10 minutes, when she was deeply under, he pulled off her tight jeans as he was told. Then he slowly unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Next he placed her in a sitting position, unsnapped her bra, and tossed it with the rest of her clothes. Then he stripped to just his underwear. 

Jeff wanted Lisa’s wake up to be all that she lusted for. He bound her ankles first. This time he bound her wrists with her hands in front of her though. Then he pulled open Lisa’s sweet mouth and kissed and probed it the way he had to Michelle’s. Afterwards, he installed his shiny red ball gag in her now very wet mouth.

Jeff turned off the lantern and took Lisa’s limp body in his arms and all but had sex with her as she peacefully slept. He loved the feel of the nylons on her legs and feet under the covers. Finally he lay there in the dark, still holding her close to him, and thought about later on when she woke up.

He would leave her bound and gagged as he told more about his sleepy sex with Michelle. She would be thirsty from the ball gag. He would fix that by placing knock out drops on and around it. Most of the drops would find their way into her helpless mouth. She would love that part. After she passed out again, he would strip her completely. She would still be bound and gagged when she woke up though. Then perhaps they would have actual sex and maybe he would give her a bit of the chloroform cloth during and after that.

After all they had to get around to acting out his fantasies too. He had sure loved watching Lisa go under while holding the chloroform soaked cloth over her face! It may not have been his idea to begin with, but it was sure worked for him when he actually did it.

Michelle and Lisa had asked for the roofie and the knock out drops. The cloth was different. Jeff could apply that on his terms whether Lisa wanted it or not. It was about control. Jeff did love to be in control! As far as Lisa was concerned, “Be careful what you wish for.” came to mind. Oh yes, the ball was clearly in Jeff’s court now! He couldn’t help but think that Lisa would probably like the forced chloroforming even more than he would though. Life was sweet indeed!
Credits to:  CBiscuit 

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